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  2. cruisinon2

    Relay G10S Transmitter Charging Time

    Never bothered to time it, but somewhere around here in the bowels of the Relay G10 FAQ page, it claims that it can take up to 3.5 hrs when the battery is completely discharged. I never run mine down that far, so it's never taken anywhere near that long for me.
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  4. Bought a new cat 5, and the problem is fixed, Thanks!
  5. antonio1961

    oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

    Yes, i appreciate that there will be some new and interesting additions in the next update , but the hardware fault so early on for me , it doesn't really inspire confidence in the Helix. They are happy to repair it , but the Helix would have to be sent to the repair centre fully insured as they request , so there is no way out of it really with it being an expensive unit , it's just the nature of the beast , and though it's seen by Line 6 as a free repair under warranty , the reality is that it's actually a $72 fix regardless of the problem. Just to add, the shop i purchased it from online would also post it to the repair centre for free, but the cost for me to send it there is the same, so makes no difference unfortunately.
  6. jester700

    The Mother of all Headphone Complaint Answers

    I've heard and like the Shures, but never owned them, and have no experience with the others mentioned, but would like to offer another closed options you may want to listen to. I love my NAD HD50 headphones. After years of using Sony MDR7506 and Sennheiser HD250, I consider these a big improvement from those (Sonys are kind of boom/sizzle and Sennheisers are midrangey) In response to the greater discussion, we really can't make any claims about impedance being the main factor in the sound of Helix when cans sound so different in the first place. My 32 ohm NADs sound better IMO than the other two types I own, but are lower impedance. The only way to really know is to take a model that has multiple versions, like a Beyer DT770 (available in 32, 80, and 250 ohm versions) and A/B those. Well, I guess A/B/C them...
  7. brandjohns01

    2 different amps on the same preset

    Thank you gents for the input! I am really look h forward to getting one. I’m torn between the Stomp and the LT. I think for now, I’m gonna try the Stomp and maybe expand to the LT or the full floor model eventually. I do want it more for the amp modeling than the effects, but I’m also looking forward to the effects as well.
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  9. datacommando

    1st patch: Helix + iRig Acoustic patch

    Yahoo, spark up the Blue Hawaiian! Those nice people at IK Multimedia decided that there must be some very unusual fault with the gizmo. They swapped it out for a brand new unit, as a warranty replacement, and it arrived with me less than 24 hours later. Back up and running - yay!
  10. datacommando

    Helix output completely cuts off when using a lot of reverbs.

    Hi, Re: the second path layout of blocks remained the same as the original. The only changes made to each Delay/Reverb was the trails were turned on and the mix lowered a small amount, which I thought might help. Following your observations, the big change was to lower the Double Tank decay from 10 to 7.5. I mistakenly thought that should fix the “weird almost silent feedback” thing. NOTE: It could be that the Helix ran out of muscle because I went to add the TS808 back into the top path. Although that would not explain why you still had enough DSP on your LT. I do see why HX Native doesn’t have any issues with processor power, as that comes from the host computer that it is running on. In theory, there was less going on the first path. The Jazz Rivet and US Double Nrm are essentially standard presets, other than the high and low cuts that I made to the cabs. After you had mentioned the Double Tank maybe the problem block, I was surprised that after noticing the DAW channel strip flickering as if a signal was present, when the DT Rev was switched off it seemed to get stronger, but turning off the US Double stopped it. if you would like to investigate further you can find my reworked patch attached in the earlier post above (mareiou.hlx) I don’t think you will need a radiation suit, but be cautious. Regards
  11. soundog

    HX STOMP and Midi Controllers....

    - Make sure your MIDI channels are set the same (Stomp and Goose) - Make sure USB MIDI is turned on (Stomp) if using USB as your connection (but I think Goose is 5-pin DIN, anyway, so wouldn't matter) - Make sure Stomp has PC Rx turned on
  12. That's bizarre.... did you keep the reverbs on the 2nd path... separate from the amps to spread out the DSP usage? EDIT TO ADD: I finally got a moment to open Helix Native and my LT and was able to re-create that patch from scratch without any DSP issues on both. That is a strange sound... I actually found some inconsistency with the "twin amp" in the patch, but I couldn't reproduce it test to test so I didn't dig deeper. The Double Tank Reverb would act up as described with every test so I concentrated on that.
  13. Kilrahi

    Use as strictly a multi stomp / no modeling?

    Well, and another excellent consideration would be the HX Effects.
  14. phil_m

    oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

    Well, I know it sucks to be disappointed in stuff... But there's a lot of really cool stuff coming for the Helix that might make you change your mind. The one thing is that Line 6 is dependent on the Yamaha distributors in the UK and EU for service work, so they don't have a lot of say over how they run that part of the business. I know Yamaha owns Line 6, so they're technically part of the same company. It's just kind of a complicated relationship. So are you saying they didn't repair your unit?
  15. antonio1961

    oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

    No, i'm in the UK, so i contacted Line 6 , who then suggested that i contacted the shop i bought it from, who in turn put me directly to a service centre here in the UK. I'm not even saying i had a bad experience, the majority of the customer service reports i saw prior to purchase had been positively glowing, so i thought i had good reason to have a certain level of expectation there. In 20 odd years of using Boss multi fx i never had one faulty unit..my first Line 6 one though goes wrong within the first 7 months , though it was possibly faulty when purchased, it just took me that long to plug in headphones. Still doesn't fill me with enormous confidence in the Helix , so i plan to just sell it on with the inherent fault, and if someone else wants to have it repaired under warranty then good luck to them.
  16. pianoguyy

    Use as strictly a multi stomp / no modeling?

