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  1. My current setup is as follows. (this is after I have run line 6 monkey and line 6 manager as per instructed) KB37 --(usb)--PC KB37 --(analog out)--line in. And of course Speakers go to the respective port. I followed this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OSgQ7DacLA where this guy from technical support told me a way to have sound even without speakers, and thats by registering my product via Line 6 Monkey and Line 6 Manager so that it can update the drivers and what not, which is what I want actually. It worked after the first installation, and I was able to control the sound and do recording with the KB37. I'm watching the same exact video again, and as usual, the V.U meters are moving, but theres no sound. Anyway, issue has been resolved. All I did was reinstall the drivers for KB37 and I can now switch between sound cards.(PC's Creative SoundBlaster and the KB37) Thanks!
  2. *UPDATE* Hmm okay so I found out that my soundcard wasn't working for some reason. Knowing that I followed the steps to uninstall and reinstall it. Sound is now back up, but when I wanna record and use my KB37 as a soundcard, it still as the same problem: no audio. Even when I turned on POD Farm, there IS signal but theres NO sound. Could it all point to the same problem: the Y cable? Or do I have to reinstall everything?
  3. Hey guys, So I got the KB37 and I followed all the tutorials in installing it, and also installing it as my sound card. Works great! But the sound suddenly got cut off after recording for a while. I checked a few things. 1, the V.U meters were still jumping when I played stuff back or when I dragged around the volume slider in the control panel, which means there's still signal. 2. My speakers were still working . I unplugged the 8 inch cable from the back of my PC there was still buzzing when I touched it, so KB37, PC and speakers are working fine. I have a feeling its the Y cable, which didn't have any buzzing when I unplugged them and tested it for defects. There isn't any buzzing sound when I touched both sides (the left and right monos and the eight inch stereo). Nothing. Could it be a deffective Y cable? Before I buy I would like to find out from this end. Also, this seems a little scary but I am unable to switch back to my default soundcard in my PC which is the Creative Soundblaster, which I used to be able to when I had a Line 6 UX2 years back. And so right now, I'm getting signal, I'm able to record but I have no audio coming out. Prior to this problem, I have followed all instructions in installing and updating drivers and activating and authorizing my product. Do advise. Thanks.
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