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Found 80 results

  1. akalchschmid

    Hx Stomp: Expression Pedal AND footswitch?

    Hi all, the Hx Stomp manual says that you can connect two expression pedals, or two footswitches. Does anyone know,can you connect one pedal and one switch at the same time?
  2. Should I be getting HX Stomp? Will it do what I want it to do? At first I was leaning towards HX Effects but an option to go ampless is very appealing. The way I would like to use HX Stomp is: - connect to my Mesa Rectoverb via 4 Cable Method to be able to have effects before and after preamp - put some analogue pedals in Stomp's FX Loop so these can be 'added' to the signal chain within a preset - have Stomp change my amps channel - have Stomp control Whammy via MIDI - have an expression pedal to control various things Asking for a lot from such a little box, I know. But can Stomp do all that?
  3. darshan

    HX Stomp as in ear monitor mixer

    I want to share this idea with you guys. (I already shared this idea on FB's Hx stomp page, I hope this is ok with the forum) What if we could use the HX Stomp (and nothing else) as a two channel personal in ear monitor mixer? We are already able to use the Return as an AUX IN so that we can jam on backing tracks, hearing both guitar and our external source. In a similar way we could feed to the AUX IN the signal (mono or stereo) coming from a mixing board's monitor out with, let's say, drums, bass and vocals, and mix it with our guitar, so that we have exactly the in ear mix we need. There's only one major problem: what you hear in your headphones is the same as what gets out from the L/R OUTPUTS, even if you set the VOLUME control to act only on the headphones. By having the option of routing the AUX signal ONLY to the headphones this would be feasible, maybe adding an AUX IN volume control (in Global settings - Ins/Outs). Is it just me or this would be awesome?
  4. gibsonkal1

    HX Stomp midi footswitch question

    Hi Folks, Just got a HX Stomp. Great pedal! One seemingly silly question I have is: will a 3 or 4 button midi amp footswitch work with the HX Stomp? (Like a Peavey or Randall 4 or 5 switch for amps) for turning fx on and off? Or would I be better off with a Midi Mongoose. I don't want to spend any more than $125 if possible. Whats an inexpensive way to add foot switches. -Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. Just joined. Thanks!
  5. I've got a couple questions. I got an HX Stomp and figured it would be more than I needed, but should've known better as I love tinkering/tweaking lol. So I'm wondering how well it might work to use my Stomp as an interface into a DAW w/Native as a way to get more blocks. I use the Stomp to jam in my room so my worry is the latency. I'm not concerned with the ability to bring it places for shows as that's not something I've got any plans for. I realize there are many factors that can contribute to latency, but I figured someone else may have tried this. Currently I use my 2010 MacBook for HX Edit and it's suuper underpowered, so I don't expect much from it lol. I'll be moving soon which will give me room to setup my Windows 10 PC which is much more powerful (i7-4790k, 8GB RAM, GTX 970 4GB, and a few SSDs) and I'm assuming can handle whatever Native has to throw at it. Is Native resource intensive? What resources? Will going in the Stomp, to the DAW with Native, back out the Stomp, and into monitors introduce unplayable amounts of latency?
  6. Mike-GTR

    Bad tone through headphones HX stomp

    I spent the day trying to program my new HX stomp ready for rehearsals on Monday. I'll be going straight into a PA. Because I don't have any monitors in the house I used my Sennheiser Momentum headphones out of the stomp to get the tones dialled in. I literally went through every amp and cab combination, tweaked all of the advanced parameters including the global EQ (even tried bypassing this) and EVERYTHING just sounded fizzy and processed. For the most part left the impedance level on auto but tweaking it didn't make a difference. I get that the Stomp is digital and will never be as good as a tube amp but it sounded really bad, almost like clipping with unpleasant high frequencies. The demos I've heard sound fantastic so i'm a little disappointed if this is as good as it gets. Has anyone experienced the same results and also will the sound I'm hearing be the way its gonna sound through PA speakers?
  7. robmutilva

