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  3. is there a setting or cabling setup that will allow me to hear my guitar on stage using the headphones while muting the amp out and main out? It will be useful to test guitar fills while the rest of the band plays.
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  5. There is no problem with Pod Go Edit or updating through it. The problem is with your computer, USB port, cable or a combination. It sounds as if there might be some conflicts happening and or possibly file path corruptions. Your computer might benefit from maintenance including disk cleaning, defragmenfing, and if its a PC running disk check.
  6. My first thought is that your IR of the studio is just that - an IR of the studio environment. No real guarantee that it will translate well in a variety of live settings, you'd probably find yourself tweaking with an EQ anyway. Me - I'd probably jot down the settings from your studio EQ, use them as default for the Para and adjust as shown needed at sound check.
  7. If DSP resource consumption is a criteria, go for the Parametric EQ model. If you have Helix Native at your disposal, you can run both plugins and check with an analyzer or flip the phase of one to strive for complete cancelation. Note that the parameteric EQ block is limited by only a fixed slope for High and Low Cuts. So if precision or consistency is your goal: The IR capturing of EQ settings is the way to go.
  8. Hi, If you want to move presets on the HX Stomp, see page 13 of the HX Stomp 3.0 Owner’s Manual. Stomp 3.0 Owner's Manual - English .pdf Hope this helps/makes sense.
  9. Is it also possible in the stompbox itself?
  10. Thanks to Schmalle!!!!! His recommendation did exactly what I want! Thank you!
  11. Thank you. All three pedals are assigned to different foot switches.
  12. A better option might be to use a reactive load box with a line out into the Powercab input. Then run Powercab in either Flat/LF Raw or any of the speaker models.
  13. Paul, the band is Moonlight Rescue Band, see Facebook. I also play acoustic music with No Worries, see Spotify or Apple Music.
  14. I’m not arguing with you, and don’t want to. You asked if others are experiencing this. I told you I’m not and suggested the best way to deal with it. Rationalize all you want. You’re right - doesn’t make sense. Yet it’s happening. Do whatever you want about it, or nothing. Up to you.
  15. I've been editing the PG with my usual USB cable for about an hour and it's working without any problem, as it has always worked. What would be the link between USB and the fact that edit cannot reach L6 server ? Doesn't make sense. Besides, I tried on another machine W10 equipped and it still fails to log to my account (can't reach server"). The internet connection is solid, I also can log in to my accound if I go straight to L6 website. Cheers. Jay
  16. Try a different USB cable? They sometimes fail spontaneously. Still,a support ticket is the best way to address it .
  17. Hi ! As it worked flawlessly before and as I have changed nothing on the machine (not installed anything, not changed a hardware part), it is definitely not machine-related. Edit works as it has always worked on the same usb port as before. Whatever... Cheers. Jay
  18. Mine is working fine on v3.70 (Helix Rack and JTV-59). Make sure you are running v3.70 for both your Helix device and HX Edit.
  19. Hi all Wondered if anyone has any experience of setting up the HX effects as midi controller for the Darkglass AO photon (Or ADAM/microtubes would also be good). Specifically, trying to establish what settings you are using... Thanks Paul
  20. That’s not normal and points to some communication issues, likely USB related, between your computer and the POD Go device. I am not having any similar issues with my Pod GO updates. Since a computer configuration is highly specific I don’t think you’ll get much satisfaction from this forum. I suggest you open a support ticket.
  21. Set Global Settings -> Footswitches -> Stomp Select to Press or Both.
  22. Hi ! Updates are more and more difficult to make. Is it me only or do other people experience that ? Updating the Pod Go via PG Edit used to be a 3-minute task, but since version 1.5, I have never been able to connect to my account via the editor (I can connect without any problem directly on L6 website). Therefore, I now always have to download the firmware and update offline using L6 updater. Also, when trying to download HXF files I always get the XML error or the "just a rectangle at the top" page. Even, the last update 2.01 was a problem. After updating, I got a window saying that it was downloading important files with a white screen and a "continue" button at the bottom. After clicking this button, L6 updater wanted to update with firmware 1.49b2 or whatever. I thought I'd bricked the Pod Go as it was still saying "Updating...". Switched it off and on and fortunately it booted on 2.01. This is really getting annoying. So much so that I might get a unit from another maker. Cheers. Jay
  23. I think the Variax model parameter is broken. With previous firmware, it was possible to change the Variax model with the Variax hardware and then I could see its name and save it in the 'Variax-Model' parameter of the Helix preset. With firmware 3.70, my Helix Floor doesn't recognize the Variax model any more when it is changed manually on the Variax with the model knob and the 5-way switch. And when I recall a factory preset which is set to 'don't force model', the sound doesn't change at all when I select another model on the Variax. Maybe it is set to the magnetic PUs then.
  24. Couple of things…. There is no plugin product for the POD HD series as there is for Helix; in other words there’s no POD HD Native. The physical knobs and switches on the POD HD won’t directly control any Helix Native functions. However, the POD HD ProX supports some MIDI capability. So does Helix Native. This may not be practical because POD HD devices do not include USB MIDI functionality. There will need to be additional hardware and MID cables to pass THRU the POD generated MIDI commands. That could itself be a MIDI controller which would render the POD HD superfluous. If you want to pursue this figure out some way to get the MIDI commands into your computer. Then read Appendix B in the POD HD ProX manual for the details of what your POD can do. Then read about how to set up Helix Native to respond to MIDI commands. Along the way, take some Advil.
  25. Helix does not have the feature you want. Helix shows you the last block you navigated to. Helix does not show you the block you just engaged with a foot switch. Lightly touch the foot switch you have assigned to the block with your finger and Helix will go straight to that block. If you have assigned more than one block to a foot switch, repeatedly touching the switch with your finger will cycle through those blocks.
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