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Found 46 results

  1. Bigpapajake

    Line 6 HX stomp midi tap tempo

    Is there a midi tamp tempo that anyone would recommend for the line 6 HX stomp?
  2. john_bedingfield

    HX Stomp - How to set Tap/Tempo to FS1?

    I'd like to assign the tap/tempo to FS1 instead of FS3. Is this possible, and if so, how? This might be a stupid question, but I couldn't find the answer in the HX Stomp manual, or on this forum (so far). In Global Settings I know I can turn it on/off, or set it to FS3, FS4, or FS5...but I don't see a setting that allows me to assign it to FS1 (or FS2 for that matter).
  3. laptop/HX Edit nearby but HX Stomp out of view, can I see the tuner on my laptop screen somehow?
  4. kevinseelbach

    HX Stomp - dual mono effects loops?

    I recently bought an HX Stomp. I had hoped to be able to connect the effects loops to two, independent chains in order to use the HX stomp to control routing to one or more outboard distortion pedals (KoT, heavily modded BD2). Here’s what I tried: HX stomp - stereo send jack- 1/4” TRS- dual 1/4” TS - each of these connected to inputs of my overdrive pedals. Output from pedal A-HX stomp return L, output from pedal B-HX stomp return R. I was able to get the signal routing, but - it’s still stereo, and thus, only affecting one side of the path. I had hoped that I would be able to treat everything “before the amp emulation” as mono, and then it becomes stereo after the amp/cab blocks. Worst case scenario, I was hoping for a utility type block that would sum the FX Loop L (or FX loop R) into a mono / dual mono signal, if placed immediately after an FX loop. I assume my problems are exacerbated since I am using HX stomp in stereo, rather than just having a single mono cable out. So, what’s the trick to this - is there an easy solution, or should I just stick the dirt in front of the HX? It would be nice to leave the dirt on all the time and control switching at the HX (in conjunction with any additional midi controllers or foot switches I may add in the future).
  5. guitarbloke1980

    HX Stomp - FRFR Speaker - Wow!

    So I bought a JBL PRX710 from work last week to try with the HX Stomp. It was a silly price so I figured it’d be worth a gamble. On Friday night I fired it up at home, dialled in my favourite HX patch and cranked it to gig level (sorry neighbours!) - and WOW! It just sounds phenomenal!! I would go as far as to say it sounds better (at certain things) than my Suhr Badger 35 and Zilla Fatboy 2x12. I was concerned that the low end may not be represented as fully due to the 10” woofer, but it sounds tight and focused. Everything sounds very articulate and clear – and most importantly, it sounds like a real amp and cab – not at all like a digital reproduction. I cannot wait to get this into a rehearsal with my band to try it out, as this may change once I’m in a room against a Dual Rectifier, bass drums and keyboards – but I’ve already been blown away by first impressions!
  6. boris_plotnikov

    HX Stomp. Tap tempo only for presets I need tap?

    I just get my new HX Stomp, I like it so much and I am very impressed! However one thing looks strange for me. I use tempo based delays sometimes, but not for each tone. So is it possible to assign FS3 to tap tempo only for presets where I use tap delay, while use FS3 as third stomp for another presets? It looks like it is global setting and as I really need tap for two tones, for other ten tones I have useless blinking knob which I'd prefer to use for something else. Any solution?
  7. I've done a fair bit of research about converting an old Wah to an expression pedal, including this great post: I'm hoping to do this for my HX Stomp, but just want to make sure I have a viable plan. I'm hoping to convert my Dunlop Crybaby to act in the same way as the new Mission Helix SP1-L6H REVISION B, which only requires a single TRS cable, rather than the Y-Cable splitter which the Revision A used. I believe I have all the parts I'll need (Dunlop 10K Wah Pot, 3PDT Switch, 10K Resistor, 1/4" STEREO jack), I'm just wondering if anyone has the know-how for how exactly I would wire it all up to make the HX Stomp happy. I believe the SP1-L6H REV. B uses a circuit board, and although I've etched a circuit board or two in the past, I'd prefer to keep this project as simple as possible without requiring a circuit board. I assume the setup would be pretty close to what Verne-Bunsen outlines for the Helix, but I don't quite understand how to wire the single TRS jack instead of the two TS jacks.
  8. Hey guys, Today we have an explanation and tone walkthrough of the "Simple Metal Tone," from the last tone video I posted. This one is super simple and would be a great use case for the HX Stomp. I used Ownhammer impulses of course and my Solar Artist A 1.6. The signal flow is as follows Solar A1.6 Artist - Line 6 Helix Rack - Ownhammer IR (OH 412 ENG V30 421-05) Universal Apollo Twin Presonus Studio One 4 nickhillmakesmusic@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/nickhillmakesmusic https://www.twitter.com/nhillmakesmusic https://www.instagram.com/nickhillmakesmusic/ My Band | The Partisan Component https://thepartisancomponent.bandcamp.com/
  9. chadgarber

