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Found 14 results

  1. Unfortunately, the design engineers decided to dual purpose an output without understanding the consequences. The PHONES/DIRECT OUT provides a stereo signal to the tip and the ring of a 1/4 Jack when inserted into the connector on the back panel. This is fine for listening with headphones but absolutely WORTHLESS when connecting to any mixing console input. Almost all mixer inputs accept BALANCED audio signals and when you send a STEREO signal to such an input you will only hear the audio that is not common to either channel. Mostly it will be a really crappy, low level signal that is impossible to use to anything. The easy fix is to lift one of the conductors on the cable (tip or ring) and leave it unconnected to anything. A more complex fix is to combine the leaft and right channels to make a mono signal and put it on the tip of a cable sent to the mixer and leave the ring unconnected. WHY? Because BALANCED audio format is one of the coolest tricks around. A balanced output has the guitar (audio) signal AND the inverse of the guitar (audio) signal both on the one cable. Signal on the tip (or pin 2 in XLR) and inverse of the signal on the ring (pin 3 of the XLR) . When these signals are sent to a BALANCED INPUT, the signals are SUBTRACTED from each other to produce a signal with twice the gain. This is all done to eliminate the noise which will be a positive signal on both conductors. Say the signal is 2 volts and the noise is .5 volts. You get 2 - (-2) = 4 for the signal and .5 -.5 = 0 for the noise. brilliant stuff because it is so simple. So when you plug your DIRECT OUT into a balanced input (almost all mixers have balanced inputs) you get LEFT SIGNAL - RIGHT SIGNAL = almost all the good stuff gone! I was shocked that a great company like LINE6 would pass this off and even tell you tpo use the DIRECT OUT to record. Really a remedial design issue that should have been caught before they made the amps. peace
  2. Hey, guys I'm just getting back into guitar after a 5 year break and to celebrate my return I picked up a Helix LT which will be here this week sometime. Before I quit playing, the extent of my effects usage was just plugging a pedal chain into the front input of my amp and calling it good. Now that the LT is on its way, I want to be sure I can run a proper effects loop on my tube amp and not fry any of my electronics. After watching a number of videos on the 4CM setup, I think I have the right idea with the cables and for keeping input/output levels proper for good tone. I was hoping someone could check my work on this, so I know that I understand what I am doing. Cables 1. Instrument cable from (output on guitar) to (guitar input on the LT) 2. Instrument cable from (send 1 on LT) to (guitar input of amp) 3. Instrument cable from (effects loop send on amp) to (return 2 on the LT) 4. Instrument cable from (1/4" output on LT) to (effects loop return on amp) 5. Speaker cable from (speaker out on amp) to (speaker cabinet input) Global Settings on Helix Output: 1/4" set to line level Send/Return 1: Set to instrument level Send/Return 2: Set to line level Send/Return 3/4 & XLR Output: Irrelevant to current setup. If you have any input, hot tips, or see any mistakes here please let me know. Thanks in advance, Feanor
  3. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for some help with a setup I want to achieve. I've searched the forums for my answer but haven't seen anyone want what I'm trying to do. Disclaimer - I'm not new to guitar or pedals but I am a noob with expression pedals. I want to hook up my Dunlop DVP4 mini expression pedal AND a single momentary (unlatched) button external footswitch (see attached example pic) to the HX Stomp expression jack (EXP 1/2, FS 4/5). My Goal is to use the expression for whatever I need and to set the external FS4 to toggle between stomp modes (bank, preset, snapshot, and pedals) because for some reason you can't make FS3 do this function. My question is does the HX stomp allow for this type of setup, and if so what cables do I need to get to make this happen (need to go buy them as I only have a single TRS cable at the moment). The jack can be used for both expression and footswitches but it does not mention if you can cross the two. I've confirmed my Dunlop DVP4 works well with the HX stomp so we're good there. My guess: (reminder of me being a noob with expression pedals) Looks like I need a Y Cable (TRS to two TS connections) - I was thinking this one But I do not know for sure that approach works. Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  4. Line 6 don't sell replacement cables or accessories. Recently my Sonic Port VX stopped working and I think -working with Line 6 Customer services -I've narrowed down the issue to the lightning port cable. I found: Sonic port VX >line6 lightning cable>ios device = No response Sonic port VX >standard mini USB out> official apple USB to lightning adaptor>ios device = message on apple device saying "accessory requires too much power" Sonic port VX> standard mini USB out> powered USB hub connection> official apple USB to lightning adaptor>ios device = everything works... but this is not a convenient and portable solution. Sonic port VX> standard mini USB out> windows computer = works fine So whilst I can use Sonic port VX> standard mini USB out> powered USB hub connection> official apple USB to lightning adaptor>ios device, to get it to work -the whole thing is no longer mobile, losing one of the main elements that attracted me to device in the first place. Customer services say they can't sell me the lead, and have only 1 supplier in the UK I can use Sontec. Sontec told me a replacement cable is £56.81 -and it's Line6's fault. This is nearly same price as a brand new sonic port (which you can buy new for £63). If anyone has a spare they'd be willing to part with let me know! Otherwise I suppose I'll have to buy 2nd hand sonic port from ebay or something in hope the cable works...
