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Found 21 results

  1. Hello. After switching from the POD HD500x I am building my presets from scratch on the Helix and I am unsure if I should keep some free space for effect in between amp-block and cab or use the Amp+Cab cominations. Which effect should be definitely placed in between amp-block and cab? I like to try some recommandations before and after the cab for a comparison in the results.
  2. After struggling with this for a while myself I think I found a consistent and easy way to assign multiple blocks to a footswitch and easily bypass the ones I want bypassed when the footswitch is off with predictable results. This may seem obvious but the previous method I was using always seemed to leave me having to save and go back and play with the bypass states again to get the blocks I wanted coming on and off with the footswitch ring reflecting their state properly. PROCEDURE FOR ASSIGNING MULTIPLE BLOCKS TO A FOOTSWITCH Click the "MODE" footswitch to enter pedal view if you are not already there. Use the joystick to navigate to the block you want to assign to a footswitch. Now touch and hold the footswitch you want to assign to your block to. Do not click or tap the footswitch, just touch it gently and hold it like your favorite toy. After you hold it for a second the "Footswitch Assign" screen will pop up. Hit "OK" to assign the footswitch. Now use the joystick to navigate to the next block you want to assign and repeat step #3. Again, as long as you hold (keep your finger down without lifting) the footswitch rather than tapping it, the new block you are attempting to assign to the footswitch will stay selected and the "Footswitch Assign" screen will pop up. Now repeat step #4. You can repeat steps #2, #3, & #4 for up to 8 block assignments (at least as of this post). Finally, after all your chosen blocks are assigned. You can tap (touch and quickly lift off, don't click) the footswitch you have assigned everything to. Notice this time you are tapping, not touching and holding. Each time you tap the footswitch it will move to the next block that you have in your multiple assignment. Push bypass (or not) for each block assigned depending on whether you want if on or off when the footswitch is engaged. Once you have done this you will notice that you can tap your way through the blocks and the footswitch will light up or go dim according to each block's bypass state. Last but not least, if you want your preset to come up with your multiple assigned footswitch on, make sure that before you save it, you select (using the tap method in step #6) one of the blocks that is not bypassed on the multiple assignment. It does not matter which one of the blocks that is not bypassed you select. The opposite of course applies, if you want your preset to come up with the multiple footswitch dimmed and not selected, make sure you select any one of the blocks that is bypassed. Now save your preset or all your work is for naught! Sheesh, with all that tapping and touching and squeezing this post was starting to remind me of an old Journey tune.
  3. Hello, I am in need of help. I am a new Helix owner. I need to be able to merge path B (mic) after effects up to path A (guitar) just before the looper. I have been deeply covering the online manual for this (page 17) and it says how to MOVE a split or merge block, but not how to Create one... Once I learn how to do this, I also want to find out if I can change this with a snapshot so, I can choose when I'm looping to record guitar and vocals or just guitar. Any suggestions? ~Rob
  4. Can someone advise if the HD Stomp XL has the ability to only use effects blocks, or is it similar to the Pod Go where there are “fixed” effect blocks that cannot be removed, e.g EQ? I’m interested in getting the HD Stomp XL only for the effects to be used via 4CM and not utilizing any HD Stomp XL amps or cabs. I want all 8 effects blocks to be assigned only to effects. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi all - I noticed I sometimes need more FX blocks, especially when I plug in to a real amp. Is there a way to use FX blocks instead of AMP/cabinet blocks (and thus extend from 4 to 6 FX blocks)?
  6. Hello all, I'm looking for help with my setup. I'm not sure if this is a wiring issue or perhaps a hx stomp block chain issue. I just bought a BOSS SY1 synth pedal. I want to isolate the GUITAR (dry) signal from the SYNTH signal. I think I have most of this figured out but there's some things that are baffling me. I'm using 4 things * Guitar * Boss SY1 * L6 HX Stomp v2.92 * FRFR Speaker How its hooked up (all of 4 cables) Guitar output > Boss SY1 input (I want this pedal in the front as it tracks better) Boss SY1 "SEND" > HX Stomp main input L - this is the 100% DRY signal (works regardless if the SY1 is on or off) Boss SY1 "OUTPUT" > HX Stomp Aux In L - this is the 100% SYNTH signal as set by the SY1 direct and effect volume settings HX Stomp block chain - Main Input L > Overdrive block > Amp & CAB block > RETURN L block (from SY1 OUTPUT jack) > Delay block > Reverb block > Main Output (to FRFR speaker) My thinking in this was I can have my normal guitar amp and cab sounds and then to insert the synth sound just before the delay and reverb blocks so everything can use those, using the RETURN blocks mix to adjust how much of dry/synth signal I want. Sometimes 50/50 dry/synth and then sometimes 100% synth. The issue I'm having is this setup works fine but the RETURN L will not use the delay and reverb blocks, despite it being in front of both of them. The amp and cab blocks which are before the RETURN L use the delay and reverb which is baffling me. I can not tell what I'm doing wrong here. Any guidance would be much appreciated. I feel I'm close but obviously missing something here... Much thanks in advance!
