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  2. Yes, I find it a little annoying that something as simple as tap tempo forces you to overthing it. Gee, why not simply tap tempo your delay time and there it goes? I came here because on most patch, my tap tempo doesn't even react to anything except flashing lights. I thought something is screwed up after I updated to 2.82.
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  4. Thanks for the replies. I mentioned overheating only because it seemed a potential cause since the problem occurs after a period of use (maybe 2 hours?), and switching it off and letting it 'cool down' (say overnight) seems to work. It's uncovered and sitting on carpet, and it's not been moved/relocated in the last 4 years. Good idea to try one of the Returns - but since the Tuner also stops registering any INPUT when this happens I'm thinking it might be electronics related.... I haven't swapped my Monitors out since they are also playing sound from my PC via a Behringer mixer (which I did also troubleshoot by plugging the Helix 3/4 outs straight into the monitors) I'll raise a ticket but the answer will be to ship it to the service company and pay the money... I just wondered if anyone had had similar issues.... Jim
  5. I was wondering if anyone here has tried running their guitar into a preamp pedal first and then go from that into the input on the POD? I was thinking of trying it to see if I could a little beefier and thicker tone with my Dimarzio Area 67 which I have in the neck.
  6. Thanks... This worked a treat!!!! Really helpful
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  8. Agree with Codamedia about opening a ticket unless someone here points to a solution. Not sure what to say about the tuner not working as you already swapped out the guitar and cable; could be a dirty footswitch. Did you also swap your monitor/amp out? Failing main boards on my powered speakers have caused those kinds of weird heat related dropouts before. Does it drop out when listening with headphones? Also if it does turn out to be a heat related issue with the Helix there is a vent on the bottom of the chassis so although it probably shouldn't make much of a difference if you have it laying on a rug, putting it up on a board might help at least delay the heat issue until you can get it fixed.
  9. Here's what it looks like when you assign the Snapshot Controller to a parameter: Those will be the settings in Snapshot 1. Change to a different Snapshot to assign different values. Just a thought - less vitriol and more PLEASE HELP........
  10. yes it sounds like your snapshot changes that you are trying to make are not being made on parameters after they are assigned to the Snapshots Controller setting. Example Preset - Marshall World (Brit 2204 model, for example only purposes) Snapshot 1 - Marshall Clean (gain on 1.5, all other parameters stock) Snapshot 2 - Marshall Breakup (gain on 2.5, all other paremeters stock) Snapshot 3 - Marshall Crunch (gain on 5.0, all other parameters stock) Snapshot 4 - Marshall Rock (gain on 9.0, all other parameters stock) As you make those changes from 1.5 - 9.0 if you do not set your Gain parameter to be attached to the snapshot controller, any changes you make are across the board for the preset. Once you assign the parameter to the Snapshot controller, the changes you make will only affect the snapshot you are working in. Same with the bypass states as well. I sometimes get confused with the bypass one when I add a new block, but a quick run through of the snapshots its an easy fix.
  11. https://georgedyermusic.com/2016/11/24/how-do-quilter-amps-work/ Should you decide to look into a Quilter, contact Quilter support or go to their forum or FB page and ask about specifics.
  12. Cool! So definitely full amps no cabs (or maybe try cabs), got it. Thanks to you both! @rd2rk - Which quilter power amps are you referring to specifically (or have recommendations)? I figured I might as well ask now just so I can keep it in the back of my mind in case i feel like the EHX is missing something The power amp shipped today so I'll be excited to hopefully get it soon
  13. I'm sorry, but I'm not following what you're wanting to do. Can you provide a little more detail? If you want to change parameter values on a snapshot per snapshot basis, those values need to be assigned to the snapshot controller, just like on the hardware.
  14. You have to plug the transmitter into the Spider's input for 15 seconds or so the transmitter can be set to the correct channel.
  15. Even the world's best tools are no better than a simple hammer in the hands of people who don't know how (or take the time) to learn them. ;) Likewise, real amps and analog gear can also sound terrible, if you don't know how to set the knobs, dials, and sliders! Glad you're enjoying yours. I bought mine last year fully expecting to have buyer's remorse. But instead I still appreciate it every time I turn it on and play. Side note -- this is one of the downsides of making advanced technology and professional equipment so readily available to everyone. When the barrier to entry falls, it becomes hard to sort out human error from flawed products. You can give everyone on earth the best paints and canvas money can buy, but most of the example work you'll see from it will be a total mess :)
  16. No, you cannot buy the main board separately, from L6 or anybody else... and even if you could, you'd probably end up spending more money one piece at a time than just buying the damn guitar. Besides, these guitars get goofy easily...you're not likely to have much luck trying to cobble together your own version from individually acquired parts, and actually have the finished product work properly. Hell, the factory ones can have weird issues out of the box, and/or develop them along the way. Used ones aren't hard to find... they're all over Ebay... you'll save yourself a ton of grief.
  17. rd2rk

