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  1. CipherHost's post in DT chart Showing Different tones was marked as the answer   
  2. CipherHost's post in JTV-89F Locking Tuners? was marked as the answer   
    Did you modify the nut when you installed the locking tuners?
  3. CipherHost's post in Connecting 2 dt amps via L6 without POD HD was marked as the answer   
    If you connect the two DT25s with L6 Link: 
    When you change from channel A on either amp, the other amp will change to the same channel, i.e., both amp will always be on the same channel. So if you attach a foot switch to one of the amps, both amp will change channels. You can use MIDI to program each topology of each amp individually to be whichever amp you want if you have updated them to Version 2.0 firmware. You will be limited to eight amp types on each amp. The DT Version 2.0 firmware does not include the Model Packs available for the POD. So if you know what combinations you want, you can pair them up. Additionally, if you change the Topology I-IV, Class A / AB or pentode / triode setting on one amp, it does not effect the other amp.
    As a side note: The beauty of the POD HD500(X) if that you can set up each DT (up to 4) to be whatever you want, including the Model Packs if you buy them, at the press of a foot switch, in addition to many other other effects and connections.
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    Link to instructions for calibrating the expression pedal:

  5. CipherHost's post in Aco/Bass/Voc was marked as the answer   
    Will this work, or do you need the latest?
  6. CipherHost's post in Maybe is time foe sue line 6? was marked as the answer   
    That's funny!
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