  7. Hi... I'm using HX Effects running into a tube amp. This is probably on a forum somewhere but I couldn't really find it so thanks in advance for your patience. Can someone give me some advice on making a block to get a reasonable facsimile of an acoustic guitar? Sort of a like a Boss AC-3 pedal? It would really be cool if line 6 just added that pedal to the next update... Thanks!
  8. Hi guys I have been using the POD HD500X for recording in the studio and it has been great. I wanted to start using live, connected directly to the PA, sounds great as well in some try outs i have used it, but there is one major issue i have that might be a the reason to get rid of the HD500X, it is changing the parameters for a block in every preset separately every time i want a change. I have 4 basics presets a clean, clean with delay, distortion and distortion with delay which are in one bank, how ever I do have several specific presets for other songs (mostly filters added to the signal change of one of the original basic presets) and i store them in a different bank. I use two different amps for the clean and distortion channels Does anyone know if I can link the effects. My major issues is the amps and delays. depending on the gig and during sound check i want to be able to modify for example, the amps eq or volume and delay mix or feedback. Is there anything similar to global blocks that i can use? I want to for example reduce the bass on the distortion amp and change it in one preset that will also modify it the others presets linked to it. It has been too time consuming changing settings in 5-6 banks for one an issue i want to change through out the entire set. I know you can set individual or several blocks to be controlled by the FS1 - FS8 switches, but to me that defeats the purpose of the multieffects since i am still tap dancing. I currently use voodoo labs ground control and audio switcher to control stomp boxes, how ever it increased the amount of things to carry and set up way longer. I checked out AXE FX and it is possible, it is just out of my purchasing capabilities right now, and since I have the HD500X already I would like to give it a try. If any one knows if this is possible I would really appreciate it. Or of any other multi effects that can do it, it will check it out Thanks
  9. I have a Stomp and I really love it because it lets me integrate the best thing from the Helix (which in my opinion is the amp simulation/IR's) with pedals that I love. Now being that I usually run two amps through two IR's, I would really love to be able to put my reverb and delay pedals in separate FX loops without eating up my two remaining blocks on something I'm sure needs very minimal DSP. Anyone else?
  10. Hello all! I was using my new HX Effects and getting deeper into my banks, I realized even though I have 2 expression pedals hooked up I was not able to add 2 different volume pedals as 2 different blocks. I like setting up stereo, splitting the the A/B into separate distortions and delays, figured each line needed a volume pedal! I realize I was trying this from the software and not the actual unit itself to adjust the blocks, there is a bit of time yet until the software does everything I was reading. I will try from the unit itself tomorrow when back at it in the AM. Has anyone else noticed this by any chance? Just curious in the meantime before I get to mess with it more myself. I'd love to request this in a future programming update.
  11. Opened support ticket. Anyone having bug when you must press twice on patch to activate all blocks? . Not every time but it's very often. I'm on 2.60 version. First response from Line 6 is that there is bug with HX Editor 2.60, but for me problem occurred even after FULL reset and after I made my new patches using HX FX hardware. I just used Hx Edit to export those patches. Maybe the bug from HX Edit "contaminated" my clean hardware again. Support ticket is open, so will post the updates.
  12. What are you using the pre blocks for?... reason i am asking is so far not really finding ever using them....I tried 1) Using as an amp before a cab 2) Using a pre before an amp block (yuk) While they use less dsp I am not finding them useful so I am asking you what and how are you using them if at all.
  13. I'm new to the forum, but I've been looking around for a while and haven't seen anyone recommend this yet, so I wanted to make a suggestion. I am enjoying the Helix Editor software quite a bit, but one fairly simple change would make the program much smoother for me to use. If they would add a pulldown menu of favorite blocks, I could build new patches much easier. I know that I can open a preset, copy the block, then scroll to the preset I'm working on and paste it where I need it, but having your favorite chorus or delay already set and ready to go would be great! Anyone else with me on this?
