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  2. spikey

    Potential Helix user with a couple of questions

    I also have 2 PC+ units all set up and ready for the 2.8 update that will allow the editor to assign a cab, mic setting per snapshot per PC+! .
  3. Hi Gregg1986, Firstly, you really would be a donut if you tried to do the update without asking, then have to come back here for help after it screwed up! O.K. You need to make a backup of any of your custom home brewed presets by using the version of HX Edit with the same version number as the firmware in the Helix. In this case v2.30. You didn’t mention what computer system you are using, but no matter, simply follow this procedure and all should be fine.  When you are ready to start the update - from your web browser, navigate to the Line 6 downloads page, then you should select HX Edit under the All Software tab and then whatever version of Mac/Windows you are using from All OS on the dropdown menus. This will take you to the correct download page where you need to scroll down to find version 2.30. Install this and connect to your Helix via USB Cable and make your own backup of whatever you may need - don’t simply rely on a bundle backup, make safety copies of individual presets just in case. Once you are happy that all is good, you will need to return to the Line 6 downloads page and repeat the previous procedure to take you to the HX Edit 2.71 Update for your computer system. This is the only thing you need to download.  When you download and install the new HX Edit package it will also install the latest Line6 Updater v1.15 and any other drivers etc., that you may need. After the new HX Edit software has been installed, reboot your computer. Doing a clean install should clear any glitches that were linking to any previous versions of the software you may have inadvertently installed.  When you’ve done this, you can use the new HXEdit v2.71 to make a complete backup of all the presets on your Helix hardware. You will be able to tell that this is the latest Editor because in the lower left corner there is a new button labelled “My Account”. Next, shutdown HX Edit and ensure it is no longer running, this should avoid any USB conflict. Now you can launch the new Line 6 Updater v1.15, (you can click the about button to check the details if necessary). If all your USB connections are good the Updater should see your Helix hardware. Login using the new Updater, you can now proceed with the firmware upgrade over your internet connection. Do not disconnect or turn off the power to your Helix during this process. When completed your Helix will reboot and rebuild the presets, then you are good to go, no hardware reset is required.  Hope this makes sense/helps. - I have copied and pasted this info from an earlier post in this thread.
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  5. MarvinS

    M5 and Program Change

    I use my M5 with a midi controller. When I send a PC, the preset is automaticaly on. Is it possible to send a PC (or CC) to change a preset, without changing the on/off status ?
  6. I know this is an old thread but in case anyone strolls by, my experience with this same issue turned out to be with the 5-pos switch. The 3rd position was the problem. Contact cleaner dripped in there will fix it for a while.
  7. I have a flextone 2 it worked great one day and the next day the volume became a whisper(literally). Nothing else has changed all of the effects,modeling, banks, and there were no other noises. No crackling,pops nothing. The volume goes up from nearly silent to a whisper. Any ideas,I can not afford to replace it nor get it repaired somewhere at least not for a while. Thank you
  8. amor4jc-2

    Helix with Fishman Triple Play/Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 routine

    Of course! It being the Helix, there are several. You could insert a volume block on each path. Leave the guitar path set to it's default. Then on the Synth path, edit the parameters for the volume pedal and set the minimum to 127 and the max to 0. Now when you move the pedal to toe down, you'll hear guitar, at heel down you'll hear synth and a blend of the two in between. Play with the response curve to see if you like the pedal throw better. Similarly, you could insert a gain block on each path. Set the gain on both channels to 0. Assign both blocks to the same footswitch. Click the footswitch to make sure it is toggling both gain blocks on and off. Once that is working, just manually toggle ONE of the gain blocks to the opposite status (on or off). Now, with one gain block off and one gain block on, when you press the footswitch it will toggle between guitar and synth. Hope that helps!
  9. dgtr

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Great approach! I didn't look at at it that way. Thanks for sharing
  10. glideman

    oops.... I bought an Axe FX III.... but...

    Yep. Most of my posts with the major players is to share with others what I've had and what I've sold. The key here is that you and I know that we could live with any of the major players for a solution. Most of the time, I tend to have one of one brand and one of the other for a backup/change of pace and one for church and one for my secular rock band. I usually keep them for beyond the return windows unless I get a dud or absolutely hate the product. If I couldn't have 2 or 3 at a time, I'd probably do what some others have done and cycle through them even if it meant a return of one or two. You pretty much pointed out the massive markup for retailers on guitars and music products. It's not my regular practice, but I don't frown on someone else having to do it. I do enough business with all of them to where they more than make up for the losses for returns anyway. LoL! I am a MusiCraKHo...... LoL!!!
  11. gerhardmayer2112

    Using Midi And Computer With Spider Valve Mkii 1x12

    Harty, Ich habe das Line 6 Spinnenventil e 100 w HD MK2. Ich habe keinen FVB. Ich mochte meinen Boss GT8 benutzen. Kann es gemacht werden.Gibt es auch eine Moglichkeit, Kopfenhorer anzusch lieBen, etwa wenn es eine Kopfhorerbucshe gibt? Gerhard..
  12. ajb1965

