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  1. Please disregard - I found my answer on another post from Donsbeck. I had to flip a toggle in the expression pedal. Thankfully we had the same pedal so piece of cake! thanks you Donsbeck! it now sweeps like one would expect!
  2. I got the Y Cable and setup the HX stomp - The FS is working and scrolling through modes like I want, and the expression pedal is talking with the HX stomp however I'm confused on one thing I need help with. The expression pedal in HEEL position is 0 which is good, but it hits 100 at the half way mark and then in full TOE position it is back to 0 again. I would much prefer HEEL is 0, TOE is 100. I've gone through the settings and built brand new presets to try to fix this and can't seem to overcome this. Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?
  3. NICE! Thanks much - time to order some cables and mimick your setup. thanks very much Yalyari!
  4. That is impressive! Very cool little box! Flexible (even if you have to make a change to stomp - but that's fairly quick). this gives me another avenue to ponder as well... :)
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for some help with a setup I want to achieve. I've searched the forums for my answer but haven't seen anyone want what I'm trying to do. Disclaimer - I'm not new to guitar or pedals but I am a noob with expression pedals. I want to hook up my Dunlop DVP4 mini expression pedal AND a single momentary (unlatched) button external footswitch (see attached example pic) to the HX Stomp expression jack (EXP 1/2, FS 4/5). My Goal is to use the expression for whatever I need and to set the external FS4 to toggle between stomp modes (bank, preset, snapshot, and pedals) because for some reason you can't make FS3 do this function. My question is does the HX stomp allow for this type of setup, and if so what cables do I need to get to make this happen (need to go buy them as I only have a single TRS cable at the moment). The jack can be used for both expression and footswitches but it does not mention if you can cross the two. I've confirmed my Dunlop DVP4 works well with the HX stomp so we're good there. My guess: (reminder of me being a noob with expression pedals) Looks like I need a Y Cable (TRS to two TS connections) - I was thinking this one https://ebssweden.com/content2/accessories/patch-cables-connectors/ But I do not know for sure that approach works. Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCHMALLE, you are epic in my book! It was the global setting you found. Return type = Return and presto all is well! Thank you so much! You are simply wonderful! FYI - the amp and cab settings were out of the box. it is fairly weak. I didn't tweak anything there. That is not my amp sound - I just wanted something to test things out so I didn't goof up my "real" presets :) Time to rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I updated the preset to be a Mono RETURN L. I get the same effect. SCHMALLE - question for you based on your reply. If you set the mix to 100% do you get delay and reverb? If I set the mix at 50% I get the delay and reverb - but ONLY from the dry signal. The synth sounds still bypass those blocks. I want to know why they are bypassing delay and reverb. I went through global settings in case I goofed up something there too but it seems in order. if it helps - if you wanted to only play with the synth sound, no guitar at all. You would set the mix to 100% synth. But synths arguably sound better with delay and reverb. That is where I'm banging my head against the wall cause it doesn't work :) but seriously I appreciate any and all replies! you guys rock! Synth 1 (new mono).hlx
  8. With the mix knob at 100% all you hear is 100% synth (like you're playing a keyboard and not a guitar mixed with a keyboard). But in the end the mix is meant to be adjustable on the fly and I will certainly use it at 50%. My question is why is there no delay and reverb. Those two blocks are on and AFTER the return block. That is the part I can't figure out... stumping me good. Do return blocks auto bypass all other blocks?
  9. You got it! thanks for the fast reply! I'm excited to try to get this working! My HX stomp preset is attached. I also attached a picture of the setup. (once it works perfectly I plan to build a nice pedalboard) If I missed anything else you just let me know! Synth 1.hlx
  10. Hello all, I'm looking for help with my setup. I'm not sure if this is a wiring issue or perhaps a hx stomp block chain issue. I just bought a BOSS SY1 synth pedal. I want to isolate the GUITAR (dry) signal from the SYNTH signal. I think I have most of this figured out but there's some things that are baffling me. I'm using 4 things * Guitar * Boss SY1 * L6 HX Stomp v2.92 * FRFR Speaker How its hooked up (all of 4 cables) Guitar output > Boss SY1 input (I want this pedal in the front as it tracks better) Boss SY1 "SEND" > HX Stomp main input L - this is the 100% DRY signal (works regardless if the SY1 is on or off) Boss SY1 "OUTPUT" > HX Stomp Aux In L - this is the 100% SYNTH signal as set by the SY1 direct and effect volume settings HX Stomp block chain - Main Input L > Overdrive block > Amp & CAB block > RETURN L block (from SY1 OUTPUT jack) > Delay block > Reverb block > Main Output (to FRFR speaker) My thinking in this was I can have my normal guitar amp and cab sounds and then to insert the synth sound just before the delay and reverb blocks so everything can use those, using the RETURN blocks mix to adjust how much of dry/synth signal I want. Sometimes 50/50 dry/synth and then sometimes 100% synth. The issue I'm having is this setup works fine but the RETURN L will not use the delay and reverb blocks, despite it being in front of both of them. The amp and cab blocks which are before the RETURN L use the delay and reverb which is baffling me. I can not tell what I'm doing wrong here. Any guidance would be much appreciated. I feel I'm close but obviously missing something here... Much thanks in advance!
  11. Hello, just curious to see if others are seeing this. Tried to search for the issue and did not come up with anything. I did a factory reset of my Line 6 Spider IV 75 combo amp and FBV Shortboard pedal/controller. Both of these devices are in fully working order and fully updated to the latest firmware. In using Spider IV edit software everything connects just fine however certain presets (not all) error out on the edit software and one or more FX slots are now SOLID RED. Restart everything and the same thing happens with those presets. It is clear that the preset is the issue, however once you run into this ALL presets ("good" or "bad") are shown in SOLID RED now. There is no audio issues but its very hard to get this cleared up and returned to normal once it happens? Anyone else seeing this. I attached a screenshot of the issue (grabbed from the internet so ignore the preset names). I ask because I wanted to go through every preset and save a copy to my computer for backup. This is proving to be harder to do when this issue comes up.
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