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  2. "The first rule of Mac hardware and/or OS upgrades, if you rely on them for music production is: DON'T, UNTIL THE DUST SETTLES. The second rule of Mac hardware and/or OS upgrades, if you rely on them for music production is: DON'T, UNTIL THE DUST SETTLES..." -Tyler Durden
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  4. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Use-same-button-to-switch-to-snapshot-and-turn-on-off-effects/973176-23508
  5. Thank you, Mike! Sadly you're about 2 years too late to see me live. BOTH of the bands I was in (90's Flannel Rock and a 70's-90's mix, respectively) broke up shortly before quarantine or dwindled during. I was sick of arguing about which tunes to play and having to pay out of pocket for a lousy practice space, but I've started to get the itch again lately. The Variax is a fabulous instrument, regardless of model, and there is no easier way to drop tune during a set. Best trick in the box, bar none. I became a Gibson snob for a minute, but came to my senses, and I've fallen back in love with my JTV 59's. I banged away on the Cherry Burst at every gig and it is truly a work horse. If/when I get out there again, I'll look you up. ;-) Nate
  6. Any decade-old "high tech" product might as well be an abacus...don't hold your breath for a face-lift to the current Variax iterations, or much in the way of ongoing compatibility with every new OS that comes down the pike. Variax has been treading water for years at this point...
  7. Lol...3 Rochester ties in the same thread. I spent 5 years (yes, 5...;) ) at the U of R. So who's been to the HOG lately? I miss that place... that, and the garbage plates from Little Venice. Ahh, memories, lol
  8. I have many other presets setup with a custom tuning programmed into the tuning page on Helix LT with no problem. For some reason when I’m setting the custom tuning to Capo on 2nd fret (all strings tuned up 2 semitones) there is no effect. I’ve cranked them up 12 semitones and it still does not change the tuning. The overall settings are the same as all the others that work. Input I’ve tried Guitar/Variax and only Variax. Tuning is set to custom. Custom tuning is set 2 semitones up. Variax model is set. I’ve tried with Variax model knob pressed in and out. For some reason this setting just does not register the higher tuning (I can program it onto my Variax but I want it to be controlled through the Helix). My backing track for Paint It Black has the electric guitar in capo on the 2nd so that’s why I’m trying to do this tuned up. Any idea why this one preset will not work when all the others do? Thanks I’m advance!
  9. If you created an "ideascale" feature request can you please link it here so we can upvote it. I think the workflow has merit.... but we all know these forums is not the place to request a new feature.
  10. That mod button converted the delay to a very subtle chorus... it could never do both delay and chorus at the same time. These settings should come very close to the "MOD" button on the carbon copy... but just like the carbon copy it will sacrifice the delay itself. You can use "snapshots" to simulate going from delay to mod. Adjust "depth" and "mix" to taste. Time: 20ms Feedback: 0 Noise: 0 BBD size: 1024 Mix 50% Level: 0 Rate: 1.0 Depth: 3 Headroom: 0 Trails: Off
  11. No…I didn’t try those ones out yet. These were FX, and DI. But thank you for trying to help.
  12. Oh, yes - lots of variations for different hardware units, plus Windows and Mac OS, all in Notes on my iPad. It became somewhat tedious having to continually re-type the reset, re-flash for all the firmware updates and USB issues. I still try to edit each for any particular instance. Hope this fixes your HX Stomp, but in the unlikely event of this being a hardware problem, then you will need to contact Customer Support. Good luck. Edit: More suggested reading for you - especially the section headed “Anything else I should know?”
  13. Hi lou-kash, That's quite impressive to see this response from Line6Tony only a few hours after I posted. I think that it is good to see this honestly presented to the community. It would certainly have saved me some time yesterday to see that the Helix Mac hardware drivers don't work on the M1 chip. I ended up doing the install and uninstall 3 times to check that I hadn't screwed up the install. I would have expected to see this on the release notes for the drivers - but no mention was made of this. Also now I also know that Workbench works, I can safely install it without any worries. Thanks lou-kash and thanks Line6Tony, Dave
  14. It seems that you've been heard, and here you go:
  15. Absolutely love your response, thanks!
  16. Regarding those factory presets which doesn't make any sound, aren't they named as "4CM:..." ? If they are, you need to hook the stomp up using 4 cable method. You can find details from HX Stomp manual.
  17. IT's a shame, because it's better than the Helix Native for me. It would be great to improve the amps a little bit and more cabs and mics.