    Ya know.,.. L6 does have the M series. Which, I believe, are just fx.
  17. Kilrahi

    Guitar into fx return

    Okay, will I can confirm that it did work! The only thing that was weird, was that at one point I tried to switch to the tuner. I was curious if it would impact the first guitar, the second . . . both? I found out that it looks like it only impacts the first, but additionally, once I did that both signals wouldn't come through the Firehawk most of the time, and when they did it was crackly, inconsistent, and ugly. Resetting the Firehawk fixed it, and I didn't test it again to see if it was a fluke or happens every time you attempt it. I also have no idea why switching to the tuner would do that, I only know that it appears to have done it in this case. So, at least based on the test I did, good news for you. However, as a reminder, I believe you have to put the FX block to 100% mix in order for it to work. Otherwise my understanding is that some of the dry signal of your acoustic will mix with your electric tone.
  18. datacommando

    Helix output completely cuts off when using a lot of reverbs.

    Yep, it’s the voice of Helix. I always knew it was some sort of alien technology. This thing knows what we’re thinking!
  19. peternorwood

    HX STOMP and Midi Controllers....

    Hi all, I have a HX Stomp bought a Midi Mongoose & only want to make the footswitches change patches, not internal parameters in the patches. I cant seem to get the HX Stomp to receive the command when I press 1-5 ect. It did it once then never again, is there any settings in the Midi/Tempo section of global that I should be changing. Thanks in advance....
  20. Twice this week my Helix Rack and Control froze and wouldn't change presets. Once during a rehearsal, and last night during a performance. Only thing that fixed it was powering off and then on. Not sure if it was same preset that froze or not. But I do know that the rack and control both read different presets. Signal was still coming through so I was able to finish song, but why would it be freezing like that? I'm on latest firmware. I have 2 Helix Mission expression pedals plugged in to control. Any Ideas? I'm using all tones I've created and maybe 1 or 2 custom patches from other people, with IR's. I've read about the "rebuild all presets" feature but not sure what that does or if it would fix this particular bug. Thanks

    The Mother of all Headphone Complaint Answers

    Trying to figure out, what headphones I should buy for working with my Helix. Already tried HD650 and find them nice, but I want to have closed type and something more flat than my HD650 (already done custom calibration service for them, and they very close to be flat but still there is a little tonal coloring). Trying to choose between: 1)Shure SRH1540 https://www.shure.com/americas/products/headphones/srh1540-premium-closed-back-headphones 2) Neumann NDH 20 https://www.neumann.com/homestudio/en/ndh-20 3) German Maestro 450 Pro You can find them on this page, just scroll a little bit down: https://www.german-maestro.de/Englisch/Products/Logic/Headphones/ 4) Audeze LCD2 https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-collection/lcd2-closed-back Anyone experience about named headphones?
  22. No you nailed it you have to turn up input level from what I've seen
  23. macnevine

    Quick Looper Question

    I just started playing around with the looper and notice when I add it there is one called 1 "switch" and one called 6 "switch" but they seem to be the same exact controls when I compare them. Is there a difference? I searched this forum before this post and I looked in the manual but it is not clear to me. Sorry ahead of time if this has been asked before,.
  24. That might be the coolest sound I've ever heard from the Helix...
  25. datacommando

    Helix output completely cuts off when using a lot of reverbs.

    Ha, ha, ha - yeah it's that bad and I didn't hang around for a total destruction test - I will let someone else do the honours. Never come across anything like this one before!
  26. Wow . . . it's like a high def performance of someone with the runs, complete with high quality Helix effects delay and reverb processing! Does it still eventually blow the sound to smithereens?
  27. Kilrahi

    Use a strictly a multi stomp / no modeling?

    Yeah, as answered by Phil, only the FS1 - FS5 can be assigned to effects, except the pedal can also be assigned to specific parameters of the effects, AND it can turn your volume pedal and wah on and off - so that's a little additional functionality that it's good to know about. A big part of this is that the Firehawk is limited to five effects, and there are five foot switches. Broadening it out wouldn't really accomplish much. The Pod HD500X will get you closer to what you want. The Helix, obviously, even more so.
  28. datacommando

    Helix output completely cuts off when using a lot of reverbs.

    Hi codamedia, and fellow Helix mystery fans, This is what I have found.... I took the original supplied preset and decided to rework the thing to see what would happen. This is what I rejigged from the patch. I stuck the volume pedal out front then I ditched the EQ which was doing nothing. Likewise the Tube Screamer which was just slamming the Minotaur into the 2 amps. Overdriving the clean JazzC seemed a bit pointless and I moved the Minotaur to overdrive the US Double then both amps into the delays/reverbs etc. Anyhow, when I though about maybe reinstating the 808 I went to check and lo and behold no DSP available for the Screamer. In fact what limited processing power was left was a couple of tremolo units an EQ and a Deluxe comp. There must have been a bug in the original preset where he had managed to shoehorn those extra bits in. No matter, this is what I came up with. Mareiou.hlx Here is where it gets really odd. When this patch is selected and an audio track is opened in Logic, the channel strip meters show a signal is present. Uh? I thought maybe some strange vibrations were possibly rattling my guitar in it's stand. Erm, no - it wasn't that, but I could hear a strange rattling and bubbling noise being emitted from the monitors. It was quiet so I cranked it up - whoa - that's weird. I thought that it must have been the Double Tank Reverb thing that you have mentioned, except when I re-worked the patch I rolled off the decay setting to 7.5. O.K. I thought I would simply hit the Double Tank foot switch and turn it off. Nope that didn't work. Then I hit the switch for the US Twin and away it went. So that must be another avenue to check out for mysterious goings on. It was a bit difficult to capture the strange audio from nowhere but with the help of Audio HiJack and a gain boost in Audacity I captured this 30 sec clip. If anyone is interested - the thing sounds like this. Strange Noise.mp3 Any further clues would be nice.
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