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Can we make suggestions for the next software update?
by ollieb on 2009-06-08 13:08:56.3900

Hi Line6 bods,

I've had a JM4 for a few months now and I'm loving it. I was never buying it for the jam tracks, just for creating and jamming to loops with - the built in effects make it a very cool one-box toy. There are some things that I wish it could do though -

How about:

An undo/REDO function on the undo pedal - this would be good for putting looped phrses into/out of the mix (giving a bit of a verse/chorus structure).

Is there a reason a 'reverse' function has not been included? I know it's a bit of a gimmick, but fun none the less.

Are we allowed to import files that can be used as song/drum tracks? It can't be that hard to create them, and it'd give us an extra track to create original recordings with.

The drum tracks are cool, but I would like a good selection of much more basic patterns for when I just want something to keep the time - even a metronome track would be useful.

My biggest wish is for an alternative foot switch mode that gives a mute to each of the three tracks. I've used the main play switch like that and it can work really well - but obviously just stops all playback, and only brings it back in at the beginning of the loop.

Another big one is to be able to mulitply up short loops to create longer loops for overdubbing. Could that be done by exporting to WAV under four different names, then loading those four WAVs back in (in a super special cleaver way) so they get stitched together as a single loop/file? Beatboxing is loads of fun, but I can't get an interesting rythm going in a longer loop - then it's too short to overdub a decent guitar part. Maybe this could be a way of getting a beatmapped file into the drum/song track?

There are some things that I don't expect can be done - like switching recordings without having a break in the audio, or incuding some kind of drum pattern sequencer...

I still haven't really started finding the limits of what it can do, so it's a bit of a cheek to ask for more functionality. Maybe there are some ideas here that are able to make it into the next software revision...? Maybe someone else has some ideas too? Maybe I should stop wanting it to do more and just go use it more creatively...

OK, I'm done now,


Re: Can we make suggestions for the next software update?
by laplayantonio on 2009-06-09 05:12:34.9260

hi olli

for feature requests:


Re: Can we make suggestions for the next software update?
by AParedes on 2009-06-09 11:49:08.3340


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Re: Can we make suggestions for the next software update?
by ollieb on 2009-06-09 12:20:58.8090

Thanks Guys,

It'd be ineresting to hear anyone elses ideas to...

Re: Can we make suggestions for the next software update?
by hurrells on 2012-12-22 02:48:29.3610


Please note that I have also filled out a product enhancment form on the website for the following two items related to live performance:

Currently I have to build an entire backing track in say reaper and then push it out to the JM4 in a WAV file. Not too lively

- Simpler drum tracks: This should be a simple data fix where some of the existing drum tracks could be swapped out for simpler tracks.

- A MUTE function for verse/chord structure. You make your loops and then goto this alternate foot switch mode where you can mute/un-mute either the SONG/DRUM track, or the LOOP. For example, I play some DRUMS, record a loop of the verse but then I want to MUTE that loop during the chours, DRUMS keep playing, then I unmute and restart the LOOP at the next verse.

Thanks In Advance


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