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  3. silverhead

    Trail function

    Is that an order, Sir?
  4. That is a nice rig. I love my Amplifi - when it is connected. I was going to buy a Spider Jam and the GC (small world) guy said you really want this - the "new" Amplifi with great sound for the size and tons of tone from the CLOUD. He was right about sound and features, except the bluetooth SUCKS. That said, I do like the Spider V120. Could still gig with it if I ever needed to and not as heavy as V240.
  5. you are forgetting that the PC uses an active crossover. The Celestion is a passive speaker. I am assuming this because you can change the level of the HF driver and/or switch it off.
  6. rd2rk

    Helix Master?

    Assuming that both presets use the same blocks, you can copy down the settings from the snapshots of each block of one preset and apply them manually to the blocks/snapshots in the other preset. Yes, a tedious PITA, but that's your only option. There's no way to merge presets, or copy a block with all of it's various snapshot settings.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I'm not sure there was a disconnect but anything is possible. My main want was to be able to run the "Litigator" amp simulation into the front the MM and still have a good Litigator sound out of the amp. "Not going to work", got that. My other question was if it was possible to get Litigator sound using just the effects, ie the pedal simulations in the Helix, (no amp simulation used). Again not possible, it appears. Got all that now. And If I cannot get the Litigator sound by putting the Helix in the effects loop it may be best to get an "FRFR (PA) speaker instead". The disconnect may have been in my attempt to explain better what my goal was. Thanks for your inputs.
  9. Clsc

    Trail function

    add the Trail function between one preset and another, or have 5 editable blocks.
  10. Spoiler

    So after all our bantering, I did go with Adam Audio A7X with the 10 inch sub.  My first set of Adams were before the A7X were released, by today’s standards, they were like bricks.  Deciding to give them another chance was easy since Sweetwater has such an excellent return policy.  Now, I am starting to warm up to the Powercab 212 Plus.  My new studio will be 12’ by 14’, it will be insulated with sound absorption installation which, coupled with Hurricane windows, should make the outside quite and me neighbor friendly. I have several base traps but this time Sound on Sound is sending someone for that task.  So, I wonder how you feel about the impending financial calamity.  


    1. datacommando


      Cool, it’s what you want, and it’s not an impeding calamity to me, it’s your money to do with as you wish. As I said earlier, only you can decide what works for you.
      With a sale, or return, you’re covered for buying something that doesn’t work for you. The sound proofing and acoustic treatment are worth investing in, but your original posts mentioned that you were playing at home with no intention of gigging. Now you are actually taking the private home studio route. Which is great, if that’s what you want, but it’s not really what you originally described as what you were trying to achieve.

      Ultimately, if it makes you happy - fine.!

      Good luck to you and wife your with your new home and new musical adventure. 

  11. Since you're using Stomp Mode for Presets, you could configure Preset Mode to show the 8 available Snapshots instead of Presets. That would allow you to bypass FX using Snapshots. Of course, you'd have to remember which Snapshots did what, as you'd have no LED feedback, but Snapshots are very powerful, and it's a shame to ignore them. At the very least, having a Snapshot assigned to individually bypass 7 of your 8 FX Blocks, with SS1 your base Preset configuration, allows use of the basic Stomp functions, including both bypass and parameter changes everywhere within the preset. Just something to think about.
  12. got my trembar partially in, now I can't remove it! There seems to be a set screw in the collatr, but the 700 Allen wtench wont turn it.........
  13. That’s because your brain is not a computer. This “bug” is very well documented on here, and for many people it’s a complete PITA. You don’t need to know why - it just does.
  14. One other consideration. You seem prepared to abandon your current physical amp, and to drag another out of storage just so you can bypass its preamp section and use Helix amp models. That begs the question: Do you actually want to use the preamp section of any physical amplifier or do you just want to use it as a cab/speaker for the Helix device? If you just want something to connect Helix to so that you can hear the output you will get best results if you don’t use a regular guitar amp at all. Buy an FRFR (PA) speaker instead!
  15. It seems that way. Shame. Just to clarify your second sentence doesn't seem right. Im using Stomp mode because it gives me 10 active switches. Im not using snapshots in this case because the idea was to avoid trying to cram all the options into one preset with say, three amps plus the various FX on 10 snapshots. Im choosing to use 10 presets built on a single path (only those blocks as needed for that tone) and achieving seamless switching. The 10 switches are assigned in the Command centre. As an approach for 10 tones it works perfectly well (so far I have not run out of blocks). I guess if I stick with this Ill have to learn to look at the screen for preset identification. Thats not so good....
  16. It does indeed appear to be from there being an SD card in the slot. Granted I'm no computer expert, but my brain can't comprehend why that would have any influence on whether a piece of software opens or not.
  17. Ahh... that can happen if I don’t take my medication. Quick nurse, the screens! Gone again!
  18. Yes. That will work. You want to use what’s called the 4-cable method. This will allow you to use either a Helix amp model or your physical amp’s preamp section. You can set up your preset to use one or the other and avoid using both simultaneously. Search the internet for 4CM to get much more information on how and why to use 4CM. Once you understand it and gain some experience with it you will find it very flexible and powerful.
  19. OK, now I see what you're doing. You have 10 essential presets, so since Preset Mode only invokes 8 presets, it won't work for you. I assume that, lacking the ability to use Stomps to bypass FX, you're using Preset Mode for 8 Snapshots. Unfortunately, the footswitches in Stomp Mode are designed to work with Min/Max values. Using them to select presets, the LEDs just won't work.
  20. Thanks very much again! Uncle! I surrender! I may have one other option. I have an old Carvin VT50 head with Send/Return effects loop. Will that work? If so, can someone direct me to how to cable it?
  21. Sykul03

    Helix Master?

    I need help - I have a great snapshot of a clean tone in one preset, and several crunch tones in another preset. I need those snapshots in the same preset. I don't know how to do all that :)
  22. When the Stomp is in a queuing state and things are blinking there should be a CANCEL footswitch that will let you back out.
  23. MusicLaw

    Missing reverbs

    Also bear in mind that with 3.10 should you need or desire to install any of the previous firmware versions or want or need to do a forced reinstall of the latest firmware version, the tool for the job is Line 6 Updater! Line 6 Updater will present the history of the firmware versions from which you may select to install to the device connected. HX Edit no longer does so, as it only presents the newer firmware which has not yet been installed to your device.
  24. Did you renew your license? Where did you buy them?
  25. Not going to work! The Litigator sound is a result of Line 6's Ben Adrian who designed the entire Litigator amp model. If you want those characteristics you'll need to use the Litigator Amp or Preamp Block in Helix Native in your DAW or VST Host, or get an HX Stomp, Stomp XL, LT, Floor or Rack which have the Litigator Amp and Preamp Blocks. Also don't overlook that the resulting Litigator sound is also a result of the speaker cab and mic selections which the Litigator Combo Amp Block uses.
  26. Thanks for the feedback-that sounds exactly how I would like to use the unit!
  27. Yeah dynamic blocks is something which comes up often; kinda like a dynamic feature request; get the very high DSP effects from helix, at the cost of blocks... But I don't think that'll be happenin... The Jason test is up btw, if anyone wants to hear with and without oversampling. I think I could hear a very very slight difference, but as I mentioned, it could very have well been placebo; really nothing to lose any sleep over. That will not be the difference whether your album/show flops or whether it's a success...! LOL (IMHO; very very minor difference..) Here's the link to comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0qmP3-4cYM
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