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  2. Hi I’m wondering if the non plus model powercab will be able to receive firmware updates? I can’t see any USB connector on it but there must be a way?
  3. SteveFrance

    heavy metal without amp preset

    You can eventually take a simple active speaker to have a cheaper solution.... I've bought a yamaha DBR10 that brings a good sound. There are less expensive speakers (Alto for exemple) which seem to be good too !!!
  4. Today
  5. Thenizze

    heavy metal without amp preset

    Same question to you: I agree. Thinking about FRFR. But which one. The line6 112 plus powercab or the L2M active speaker.? It's just for the backline sound, which will be sent to the PA.
  6. Thenizze

    heavy metal without amp preset

    I agree. Thinking about FRFR. But which one. The line6 112 plus powercab or the L2M active speaker.? It's just for the backline sound, which will be sent to the PA.
  7. Thenizze

    synth keys in Narcotic - Liquido with Helix LT?

    Hi JazzMetalBear, could you upload your preset? I want to give this a try. Thanks,
  8. Markfothebeast


    Can you explain why you cannot run JJ or Tung-SOL tubes? The service manual does not say this. It also does not state to use only Electro-Voice or Sovtek brand tubes. My MKI came with Sovtek 5881/6L6WGC power tubes. But not saying you should do what I did and run JJ 6L6GC's/Tung-SOL 12AX7s and make your amp sound totally awesome. They have different max wattage and voltage ratings. Perhaps the filament is larger and generates too much heat? I'm now curious as to why.
  9. mitchmarkell

    Need ideas: Can I trick Helix into 3 path input?

    It's so perfect for Helix. I am "my own" rhythm guitar play now. Lol. You should buy one. They're not that spendy.
  10. dandesy

    Need ideas: Can I trick Helix into 3 path input?

    I did the same :) i think it looks really cool as well.
  11. Line 6 VDI Interface
  12. modelation

    Put a Tube Amp in My Effects Loop

    I designed and tried to sell a 7W MIDI controllable tube amp about 10 years ago. I wasn't using it much myself after getting into first the Axe-FX and now the Helix. Plus it's lacking an effects loop, but it does have a line-level out with a built-in speaker load. I put the amp in my effects loop after wah, compressor, chorus and distortion and followed by an IR block, reverb and delay. It sounds great, especially the cleaner tones. The great thing about the Helix is that I can use the control center setup to send MIDI commands to the tube amp to select pre-amp drive, control various parameters and select the output tube type. Then I can use the snapshots to select among 8 different cabinet IRs. I am loving the number of tonal choices I can get with this setup on a single preset. I think there are several other low wattage tube amps with line-level outputs that could be used in this configuration. Let me know if you have tried this.
  13. aaron__aardvark

    Test your ears: PodXT or U530? New June 22nd!

    OK, here are the answers: U530 amp model is used for all rhythm guitars, and PodXT amp model is used for the lead guitar.
  14. aaron__aardvark

    Test your ears: PodXT or U530? New June 22nd!

    OK, here are the answers: U530 amp model is used for all rhythm guitars, and PodXT amp model is used for the lead guitar.
  15. I've had this issue with my pod ever since I upgraded to windows 10. I thought maybe the new win 10 driver would fix, but nope. As a workaround, a few years ago I found you could use ASIO4ALL drivers instead to workaround the issue. I only came here to research/post here today because I accidentally used the pod driver in reaper and got a bluescreen just now and decided to follow up on it.
  16. Markfothebeast

    Spider Valve MKII 112 Bogner - Overheating

    I changed the tubes today. I did not use the suggested tubes in the admin post. The service manual states to use 6L6 tubes. It did not specify WGC/GC/WG and so on. It simply stated 6L6 tubes. I needed tubes by Saturday so I had to purchase them locally. Words cannot describe how drastically the sound quality has improved. I've installed "JJ 6L6GC" power tubes and Tong-Sol 12AX7 Pre-Amp tubes. Not even the same amp anymore... It doesn't even seem like I'm playing the same guitar. The 6L6GC tubes are physically longer. I simply had to stretch the springs on the tube brackets about 3/8". These tubes also have a higher max wattage and voltage rating. I'm not sure if that will increase the life expectancy or not. But WOW! I should've installed these a long time ago.

                                 WOW !           





  18. Thanks for your comment. I tried a forum search before posting this to see if it had been addressed, but didn't waste a lot of time trying different search term combinations. I'd like to be able to see these admonitions... Circuit overload, eh? Sounds like pholgiston to me... Or poor circuit design, if true.
  19. It'll function, yes... the question is for how long? The power(s) that be have repeatedly warned against doing so, however. Don't bother trying to find out why... their legendary 007 cloak and dagger routine forbids it. If you search around you'll find vague references to using both outputs simultaneously causing some sort if circuit "overload". Whether or not it'll actually happen is anybody's guess.
  20. mikemitch_105

    BBE Sonic Stomp Impulse?