    I am loving the HX STOMP

    I am loving the HX Stomp. Here are some demo/how to videos using it. Maybe they can be helpful to some in here:
  10. Hey guys, Guess what? Another Metal Tone! This was inspired by some of you asking if my Helix tones would work on HX Stomp. This tone uses only 5 FX blocks within Helix including a reverb block used for the ambiance that can easily be discarded bringing it down to only 4 blocks! For reference, HX Stomp is capable of handling up to 6 blocks. I am using my Solar Guitars A1.6 Artist with the Evertune bridge. This thing slays! Signal path: Solar Guitar A1.6 Artist - Line 6 Helix Rack - Univeral Apollo Twin Duo - Presonus Studio One 4 IRs Ownhammer OH ENG 412 V30 421-05
  11. gibsonkal1

    HX Stomp midi footswitch question

    Hi Folks, Just got a HX Stomp. Great pedal! One seemingly silly question I have is: will a 3 or 4 button midi amp footswitch work with the HX Stomp? (Like a Peavey or Randall 4 or 5 switch for amps) for turning fx on and off? Or would I be better off with a Midi Mongoose. I don't want to spend any more than $125 if possible. Whats an inexpensive way to add foot switches. -Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. Just joined. Thanks!
  12. akalchschmid

    Hx Stomp: Expression Pedal AND footswitch?

    Hi all, the Hx Stomp manual says that you can connect two expression pedals, or two footswitches. Does anyone know,can you connect one pedal and one switch at the same time?
  13. pavelds

    HX Stomp FS3 only for tuner?

    Hi guys, I don't know what is it that I'm doing but I don't seem to be able assign the FS3 to an effect (reverb in this case) I can select the effect in the FS selector of the patch but it doesn't change from tuner/tap to the actual selected effect in the actual foot witch. Is there something I need to do in the main settings to activate/deactivate this and get rid of the default FS3 setting? thanks in advance
  14. Bigpapajake

    Hx Stomp and Hx Effects Midi

    Is it possible for me to control the snapshots on the Hx stomp via midi from the Hx effects? For example, If im on preset 1a snapshot 1 for both the stomp and FX, if i were to switch to snapshot 2 on the FX is there a way to get the HX Stomp to go to snapshot 2 as well with just the one click of the FX?
  15. hausi_117

    HX Stomp buzz after update to 2.71

    so I recently got a hx stomp, tried it out, everything was working fine and it was dead silent, then I updated to the new firmware and all of a sudden got this buzz noise (its attachedto this post). it goes away after some time, but comes back. I also tried different power supplies and outlets , its always the same result, does anybody else have this problem, it seems like a software issue, since it was working fine before doing the update. hx stomp buzz.mp3
  16. brooksrocco

    Mini-Exp pedals with toe switch?

    I really like the form-factor of the Mini Dunlop pedals (DVP4 Volume, Mini 535Q, etc), but the ideal Helix exp. controller has to have a toe switch to maximize functionality, I think. Are there any mini-form expression pedals that have a toe switch? How are you running your mini expression pedals with your HX Stomp, HX Effects, etc.)?
  17. I've been enjoying my Firehawk 1500 with the FBV controller and a Variax for several months now, but when the HX Stomp came out I saw it as an excellent chance to both have an expansion of the Firehawk's effects, and to have a puny little Helix to take on the go or use with headphones in the bedroom. Based on some of the previous posts about connecting the Helix to the Firehawk 1500 I was worried that it would be a bit of a hairball but it didn't seem to be a problem at all and I was curious what methods everyone else had tried. Because I wanted to retain the Variax VDI input control (which the Firehawk 1500 has but the HX Stomp does not) this is how I set it up: 1. Variax into Firehawk 1500 VDI input. 2. FX block in Firehawk effects chain turned on and placed after amp block. 3. Left & Right sends on Firehawk FX Send out to Left & Right input on HX Stomp. 4. Left & Right outputs on HX Stomp to Left & Right Returns on Firehawk 1500. My thinking was to use the HX Stomp primarily for its effects with the Firehawk for the amp and distortion settings, and then if I needed more effects than what HX stomp allowed to simply use the additional effects blocks within the Firehawk. When I tried that setup it seemed to work perfectly, but it also seemed to work just fine to have the HX stomp handle the amp settings as well. Best of all, I was able to use the Variax without needing a battery and still set its tunings within the app. Has anyone else on this board experimented with different ways to mesh these two? What worked best for you?
  18. antonio_nogueira

