For a long time I was looking for a speaker or amp that could reproduce both: good E-guitar sounds and authentic acoustic sounds and whose high frequency cone or compression driver could be switched off by midi or even amp switching out of Helix or other modelers. For regardless how I tried to get distorted E-guitar sounds out of the used boxes (and I tried many): as long as the high frequency cone (or whatever the speaker uses) is involved, for me there was something "unreal" in these tones. I have an old Peavy Keyboard amp with a tweeter that could be switched off manually, and "voila": that made the big difference. But the amp was too heavy and switching off the tweeter in the middle of a song or remotely was not possible. So I use stagescource L2 and L3 instead, but I take the 1/4" inputs and reduce the high frequencies with the EQ.   As Line6 introduced the power cab plus this seemed to be a really good idea to get the best of both worlds, programmable!   When the power cab plus arrived, I was surprised about the size (it looks small for a 12" ) and the weight (nice to handle). What I did not like from the start was the position of the interface (knobs and screen) at the back edge of the top. When pushed backwards in monitor position, you cannot see anything: not the screen nor the color of the knobs !  And if you want to change something you have to move the cab or bend over (with your guitar hanging at your side...)  Standing upright on the floor like an amp the sound is directly "at your feet" and you have to step back some meters/ inches to get the real sound impression. When taken up on a stand to guitarlevel for me again the interface is not easy to see or reach. Why not put them in front ?   The sound impression is very different, depending what you use: the clean and distorted E-guitar sounds (using amp modeling of Helix and the speaker modeling of power cab) give real good results - for me the best I have heard from FRFR speakers so far. And they deliver a good feeling of response while playing. But it's still the sound of ONE 12" speaker, not 2  x 12" or more, so for a real rock sound in a Band without using a PA it might not be "fat" enough. You can choose different speaker models and they do sound differently with every amp models - just find the ones that transport your personal sound.   Using acoustic guitars, such as Ibanez, Ovation or Godin and PRS with piezo outputs, the power cab plus does not sound authentic in my ears. The high frequencies are to hard and there is a lack of bottom or volume, regardless how loud you play. The sound is not comparable to the sound of the stagescource which can deliver real good and dynamic acoustic tones. And there is no real EQ that could make a change. There are possibilities to control the level of high frequencies, but not the frequency or range. So this was disappointing because otherwise it could be a very helpful box for acoustic musicians as well!   To change presets via a controller you need to use midi at the moment, which is ok. As midi with Helix can be tricky, it would be much smarter to have a solution via line6 link, which is said to be coming. Obviously at the moment it is not possible to get out the XLR to PA without a speaker simulation (no FRFR) - which ruins the acoustic sounds !!!   There are some things more to think about before including the power cab into your setup. If you use the cab simulations of Helix before going into the PA (that would be the normal way, if you don't use mics), you cannot use the speaker modeling of the Power Cab (which sounds best for me) - unless you build different paths for both outputs in your Helix’s presets. If you use stereo sounds, you'll need two Power Cabs to get this stereo signal from the Power Cab to the PA (via XLR or mics). If you want to send acoustic sounds out of the XLR to the PA, this does not work...   In my Power Cab Plus the second input - which is said to be permanent FRFR - was a copy of the first one: everything I chose for input one would influence input two. So there was no way to use it as monitor or aux input. This may be a software or cable failure. But even in FRFR position the sound was not neutral in my ears. I fed mp3 songs via XLR from the PA and it sounded "boxed", while on PA (tried Stagescource L3m and L2m) it sounded good.   So for me, this really good idea does not work because of the (poor) acoustic sound and some restrictions in the way I would have to use the Power Cab in my  rig / live equipment (if I don't buy two units). Some restrictions may be fixed in oncoming updates, but for the moment I returned the quite pricy cab within a 30 days money back policy > thanks to Thomann for this opportunity!