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  2. jonandtice

    BIG THANKS to Line 6 for using text for the .hlx format

    If I had time I'm pretty sure I could get it to look like HX Edit on a web browser, even with my limited skills. So I'm surprised no one has done it yet.
  3. jerseyboy

    Battery Charging Time

    IMO Variax “must have” - spare or 2nd battery pack. Manual “Battery Management” using 2 packs you can avoid hammering the 2S 18650 battery pack under low SOC (state of charge) conditions and never run out of untethered power when you most need it. Rarely below 1/2 charge is the “easiest” duty level for these battery packs. They’ll each last much longer in the end than a battery pack drained repeatedly down to ODDV (over discharge detection voltage) over and over. Another thing with this chemistry is to never leave packs sitting unused @ full charge. If you’re not going to use the pack/guitar for more than a few days but it’s been fully charged - play it or leave sit plugged in volume up for 30-60 minutes. This will burn off enough SOC to help reduce chemical degradation which occurs during unused periods of time. Storage… Additional benefit of using 2 or more battery packs - much easier to troubleshoot power issues. AC input voltage should exhibit little influence to charge rate and termination voltage of these packs. The DC charge controller governs rate of current and maximum voltage detection baked into the charger system. IIRC my Line6 charger delivers about 0.5A charge rate. Tapers off towards the end (not sure if any balancing may be going on?) Seem to be 2-2.5Ah cells so 3-4 hrs would correlate to my charge rate observation.
  4. daveyball

    Not loud enough?

    Had a similar issue, Set your Helix Digital Out on Global settings to +10db, I'm using it with an XLr cable to the AES socket mega loud now
  5. humberhawk2

    Jam SD cards

    Many thanks everyone; that's worked fine. I've got myself a couple of 2GB SD cards from eBay (and then found I had one anyway in a jumble of stuff at the back of my computer desk) and have formatted one as required and transferred stuff to the Spider Jam.
  6. humberhawk2

    Struggling with Spider Jam set-up

    Still struggling to configure my Spider Jam. I'd have to agree that the manual isn't very good afterall. How to do certain key features isn't explained - or I can't recognise them as the explanation I'm looking for. Too much hipster-ish "Hey guys, this r-o-c-k-s!" and little in the way of detailed step-by-step instructions about how you actually set things up so that you can do it. Right now I'm trying to figure out how you jam along to backing tracks you've put in there yourself. I've a few commercial blues backing tracks that I've converted to the required 16-bit 44100 mono WAVs and transferred via SD card to the Spider Jam. So far so good; that worked fine and they're all visible under the 'Recording' tab. But the only way I can play them is to do an actual recording. I don't want to make a recording, I just want to play along to them (sometimes Looped) just like Line6's already-installed backing tracks. Is that possible? Or is that a gap in the Spider Jam's capabilities? Also - worryingly - the recording seems to be just the backing track with no sign of my guitar! Same lack-of-instruction for setting up the FBV Express pedal; I just get the previous owner's A, B, C and D choices and can't figure out how to change them. Please don't direct me to YouTube. I might be looking in the wrong place, or simply haven't looked enough, but all I've found so far on YouTube is people demonstrating the features in use, rather than what knobs you twiddle and what buttons you press and what options you select in order to get to the point of actually using them.
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  8. but no right angle?
  9. spaceatl

    HD500X Factory reset and disappearing patch.

    no problem...that is a strange one. You can actually go backwards on firmware versions if you like. All the will happen is that Monkey will tell you that it is old. However, if you ever did do a rollback, you would need to be sure to get the version of Edit that goes with it. There have been some updates in the past where newer Edit was required. Not sure if the current one would work with the old stuff.
  10. cruisinon2

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    Sure I can... Of course there are other options if all you want is a guitar... but that's not the primary reason for buying a Variax, is it? We all want the fancy signal manipulation for one reason or another, and that's the part that's guaranteed to evolve. So as far as the electronics are concerned, the HP printer analogy is perfect, imho. If all I wanted was another Strat (or clone thereof), there are better options in terms of fit, finish, and build quality in the $1000-$1500 price range, which will remain exactly the same 20 years out. And I wouldn't need to do any mental gymnastics with computer operating systems in order to play it. The guitar itself will always be a guitar, long after the guts crap out or become obsolete...but lets face it, it's just an OK assembly line instrument, who's primary function is to serve as a delivery vehicle for fancy electronics.... so when those electronics become the butt of Commodore 64 jokes, then it's off to the toothpick factory. It's not as if it we're the most comfortable guitar I've ever played and can't live without. I'll get used to whatever comes along to replace it. We may not agree, and that's fine...but I stick by everything I said. Know what you're getting into. If you want a decent quality instrument that'll remain exactly the same forever, unaffected by the cyclone of technology, then don't buy something loaded with exotic gizmos and software that's dependent on computer compatibility and interaction. Because that stuff is guaranteed to go the way of the dodo a whole lot sooner than any of us would like... and way before 6 strings and a couple pieces of wood will have outlived their usefulness.
  11. Have you updated drivers?
  12. gullable