    Can't get a good sound

    Any suggestions on getting a good sound. >Guitar> Stomp In Mono> Stomp Out (mono)>.Fender 40 watt Tube.. Should I turn down the volume on the stomp or on the effect output? It's very muddy. When using a single effect like chorus. The I do the 4input method it sounds great, but I'm limited to the Stomps parameters such as tone, presence EQ and Reverb. Thanks in advance
  19. antonio_nogueira

    HX Stomp 4 cable Method and HotRod Deluxe IV

    Hi all, just bought a Fender Hotrod Deluxe IV 40watt, I Hooked up my HX Stomp in 4 cable method and it sounds great, but I lost the ability to use all the setting on my Amp and also cannot change channels via foot pedal because of this. The stomp controls the volume…. Is there a setting that I need to change on the HX Stomp so that I can use the controls on my Amp? Thanks for any assistance….
  20. I am currently using my JTV59 with a Pod HD500x. I want to reduce my foot print and would like to replace the HD500x with the HX Stomp. Will I be able to get as good or better acoustic sounds from this proposed product union? I use both 6 string and 12 string models from the JTV59 and with the HD500x and I am currently getting pretty nice sounding acoustic guitar. I don't want to buy the HX Stomp and find it lacks in this primary area of my usage. Has anyone had an opportunity to pair the JTV variax type guitar with the HX Stomp? (Specifically in the acoustic guitar sounds)
  21. This just started happening. I already put in a ticket with Line 6 so just waiting to hear back. Anyone experience this and have a quick fix? The unit is about one month old. Reset the unit? Thanks. I'm bummed!
  22. Hi, My Stomp, Preset and Snapshot modes are all working well - each footswitch activates as soon as I press it. However, in Scroll Mode, the Preset Up and Preset Down only activate when the footswitch is pressed and then released rather than as soon as it is depressed (as in the other modes). This makes it very difficult to get timing right for smooth transitions between sounds. Does anyone know why this is or how to change it? Thanks!
  23. I just ordered an HX Stomp, and even though I have 0 experience with the Helix (I'm an AX8 user), I was thinking of using a spare Boss FS6 I have to get 5 footswitches rather than 3 (I think the math adds-up there...). I know the unit isn't out yet :) And I DID read the manual, but I'm a little confused about it. For example, it mentions the footswitches can only be used to switch between a Min/Max value of a given parameter? Hence I am assuming the way this works is similar to existing Helix units. If I'm wrong, may Zeus strike me down right now. What I'm trying to achieve is: * Unit's footwitches for 3 channels, i.e. any 3 preset per bank (1+2 and 2+3 together to change banks) * Keep footswitch 3 on the unit for the tuner, when using a long press * FS6 toggles 2 effects on/off for each preset (typically, mod + OD) This brings the Stomp to how I setup the AX8, with a much simpler and smaller setup overall. I don't ever use many more sounds, and if I do they can be on at all times (e.g. Reverb, Comp). Will this, or a similar variant, be a possibility? Cheers for indulging my impatience! :D
  24. Hi team! I can read in the manual that momentary switches should be used if you want to connect extra footswitches (FS 4 and FS5) to the HX Stomp. However, I do not understand if the momentary switches should be of the type "Normally open" or "Normally closed". Does anyone know? Maybe it does not matter since it's not specified in the manual? Regards Georg
  25. columbo2

    HX Stomp FS4 identifies as Exp1

    Hi Stompers, since updating firmware, my FS4 of an external footswitch identifies as an expression pedal, despite being set as Stomp 4 in the global settings. Is this an issue with the firmware? Or am i being silly? I’m pretty sure the footswitch and cable are behaving correctly. thanks! P