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PocketPOD not hooking up to the computer. help!
by chanjcw on 2009-06-05 12:42:38.3740

i just downloaded the Vyzex Pocket POD program and every time i connect the USB from the pocketPOD to the computer, the compuer doesn't even do anything.its not picking up the pocketPOD and it says that theres no midi ports. i have Windows XP. please help!!!!

Re: PocketPOD not hooking up to the computer. help!
by jangrenner on 2009-06-06 14:19:46.5780

Hi there,

I just had the same problem. It is solved thanks to the the Vyzeck Troubleshooting guide you can find in this forum :

It explains the issue of not detecting the pocket pod; it has something to do with some other devices that you have previousely installed and that also use(d) USB. I am not a tech expert, so I just followed the steps in this guide (pdf file), where you have to delete certain registry settings (an "LVUSBSTA"- entry with upper and lower filters).

After I did that, without reboot, I first disconnected the pocket pod USB cable, deleted the entries in my hardware list in the windows system configuration, replugged the USB cable, startede the Vyzeck, and it worked.

Re: PocketPOD not hooking up to the computer. help!
by chanjcw on 2009-06-07 19:33:12.7760


i read the troubleshooting guide, and i followed the instructions, and on my computer, there was no 'UpperFilters' only LowerFilters. i deleted lowerfilters and nothing happened. the computer isn't even detecteing the pocketPOD when i hook in the USB

Re: PocketPOD not hooking up to the computer. help!
by PsicraftTony on 2009-06-07 20:38:38.5960

Hi Chan,

The troubleshooting guide should be read carefully to be sure that you are applying the correct solution to the problem at hand. To recap, there are two main issues dealt with in the guide:

1. USB device driver conflicts: Typically these are caused by webcams and other USB peripherals, notably by Logitech, but also by other third party hardware manufacturers. In the most common conflict case, the registry modifications to clear upper filters solves logitech driver conflicts, but these are precise instructions you shouldn't be improvising on.

2. Device limit issues: If your Windows computer is overloaded with MIDI device instances, clearing out ghosted items can help get your Pocket POD recognized. After driver conflicts, this is the second most likely cause of your Pocket POD not being seen by your computer.

All of this said, the first thing I always recommend is to try your Pocket POD on all USB ports first, and then on another computer before you start editing your registry. It could be that your computers USB ports are not compatible with Pocket POD (remotely possible), or that your Pocket POD has a problem with its USB port hardware (unlikely but worth checking out).

Please check out these options and post back here. We'll go from there.


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