    High gain amps sound like Fuzz

    HI Everyone. Wanted to get some input: I got an HX Stomp for home use and i’m Having trouble getting a good high gain amp sound out of it. I’m looking to use it as a full rig. Clean amps and effects sound beautiful but ALL high gain amps (except for the Archetype Dirty (PRS Archon) ) sound like fuzz. Like when your sound is clipping or a busted speaker cone, or farty low end sound. I’ve tried if through the return FX loop of a Boss Katana 100 and a Blackstar HT5R and now a line 6 powercab plus (input 1). The issue is more pronounced with the powercab plus. Here are the settings i tried: HX stomp (firmware 2.71) - mono input and output out of HX stomp - HX stomp output set to “line” - high cut set to 12kh and low cut set to 100hz - impedance set to automatic (tweaking it did not solve issue) - preset patch: any high gain amp (Brit 2204, placater, Brit plexi, etc) + stock cab or IR (using ownhammer and sigma audio) + simple EQ with hi and lo cuts pwoercab plus - tired all speaker sims - input level set to 0db - high cut 12.0 kHz and low cut 100 hz - i messed with mic distance and type put the issue persists. Re-loaded firmware on power cab plus and reset HX Stomp to factory settings. Sorry for the lengthy post but i’m At the verge of selling all this stuff since i can’t get it to sound anywhere near what i hear on videos. I know it won’t sound like a tube amp, and i’m Ok with that. But at least it should not sound so fuzzy and harsh. I can get better drive sounds of out amplitude on my iPad :/ Do i have bad HX Stomp? A defective powercab+? Am i missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and I hope y’all have a great week!
  8. Hi guys. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ is industry standard and one of the most popular, accessible and easily one of the best all-round pedal power supply unit you can buy today. I've seen soooo many guys saying they need to sell their Voodoo Lab PP2+ power supply because it won't power their HX Stomp. Before you do that READ THIS POST! This will work on most boards, depending on board height and where your power supply is on the board. All you need to power an HX Stomp or HX effects is a cable from the courtesy outlet that you can plug the supplied wall wart into. that it literally it. As I'm in the UK I needed to get an IEC 320 C14 Male to USA UL 2Pin female power cord 28CM (click name to link...) and connect it to the courtesy outlet on the PP2+. You may need a different variation depending on where in the world you are but IT WORKS! It works, no dropouts, plenty of power to go around, safe. Don't go selling your Voodoo Lab PP2+ just because people have suggested you need a new one (or ordered you to buy the biggest, most expensive power supply because they have it and it's amazing at powering their 5 pedals with less than 30mA needed each, apart from that £350 delay pedal but now you have to buy it too because REASONS.. we've all seen those Facebook threads....). Anyway, the bottom line is this... Don't feel the need to splash out on a new PSU for your entire board just to power one thing. There are lower cost solutions that work. This particular solution cost me £6 or less. You can see it working HERE
  9. JonnyRoxtar

    Help with HX Stomp EXP settings!

    Hey guys. New to the Helix world and absolutely loving the Stomp - it’s replaced my entire Hot Rod Deluxe + FX8 for an upcoming tour requiring simple patch changes. I have managed to set up a Mission expression pedal (no toe button) to control parameters just fine. I have also set up 2 x FS5U foot switches as FS4 and FS5 no problem using a Y cable. So far, so very useful. But my problem comes if I have one FS5U and the Mission pedal through the Y cable at once. The FS works fine, but the expression pedal travels from 0% at the heel, through 100%, and back to 0% at the toe position. I have them both assigned as FS and EXP respectively, but I can’t seem to find the magic combination of position and polarity to get it just to dial from 0% heel to 100% toe... Any suggestions? Ps. I’m running all the latest software etc...
  10. foxmanmusic

    HX Stomp with analog endeavors aux3s mini

    Will the Analog Endeavors aux3s mini pedal work with the Line 6 HX Stomp?
  11. Mike-GTR

    HX stomp monitoring

    Hi guys, I tried running my HX stomp from one of the outputs into my Apogee 96K interface going into my iMac>Garageband. I can get signal but no sound when using headphones out of my iMac. I'm trying it this way because i've lost all of my 1/4 inch headphone adapters so can't use the HX headphones out. Is there something obvious i'm missing or can I only monitor through the HX stomp? Thanks, Mike
  12. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Hello.....HX Stomp Family..... I'm sharing one of my back-up Set List in the hope that new folks to the Line 6 HX Stomp can start jammin'. All you have to do is load or import the set list via' USB Poof !!!!! you have new Patches.... PS... These all were made from the basic unit of the Line 6 HX Stomp.... NO IR's NEEDED !!!! Yeah !!!!! Your Friend …...KingSlayer HX Storage Vault.hls
  13. guitarbloke1980

    HX Stomp - FRFR Speaker - Wow!

    So I bought a JBL PRX710 from work last week to try with the HX Stomp. It was a silly price so I figured it’d be worth a gamble. On Friday night I fired it up at home, dialled in my favourite HX patch and cranked it to gig level (sorry neighbours!) - and WOW! It just sounds phenomenal!! I would go as far as to say it sounds better (at certain things) than my Suhr Badger 35 and Zilla Fatboy 2x12. I was concerned that the low end may not be represented as fully due to the 10” woofer, but it sounds tight and focused. Everything sounds very articulate and clear – and most importantly, it sounds like a real amp and cab – not at all like a digital reproduction. I cannot wait to get this into a rehearsal with my band to try it out, as this may change once I’m in a room against a Dual Rectifier, bass drums and keyboards – but I’ve already been blown away by first impressions!
  14. Mike-GTR

