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  1. OK, I am totally stupid. I had apparently turned the 'Output' knob on the POD Farm all the way down so there was no audio coming out. I was already shopping for a UX1 and was zoomed in on a picture of it and read 'Output' on the knob label and then asked myself, 'does my UX2 have one of those?' Feel like a complete idiot that I have wasted like a week on this, but am thrilled to have my POD back, and ready to buy some more amp models as an apology to Line 6.
  2. Yes, it was purchased new in May of this year. I have created a support ticket, we will see if the support folks are able to help me or if it is still under warranty.
  3. An update: I just installed the UX2 on another Windows 7 system which has not had any Line 6 devices on it before and get the same results on that system as well. Drivers install fine, everything looks good, but when I plug it in still no audio out at all even though the meters are bouncing like crazy when sending audio to it. Looks like my UX2 is shot unless I hear otherwise from someone else on this forum. If that is the case I will be REALLY disappointed at the quality of this device, as I paid $200 for it and it did not last more than 7 months before becoming useless.
  4. My Pod Studio UX2 has suddenly stopped outputting any audio after several months of solid use. I have already checked the monkey (everything shows up as green check marks), reinstalled drivers, and checked my audio system to make sure the obvious stuff is set up properly (correct audio out selected, volume turned up, audio cables and USB cables swapped out, speakers are working when plugged into another audio source, etc). I am running Windows 7. The drivers are definitely working, in that when I plug it in the volume controls all switch from my laptop's built in sound card to the Line 6 UX2 and the meters on the UX2 light up and show audio coming through it. Plugging speakers or headphones into it gives that telltale 'pop' that you get when you plug a speaker up to a powered-on amp without any audio signal coming through yet, so I believe that the audio amp has power, but there is no sound coming out at all. My windows volume mixer shows an audio signal going to the UX2. In the Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices settings in the control panel, Hardware Meters are set to show audio output, and it is definitely showing that it is receiving a signal as I can play music and the meters show the music's volume levels without problems. Again, everything looks like it should work, but there is just no audio at all, either from the analog outs or the headphone jack. To be clear, this is audio from any source, not just my live guitar input processed through Pod Farm. I can play movies, music, etc from my computer and get no audio from any sources at all. What happened? Is my Pod Studio shot?
  5. Hi and thanks for the response. I am using the 'NORM' input, as I understand that the 'PAD' input should be used for line-level signals. This is my 1st active pickup guitar so I'm not that knowledgeable on them, but I'm assuming an active pickup doesn't actually bring the signal level up to line level. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Hi and thanks for the response. I just bought a new guitar with EMG active pickups and that has boosted the input a bit, but it is still less than 25% in the input meter. The only way I can get a good input level (50% of the input meter) is to put my EHX White Finger compresser inline between my guitar and the POD Studio and then pushing the gain up with the pedal. I have 3 separate high quality guitar cables and all have consistent input levels, so I don't think it is a cable problem. Line 6 Monkey shows all green checks.
  7. Haha, I just remembered that I also own a bass guitar, so I plugged that in to see what kind of audio level that showed in Pod Farm. It's definately higher, about 20% the max of the meter, probably almost twice what my guitar puts out, but still I am not seeing anything more than 20% on that input meter for both my instruments. Both instruments are 'rock / metal' oriented, the guitar is an ibanez iceman IC-400 with 2 humbuckers, and the bass is a Schecter Diamond series with 2 humbuckers as well. I would expect both of these to be fairly high gain instruments. Again, if anyone else could weigh in on what they see input-level-wise on their Pod Farm setup, I would really appreciate it!
  8. Hi all, First a whoops-- I was calling my Pod Studio a TonePort! I used to own a TonePort a long time ago, so sorry for the confusion. I can't change the title of the thread otherwise I would just fix this. I have a Pod Studio UX2 and am getting REALLY low input levels from my guitar into the Podfarm 2 software. The 'in' meter on the top left corner of the Pod Farm interface never goes above about 10% of the meter and the output volume on clean amps is so low it is not usable. I have to use distortion stomboxes or high gain amps to get anything usable out. Also, the input level is so low that the tuner does not register the higher strings at all so the tuner cannot be used on my A and high E strings. Is this normal, or is there something wrong with my guitar/cable/toneport hardware? I only have one guitar and no 'real' amp so can't swap out hardware to see if something is wrong, so I am relying on your input to help me to identify if I have a problem or if this is just normal behavior. Thanks for any help!
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