If you like stompboxes with unlimited tonal options, check out the highly acclaimed ToneCore® effects now available as modules and ToneDock stompboxes. With ToneCore modules and docks, you can easily and inexpensively expand your effects arsenal at any time.

ToneCore® Modules
You can swap out the module inside a ToneCore® pedal with anything from the entire line, including Uber Metal™, Echo Park™, Crunchtone™, Space Chorus™, Tap Tremolo™, Constrictor™, Dr. Distorto™, Verbzilla™, Liqua-Flange™, Roto-Machine™, and Otto Filter™.

ToneCore® Docks
All of the ToneCore® modules can be placed in either mono or stereo ToneDock stompboxes. The ToneDock mono and stereo stompbox base stations can be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery, or the optional DC-1G power supply.