    Sir Brendo

    Not to bring more clouds to your dismal day, but nobody on this site has anything to do with any of the products' development. Over on The Gear Page is where they hang out. There's a thread called Helix 2.9 that has about a thousand posts just like yours. Good Luck!
  18. Hi. I download the HELIX NATIVE trial version to evaluate if work or not for me, because I want to buy the HELIX STOMP. I play Guitar and Keys and I need a Guitar FX unit with midi to control from the Kronos Sequencer: to change between the snapshots (SS) and different values in the blocks. So, to try the sound and the functionality I try with HN (Helix Native) and guys........ This is a complete waste of time.!!!!! My DAW is Cubase PRO last version. I create a new PATCH with only 6 blocks., like HN and using only 3 SS. When you change the SS 1 to 2 or 3, the values are the same. Doesn't change!! Sometimes one of the blocks bypass on/off work... but that's it.!! SO.... If the Helix Stomp work with the MIDI and values like the software, I DONT Want it..!!! I make all the combination. Bypass SS, no bypass SS, Automation the SS just the parameter, save a new patch, close and open again... and NOTHING. IS COMPLETY RAMDOM. Any advise..? Im very disappointing with this functionality. Not the sound.!! Thanks.!!!!
  19. You could use the line out from that to connect to the Powercab, but be aware that the PS1 is just an attenuator, not a reactive load. So you still have to have an actual speaker load connected to its speaker output to prevent your amp from being damaged.
  20. I do not knot how exactly to "re-sync", but the Spider Amp is recognizing the Relay and there is pictogram on the home screen, showing one "brick" (out of 3?).
  21. Ok guys I have a jam 4 and a spiderjam. Had sd card problems from day one. I would actually just run the recording to my computer and save it. That is after so many attempts on sd cards. I have to say that the drum loops on these loopers/amps are so valuable to me for pratice that I just accepted it. I found the sd card that works with them though. It's a 2gb Kingston Just to let you guys know. I have tried every sd card there was. Even a 1gb transcend. But THE 2GB KINGSTON WORKED WITH ALL OPTIONS. JUST FORMAT IT IN THE DEVICE. Hope it helps someone. Bobby
  22. Why are you asking about "overheating"? Are you giving it space to breath, or do you enclose it more than what we might considered normal? I'm only asking because you don't mention it at all in your post yet it's part of the subject :) My go to for most electronics in a situation like this is the filter caps, BUT - at 3-4 years old, that is far too young for that to be an issue... at least under normal circumstances. You tried the guitar input, and Variax... but have you tried a RETURN to see if that is also acting up? Not that it solves the problem, it would just give you more details to provide. IMO, I would open a support ticket with Line 6 to see what they have to say.
  23. Humpdaay

    Sir Brendo

    Hey guys how about releasing another update for the HX Effects so we have something new to play with whilst we are all isolated. PLEASE!
  24. Are you re-syncing the transmitter with the amp?
  25. Mine is still not working, firmware uptodate 1.05.
  26. I've had my Helix Floor since 2016 and other than the Headphone Out crapping out to left signal only it's still working perfectly.. until yesterday. After an hour playing or so I started to get the sound dropping out. It starts with the odd drop out for 1/2 second (almost like a kill switch), then the dropouts become more frequent and eventually the output drops out completely. Here's my troubleshooting so far: Swapped all 3/4 cables out Rebooted (seems to work again after a 20 min or so cool down but the problem reappears) Reinstalled 2.82 firmware Tried a Variax guitar (same problem, so not likely to be the Guitar In signal...) Carefully took the bottom plate off and used an air canister to blow out any dust - it was actually pretty spotless inside! I've also just realised that the tuner is also not registering any signal, so it can't be just the output.... With Corona I can't ship it to the service center, plus I'm not sure it will be worthwhile since roundtrip shipping will be £80/$90, plus a potentially huge repair bill... Any thoughts? Jim
  27. @silverhead do you know if you can buy the mother card used anywhere or if there is a similar mother card for sale anywhere? Also, I saw that Steve Vai have a guitar named Samoht with a built-in de-tuning system, do you know which parts that are used in that guitar and where you can buy them?
  28. You can buy most parts such as the jack assembly you show. But you cannot purchase the main Variax motherboard/CPU. Line 6 does not supply them separately; you have to cannibalize an existing Variax guitar to get one.
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