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  1. No I have to go into control panel in the in device setup>vts audiosystem> ASIO ux1 and change the inputs & recording input to instrument from mic, it's preset is the mic, but I got it figured out. It doesn't allow me to change it in pod farm actually which is change the input that way, which is less easy but whatever still works the same.
  2. but now when I switch over the mic is the only thing that works...this is not good, I can't get it to switch over to the guitar at all and the digital audio interface only uses the mic now... I tried unplugging it to no avail, and I am unsure what else to do to get it to work....this is just getting worse and worse.
  3. got it to work, you can't have the mic armed to listen when you play a recording back...even though you can for guitar...sweet deal. so everytime I want to use the mic I just change it to this and I can use it and for guitar I change it back to "full duplex driver"
  4. that was only for guitar for some strange reason, like I said In control pannel only the mics were listed as the sends.
  5. ok so now I got the mic working, but it will not record audio which I just tried, and for some reason I get nothing. but I can hear the mic working so woot! almost there. but it seems the sends are only used for the mic when I checked them out in control pannel
  6. alright so I'm obviously using the wrong asio, I tried the "full duplex driver" because no one explained the one to use, and that seemed to work a little for me, so just mono all the sends or set them up in stereo or set up a few in stereo and a few in mono, do you know what sends go to what ports? as in 1-2 are used for guitar port and 3-4 are used for mic port? giving this a shot
  7. The mic works when In standalone which is pretty simple, but when in cubase I get boosted feedback from having the mic plugged in and external mic selected in stereo input, but I get no mic audio, the mic works fine, it's something that is going on with cubase or with podfarm in cubase. Or something isn't set up properly at all. I get levels but not when I talk into it just from the signal being boosted.
  8. what are these sends? there is no place to select the mic in podfarm when I am in cubase though only in standalone...I do get mic feeback from boosted audio but no sound.
  9. Oh I thought you were a support guy, I figured there were some in here...Hope they can help me. do you have any idea what would cause the mic to give feedback in cubase and podfarm (even though it works in standalone) but not give any mic sound at all?
  10. got the guitar to work from updating with monkey, but mic just gives me fuzz with the external mic choice, can't figure this out
  11. now I got it to slightly work, but now there is this weird feedback and delay that comes through and it doesn't work properly, and it reverberates I'm unsure what that problem would be.
  12. as well, when I just now deleted asio4all, which is all that seems to work, I can't get my mic to work with the mic settings at all on podfarm in cubase, but it makes a hell of a noise with the guitar settings but no vocal audio either way. which I can't even get my guitar to play through because none of the choices in vts connections work... so your advice doesn't really help.
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