    HX Stomp so far not so good

    Hi guys, Been trying to set the stomp up for the last couple of days. Through headphones, monitors, speakers it sounds great but i CANNOT get it to work through my Hod Rod Deluxe. I've read the manual and watched countless videos on 4CM method but i'm obviously doing something wrong. I've set up 4CM as per the manual - added a preamp block, managed to get sound but it was awful - tried changing line/instrument levels but still sounded bad. Also the manual says if you don't set up 4CM correctly you'll get no sound... but this isn't true as i pulled out 1 of the 4 cables and still managed to get sound through the amp. This also leads me to another issue... do you NEED 4 cables? Ive screen shot below a section from the Line 6 stomp vid they did with Andertons tv. They go into the amps return (using preamp sounds from HX stomp) then direct to the FOH (in this case a DAW) simultaneously but don't explain how its done. This set up is exactly how I want to use my stomp as the HRD is bollocks and i want to use the stomps preamp models for me onstage - then use an amp model/IR going out to the PA. If you look at the screen shot there are only 4 cables being used aside from the TRS out for exp pedal: Guitar - input to stomp Return out from stomp being sent somewhere L/R outs going somewhere. Can anyone decipher how this is being done? It seems to be a lot simpler than the manual illustrates Thanks, Mike
  15. ashbaury

    First Helix! But...

    Hello Line 6 Community! First time poster here. I've just made the jump from fractal to helix with a HX Stomp. In my first 2 days I am blown away at how great these tones are. I am looking to ditch both my AX8 and audio interface for the flexibility of the Stomp as a stand alone. So far, I can see I made the right choice. The only thing I am noticing is: Noise on high gain lead patches I love all the tones I'm getting from all the stock presets and also downloaded some Glen DeLuane presets. Both, have the high noise and uncontrollable feedback issue on the lead type patches. Is this just the nature of the Stomp or Helix in general or am I doing something wrong?
  16. Mike-GTR

    HX Stomp Global and Routing

    Hi First time posting here, been lurking for a while reading up all I can about the HX Stomp. I'm a complete noob when it comes to digital effects. I'm gonna take the plunge and get one but wanted to check a few things before i do. The main way i'm hoping to use it is with a preamp block with various effects into the power amp section of my Fender HRD amp for onstage monitoring, with a mix going out to the PA. With this in mind: 1. Does this option mean all the volume for my amp will be controlled from the stomp and will this be loud enough (the amp is 40 watts but I'm not sure if this is determined by the preamp or power amp stage)? Will I get significant volume loss? 2. Has anyone tried this option using real OD/boost pedals in front of the stomp and does it sound good with preamp blocks? 3. Will I have to set up separate amp/cab (or IR blocks) for the split path going to the PA or can i just use a single IR block using the same preamp block that's going to the HRD? 4. I'm not the most tech savvy player and i'm a little put off by all the global options (i.e impedance input level etc). Has anybody found these options to be overwhelming? I'm hoping to just be able to plug in and play for the most part. Many thanks, Mike
  17. Hi, I'm having a problem when transferring files from HX Stomp to HX Edit or Helix Native. I keep getting this error message:- HX Edit was unable to import presets in this set due to following errors:- 8309 incompatible target device type. I only bought the Stomp yesterday and have loaded the latest version of the software onto the Stomp and I also have the latest versions of both HX Edit and Native on my Mac. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me Les
  18. Hey! I am helping a friend set his stomp up and he wants an external tap tempo switch. I was able to reassign button 3 and then use at TRS cable to set up the external switch but the tempo isn't responding. If I press hold, it goes to the tuner. otherwise, it goes from 0 to 8000ms if I press or let go. I have 3 switches I am trying, just in case: an MXR tap, a strymon mini and a boss Boss FS-5U (momentary) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  19. larry_b_hart

    HX Stomp and Boss Katana 50 - sounds bad?

    HX Stomp 2.71.0 Boss Katana 50 and ESP KH602 guitar. I cannot get this combo to sound anything like I hear/see in Videos? I inpot Mono to K50 Clean Setting. I have tried the other setting; Crunch, Lead, Brown etc, each one on of those sound worse. Any suggestions on Settings for K50 and / or Stomp would be appreciated! Thnaks
  20. lemueldave

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    Can we have the 6 switch looper in the HX Stomp in the next update? I just want to use some of the features, like the 1/2 speed and reverse.
  21. HAblePwN

    HX Stomp + Ditto Looper

    I've been using a Firehawk FX for a bit now, and I just got an HX Stomp yesterday. Yay! Anyways, I'm using the HX Stomp into two Studio Monitors as a stereo setup. If I want to use an external looper like the Ditto, where would I put this in my HX Stomp? The FX Loop, the output, the headphone jack...? Also, would I need a stereo Ditto looper, or would a single work fine? I really tried to find an answer to this for the past few days but couldn't find anything, so any help is appreciated!
  22. felixflemons