  5. Good day dear Line6 and everyone!! Q.1 I have POD X3 and POD HD Bean. I connect them to two KRK monitors through this mixer: Please tell me which 6.3jack cables I need to use to operate one POD in stereo and where to connect them? 2 TRS or 2 TS? If I connect one or two cables, which inputs are should I use the mixer in these two separate cases? Please read the instructions for the mixer. I look forward to hearing from you, with respect. I'm playing through GearBox. Q.2 What cables should I use from this list to connect two monitors to the mixer? I also want to inform you that the engineer from RJM who produced this mixer advised me to use 2 mono-jack cables to mono-xlr (ground connected to sleeve in xlr-connector). But I want to ask you, it will be the right option if I do not have grounding in the outlet and whether there will be noise from ground fault with sleeve on every cable? If there is another connection option from the list, then please inform me of the best option. All in two photos. Q.3 How to adjust the impedance on this sound path? (Guitar Processor> Mixer> Monitors) What value should not exceed and not be underestimated at the inputs and outputs. Give an example please (Guitar processor> Mixer> Monitors). Mini Line Mixer Manual.pdf MLM-1 Example.pdf
  6. Hi all! I take my Helix back and forth from rehearsal space every week. When I'm not using my Helix as an audio interface, I got my Focusrite 2i2 hooked up to my monitors. Is there a way to more easily switch between the two than unplugging the audio cables from the Focusrite and plugging them in the Helix? Basically, can I hook up both my Focusrite and Helix to the same speakers, and switch as I need to? This way my Focusrite is always plugged in, and I can just plug in the Helix when I can and switch to it. How would I go about this? Cheers!
  7. Good morning all! Apologies for entering the forum with a post that has probably been repeated many times before but it gives me a chance to introduce myself... I'm Chris, a predominantly bedroom guitarist who ventures out once a month to a local jam night. I've taken the plunge and ordered a Helix after finding an amazing deal. I've play with a few demo units in some local stores so don't have any anxiety around navigation of the device, but as someone who mainly just plugs into an amp via a few pedals, I'm a bit uncertain regarding the additional options for listening to the output of the Helix (at home). I think that the options are largely: 1. Studio monitors 2. Via headphones for near-silent practice 3. FRFR active monitor 4. Amplifier (fx return or front-end) I'd like your advice mainly about option 1 as this looks like a good link into DAWS and home recording. So.... What's the best way to connect Helix to monitors? XLR or 1/4"? Do I need to / should I go through an audio interface? Do I need to hook up to a computer or can I just go directly to the monitors? I currently only have a MacBook Air but will probably buy an iMac later this year. I appreciate that I'll need the computer attached if recording, but as I only have a laptop and use that for work other things, it doesn't have much storage capacity and I like to keep my set-up as simple as possible - i.e. plug and play. Thank you in advance! Cheers, Chris
  8. Apologize if this has been asked already, I couldn't find it in the archives. I've got a latest generation Ipad and would like to record my playing using the built in video camera on the Ipad. I know I can use the built in Ipad microphone or can use a lightning connector mic like a Blue Sparkle to capture external Helix audio coming out of my amplified speakers. But I'm wondering if there is an output on the Helix that would allow me to send the guitar audio signal direct into the ipad to record the audio along with the video that is recording on the Ipad? Ideally would like to do this and also at the same time continue to send my Helix output via the XLR cables to my speakers so I can hear the audio in the room as I'm playing. Any assistance for a tech newb greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hi guys! I just disconnected my POD 500X from my computer as the latency was unbearable. I think I'll try connecting my KRK 6's directly into it instead, but I noticed that the outputs on the POD are balanced whereas the inputs on the monitors are balanced for both XLR and TRS. Will this be a problem ? I've read somewhere that when monitoring from the balanced outputs on the POD, the volume gets really low unless you connect to an amp, but when using unbalanced directly it's quite allright for practising...? Just wondering what kinda cables I should head out to buy on monday - cheers for any advice :) -Thomas
