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  1. Thank you for your reply. That's a pretty cool idea to try! That video has opened my mind. Thank you for taking the time to get that link to me. After messing about with the pedal, I've found some ways to get the sounds I wanted! Could either of you guys answer this one for me please? - I have assigned FS1 to turn on my tube overdrive and noise gate. It also turns off the chorus. Is there any way for FS2 to turn on the same tube overdrive? I would like to assign one FX block to multiple FS if that makes sense? Thanks, Ant
  2. Hello! I've been searching around the internet for some answers but struggling to find anything at all. Is the POD HD500X limited to 8 FX blocks? I'm wanting to use quite a few modulation effects to get some really weird sounds but I want to potentially use more than 8 effects. Has anyone got any insight on this? Cheers, Ant
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