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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, I didn't see any post that covers a potential bug I've found yet so posting here. I am using Helix Native 3.71 on Windows 11. My PC is decently high-end, 32gb RAM, 7900x CPU, etc. I've confirmed this occurs in both Cubase Pro 13 and FL Studio 21.2.2. Fresh installs of everything. UMC404HD interface. Helix Native works fine once added to a channel initially, and even after switching through a few different presets, but eventually after switching through many presets (30+) it stops outputting any audio. The plugin still does show the input levels are present (see pics), but even if you disable all the effects or switch presets, once it enters this broken state it will no longer output any audio. If you restart the DAW or delete the plugin from the channel and re-add it then it works fine with any preset again. In FL Studio, it actually makes a quick buzzing sound at the moment it breaks. When this occurs, other instances of Native on other channels don't cease functioning. This feels like it might be a memory leak within the plugin; resources are being allocated when switching between presets but never released, so eventually it presents an OOM exception in Native. It seems to happen faster when switching between more intensive presets (ie: DEVIN TOWNSEND). However, I don't see any increase in memory usage in the Task Manager when this happens. Does anyone know why this is occurring and how to resolve it? Is it possible to file a bug report? Would any other information could help debug this? Greatly appreciate any insight, thanks.
  2. No sound. When it's powered down, and I'm plugged in, audio passes through to the amp. When I boot up the HX, the audio cuts out once it's up and running. I didn't change any settings since my last session. Checked my cables - they are brand new, but checked them without the unit anyhow, they work. I did a factory reset. I have updated the latest firmware (2.54.0). I've only had it for a little over a month. Any suggestions?
  3. albavin


    Hello I've just bought the LINE6 FIREHAWK,I have played for one hour, then I plug my headphones. When I've unplugged my headphone, no signal came out (XLR),. I've made a downgrade,then upgrade... factory restore... NO OUTPUT! Please, help me! txs
  4. I'm having issues with Podfarm after updating to El Capitan. I plug my UX1 into my mac and i get the green light (which says its connected and supported.) However nothing appears in my system preferences audio inputs and when i open Podfarm it says it isn't connected (No sound either.) So i go to update my drivers and after i'm finished updated, before i restart, i get an error message telling me the CDSDAudiocapturesupport.kext can't be used or something. I've heard Roxio's products can affect this but after removing them i'm still having the issue, no sound, no input and when i restart the drivers say they HAVEN'T updated. Someone please, help, what can i do?! I run a small studio from home and we were meant to be recording tonight but instead i've spent tonight trying to fix this issue. Any ideas?
  5. My Pod Studio UX2 has suddenly stopped outputting any audio after several months of solid use. I have already checked the monkey (everything shows up as green check marks), reinstalled drivers, and checked my audio system to make sure the obvious stuff is set up properly (correct audio out selected, volume turned up, audio cables and USB cables swapped out, speakers are working when plugged into another audio source, etc). I am running Windows 7. The drivers are definitely working, in that when I plug it in the volume controls all switch from my laptop's built in sound card to the Line 6 UX2 and the meters on the UX2 light up and show audio coming through it. Plugging speakers or headphones into it gives that telltale 'pop' that you get when you plug a speaker up to a powered-on amp without any audio signal coming through yet, so I believe that the audio amp has power, but there is no sound coming out at all. My windows volume mixer shows an audio signal going to the UX2. In the Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices settings in the control panel, Hardware Meters are set to show audio output, and it is definitely showing that it is receiving a signal as I can play music and the meters show the music's volume levels without problems. Again, everything looks like it should work, but there is just no audio at all, either from the analog outs or the headphone jack. To be clear, this is audio from any source, not just my live guitar input processed through Pod Farm. I can play movies, music, etc from my computer and get no audio from any sources at all. What happened? Is my Pod Studio shot?
  6. Hey guys, So I got the KB37 and I followed all the tutorials in installing it, and also installing it as my sound card. Works great! But the sound suddenly got cut off after recording for a while. I checked a few things. 1, the V.U meters were still jumping when I played stuff back or when I dragged around the volume slider in the control panel, which means there's still signal. 2. My speakers were still working . I unplugged the 8 inch cable from the back of my PC there was still buzzing when I touched it, so KB37, PC and speakers are working fine. I have a feeling its the Y cable, which didn't have any buzzing when I unplugged them and tested it for defects. There isn't any buzzing sound when I touched both sides (the left and right monos and the eight inch stereo). Nothing. Could it be a deffective Y cable? Before I buy I would like to find out from this end. Also, this seems a little scary but I am unable to switch back to my default soundcard in my PC which is the Creative Soundblaster, which I used to be able to when I had a Line 6 UX2 years back. And so right now, I'm getting signal, I'm able to record but I have no audio coming out. Prior to this problem, I have followed all instructions in installing and updating drivers and activating and authorizing my product. Do advise. Thanks.
  7. I am using a UX1 which works perfectly fine for my guitar and recording in cubase for my guitar but now I am trying to record JUST vocals, my guitar isn't even plugged in and I can't figure out how to set it up I use Asio4all in cubase and can't even find VTS autobay in that to operate what I have found in so many things...but that's not the main problem (even though it is a problem.) I can't even get any audio in Pod Farm 2.5 I did what was suggested in one forum but it did nothing (simply opening the mixer...which doesn't sound like it would fix any problem) No I do not have a phantom power mic, so there should be literally no problem, but I understand it's obviously not plug and play like using a guitar. Help with cubase would be a godsend, but help with just being able to work with my mic in pod farm would be awesome and much appreciated. thank you, DSH
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