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  2. Hi all, I bought a Helix last year, and then decided to buy a Variax to go with it. I put the order in back end of November and it's listed as "Waiting on Supplier" by the shop I bought it from - which took the amount in payment. Looking around the net, it really does appear there aren't any in stock in the UK anywhere. Hoping someone on here knows the answers to some of my questions: 1) Are they still in production? 2) Is there something afoot - nothing announced at NAMM2020 tho... 3) Is there going to be another Limited Edition run? 4) Should I just get my money back? Thanks all!
  3. More speculation, the Line 6 description says Chemical X has now the X-27 ingredient, can this be like X=10, 10+27, Caswell mod. #37??
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  5. ponsolle

    Helix 2.9

    2.9 Model Updates: -Revv Purple (Ch3) -1x12 Fullerton and Grammatico Cabs -Red Llama Drive -Steve Vai Legendary Drive -Harmonic Antagonizer Fuzz -Rochester Comp (Billy Sheehan Compressor) -Small Stone Phaser -Split Dynamics (Path A/B Routing) Feature Updates: -Output Meters -Gain Reduction Meters -Clip Indicators -IR Attachment by Name -New Switch/Snap/Looper Layout Options -New Model Subcategory Shortcuts -Update from HX Edit -A/B Compare for HX Native Available “soon.”
  6. Did you solve this problem ? Those DOD's seem perfect ... One would control my wah, the other to blend in lead ! Raf
  7. I finally got it working with Forscore. In Forscore, send: Program Change: 1 0 5 20 // Channel 1 Setlist 6 Preset 20 Delay: 500 ms // Delay needed when changing from a "distant" patch Hex Codes: B0 45 02 // Snapshot 3 I should have realized 69 was decimal (doh!). Also, the leading zero is needed. I had tried 45 earlier but without the leading zero on the value.
  8. cruisinon2

    POD GO?!

    You don't say...
  9. Yes, I can send a Program Change in hex. Using the MIDI learn function in Forscore, I see that Helix sends B0 00 00 B0 20 05 C0 14 To select patch 06A (020). I can send that exact set of codes and it works.
  10. LoganAbbott

    POD GO?!

    Alright so I saw the pod go was released. Currently I use an hx stomp and with the three footswitches I run a rhythm lead and ambient clean patches. I use a digitech whammy, Drop tune, tuner, and wireless as well. Now if I were to get this could I do the following: Get rid of my whammy and make the expression pedal my whammy/maybe use it as a volume pedal? ABCD would be rhythm, clean, lead, Lofi and then bank up or down to the same exact patches but with pitch shifters on it and also have the tuner be accessible? And can I use the same models? I use the badonk amp for rhythm and lead with a noise gate and 808 overdrive, and then reverb for lead. For clean I use legacy cave reverb and simple delay and eq. If I can have the whammy, pitch shift patch change, and tuner, I can basically get rid of my pedalboard except for wireless! But only if that’s possible, and I could pocket cash from selling my hx stomp. so any help on if I can do this or not is appreciated.
  11. Wow, great job! Helix Help.com has always been there for us, but I did wonder why that tremendous effort wasn’t presented in a spreadsheet format.
  12. Anyone have any good experience with other iOS interfaces, life moves too fast to sit around and wait on these clowns to fix the problems. I can at least use the Pod Farm on my PC.
  13. FlyteBand, the video link below is how line 6 recommends connecting Helix to Mixer. It is how I run my Helix LT to my Zoom Livetrak 12 mixer, and then out to my P.A. This site does a good job of defining , mic level, line level, instrument level, etc. It explains that the MIC level is a lower "loudness" or "strength" than the LINE level. Hope this helps. http://www.ovnilab.com/articles/linelevel.shtml
  14. Jugghaid

