Updated Firmware to 2.81 on my Helix Floor. I usually keep my Helix in "8 Snapshot mode" and will press both up and down bank/preset switches to return to preset mode. This doesn't seem to work anymore.  Usually you can toggle the Mode button (FS6) but that is no longer available and it only displays "cancel". If I try to change the "Preset Mode Switches" to "Stomp/Preset' or any other setting in the global settings nothing happens either.    I've reset global settings and restored factory presets numerous times but it hasn't helped. Anyone experience this or have a clue?    Thanks in advance!   ***Update - Resetting the global settings via the LCD menu did not correct this however when I did a Global reset with the button combination (FS5 and FS6) the "Cancel/Mode" button started working properly. To perform that reset turn off the helix then hold FS5 and FS6 and then turn it back on. This does a "Global Reset".