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      Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets   01/11/2016

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  2. FRFR speaker !!!

    Could have been a good idea. For my selfmade FRFR monitors, i first tried the Beta12CX. Not bad, especially for the price, but lots of peaks and dips and the active digital crossover is hard to handle cause the woofer beams far below the tweeter can take over. There are some hardware tweaks provided in the net to make the 12CX better (concerning the "horn" of the tweeter with all his steps) but hopefully, Line6 uses a better base in their cab. I ended up using the Faitalpro 12HX230 as coaxial driver and it was still not a cacewalk to get it pretty linear in different listening angles. What i wanna say: Most so called FRFR monitors are not really FRFR compared to good HiFi speakers or studio monitors. That seems to be the price for more dB/watt and higher SPL max.
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  4. FIZZ

    i agree that perfect handling of the Helix has to be learned like it has to be learned to get ones personal perfect tone out of all these originals. The difference is: If i plug my guitar in a real amp, i usually get instantly a tone with less fizz than what comes out with the factory presets. Perhaps not a god tone, but with a little bit tweaking on the tone stack, it will be mostly OK to start. Try this with a simple amp+cab in the Helix. To my ears, it's not really the same. and i think that's what many people complain. I know it depends on the chain, but even with a pretty linear speaker without peaks in the upper mids/hights, fizz is there when overdrive/distortion is dialed in. In know that Helix is moddeling not the amp in the room but a miced amp. But really - did you ever mic an amp and have this fizz? OK - if you place the mic directly in the speakers center beam - in this case you have to use filters and equalizers to get a good tone. Perhaps, that's the point. Possible solutions: - the proposed "idiots guide" (i'll buy two :) ) - Different mic angles, not only distance, as i think line 6 is modelling pretty on axis for what reason ever (perhaps cause its tecnically better to cut something wich is to much than boosting something that is to less. If i record a conventional guitar speaker at the center, i get fizz too. - i like rd2rk's idea of a virtual "Fizz killer pedal". Could be a good and intuitive thing to start and should be not too difficult to implement. - accepting that nearly every day someone is complaining 'bout fizz - with a certain reason
  5. Pod hd + active speackers 8" , 6" or 5" ??

    ok, thank you for your replay!!!
  6. Hey everyone. I currently use my HD500X in my studio for home use. I am going to jam with some friends and they have an extra Marshall Head and Cab there I can plug in so I was hoping I could use my HD500X so I can get the tones I want. I am not a Marshall fan and I don't feel like dragging my EVH, and Cabs over so I was wondering if I can use his Marshall head as a preamp and just run my settings which is amp and cab simulation to get the tone I like ? Is this possible ? What do I need to do in order to get this to work ?
  7. FRFR speaker !!!

    This! I’ve pre-ordered two of Powercab Pluses (for stereo) and it would be my candidate for your consideration. It’s a piece of the Line 6 platform, and it will integrate with the Helix very well, and fully digital if you consider running it through the Line 6 Link interface. It does offer a nice fallback option with IR and speaker modelling if you end up not liking the FRFR experience.
  8. octave effect

    Well you may have established a new level of laziness not being able to just scroll through the effects, but oddly enough things like this are in the Pitch/Synth category of effects. You have the simple pitch, dual pitch, and in the pitch legacy effects the Bass Octaver. I find any of the pitch type effects work best for me after the amp and cab, but some put them between the amp and cab. The good news is the Helix is simple enough that you can experiment with the placement to your heart's desire...unless, of course, that's also too much work for you.... ;)
  9. octave effect

    Potentially dumb question based on pure laziness but what Helix effect should I use as an octaver? I just want to use it with a lead tone to fatten it up. Also how should I set it up and where in the signal chain? Thanks
  10. 2.53 Issues (gain blocks and MIDI PC)

    No worries, Phil, it was a long video (I added time stamps to try to help with that, lol)! I wasn’t aware of an issue of Ableton mirroring commands; I performed many of the same tests while running MIDI messages via USB into MIDI Monitor without Ableton running (an additional difference is that in my video I was running MIDI from the Helix via a MIDI cable into a M-Audio Midisport then from there into the computer via USB; I did this because sometimes when I run the MIDI into Ableton directly via USB it causes some freaking out issues… perhaps this is the mirroring you were discussing). With the simplified setup I’m still running into the same issues. I created a backup and tried a couple of factory resets with similar results dealing with what I feel are bugs in the system: After booting while holding down footswitches 11 + 12: Still multiple firings of mixed CC data Adding a Program Change resets my CC values to zero Adding a CC toggle to footswitch in stomp mode resets my CC values After performing a factory reset (holding down footswitches 9 + 10): Still multiple firings of mixed CC data Occasional re-firings of PC data for snapshots which have PC set to off in command center Adding a CC toggle to footswitch in stomp mode resets my CC values (one snapshot retained its CC value) and my PC values Not sure what other steps there are for me to try out, any ideas? Thanks again for your time and help! :-)
  11. Using Hd500X as a midi controller for 100W EVH 5150III

    Sounds right to me, seems my issue is correctly programming the midi switch to correspond with the signal being sent to it, i just cant seem to synchronize them together....
  12. FRFR speaker !!!