    POD Go FAQ

    This may be a perfect smaller solution for my much-less-complicated bass rig as opposed to my full helix setup for my guitar rig.
  15. In Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo, set "MIDI PC SEND" to OFF. This prevents Helix from sending it's default PC# when you load a Preset. In CommandCenter, assign "Instant Command 1 (IC1)" - the first lightning bolt - to the Ventris PC# (Program Changes/Presets) that you want to use for each Snapshot. Read the Ventris manual. They may be numbered 0-127 or 1-128. Helix is numbered 1-128. 1 = 0, 128 = 127. When you load a Helix Preset, any and all commands assigned to ICs in the Snapshot that loads by default will automatically be sent. By default, Helix and most MIDI devices communicate on either MIDI Channel 1 or ALL channels (OMNI). Helix communicates on MIDI Channel 1 (BASE) by default. Set the Ventris to communicate on MIDI Channel 1 (unless you've changed the BASE channel in Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo). This way, if you add other MIDI devices later, you can set them to different channels and specify which device you're sending commands to by being specific about it in Command Center. When setting commands in Command Center, BASE is the default MIDI Channel. Leave Bank CC00/BankCC032 at their defaults. These are used to change BANKS in devices that have more than 128 presets. Here's the tricky part: Once you've assigned a PC# to an IC in a Snapshot, it will stay on the last called PC# until specifically changed by another Snapshot, then it'll stay there until changed again. If Snapshot 1 IC1 is assigned to PC#5, and you switch to Snapshot 2, Ventris will stay on Preset #5 UNLESS you assign IC1 to a different PC# in Snapshot 2. If SS2/IC1 is assigned to PC#79, and you move from SS1 to SS2 and then to SS3, SS3 will still be using PC#79.So if you want all Snapshots to be PC#5 except SS3, assign IC1 to PC#5 in ALL Snapshots EXCEPT SS3, and assign IC1 in Snapshot 3 to a different PC#. Remember that the Helix Preset will load with the Snapshot that was active when the Preset was last SAVED. If, in Global Settings>Preferences, you have Snapshot Edits set to Discard, don't forget to SAVE the Preset after each Snapshot Edit BEFORE moving to the next Snapshot. That said, check each Snapshot to be sure it does what you want. Hope that all makes sense.
  16. I thought it sounded pretty good as well, particularly the clean and crunch tones. Don't know if it was just really well recorded, the Quad Cortex, or a bit of both, but it sounded great for an initial listen. As always it is really tough to tell how this thing will sound in a room when listening through a PC's speaker system. I think this device has potential but who the hell knows until it is delivered and has been out in the wild for a little while. I will say one thing. Given the fact that they announced that they will be adding to it in perpetuity, a bold claim unless they discovered the fountain of youth, at least we won't be hearing "you shouldn't have bought it unless you were prepared to settle for what it had in the box at delivery". I do wonder how much of that post development will be free and how much will be "hey, buy this new plugin".
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  18. Hi Guys I bought a Source Audio Ventris Reverb pedal. I love the different reverbs. I would like to control the 128 presets over Midi from Helix. I'm total new to Midi and don't understand much of it. I usually work with 8 Snapshots in helix. I would like to have different reverb settings and engines in each snapshots. Can some one explane me how do I have to set the midicontrols? I don't know how to excatly to program these, but I would like to have one standard reverb all the time and in some snapshots I would like to ad a special one. I mostly play modern worship music. thanks for your help! Sorry my english isn't the best I know.
  19. 4cm. Put the FX Loop and the HXS preamp on the same footswitch, saved with one ON one OFF, so that hitting the switch toggles them. You need Helix Floor or Helix Rack. With HXS you can have 4cm on two of your amps, OR Stereo on one, but then you're out of physical loops, and you've already used 2 of your 6 available blocks.
  20. 1. Lots of ways around the 6 block limitation via effects loop 2. Send output to an external reverb, eliminating the need for a reverb block 3. Make a purchase based on a product’s current capabilities, not its theoretical potential
  21. Something that currently is not available to purchase and will cost at least $350 more than Stomp...
  22. Are you sure about that ? Like, none of my flangers are working. And the box says that there is 64 stompboxes. I just counted them: 64 in my podfarm. So technically they should be authorized. Anyway, thank you for your help
  23. I'm curious what you feel these are? Not arguing... actually curious : ) I know you have mentioned things like global blocks which... after a little thinking... actually has me excited about that type of feature. But I don't see that in this unit? Touchscreen? As we have discussed, not enough for me, but I understand if others want it. One thing I did like in one of the demo's I saw was a "search" feature. But - since I only roll my own presets, I would never use that :) Small footprint, not so important to me (just IMO).... but the capturing does interest me. ONLY if it is on part with Kemper! Otherwise if I had the extra cash I would just buy a Kemper Stage to go with my Helix... a combo some of my colleagues have. well... I don't own a Firehawk but I do own a Helix. There is nothing in that video that sets the Cortex apart "yet"..... just sayin'....
  24. The FBV Longboard will work to control most functions on the Spider IV and V MKII. Volume pedal and wah, banks and channels, AMP, reverb, modulation, delay, tap tempo. I'm still seeing what I can do more with the Spider V as it does have USB. The Longboard is not totally obsolete.
  25. Are they effects that you don't have in your current version of PF? OF that comes with the UX1 typically does not have all the models authorized. Likely they are from the FX Junkie Model Pack add on.
  26. Sounds awesome. I just got my first pedal yesterday. HX Stomp. Any suggestions on how to get great clean tones would be appreciated. If there are any particular videos or websites please let me know. Regards, Rich
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