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Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by starmedia1 on 2009-06-05 10:01:12.5860

I have a Line 6 Bogner 1-12 amp that just recently started having problems. It will play fine for

about an hour, then as it warms up, it starts cutting out. It will switch itself back to the clean setting -

and wipe out all my hand adjustments - oh and if you leave it there and keep playing - it starts cutting

in and out about every 10-15 seconds. Very frustrating. And virtually impossible to finish a gig.

Any one have any Ideas what could be going on here? (Line 6) Oh, and its out of warranty.

Thanks, Tom

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by AParedes on 2009-06-05 10:17:13.7320


  Is this happening in more than one location?   If this is happening in the same location you may want to change outlets to make sure you are not suffering a power failure from the venue. If this is happening in multiple locations it sounds like the unit may be suffering from an input power failure (if the unit is changing amp models and reseting).  You should take the unit to a Lien6 service center if this continues for diagnosis and repair:

Product Repair

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by starmedia1 on 2009-06-05 11:05:26.8920

Thanks Andy,

Yeah it has happened at (2) different venues now. As i mentioned it does not do it

until the amp has been on and played for 30-45 minutes. Does that sound like the power failure

issue still?


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by darealagentp on 2009-06-05 11:12:09.4410


Based on what you just mentioned, no. Something else internally is causing the amp reset. A repair tech will need to open up the amp and diagnose the cause and offer the correction option for you.


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by starmedia1 on 2009-06-05 11:35:54.4800

Thanks. Have you ever heard of something like this happening with

them before? I am hoping it could be something i might could fix - i cant

afford the repair center right now.


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by Line6Hugo on 2009-06-05 11:53:27.4360


As repair center are they only places authorized to have repair schematics and replacement parts, you would need to get it to them for proper repair. We cannot provide you with any repair help.



Re: Line 6 Bogner Rocks!
by starmedia1 on 2009-07-19 09:48:51.3200

Best Amp Ever!

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by nprenger on 2009-07-19 12:57:47.9540

Did you try pointing a fan at the back of the amp? I wonder if overheating is causing a CPU reset. It wouldn't be a good permanent solution, but it might help you limp by until you can get it fixed.


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by Line6Hugo on 2009-07-21 14:45:03.6880


Please contact our customer service line so that we can sort out this repair issue:

(818) 575-3600



Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by starmedia1 on 2009-07-22 09:23:28.2630


I am thrilled to report that Line 6 is taking care of my issue. They are truly an excellent company -

with 1st rate customer service that stands behind these killer Line 6 Bogner Amps!

Thank you guys!

Best Wishes,


PS; Im back to giggin' asap!

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by nurket on 2009-07-25 21:12:18.9790


I have a 2x12 model and am having some similar issues. After about an hour of use the amp starts resetting itself and becomes pretty much unusable. Mine is also passed warranty and I was hoping to get some help on what I can do to possibly make the amp work correctly. I have tried numerous power locations and power conditioners so I don't think that is the issue. I've also tried a factory reset. The amp is usually kept in a relatively cool environment, not sure if overheating could be the cause. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. (Also, I wasn't sure if I needed to post a new question or not as I'm a newb to needing Line 6 support)



Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by cdelorm on 2009-10-13 10:57:06.7400

Let me know what you told them. I have been on the phone back and forth the last few days, the service centers that are close by are trying to coerce extra money out to look at my stuff in a timely fashion, and to send it to Line 6 is about 12 weeks turn around time. Talked to the amp techs around me that are damned good, and work on everything, but they wont work on Line 6 equipment because they cant get parts, or support without becoming an authorized service center....and the service centers ream them for money.

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by mtrash14 on 2009-10-13 16:15:19.8810

Take your amp to the SC and let them fix it whenever they want to.  It only cost your time.  You have 1 year warranty from date of purchase.  After that its on you.

Buy an extra amp.  A backup amp.  Either buy new or used but get a good amp that you can use as a spare or use it as #1 and your SV as the spare.  Whatever.  But you will have a spare to use while one is down then your worries are over.

Otherwise, its going to be either extra $$ or weeks of waiting, or both.  Check Craigslist.

Good luck man.


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by bmfreetime on 2009-11-19 15:08:51.1060

My problem is the same as Tom's, I have a Spider Valve 112 and after playing for about an hour the DSP knod returns to clean and the amp starts to cut out, any idea's what is causing it?

Mine is also out of warranty.

I see that Tom was instructed to contact customer service, Is this sometime Line 6 is standind behind?

Thank you in advance for any forthcoming help or advice.


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by JDWhite on 2009-11-29 17:01:52.4320

Hey guys,

    I have recently experienced the same thing. I have the Bogner as well.  After a while of playing, it will cut on and off.  But I would like to ask you guys whether or not you had an FBV board plugged in.

I have the FBV shortboard and for some reason when my amp was turning on and off, I decided to unplug the shortboard's CAT5 cable.  The amp cleared right up. When I plugged the board back in, it happened again.

So I replaced the CAT5 cable with a new one....didn't help.....I just got back from the music store.  They replaced my FBV shortboard.  I have yet to try it, but I was just wondering if any of you guys have a board plugged in.  Maybe we can narrow this down.  My next step is to take the whole head back if this pedal doesn't solve it.