    Importing IRs

    Hi All, I'm new to using Amp models and IRs. I own a HX Stomp and i'm crazy about it. I've purchased some IRs from Celestion and Own Hammer and have used them with the amp sims that come with HX Stomp. They sound amazing. I'm very happy. My question is regarding the settings when importing IRs. I see there are two slots one labeled 1024 and the other for 2048. Also, the IR files that I have come in a variety of kHz, ms and Bit rate formats. For example, in my Celestion pack there is a choice of importing 200 ms files vs 500 ms files and within those folders, there are several options for kHz and Bit rates. I read page 27 of the HX Stomp Users Manual that states: "HX Edit updates the HX Stomp hardware's IR list automatically. HX Stomp can load and store up to 128 IRs at a time. 48kHz, 16-bit, mono, .WAV type IRs of up to 2,048 samples are natively supported; however, HX Edit lets you import IR .WAV files of different sample rate, bit depth, length and stereo format, and the app will convert these attributes automatically before sending to HX Stomp". -and- "The imported IR is automatically shortened (or lengthened) to 2,048 samples.You may optionally choose a 1,024-sample version from the model list to save DSP, which fades out the IR halfway through". Ok so, this may sound like stupid questions but like I said earlier, I'm new to all this and don't quite understand what Line 6 is saying. Can someone school me on what all this means and how I should select the IR files for importing to my HX Stomp and how it could effect my tone? Thank you.
  23. d_sic3

    HD500 as Controller for HX Stomp?

    I was just wondering if this is possible though. I'm not well versed in MIDI nor the Snapshots in the Helix. Can I use my old HD500 to control the HX Stomp via MIDI? The reason why I ask is due to Jason Sadites' Youtube channel. He was using morningstar MC6 to control snapshots while leaving the Stomp's 3-button FS to control effects on/off. I was thinking that I may be able to do that with the HD500. If yes is the answer, aside from snapshots, will I be able to do the following too? Control effects on/off from the HD500 (as additional FS) Move to different presets and be able to turn on/off effects from presets (I think this is what they are referring to as snapshots). Your advice is really appreciated. DO
  24. Hi everyone, I'm struggling a little and need to bombard you all with questions I'm afraid! :( I've been tweaking my HX Stomp setup tonight (after 2 months I still haven't dared to gig with it!), and I've run into a few issues which hopefully can be easily fixed. I'm pretty sure some (or all) of these are due to my inexperience so I'll be the first to hold my hands up to being a technophobic idiot! Ok, so...Problem 1 - I tried to incorporate the HX Stomp into my exsting pedalboard. The chain is: Buffer - Korg Pitchblack - Digitech Mosaic - Digitech Drop - Strymon Riverside OD - HX Stomp - Front of Amp. The volume on the Strymon seems redundant - there's no volume increase at all as I turn the volume knob on the pedal. It also seems to have introduced some noise when the Strymon and HX are connected together (even when the Strymon isn't engaged). If I remove the Strymon the extra noise disappears. This isn't an issue normally (when I'm not using the Stomp). Problem number 2: I bought a Moskey dual switch to use as FS4 and FS5. However, it just sxrolls continuously through all presets and won't stop. It's configured like this in the global settings: *Footswitches* Stomp select = Press Fs4 = preset up Fs5 = preset down *Preferences* FS4 = EXP/FS tip FS5 = EXP/FS ring Tip/ring polarity: both set to normal Problem 3: When I'm running into the front of the amp (with nothing in the amp effects loop), the volume control on the amp does nothing. I can only control the volume via the knob on the HX. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong! Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any feedback or help!
  25. Hi, I admittedly have not had enough time to physically test the cable to make this work but I cannot seem to find a clear answer before I go down the rabbit hole- maybe somebody has had this pop up also? I bought the HX Stomp and want to use it with a Boss MS3 for a fly rig. My goal would be to hook up the MS3 in the FX Loop of the HX Stomp for maximum flexibility of effects ordering. The MS3 is a mono TS input with 2 stereo TS outputs. I want to use those stereo outputs for some of the delays and additional signal routing possible as a result. I am well versed in the HD500 from the past, Helix Native and also HX Effects for editing tones/signals and such. On the HX Stomp, can I create an FX block that allows for the mono send but with stereo returns on it? Any special work arounds to consider on this? I am pretty certain the MS3 will not like a TRS cable at it's input which would neutralize the FX TRS send, I just don't know how a TS cable on FX Send from HX Stomp will affect the block as a return in stereo. It seems like only real work around is 2 blocks, a mono send and then a stereo return - any other ways to do this as 1 block? Thank you all in advance for the help!!