    Well, I'm gonna have to pre-recommend the Line 6 Powercab. Just pre-ordered one. I've been fighting going to FRFR for two years now. This is my first FRFR solution outside of studio monitors. It's the only FRFR cab with a speaker model safety net built in, which might be a good fall back if I don't like FRFR. I do need full range regardless because of my Variax. I like the fact that the IRs and cab modeling is all in the speaker. I've been using my power amp in of my Line 6 Spider Valve amps with no cab model blocks. I shouldn't have to change my presets to go back and forth between rigs. I was already sold on the coaxial speaker Eminence Beta 12 CX concept with Mission Gemini and had decided that would be my solution when I pulled the FRFR trigger. Glad I waited. I think Line 6 just 1up'd it.
  13. FIZZ

    Indeed, different animals. My only purpose in comparing them was to point out that THE FIZZ in the Helix that so many complain about is not a necessary component of amps modeled in the digital realm. For me, it's the sort of thing that tends to disappear in a mix, live or recorded. It's just SO annoying when I'm sitting around noodling by myself, which is mostly what I do these days on guitar. BUT...I just got a call from someone I haven't played with in years, looking for a bass player for some loosey-goosey jamming! I'm excited! I'll get a chance to see how the Helix bass amps sound through my new Headrush 112 in a live setting! OH BOY!!!
  14. Using Hd500X as a midi controller for 100W EVH 5150III

    based on the equipment you have in your case all the switching should be through MIDI ( apart from physically pressing 1 FS on the POD).. - as soon as you select a certain patch on the POD, the corresponding MIDI program change (based on a table of fixed not programmable values) is always sent out.. - the MIDI switcher receives the above program change and calls the corresponding (pre-programmed by you) preset which will automatically select the right channel of your amp.. --------------------- then, if staying in 1 specific patch and the current channel of your amp you want to switch on/off some of the included FXs you can do it.. but as soon as you need to select a different channel of your amp, you should select the patch (with the desired effects) pre-assigned by you to select (through the MIDI switcher) the wanted channel of your amp.. at the end, if you have programmed all the necessary presets in the midi switcher, and the corresponding POD patches, you need just one FS press on the POD to change both FXs (patches) and amp channels. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about HD500/X new forum!
  15. Using VST with Amplify

    Crazy, this is EXACTLY the problem I ran into last night. As far as I could tell, there was no way to keep Amplifi from sending its internal path, in Parallel, to the speaker outs I wanted to use this thing as an FRFR and run my DAW's VSTs thru from a laptop, but if I want to get guitar signal into the computer from the guitar in on amplifi, I gotta live with that signal also ending up at the speakers In that case its just as easy to use my regular FRFR plus interface. If there's a way around this (and a way to get a line out out of this thing without killing the speakers) I'd love to hear it
  16. Amplifi Line out

    Has anyone ever figured out a good way to get a line out of the Amplifi 150 without it cutting off the internal speaker?
  17. Can the TT be used as a quality PC audio interface?

    I want only the PC sounds. I want the path to go like this: Guitar into Amplifi. Amplifi as DI as possible (would be nice to have the unaffected input like the Line 6 interfaces have as in their ASIO drop down menu) to ASIO input stream ASIO output stream to Amplifi interface return The issue here is that, unlike say the Yamaha THR 10, the original amplifi signal path will still appear at the output in parallel with the interface return, whereas I'd like to only have the interface return appear at the output
  18. FIZZ

    Helix and S-Gear are very different things, even if you focus on only amp and cab models. Helix mostly attempts to emulate existing amplifiers. S-Gear is certainly inspired by the knowledge gained over many years of amp development and tube characteristics, but is more focused on building modern amplifiers in the digital domain. However, if you compare some of the newer Helix models like Litigator and Carteographer, and use similar IRs, you’ll get tones that are more similar between the two. The other difference is who’s listening to and evaluating the models. Mike Scuffham does indeed seem to have unique ears. Ben Adrien is also starting to show his capabilities, and his models in Helix seem to show a lot of promise. I hope to see more of these in the future. Its wonderful to see that these two designers can do, and we are indeed fortunate to be able to enjoy their products.
  19. Yesterday
  20. FIZZ

    The hours spent learning the Helix must be offset with your knowledge of the amps and pedals within the Helix. 60 hours is not a bad amount of time to learn how to work the device, but navigating the Helix is just the beginning! If you don't know how the amps, pedals, mics and speakers that are emulated work you really have just scratched the surface of time required. The Helix is dozens of amps and more than 100 effects. If you rented that much diverse gear from a music store do you think 60 hours would be sufficient time to really figure it out?
  21. FRFR speaker !!!