  14. 1-I want to assign the Helix looper function to al my patches and activate by a footswitch 2-the first single path has run out of space how do I add more patches
  15. jpdennis

    AutoWah patch

    So I may have been hasty in thinking the Helix needs a ton of more FX blocks (forgive me if I blaspheme oh Helix members). I just finished using several blocks during the creation of a test preset for another concept. In the process I have come seriously close to the AutoWah sound on "Whiskey In Mind" by Christian Kane that the guitarist uses. I used the Autofilter then adjusted the Q & Freq Cuts. Now I have to start putting in sleepless nights thinking of how to "find" other gems in this Helix device. Amazing B) Dennis
  16. This post mainly comes from a question/idea I had... It seems like the profiling has already been done for the mics and the power amps from the cabs and the amps sections in the helix. If all the profiling has been done already I think it would be really cool to have the power amp sections of the amps and the microphones available as a effects blocks. If they have not already been profiled then I'm sure there are cooler things to be looking into, but if all the data has already been collected it would be super awesome to get these in. I may be wrong but I would imagine that all of the amps power amp sections are already profiled and would just be [amp]-[preamp] of existing blocks. I think It would be really interesting to be able to mix and match different power and pre amps to get different sounds. Also I have found the helix to be really great with recording guitar, bass, and vocals I do not know if the microphones on the cabs were profiled by themselves or if they were profiled as a cab/mic combo. But if the mics were individually profiled It would be really cool to be able to have these available as separate blocks. This could be really awesome for vocals or when using the helix as an interface for recording a live amp.
  17. Hi to all, Just received my helix last Saturday and happy with it. Much more user friendly than my Kemper. But here's the question : Is it possible to put more blocks with fx on 1 footswitch? F.e. I mostly use a delay only with my leadsound. So 1 press to switch boost and delay on simultaneously. And 1 step further: if I use my leadsound I hate reverb, so maybe with the same switch turn it of, when the other 2 go on, and vice versa. Let me know your thoughts. Ruud
  18. Hi all, this is my first post but i have a got a lot of information from all these topics so i thought id put this out there. I have been using my helix mainly with headphones as im not able to make too much noise but when i do amplifiy the beast i run it into the POWER AMP IN on my fender which sounds fantastic. My question is when using it with my amp i use the preamp versions of the amp models and no cab/IR but when using it with headphones and using what you could call a standard arrangement of effects e.g. - VOL-EQ-DISTORTION----AMP/CAB----MOD-DELAY-REV etc But in my standard rig i would normally run the VOL-EQ-DISTORTION- etc into the front end of the amp and the MOD-DELAY-REV etc in the effects loop but in the helix setup it comes after the amp and cab altogether?? Hope this makes sense??
  19. Firehawk Effects Blocks Basics In the Firehawk Remote editor, there are 12 effects blocks that you can turn on and off, and assign different models and parameters to. Some of them can be dragged to different locations, some can't. Of these twelve blocks, only five of them can be assigned as: · Drives and Dynamics · Mods · Delays · Filters, Synths and Pitch A quick way to tell which three can be assigned these effects types is that they have a border around them: Notice Stomp, Synth and Mod all are bordered. However, Reverb is selected, so its border is brighter. Here's how to change the effect type of those three blocks: 1. Select one of the three blocks by touching it. In this example, we'll select Stomp. 2. The effect will then show the effect type (in this case, "stomp"), the effect name ("Facial Fuzz"), and a power button to the right to turn the effect on or off. Touch the effect type to change it. 3. You'll then see a "Type" button. Touch it. 4. The block types then appear. Choose one. 5. The block has been changed. There is no restriction on the number of similar effect types or effects assigned to these three blocks. Three stomps, each with a Fuzz Pi on it? Go for it! Just don't forget to save your tone (cloud icon, then disc icon).
  20. Hello everyone, Hope you enjoy your wonderful Helix like I do! My question is how to use the blocks? I mean I don't know do I have to place Compressor before or after distortion? wah pedal before or after Amp?! Is there any rule for pacing these stuff to get a better sound? Thanks in advance
  21. Hello! I've been searching around the internet for some answers but struggling to find anything at all. Is the POD HD500X limited to 8 FX blocks? I'm wanting to use quite a few modulation effects to get some really weird sounds but I want to potentially use more than 8 effects. Has anyone got any insight on this? Cheers, Ant
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