    Spider Jam Problem

    New to this Line 6 Spider Jam. I have a 75w that sounds great. Love all the features and the drums sound great. Problem. I get no response from the record, play, undo buttons on the amp, rendering the looper function inoperable, as well as not being able to play the drums or anything. The play button illuminates while the demo is playing, but still don't function by touch. All other features work fine. I've tried checking all the settings, reset several times as well as reflashing with the 2g card and although the flash was successful, still no change. Has anyone had this problem? If so, what was the solution? Not interested in taking this to a tech, they want too much per hour. I'd rather just purchase a new one at that point. This was a used purchase, so no warranty. Any help or advise on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. cbrillow

    Editing Presets

    Yes, this can be done via the amplifi remote app. Have fun and/or good luck!
  14. kazoue911

    Helix cab sim without microphone

    Thank you very much njglover very interesting. What I assumed was that they could have "removed" the mic's frequency response curve from the signal via an algorythm afterwards, much like Kemper uses it's proprietary Cab Driver algorythm to discociate the cab from the head. But after all, with mic position and ambiance and all, everything makes more sense to me now and I know where I'm going with this for my rig. Thank you very much for your help.
  15. Cpn_Crunch

    HD500X Factory reset and disappearing patch.

    Got it, just re flashed through Monkey, got the patch back, thanks for your help spaceatl. Chris
  16. " probably as many requests for a bouzouki model, as for wind chimes or a duck call. "--- Surprisingly enough,... nylon classical/Spanish guitar, bouzouki, balalaika and mandolin come up rather more often than I would have expected here and in Idea Scale, as obscure as they are. Mandola, shamisen and were part of the old Variax Acoustic guitars back in the day. I guess there is a resurgent interest in some of those more esoteric instruments again,... what was old may be becoming new again. Hmmmm,....
  17. Cpn_Crunch

    HD500X Factory reset and disappearing patch.

    Thanks for the reply spaceatl, The only thing I was doing was double clicking between different bass patches testing out how they sounded, I never switched the set list and the patch that ended up there was one of my own, I made that patch months ago... Can you flash over an existing version or will it deny re flashing with the same version number?
  18. codamedia

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    I expect products to die... when the electronics start to fail in the older Variax guitars, so be it... that is life. When L6 claims that Workbench (original) doesn't work on Windows 10.... and I am comfortably running Workbench original on two computers with Windows 10.... that's BS! They just don't WANT to tell people those old guitars still work, or make it convenient for people to keep them working! Guitar players have a lot of choices that will NEVER become a paper weight.... Sure, they will require service and repair, but that will never be a problem. You can't compare a Variax to an HP Printer...
  19. No worries, @bubney. I'll give them a call today to order. I'll send you a PM so we can exchange e-mails where we can work out the details and I can send you copies of the invoice and any tracking info as we go.
  20. soundog

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    When folks get a Variax they believe they are buying a guitar, not a computer. If Line 6 perceives the Variax as a disposable piece of electronics with a vastly shorter lifespan, I'll never buy another one. Look, we're not asking them to update the ding-danged hardware .... just the editing software. It shouldn't be that difficult to keep Workbench running. (Its more like a DAW plug-in, and most of the popular ones are updated to stay compatible with changing operating systems for decades.)
  21. Don't use CAT6, it's the wrong data rate frequency band. Use the VDI Ethercon, better ground insulated CAT5, and is the correct data rate frequency band.
  22. jdag

    Little Black Cap in Helix LT Box

    Only if that put me at risk of other people hearing my playing! Thanks for the help guys!
  23. I'v tried it...! Still nothing... I have it many years....and the way i connect it all these years is...monitor in in an input in pc...speakers in output pc...and it always worked... I tried the ways that video says... still nothing...something with the win 10 and defaults properties in speakers/recording is messed up... I try to put it in a pc for win 10 for example... still delay...:(
  24. cruisinon2

    Little Black Cap in Helix LT Box

    Only if you're concerned about the 1's and 0's leaking out...;)
  25. spaceatl

    HD500X Factory reset and disappearing patch.

    What you did is a Global Reset that only resets the Global Vars, not any of the patches. It can be helpful for some issues....Factory Reset can only be done by flashing the firmware and selecting the option to reset the patches. Never seen a patch spontaneously change in 8 years I have had mine...However, I have been on a different setlist than I thought I was on a few times and had a near heat attack... Was Edit involved in this "working with a bass patch"?...Edit synch can be a little strange at times...
  26. jdag

    Little Black Cap in Helix LT Box

    Perfect...thanks! I thought that might be the case, but it did not fit easily over that jack. I was just able to wiggle it on now. Is there also supposed to be a cap over the Digital Out port?
  27. Hi All, I have been using the G10s in my teaching studio since they were released. One of my older receiver's halo light is barely noticeable it has dimmed so much. It still syncs, charges, and works just fine. Just curious if anyone else has any older G10 system doing the same. Thanks, Craig
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