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  2. The Guitar Input is only available as an Input Block, you can't place the Returns before it. You COULD place a GAIN Block just after the Input Block, followed by Return 1 and Return 2 Blocks, and use Snapshots: Snapshot 1/Cable - Gain 0db with both Returns BYPASSED Snapshot 2/Wireless 1 - Gain -120db with Return 1 Active and Return 2 Bypassed Snapshot 3/Wireless 2 - Gain -120db with Return 2 Active and Return 1 Bypassed
  3. We have two XD-V75L sets we purchased last year to record the audio for recorded video podcasts. We've done about 6 podcasts with them, but we are really unhappy with the results we are getting. Maybe someone can offer a suggestion...what are we missing? The signal from the receivers are fed through a mixer and then into a digital audio recorder. I have gone through every setting on the transmitters and receivers, but no matter what configuration I select, I get a very weak, tinny sound, and the mics are super sensitive to the slightest change of head angle or the loudness of the person speaking. I have also tried bypassing the mixer and going directly into the recorder. I have switched between using the receivers' balanced and unbalanced outputs. No difference. The lapel mics are placed at about the center of the breastbone. I get all kinds of plosives. I get massive distortion if the speaker tilts his head down ever so slightly, and they become barely audible if the head is tilted left or right by more than an inch. If I don't have the receivers' dynamic filter set to "Talk", I get all kinds of ambient hissing and humming noise...noise that the human ear cannot hear in the room, but the mics pick it up. I am about ready to give up on these wireless systems. These replaced a couple of less expensive Shure sets that we bought at least 10 years ago. We expected an improvement in the audio quality, but we are experiencing the opposite. We prefer using lavalier mics for aesthetics, but will switch to Shure SM7Bs if we cannot resolve these issues. If anyone has any ideas for something we may not have tried, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Rene
  4. OR you could take an hour or two to learn the basics of using MIDI, get a proper MIDI pedal and have a MUCH MORE powerful controller. Yes, it costs more* (the Morningstar MC8 is around $300). It can also be used to control ANYTHING MIDI - plugins, pedals, MFX - ANYTHING! Up to 16 devices at a time! Maybe you don't NEED all that power. Today. When I first bought my FCB1010* it was solely to control Amplitube and Guitar Rig. Now I use it to control those and more, my DAW, my HXS (gets it off the floor) and, oh yeah, I COULD use it for my Catalyst, too, except that my Catalyst is in the STUDIO (the FCB and HXS are in the OFFICE). In the studio I control everything from my Helix. Not as powerful (re MIDI) as either the FCB/UNO2* or the much more powerful Morningstar MC8, but sufficient for my current needs (Catalyst, Powercab, iOS apps (AUM and ToneX) multiple plugins and DAW). The MIDI implementation helped make buying Helix a no-brainer. Never mind that the total number and quality of FX in Helix beats the $!#% out of Katana before you even consider the amps and the amount of control possible with snapshots. Speaking of snapshots - with a Catalyst and a proper MIDI controller you get not only 12 presets, but the ability, within those presets, to control amp settings (just like Helix), effects choices (maybe you want to substitute a different MOD or temporarily replace one type of FX with another), FX level/mix/position pre/post) and XLR settings (cab/mic). I doubt it will happen, but all L6 needs to do is enable MIDI for the actual FX parameters and you would literally have Helix level snapshot control without a Helix! If it sounds like I'm selling MIDI, you're right, I am. It totally pi$$e$ me off that the myth persists amongst guitar players that MIDI is voodoo rocket science. It's not, and the average player is NOT too stupid to learn how to use it. Lastly and FWIW - I had a Katana 100 MK1 and a GAFC. Underwhelming at best. But then, once you've gone Helix and MIDI... In case I've piqued your interest in using MIDI with your Catalyst I've attached a "Basic MIDI" primer. This was part of a longer explanation of how to use MIDI with Helix CommandCenter, so just ignore those references. *The FCB1010 is cheap, big, ugly and virtually indestructible (Slipknot uses them on-stage covered in plastic to protect them from the blood...). If you get one and replace the stock chip with the UNO2 chip, it's even more powerful than the MC8. It does require actual programming but, again, not rocket science, and I can provide assistance by posting here: uno@fcb1010.groups.io | Home MIDI Basics.txt
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  6. Im also on Ventura/M1 Pro, no issues with latest version of Native and HX Edit. Still they appears as Intel, but they works.
