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  2. phil_m

    Controlling ext amp channels with snapshots

    I missed this thread somehow. Do you have the EXT AMP commands assigned to footswitches as well? They don’t work as Instant Commands unless you have the assigned to footswitches as well. What you’re talking about should be doable, though.
  3. kerryhall1

    Controlling ext amp channels with snapshots

    I'm guessing the answer here is no.... All that is needed is a very simple firmware update, one that allows four, instead of three options here.: 1. 1 2. 2 3. 1&2 4. neither
  4. This is a very smart idea...thank you for this!!
  5. themetallikid

    Feedback Generator for Helix

    if I have a Variax guitar, and have the preset set to tune the guitar down to D (standard guitar E string resonance)....will using the FreqOut still work for adding pleasant feedback? This has been the one reason I have not jumped on a Variax/Digitech Drop scenario is that I have a few songs where holding that note til it sustains/feedsback is just part of the song...and you just can't get there with just the pitch shift alone
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  7. psarkissian

    No Low Volume Mode

    Shouldn't make a difference, though you can try it.
  8. rwinking

    Helix vs Digitech GSP1101 volume

    I have a Helix rack and am suing it exclusively for FX. Up until I got it, I had been using the GSP1101. There is a big volume difference between the two. Say I am running the master on my amp at 12:00 and then using 4CM, I have to run the Helix around 1:00 to get any gig volume. On the GSP I only have to run it around 10:00 to get the same volume. Is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong?
  9. rwinking

    How do you carry your Helix Rack?

    I carry mine in a standard rack. For the foot controller I use a 49 key synth case which also has enough room for the volume pedal. I did have to make a little space for it with some foam. THe case has a pocket for cables too. I can see the tuner on either the floor unit or the rack. I like the rack tuner with the new strobe feature which is huge.
  10. codamedia

    Help needed with Built-in patch!

    FYI: If you have an old backup file from your HD500 (or even a factory preset file) the nice thing about HD Edit is that it works in OFFLINE MODE. If you open the program you can load the bundle without having an HD500 connected. Once you open it up, you can look at all your settings - although that delay is still difficult to get a reading from :)
  11. klasi

    No Low Volume Mode

    Does it matter what position the "Standby" switch is in when you toggle between "Low Volume Mode(s)"? In other words, should the amp be in "Standby" before I switch the "Low Volume Mode" one way or the other?
  12. Technically no, but there is an easy work around. Assign the expression pedal to control both items... then just use the snapshot to turn off/on the effect of choice. For example: Snapshot 1: Volume on, wah off... you will only hear the expression controlling the volume Snapshot 2: Volume off, wah on... you will only hear the expression controlling the wah Bonus... Snapshot 3: Both on... a really neat effect on it's own with both wah and volume being controlled. Using the same principle... you could also use the snapshot to control the BLEND of each effect... which is similar yet could be different from turning them on/off.
  13. Thark

    Feedback Generator for Helix

    Hi Jimmy. My understanding of how the Freqout works is that it samples the harmonics in the signal presented to it and then decides which one to use based on how it is set up. My feeling is that if it is used the effect chain after a distortion or boost pedal the harmonic content is richer and you get a more realistic effect. Haven’t tried it prior to the boost pedal though, so I could be wrong. Anyway, assuming I’m right it would have to come after a Helix distortion via a send/return block. I’ll try a pre and post pedal setup and let you know how it goes.
  14. Jimmy_vid

    Feedback Generator for Helix

    Hi @Thark !! I think I'll do the same... But why do you use Helix loop ?? Is not the same connect the guitar to FreqOut, and then to the Helix ?? Yes @BAmartin really love it !! I need it into the Helix !! ;)
  15. brokenbones

    Help needed with Built-in patch!

    Stereo delay: L TIME = 1000ms, R TIME = 500ms. L FDBK = 60%, R FDBK = 75%.
  16. MLSoundLab

    My first Helix video: John Petrucci and Periphery tones!

    I'm really happy to see people who are familiar with my work throughout the years. It's definitely more liberating with the .wav format and people being able to use the IR's without any hiccups with any IR loader. Actually I was a bit overwhelmed by the response. :) If you guys have requests for something you'd like to see me work on, please let me know. Is there something that's missing for the Helix right now?
  17. Snapshot 1: Expression pedal controls volume Snapshot 2: Expression pedal controls wah Doable?
  18. Kilrahi

    HD 500X and DT-50 Still Awesome!