    Cannot connect my AMPLIfi 30 to my android

    Hi, silly questions but gotta start somewhere. You are pushing the Bluetooth scan button (it will flash) before you start scanning on your phone correct? Also, could you let us know what version of Android is your phone? I haven't had my Amplifi in a while but I do remember that BT was pretty solid once it got connected.
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  14. psarkissian


    Local distributor or online (Full Compass doesn't ship to outside of the USA), so online would be a third party.
  15. donoise

    My HX Stomp Patches

    New Lo-Fi patches:
  16. BlueD

    Mesa Fx Loops and Helix LT

    I used line to minimize noise but I never managed to get a completely noise free operation. The Helix doesn't seem to like high gain Mesa amps very much, there's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence out there that most of us that tried the 4CM with mesa amps ran into a LOT of noise. Good luck!
  17. Digital_Igloo

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Here's the Logic/GarageBand template: FS2—Click on/off FS3—Cycle on/off FS4—Rewind (hold for fast rewind) FS5—Forward (hold for fast forward) FS8—Clear take and return to previous location (doesn't do anything in GarageBand) FS9—Stop > Return to Zero FS10—Play/Pause FS11—Record/Punch In/Out Place the locator at the point you want to record, press FS11, and start playing. Screw up? Press FS8 and Logic clears the take and returns to the original location. If you nail a take, press FS9 twice and listen back. Rinse, repeat. I think Logic has over a thousand (!) user-definable hotkeys now, so there's not much you can't do remotely from Helix.
  18. markyglam


    Where do I can order or buy that new amp board in case of a broken trace???
  19. btbed

    Mesa Fx Loops and Helix LT

    Hey guys just wondering your settings on a Mesa Mark V FX Loop? Line or Inst Level??
  20. sixxroth

    Use Helix Floor to change channels on a Marshall amp

    Hi Virtualguitars. I have a Silver Jubilee as well but can't for the life of me get it to change channels with the Helix. I've tried both TRS and TS. I go in the Command Center on the Helix and choose EXT amp and tried all of the Ring Tip 1, 2, Sleeve 1, 2 and both. But nothing happens. I'm using the 4 cable method. How did you get yours to work? Thanks.
  21. Growlyman

    Variax Bass 700 - Reset?

    No, I don't think so, especially as I'm not using a POD, and my other Variax instruments are communicating just fine with this exact setup (all the same cabling).
  22. psarkissian


    Check under that amp board, if the circuit trace is burned near one of the pads, then you will need a new amp board. Jumper-ing it won't work if the trace is broken, will be too hot for solder to hold.
  23. SeaRefractor

    Line 6 Spider v 60 issue or damaged

    I'd recommend you open a support ticket or call using this link https://line6.com/support/tickets/ If it's correctable yourself, Line 6 support can provide you the steps, but if you've not been able to reset sounds like you need service for the amplifier.
  24. markyglam


    Thanks again for your reply. A few days later I tried turning on the amplifier again, and after 15 minutes clipping all the time, it kept 5 minutes working fine (then it turned off lonely) I disconnected from power suply and reconected again and it worked fine without any problem for two hours. I could test by the headphones imput it was working fantastic. The same next day.- Then I decided to put the cabinet on the chasis again and when I connected to the amplifier speaker. When I plugged it in it produced a boom sound and within a second I turned it off and there was this burning smell after which I dismantled the amp head and was able to determine that the TDA7293 I.C was burnt to death. The amplifier keeps working on the headphones imput but there´s no way to make it sounds by the speaker.- I decided to try a technical support but 3 of those TDA7293 pieces were replaced with the same results .- Some other suggestion? Million thanks
  25. Sorry if I'm being a bit of a donut here but I recently bought a Helix floor and it's current firmware is 2.30.0. If I understand correctly updating this to 2.71.0 will restore factory settings wipe the presets I've programmed? I just have a couple of questions: Is there a specific version of the editing program that I need to download? (Is the latest editor compatible with an older firmware on the helix?) If I download the latest version of the editor, will I be able to back up my presets before updating to the latest firmware? Thanks in advance guys
  26. MojoAxe

    Am I the only one...... ?

    I quit using my tube amps over a year ago and I don’t miss them at all. I favor the amp tones from my GT-1000 vs the Helix, but both units sound great through a pair of FRFRs. At home, I use a pair of Alto TS310s, and for rehearsal, I carry a QSC CP8, which is more than loud enough. It’s nice walking into rehearsal with a guitar in one hand, a lightweight monitor in the other, and the modeler and cables in a backpack. I create a lot of song-specific patches with multiple effects that are engaged with a single pedal. Delays and effects are synced exactly to the tempo of the song. The tones I get are more closer to what I want than what I get when I’m dancing around on a pedalboard with an amp setup. A few weeks ago I played around with my Friedman DSM for the first time in a while, and I really couldn’t coax any better tone from it than I’m getting from my GT-1000 patches. Consider me “converted”.
  27. Kilrahi

    Am I the only one...... ?

    I gave up on the traditional approach a while ago and haven't looked back. I don't personally feel like I'm missing anything.
  28. Elephantstomp

    HX Stomp - Wishlist: 5 Snapshots, 8 Blocks

    @rd2rk: Thanks, so I will do! @brue58ski: Interesting. So not all hope is lost. (For me)this topic can be closed here.
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