  7. Really? That's good news but I'm confused as to why no announcement from Line6...or anyone else saying it was working. I'm on Intel I9 MBP/Monterey and use HXNative for MainStage and Logic. It's the only reason I haven't upgraded to Ventura yet.
  8. Still out of stock on a number of things. Logistics are doing catch-up. Issues with China, like CoVid still hitting factory worker, China USA politics, and the trickle down supply chain bottlenecks that go with it. Some product is in the pipeline. It's a trickle, but it's getting out there. Keep checking in on Full Compass and our Shop US site.
  9. Helix was overbuilt from the beginning in the areas that mattered the most for future updating. The design goal was specifically to create a platform. The technology is always less important than what you do with that technology. I have many digital devices from decades ago (e.g., Lexicon PCM-60) that use "antiquated" technology by today's standards. Yet they still sound as good as they did decades ago. The main reason for wanting faster/more expensive/hotter-running DSP is to speed up the rate at which operations occur. If you find the latency in Helix unacceptable, then you may need a unit with more powerful DSP (of course, regardless of the DSP, there will always be the latency involved in A/D and D/A conversion). However, DSP alone isn't the only factor. The efficiency of the coding is crucial. Based on 3.50, it's pretty clear Line 6 has managed to increase the efficiency dramatically, or we wouldn't have better cabs that require significantly less DSP. The question is simply whether Helix produces the sounds and effects you want. If not, then you need to find a unit that does. However, if you like a different unit better, it may have nothing to do with the underlying technology, but with the people who did the coding.
  10. Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit doesn't seem to exist on the line 6 parts site. Unless I'm really blind.
  11. I'm considering upgrading from my HD500X, and considering the multiple input/output options, one of my considerations is to eliminate my Morley ABC pedal that I use to select between Wireless A, Wireless B, and Cable. Is it reasonable to consider that I could route the output of Wireless A to Return 1, the output of Wireless B to Return 2, and have those footswitch assignable so that they precede the guitar input when on, and when each footswitch is off, that the guitar input takes precedence? If so, then I could mount my G30 wireless receivers more discretely under the pedal board with the Freidman power supply, and have an overall smaller pedalboard footprint.
  12. Try the link now. https://shop-us.line6.com/hardware/parts-and-accessories/ https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VariaxPwrKit--line-6-variax-cabled-power-kit
  13. hello! Thanks again for your time! I 've created backup, then went to preferences, selected "restore factory settings" and the only result was a change of fs3 function ( I've been using it for stomp 3, now it returned to tap-tuner) ... also, can't find anywhere "rebuilt..." or something like that...
  14. YouTube videos have their own volume-controller as well - haven't they ? I use it always when I play YouTube music from Mac go PodGo ...
  15. I was using version 3.15 since last April or thereabouts. Last week the problem started. I then updated to 3.51 to see if it would fix the problem, but so far nothing has helped. All I know is I can still load other vst3s in Savihost and Studio One and they work. I was wondering if there were other deep system settings that may cause a problem besides the appdata roaming folder files. Something in the registry? A permissions settings? I did have a hard drive boot problem last month but was able to rescue the disk and then used Clonezilla to create a new system disk and that's what I'm using now. So far, other programs I've tested using the new disk have not had any problems. I'm starting to wonder if the disk rescue/clone procedure messed up something that has affected this particular program. I didn't think that likely so I didn't include it in the original post info.
  16. I guess it all depends on what the next Helix actually is and what it does, but I personally have no plans at all regardless of what it does at this point. I personally think the natural flex point in the processors used for modeling application was reached back when Helix was coming out as a competitor to Fractal's offerings primarily. Since then not a whole lot has changed in the DSP market but there area a LOT more competitors which would insinuate my theory of the natural flex point of the technology is probably correct. As has been noted previously, what modelers do and their processors can't be compared to the progress made in general purpose CPUs used in desktops and laptops, so you really can't think of them in the same way. I could always be surprised by some real innovation in that particular part of the industry, but even were that to be the case everyone would be scrambling for many months/years in product development to get their systems launched. Again that's another big difference between DSP and general purpose CPUs which actually are a composite of multiple processors including graphics and I/O processors. The best market representation would probably be how long it took Apple to actually develop and launch computers into the market using their new M1 architecture after they first began working on it about 10 years ago.