  18. So I assume, reading the update above that regarding drivers, Silicon Mac users are SOL on all of our hardware?
  19. The carbon copy has a MOD button on it, which gives it a nice flavor. I've been playing with the Adriatic Delay, which has Modulation built in....and it's pretty close. Just wondered if anyone had spent time trying to do this with more success.
  20. Monkey isn't compatible with Catalina or Big Sur. It's a 32-bit application, and at this point, I don't expect Line 6 is going to release a 64-bit version of Monkey. I could be wrong, but none of the newer products that Line 6 has released depend on Monkey as Line 6 Updater has taken its place. It's probably more realistic that Variax support will be added to Line 6 Updater, but I honestly don't know where that is either. There hasn't been a Variax update of any importance in quite awhile now. But in the meantime, your best bet is to find a Windows machine or an older Mac running a pre-Catalina OS you can use if you have to use Monkey. It's not a great answer, but that's where things stand.
  21. Hey Folks, Since I got my first Variax over a year ago I have not been able to get Monkey to work at all on my MacBook. I have tried downloading and installing it multiple times to no avail. The install completes successfully but I'm not able to launch the app. I persistently get an error message that it needs to be updated. Is Big Sur OS not supported yet (not sure how long Big Sur has been out even - I just update when I'm told to)? How long does it take for these OS updates to come out typically? I'm trying to reset my Varian to factory settings. Is there another option other than Monkey? Thanks!
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  23. Lol…do you have this in a folder to copy and paste? Thanks. I’ll check it out.
  24. Just a quick question, I live in Conesus about 20 minutes south of Rochester, I would love to come out and see you play, and hear what the Variax sounds like live. It sure looks like you have a great setup! Mike
  25. Have you added your support ticket to the queue? Maybe if we bury them in support tickets we'll get some attention to the issue.
  26. This is re-post of a firmware re-flash instructions from months ago, when this was a regular chore. Also, I recommend that you become familiar with all the reset options for your device, and the best place to find the info is here: https://helixhelp.com Don’t Panic - It is very rare that a glitch in the firmware will actually turn your device into an paperweight. Let’s just give this one more go around. I keep saying that I will stop doing this, but here we go again. Once more from the top! Firstly go to the "DOWNLOADS" menu at the top of this page and from "-ALL HARDWARE-" select HX Stomp. Leave the "-ALL SOFTWARE-" menu item as it is, now select your Mac OSX from under the "-ALL OS-" tab, then click “GO”. On the next page you will find the first 3 items you will need. The Line 6 Updater v. 1.23, along with HX Edit 3.11 for your HX Stomp and then you will need the Firmware 3.11.0 Flash Memory. Download all these items to your computer and note where they are. Then: Remove all Line 6 software from your computer and then restart your computer. Make sure to turn off the power to your HX Stomp. Unplug the USB cable from the computer and the Stomp. Power up the Stomp while holding down “PAGE >”. This puts the hardware into “Safe Boot” mode. (NOTE: This option is not documented in the regular Reset Options for the Stomp although I have read that others have had this keypress work for them. Should doing this give you a completely blank screen, you should be able to re-install the firmware again.) Leave the HX Stomp powered up. Now you can install the latest HX Edit v. 3.11 Reconnect the USB cable to the Stomp and your computer - Do not use a Hub. (Some USB ports on the front of a PC can act as a hub, so use one on the back). Ensure that HX Edit is closed and also shutdown any other background tasks, screen savers etc., also disconnect from any internet services. You don’t want anything to interfere with this installation routine. Now, find and launch the Line 6 Updater Utility and select "Offline Mode". Your HX Stomp and current firmware version should now show up in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a local file - point it at the Flash Memory file you downloaded and let it get on with the update. When it completes you can launch the new HX Edit v.3.11 software and you should be good to go. No guarantee is given or implied - you do so at your own risk. If this fails, contact Line 6 Customer Support and raise a ticket. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  27. Thanks. I had a feeling that was the situation but didn’t want to act before knowing for sure. I used to be the tech guy for our six sites (when I was teaching) and I’ve seen similar messages. Don’t like to be a nudge but does that mean I should run the “update”. Even though I’m already using the latest firmware? Looks like that’s what you’re saying. Factory reset might be in the future, too. Also curious about the overwrite procedure. Just can’t figure out why I’d have lost those presets after they’d been working fine. Part of me was thinking thet they were using data from the previous firmware and were now outdated.
  28. Very good :) If boards in mine go, I'll just design some other active circuits for it and have some fun. :)
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