    It's definitely not linear. I was mostly interested in the EQ curve it brought. It's very minimal but I didn't really have a choice but to stop using the pedal anyway, so now the IR I captured is in my chain. @CraigGT I just tried that, gives it an interesting sound on the low end. Might use it for an effect one day, thanks for the tip.
  21. swanny8777

    Helix Bug Reports

    So I updated to 2.60, and have been enjoying the update. There are two things that I have noticed: 1. MIDI Messages Assigned to Stomp Buttons I have posted before regarding MIDI bugs in stomp mode and command center; so far the Instant Commands are working better than they were before, but sometimes the stomp CCs can be a bit buggy. The main thing I've noticed is that if I have a CC message assigned to a stomp button, it will occasionally switch to a lit state in between snapshots; this wouldn't normally be a huge deal for me, but I mainly use the CC messages to utilize transport controls in Ableton Live. Occasionally when I switch snapshots, the Fast Forward button will be lit, and then I can't stop the fast forward function unless I completely clear the MIDI message from that particular stomp... weird... Anyone else run into this? 2. Unexpected Parameter Changes In Snapshots So, I believe I have experienced this before 2.60, but it was never so frequent that I felt the need to post to forums... Since updating, however, it seems to be happening a lot more often. The unexpected changes occurs on a multitude of blocks--Amp (Presence settings), Modulation (Time), Delay (Time, Feedback, and Mix), and Reverb (Mix). Two things happen: First, there are occasions when the time parameter switches from my tempo specific note values (such as 1/4 or 1/8) to milliseconds. Second, there are times when the snapshot value shifts whatever value I have to 0%, 1%, or 100%. This is of course a huge shocker to me when I hit a note or chord with delay on and suddenly the note doesn't stop repeating due to the feedback being at 100%. I've not been able to pinpoint exactly what causes the issue, but I think it may have to do when I plug in my Variax and press the model knob to turn on the Variax (which, by the way, my Variax always turned on automatically [if I'm remembering correctly] when I'd connect to my old HD500, is this the way other peoples' Variax functions with their Helix?). It may also just happen when I change quickly between snapshots. One last strange thing in regards to this issue: It seems like this either affects how the Helix exports or imports the presets as well. There are times when I know I export the preset with all the right settings, but other times I can load the preset and the issue is evident upon importing it to a new preset. Again, anyone else run into this problem?
  22. I'll start with a simple question, which someone may be able to answer off the top of his/her head. Then, I'll go into a tedious explanation of what I'd like to accomplish. First, the question: If my JTV-59 is connected to a compatible Line 6 device with a VDI cable, will the analog output at the guitar's 1/4" output jack be suppressed, or could it be connected via a standard guitar cord to play through an amplifier? Now for the rest of the story, which may spark an alternate solution, or may result in a 'You can't get there from here' unhappy ending... The battery on my JTV-59 doesn't seem to have much longevity, despite the fact that I use the mag pickups more than the modeling. I'd like to be able to power it for everyday use and practice by connecting it to my Pod XT Live via VDI. But I'd prefer to go wireless into my Amplifi 30 through a Relay G10 plugged into the 1/4" output, because I like the sound of the Amplifi more than the output of the Pod XT played through my stereo amplifier. In this scenario, I'd essentially be using the Pod XT Live as an expensive power supply. But that's ok -- it's paid-for... If the output continues to be available at the 1/4" jack while connected via VDI, it would also open up the possibility to use the Pod XT Live to change models on the JTV, which would be VERY cool. I'd still be using the Amplifi for amplification, but wouldn't have to play with the knobs and switches on the guitar in the middle of a song. Another option that solely addresses the power issue may involve the XPS footswitch, which I've basically never used, although I have at least two of them, supplied with my Variax 500 and 600 guitars. Maybe it would be possible to power the Variax with the XPS and it's 3-conductor guitar cable, and plug the Relay G10 into the 1/4" output of the XPS box? I know: I could try these combinations, myself. And probably will. But I thought it would be useful to throw these scenarios out there and see if others have tried or given thought to possibilities such as these. Look forward to hearing any ideas or suggestions...
  23. Firehawk_Steve

    G10 and Spider V

    Awesome - Good to hear. No more worries. Thanks ADBrown
  24. Looselectron

    Random clicking coming from Sonic Port

    I don't think the problem I am experiencing is RF interference. I have heard alien digital noises from my device when in close proximity to the amp and pickups. However that's RF noise getting picked up by the pickup and transformer coils. The clicking I'm suffering is a definitely a digital glitch. I DO get the clicks with an 2018 iPad 9.7 WI-FI model (no SIM/cellular). Besides I already tried airplane mode to fix the problem with no satisfactory result. My iPhone 6 Plus never clicked. So my best guess at this point is the problem is the newer processors or iOS versions. The iPhone 6 Plus uses an A8 processor. The latest iPad uses an A10 which was great attack fighter but maybe not such a great chip. We might assume newer means better, but my experience with Apple has shown me that Apple giveth and Apple taketh away. (When a company uses a bitten apple as its logo, we can expect some hubris from them.) I hope I'm wrong about this though, and very hopeful that the latest iOS update (10.4.1) may fix the problem because the iRig HD 2 I bought to replace it seems to have inferior latency to the Sonic Port VX. Unfortunately a friend is borrowing my Sonic Port VX now so I can't test it this.
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  26. Roberyj

    Sonar changing Snapshots

    im using Sonar Producer to change presets into a Focusrite 2I4 using USb then Midi out to Helix,i've got it changing presets by inserting an event into a Midi track,i'm trying to get it to change Snaphots,i've seen it done on YOu tube with a guy using Logic so i know it can just not sure how do it in Sonar Using a Laptop for Live Performances - Part 5 - Using MIDI to control Helix/other MIDI devices
  27. cbrillow

    Amplifi 30 Gig Bag

    Looks good! Seems the 16-can size coolers are just right for this purpose. I saw another brand at Costco the other day that looks like it's also a good fit.
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