  17. Is there an updated link to the accessories site? the links posted here seem to be dead. I would love to get a Cabled power kit, but can't find a place to purchase it on the Line 6 site. Even a waiting list, something.
  18. A new model with more DSP & Memory is inevitable.... when, we don't know. Here is what I know TODAY! My Helix sounds great, and I don't face any bottlenecks in horsepower or memory even though I am aware some do. When a new Helix is introduced my Helix will still sound great! As a gigging musician.... my Helix makes my life easy and also makes me a good chunk of change. Why would I put all of that on hold waiting for something I "expect" to be coming at "some point". Maybe EVH should have waited 2 more years for the JCM 800 instead of using that 10 year old Super Lead :)
  19. In case it missed your attention there has been a global pandemic over the past couple of years which has had an impact on the supply of various parts. One of the major things to be hit was the manufacture of microchips. See the blue banner at the top of this page - “Impact of Global Materials Shortage”. You give the impression that, as you put it, “3 generations in” you are expecting no more development of this line? Over on TGP, it has been noted that Digital Igloo has mentioned yet more firmware for the Helix is still in progress. Nothing makes sense in 2023 - waiting for the next big thing to come rolling down the tracks is an exercise in futility. You could wait forever! You really should buy what’s available right now to get the job done, or wait in vain. I love the way that you describe how easy it would be to create this mythical beast of Helix 2 - “install newer DSPs, a modern heatsink and some extra memory DONE!” - Wow! I’m surprised that Eric hasn’t thought of that one already and told the team to just get on with it. Yeah, right!
  20. When weird things happens, it's always a good practice to break down the problem into smaller parts. In your case means unplugging the HX Stomp from everything (so no Mac, no HX Edit, nothing but the HX Stomp alone). Now try doing the same preset directly on the unit, starting from a blank preset. If it works like I think, means something were happening within HX Edit (maybe just user errors). Also, test stock presets. If those are working, then it's something odd you are doing while editing.
  21. Moving to 21569 means redesigning the entire board and a good part of the software framework. Isn't really like swapping the cpu on your PC motherboard. Said that, I believe there would be a solid market for a Helix MKII.
  22. Frankly I find these DSP spec comparisons a little bit silly given the purpose of DSP which is simply to do digital signal manipulations in a real time processing setting. The purpose is to transform a digital signal representation of the results of a given (usually analog) circuit. DSP limitations aren't typically about the quality or precision of the transformation (although it could be in some cases) but rather the amount of latency in that transformation given this it meant to be used in a real time signal processing environment. If the transformations are reasonably accurate, faster transformations won't likely make them MORE accurate in any distinguishable way, but it could reasonably result in less latency allowing for more transformations. In practice none of this affects me since I never run low on DSP because I use the DSP efficiently and have for over 8 years. In my opinion and practices adding faster or more DSP only services the needs of people that don't use the DSP efficiently.
  23. I have similar problem can anyone have solution?
  24. Thanks for sharing that information.
  25. I'm using a Morningstar MC8 to recall presets on my DL4 Mkii. When I recall preset 4 (PC03) and try to save it...it saves over my 1st preset (PC00). This also does the same thing when trying to save preset 5....it saves over preset 2. Anyone else had this problem?
  26. The Helix Floor/Rack and LT are still using 2023 in two ADSP-21469 SHARCs at 450MHz. The current DSP from the same brand with similar pricing to 2015 is the ADSP-21569 SHARC+ running @ 1Ghz and much more efficient even at the same Mhz. It would be very simple to update to the same brand current DSP and make a minor software update to go to other brands DSP. Very likely the current PSU would be more than enough, if not an easy spec upgrade and a modern heatsink on the DSP chips plus some memory. Other companies have upgraded their hardware but Line 6 wants to charge us the same price for 8 year old hardware when we are in the market for a new unit in 2023. https://www.mouser.com/new/analog-devices/adi-adsp-2156x-sharc-dsps/
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