  10. Not sure that this is an actual problem but seemed very apparent at the time and appears to have cleared up based on some rerouting so just looking for some opinions. I'm just curious to find out if it a potential cable issue or just the way the balanced line in's handle this as it was the mix of balanced and unbalance inputs. Worst case I hope it's not the start of a fault This is what I was doing had a zoom RT-223 drum machine hooked up to i/p 15 using a unbalanced 1/4" jack cable, output from zoom is line and unbalanced I think. Had a Blackstar HT20 (Emulator out line balanced) hooked up to i/p 14 using a balanced 1/4" TRS. Auto trimmed both RT 14dB, HT 10dB set the faders to about -3dB and -1dB respectively and started to jam along with the drum machine. After about 2/3 minutes got a very noticeable drop off in drum level (hadn't touched a thing) so watched on deep tweek to see if the auto tracking algorithm was changing trim. No change I could see, switched off trim tracking to see if this had an effect nothing changed on the level . Continued to play along and level seemed to go back to original, again other than turning off trim track hadn't touched a thing. So after a few more repeats of drop off then recover some time later decided to reboot. Same thing happened again only the amp had decided to copy the fault and level dropped off on this too, then came back. This is what I did moved drum to i/p 12 re trimed and set-up level and left HT20 in i/p 14 unchanged. Level issues so far no problems and it's been running like this for a few hours. So do the balanced line in's not like unbalanced line connections and somehow it effects all (13-16) i.e is it a common multiplexed ADC or is there something weird going on. Opinions?
  11. Hey guys, Question: what is the different between the jacks and XLR cable ? I have a mixer connected to the PC but I was wondering the difference between those two connections. Has XLR better quality or something ? Can I connect my HD500X to the mixer with those cables ? Thank you in advance. fr2632
  12. Hey guys, So I got the KB37 and I followed all the tutorials in installing it, and also installing it as my sound card. Works great! But the sound suddenly got cut off after recording for a while. I checked a few things. 1, the V.U meters were still jumping when I played stuff back or when I dragged around the volume slider in the control panel, which means there's still signal. 2. My speakers were still working . I unplugged the 8 inch cable from the back of my PC there was still buzzing when I touched it, so KB37, PC and speakers are working fine. I have a feeling its the Y cable, which didn't have any buzzing when I unplugged them and tested it for defects. There isn't any buzzing sound when I touched both sides (the left and right monos and the eight inch stereo). Nothing. Could it be a deffective Y cable? Before I buy I would like to find out from this end. Also, this seems a little scary but I am unable to switch back to my default soundcard in my PC which is the Creative Soundblaster, which I used to be able to when I had a Line 6 UX2 years back. And so right now, I'm getting signal, I'm able to record but I have no audio coming out. Prior to this problem, I have followed all instructions in installing and updating drivers and activating and authorizing my product. Do advise. Thanks.
  13. Hello I have recently purchased a ux2 and Im quite excited to use it, but I've ran into a problem. I bought some Behringer MS16 speakers to monitor the sound, but there is only one SPDIF output, which is used to connect to the other speaker. I have tried to connect straight from the one speaker just to see if it will work, but no sound at all. The input meter from the guitar in pod farm is moving, meaning at least the sound is being registered. I think I need to buy like a rca (Red and white connectors) to spdif cable to connect to the ux2 to get the sound out, but again Im not sure if I'm right. Could anyone confirm this is the type of cable I need to finally get my ux2 up and running, and if not, direct me to the correct type of cable to use? Thanks Liam
  14. Hey guys, so I just purchased a Pod Hd Pro Rack unit. I wanna run it through a live rig and all I have is a discontinued Line 6 Mk1 Bogner head, a peavey 5150 slanted cab and an EC1000. The head only has a preamp out and power amp in. Now I have seen many videos of the HD500 live setup with the 4 cable method but the rack unit doesnt have the same outlets as the 500. I have a few questions about all this. 1. What cables should I be using specifically for the 4 cable method(stereo, mono cables? mix of both?) and how do i connect them without hiss or airy noises( do i need to mod something on the pod hd as well to link with the cab better?) I just changed tubes so i know its not the head or anything digital thats wrong. The speakers in the cab are new as well. 2. The loudness of the amp reduces when i plug in the pod hd( also all hiss and airy noise is gone). Is my amp not suitable to power the pod hd? 3. finally is there a way to bypass the effects from the head and just use the power from the amp to run my pod hd's effects? This noob would really appreciate your help. Thanks guys!
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