    Interesting conversation. I've always been first a listener of music rather than a performer of it, no matter how many hours I spend whittling away on the guitar the time I spend listening to music far eclipses it. As a hobbyist player, it's important to feel the power in what you do. If it doesn't feel alive to you, regardless of how it sounds to even God himself, then you'll lose interest. If that comes from a tube amp - more power to you. The Pod HD500X with the DT-50 is a solid rig. One I almost bought once upon a time. However, as a listener I just don't believe the whole tube amp thing matters one iota anymore. I rarely say that in the guitar playing public because most of them will stone you, but I've yet to meet the shill who can correctly guess listening to an album or attending a rock performance which ones are tube amps (and by the way, as far as I can tell - if it's a solid touring act with a huge following these days - the answer is very few are tube amps - and a similar trend appears to be happening in recorded music too) and which ones are done by modelers. For those rare few who are brave enough to try, they've never been accurate. Most just snort and walk away. Whether that's cowardice or impeccable confidence I've never been sure. I am glad people adore tube amps and I hope that love continues, but so many tube amp users that I talk to assume that I'm kind of sad and wish I could follow in their footsteps. Truth is I'm not. If someone gave me the most expensive tube amp on the market I'd turn around and sell it to a tube amp fanatic, and then buy a L6 Powercab, and keep the other chunk of change to attend my favorite band's performances for the next few years. I also ENJOY playing that way. The music doesn't feel dead to me at all. Truthfully, it reminds me of the world that caused me to want to play music in the first place.
  19. aslakjohnsen

    HX Stomp -How to assign Boss FS-5U Footswitches

    Thank you so much for your answers. To (maybe) clarify; I assigned FS3 to stomp so I need an "external" tuner. In a recent post someone said: With 2.7, [ACTION] + [PAGE>] together will start the tuner, useful if you have set switch 3 to stomp instead of tuner/tap. This is a solution but I want to do this with an external pedal to avoid bending down and pushing buttons at rather hectic gigs :-) I will do some more searching. Thank you again.
  20. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp -How to assign Boss FS-5U Footswitches

    I am away from my Stomp right now so my memory is a bit foggy, but I think it had something to do with the way you call the tuner, and the way the additional switches aren't as complex as the Stomp's inbuilt three. To call the tuner by default, you have to hold down the FS3, and so part of my memory is I had to set in the Stomp's global settings that FS4 was a latch instead of a momentary one. Then again, if you held the switch down it ought to work so I may be completely off here. However, BEFORE you try messing with that, ensure the following is true in the global settings because there are two areas that have to be changed: Preferences: Make sure that Exp/FS Tip is set to footswitch 4 input jack. Footswitches Set the FS4 global setting to Tap/Tuner.
  21. Segreto

    esn unknown

    someone can help me an monkey esn is unknown
  22. roscoe5

    112+ & 112 together

    Thanks. I'll probably hold off for the plus. I just found a great deal on a used plain 112 locally.
  23. aslakjohnsen

    HX Stomp -How to assign Boss FS-5U Footswitches

    Unfortunately not. No respons. I'm clearly missing something.
  24. Segreto

    usb firmware 1.00-----1.04

    hi, using monkey I can not update usb firmware from 1.00 to 1.04 mi from the error: server error reading firmware. I have done all the tests possible and with various computers. someone can help me. I use pod hd pro
  25. davepmoll

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    I'm crossing my fingers for the Altoids Tin patch.
  26. psarkissian

    Boston Tone for HD500X

    Oh and, Tom Scholz used a tricked out gold top Les Paul with soap bar pick-ups. A gadget nut back then.
  27. Cotoraso

    Help needed with Built-in patch!

    Hi there! I was a happy owner of a HD 500x until some days ago (I had it from 2014) I sold it because i'm sticking to analog pedals and a New Helix Stomp wich arrived home just yesterday. I'm trying to rebuild in my Helix Stomp an HD500x factory preset called "Namaste" that was found in the Fx Bank List. (I think it was called FX Heavy) Man, I absolutley loved that patch! I did a screenshot of the HD500 edit with the patch loaded before i sold the unit, but problems came when i found that delay times are missing (I just can see the knob position, but not the exact delay time, wich is quite crucial in this patch) There are just two delay effects. One is the "Digital delay w/mod" and the other one is "Stereo delay" I just need exact delay times in "Stereo Delay" for the knobs "L TIME" and "R TIME", and the values of "R FEEDBACK" and "L FEEDBACK". With those ones i will match it. Thank u!
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