    You will see the same in any techy forum. Problem is, a lot of people dont understand the relevent posts that are already included in previous forum threads until a certain point. And this is usually after asking the same old questions. I am very technical in computing having been programming, reverse engineering software sice early 1990's, and IT manager in education setting up and maintaing networks of hundreds of PCs. been playing guitar in a very hobby based setting, using only a small standard fender amp. now been trying to get a handle on the audio stuff after buying an Amplifi75 and it is incredibly complex. most of the advice is experience driven. I guess it comes down to how helpful an individual chooses to be to posters of all the same old questions.
  22. Fizzy Distortion/Overdrive

    Jumping on the bandwagon with some of the previous comments in this thread, I made some mods to my workhorse Plexi patch last night. I was already very pleased with the tone, but I think I may have improved it. Ear fatigue was setting in so the jury is still out! I placed a high/low cut EQ block first in the chain and set the low cut to 63 Hz with a +0.7 dB boost to compensate for lost level into the amp block. No high cut in this block. I settled on these values by comparing the tone with the EQ blocked bypassed or not. It’s a subtle difference, but it seems to tame some of the digital flubbiness and result in a smoother sounding overdrive. I was running this same block at the end before with both high and low cuts, so I replaced that with a parametric EQ block, set the low cut to zero and bumped the high cut up from 11 KHz to 14.5. I then set the high parametric band to 7 KHz, left its default Q at 0.7 and cut just 1.5 dB. Made a subtle but very pleasing difference. More natural sounding to me, with a thicker harmonic content. Thanks guys for all the tips!
  23. Pod X3 Live Keeps Rebooting

    Don't go there, if it's a re-boot problem it will be both hardware and software glitch. A tech trained at Line 6 gear should deal with it. Being from Encino and a Valley Dude, I sometimes wonder if Jeff Spicoli was modeled after me. Picture him with darker bushy hair and you have me. Same outfit and all. Though I didn't hang with Mick and the Stones like Spicoli, I did crew for Iron Butterfly (and their two spin-off bands) for four years. Gold front, hmmm,... what's the serial number? Found it. Yeah, have it done by an authorized service tech. When it does that, it's not a user fixable thing.
  24. Using Hd500X as a midi controller for 100W EVH 5150III

    Do you know of a way to switch my amps channels using just the 4cm, along eith desired effects with it? Or is that strictly a midi feature?
  25. JTV 89 F + Helix LT

    No its not just you. As Cru suggests, FRFR is a popular way to go here and will sound better because of the frequency responses of the guitar cab versus the acoustic. And dont skimp on what is I believe the most important part of your sound, the speaker. Usually, you will get what you pay for here. Yes, you could just simply use a P.A. amp/speaker setup with a mixer to balance vocals, acoustics and such. Lots of people go this route too. Its a little more costly depending on size and quality.
  26. Using Hd500X as a midi controller for 100W EVH 5150III

    I guess that you can use the 4CM and change your tones with just 1 FS press.. Given that you have an amp that can be controlled by presets programmed and saved in your midi switcher, and you have the POD which every time you select a different patch automatically sends program changes to your midi controller (programmed accordingly), I don't see why you should tapdancing to change your tones. just 1 FS press from the POD should be all is needed like in this videoclip: -------- in regard to how to switch the hd500x from left to right (clean to distortion) in a smoothly way, have a look here: https://allabouthd500x.altervista.org/allabouthd500x/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=69
  27. FIZZ

    +1 on the "READ ME FIRST" idea (Idiot's Guide to Basic Tone Design"). Still, the "FIZZ" (in some quarters known as "That L6 Sound"), would better be removed than providing another cheat sheet that nobody will read. How about a new effect called "FIZZ KILLER"? (insert tongue-in-cheek emoticon. Hey, what happened to the emoticons? How can we possibly be expected to communicate digitally without emoticons?)
  28. FIZZ

    A bit more than a year ago I bought the Helix and thought the sound sucked and I didn't like a single factory preset. Been playing more than 50 years and using modelers since the first POD so I had some experience. I came to this forum for help and "discovered" fizz. Between previous posts and answers to a few specific questions, I went from hearing junk to loving the Helix almost over night. It was not hard once I understood the Helix just a little bit and now I don't even use the often suggested high and low cuts (I do use EQ). L6 could include a sheet (READ ME FIRST) that addresses a couple of the typical newbie complaints, like fizz and how to get a good starter tone, to get customers off to a good start. But it is inconceivable to me that anyone cannot get an excellent tone if they follow the basic suggestions everyone here has, assuming they have a good enough guitar, pups, headphones, etc., and they are not trying to copy someone else's tone (can be done but obviously harder for a newbie). And I'm NOT accusing anyone, but if one's playing sucks, the Helix ain't gonna fix that (insert smiley face since I couldn't)!
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