  Please let me know...I will take any advice.  My email is

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by creed_4_ever on 2009-12-07 07:31:17.6440

Is this a known issue for Line6? I have seen several blogs where people all around are having the same problem. My amp is also having the same problem, it keeps constantly shutting off after playing more than 30-45 minutes. It is like the electronics are overheating. I had this amp for about 2 years, and now is just laying aroud because it gets annoying to play it. Would Line 6 take care of it, or do I have to put my money in for your bad design?

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by bmfreetime on 2009-12-07 11:14:57.6780

It seam's like a common problem.

I would have to agree, there's a possible design problem with the DSP chip board overheating.

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by mtrash14 on 2009-12-07 14:36:56.6970

I haft to diagree on the design problem statement because there are so many amps that work good,  and mine is one of them.  1 3/4 years so far without any problems.

I have heard of a voltage regulator problem that is more of a component issue then a design issue.  Some amps have this issue where most do not.  You are having bad luck because it didn't happen to your amp until the warranty ran out, or you let the warranty run out without getting the issue promply repaired.  Now the fix will be on you.  For the good or for the bad, I'm afraid.

Take your amp to a L6 authorized service center for repairs or scrap it out for parts.  Other than that - there is not much you can actually do to resolve this problem.  Sorry to say that, but its more or less true.

Good luck guys


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by jdalf59 on 2009-12-07 16:35:13.6390

I bought a 1-12 as they were being discontinued and it is doing the same thing, no fbv board to plug in. Seems to be heat related, does it after it has been on awhile, if i point a fan at the back of the amp, it will straighten up in a few minutes and be allright, as long as the fan blows

going to see about getting it fixed soon, still under warranty

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by Luxorcist on 2010-01-24 21:23:27.8390


i have recently had the same problem with my Line 6 valve 100w head. I have also discovered that by pointing a fan or other cooling system at the back of the head, it stops the problem. so what i get from this is that the head itself is getting too hot and needs better cooling. anything will work, i just used a swamp cooler without the water in it, no problem after that. So try getting a small box fan, or a desk fan and put it behind your amp.

hope this helped


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by Dega500 on 2010-01-28 11:30:38.9910

Hey Guys,

So what are the Line 6 Service centers saying about this problem?


Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by cdelorm on 2010-01-31 12:34:31.2930

Thats easy. Not our problem. Pay to fix it, or buy another amp. Have a nice day.

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by willmiller09 on 2012-06-08 16:53:22.3980

This is a tube amp. 

Being as the problem occurs when the amp is "hot" (although this 'matters not'), the solution is simple.  Tubes.

Your duet/quad is either mismatched, or one or more tubes are crap.  Instantaneous breakup would be much more evident if the ordeal was in the pre section.

Moral of the story:  PROCURE GOOD TUBES!  MATCHED quad or duet ALWAYS.  If you don't know how to bias, do some homework... or take it to any reputable shop, for they know how.

Preamp tubes are important as well, but they won't cause a catastrophic failure.  Most people are unable to ascertain the simplistic nature of simultaneous analog/digital operation; and with that said, bad power tubes will most assuredly send some type of bogus voltage down... and this is bad news.  Perhaps it's why Line6 won't (and shouldn't) be responsible for repairs that arise from horrible or old tubes being used.  Especially for long periods of time.

My advice is to use only JJ/Tesla, Mullard, or Tung Sol (for preamp).

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by rayneman on 2012-06-24 17:52:36.9930

Nah, I don't think its a tube issue. The amp doesn't shut off, blow a fuse or do those normal tube failure "resets" and during that reset time, you have no sound!  The amp doesn't turn off.

I have a SV HD100 MK1 that did exhibit this when I used it for a bar gig.  Late in our second set it would cut out, and seemed to reset.  It did this repeatedly until I turned it off and went to my Crate Powerblock as a backup.  I let it cool off during a break and it worked for most of the 3rd set before it started the shananigans again. 

When I posted about this, I was told it was probably the venue's power, but by using it several more times in similar situations, but different venues I am quite sure it simply overheats and resets.  I also have a MKII head that hasn't done this, so I have no idea if this is only happening to a certain number of amps, or what.  In any event, I have another show coming up which is small enough to warrant using the Line 6 rig so I am going to get a fan and see if that helps.  But I'll be ready with something else when/if the Spider Valve takes a dump.

Re: Line 6 Bogner / amp has a problem
by camelsnightout on 2013-02-04 06:17:50.7330

i have the same issue with my spider iv 120, i purchased it around two years ago, the fault originally happened within a few months of buying it, during a few gigs it was cutting out for a few seconds then returning back to full volume then cutting out frustrating! therefore i got the shop to send it to line 6 for repair. The same issue has now started happening again, and now i am unable to gig with this amp as it is now out of warranty and totally unreliable (good job i have my peavey backup).i will not be wasting my time with a repair centre as i think line 6 should take ownershop of these issues as this is a commom fault by reading this thread. Im bitterly dissapointed with line 6 and this week i will be looking for a new amp something non-line 6 due to my bad experience with this amp. what a waste of money!!!

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