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  1. Hello, I didn't got replies from the DTedit author, so I post the link to the OSX version I've compiled today of his brilliant software. Some tweaking was necessary, so we must give a try and return some feedback. On my systems, win and mac, dtedit was not working. I've added a sysex identifying request after any Control Change message sent, and this works for me. I will try to compile the same code for Win32 very soon. Let me know! Flavio Ronco Torino, Italy. Download DTeditOSX.dmg file size: 22 MB ::UPDATE: I've updated the package, there was a wrong set of library files included. Please re-download it and give a try.
  2. Hi, I have a Tone port UX2 and this include a pod farm, i can't install pod farm 1.12 in mac os x 10.13 High Sierra, when I install appears next message : "You can't install pod farm in this disk".
  3. Background Apple has pivoted away from using Intel-based CPUs with its computers, instead favoring the Apple Silicon processor, also known as the M1/M2 Chip. Later Intel and and all Apple Silicon systems run on macOS 12.0 Monterey and macOS 13.0 Ventura. As it stands, some Line 6 products are not fully supported on computers using Apple Silicon processors, so we cannot offer technical support for those products installed on M1/M2 systems at this time. We encourage you to please check with the manufacturers' websites of your music system’s hardware and software for M1/M2 compatibility. Workaround on M1/M2 Systems NOTE: Any workarounds offered are not official solutions. Issues experienced with workarounds offered cannot be addressed until official support is offered. Starting with Big Sur macOS 11, Apple introduced Rosetta v2, which allows applications to run in an emulated mode. Rosetta runs automatically with our software that is NOT a plugin. To use Rosetta with our plugins, locate your DAW in the Applications folder. Use command ⌘+I and check the “Open in Rosetta” box. You may have to rescan your plugins afterwards. Testing Software status on M1/M2 systems running macOS 12 Monterey and macOS 13 Ventura Metallurgy Collection: working as expected Helix Native: working as expected Echo Farm 3.0: requires Rosetta workaround Amp Farm 4.0: requires Rosetta workaround POD Farm 2 (Plugin): requires Rosetta workaround POD Farm 2 (Standalone): working as expected POD Farm 2 (Elements): working as expected HX Edit: working as expected POD Go Edit: working as expected Powercab Edit: working as expected POD HD Edit: working as expected POD HD500 Edit: working as expected POD HD500X Edit: working as expected POD HD Pro X Edit: working as expected Spider Valve Mk II Edit: working as expected Spider V Remote: working as expected Spider IV Remote: working as expected Workbench HD: working as expected Line 6 FBV Control: working as expected Line 6 Updater: working as expected Line 6 License Manager: working as expected Helix Hardware Driver: working as expected POD Go Hardware Driver: working as expected Audio-MIDI Driver 1.0.0 (TonePort/POD Studio/GuitarPort): working as expected Software that will not be updated to support Silicon-based systems: StageScape: Audio Driver POD X3: Audio Drivers, Editors, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager POD XT: Audio Drivers, Editors, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager TonePort UX8: Audio Drivers, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager TonePort/POD Studio KB37: Audio Drivers, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager POD HD 300/400: Audio Drivers, Updaters, Control Panel app and License Manager Line 6 Monkey Line 6 Hardware status on M1/M2 systems running macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 13 Ventura: The following hardware products are being tested for general compatibility with macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 13 Ventura running on M1/M2 CPU systems when using the latest available Line 6 driver or the macOS 12 or 13 class-compliant driver, as applicable. AMPLIFi 30/75/150: working as expected AMPLIFi FX100: working as expected AMPLIFi TT: working as expected Firehawk FX: working as expected Firehawk 1500: working as expected Helix Floor: working as expected Helix LT: working as expected Helix Rack/Control: working as expected HX Effects: working as expected HX Stomp: working as expected HX Stomp XL: working as expected POD Go: working as expected POD Go Wireless: working as expected PowerCab 112 Plus: working as expected PowerCab 212 Plus: working as expected Catalyst Amps: working as expected DL4 MkII: working as expected Relay G10: working as expected Relay G10S: working as expected Relay G10T: working as expected Relay G10TII: working as expected Relay G70: working as expected Relay G75: working as expected Relay TB516G: working as expected Spider V 20/30/60/120/240/240 HC: working as expected POD HD: working as expected POD HD 500: working as expected POD HD 500X: working as expected POD HD Pro: working as expected POD HD Pro X: working as expected Sonic Port VX: working as expected Variax: working as expected Variax USB Interface: working as expected Mobile Keys 25/49: working as expected GuitarPort: working as expected TonePort DI/GX/UX1/UX2/: working as expected POD Studio GX/UX1/UX2: working as expected
  4. I finally pulled my Line 6 POD HD500X out of storage and naturally went to re-download the editing software. However, it appears Line 6 has phased out this product from ensuring compatibility with the latest Mac OS (I am currently using the the latest version, macOS Monterey version 12.6.3). Can anyone advise me on this issue? I can successfully download the Updater.pkg, but cannot seem to open it because "Apple cannot check it for malicious software." Then, in the subtext, the following error message reads: "This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." Is my best bet to try and revert my Mac's current OS? And, if so, what OS would I be reverting back to in order to ensure compatibility so that I may momentarily download the Line 6 Updating Software? Any and all tips are appreciated! Cheers.
  5. Hi all! I recently purchased the Helix Floor and cannot get it to communicate with my 2020 MacBook Pro that is running Big Sur 11.4. I made my line6 account, registered my Helix, confirmed my email...all that stuff. I've downloaded and installed the driver, license manager, updater and HX Edit. When i first plugged in my helix to the USB via a hub to my thunderbolt 3 port and installed software, i had to press 'allow' in System Preferences > Security & Privacy. It then instructed me to restart my comp, and after doing that it doesn't detect my Helix AT ALL on any software. PLEASE HELP! I contacted support and have looked into unblocking the driver with this link: I have ensured via 'Disabled Software' that the driver isn't disabled by the system. I have also opened a ticket with support but haven't heard back for a handful of days so thought i'd try my luck here. Hopefully will hear back from them soon! I can't update it or anything and can't find a similar issue in the forums. Am i missing a download or something? The only anomaly I can find is the serial number for my Mac in 'About this mac' is different to the one in the License Manager. I cannot find a way to change this and it fills it automatically. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  6. I was wondering to which date would Line6 be able to support the new Macs coming out. They've got the new Apple M1 processor, so the old drivers wouldn't work, I think. Without these drivers, you can forgot the new Mac, regarding the usage of Line6 products. The operating system Big Sur is compatible with most products, as stated here: Another page with Big Sur compatibility from Sweet Water: Yet another very good page for the compatibility on M1 and music production software in general (unfortunately without mentioning Line6): For my original question from Nov, 2020 there is still no official answer from Line6 or anyone else. There are news about the upcoming M1X or M2 processors, for which the very same is true: no new drivers, no native support. Similar questions to my original question: In this german forum a guy says he had no latency or any other issues with MacBook Air M1 / Big Sur 11.4 with the software Helix Native:
  7. Please help! I'm pulling what's left of my hair out. I load an instance of Native into the Audio FX slot in Logic Pro and plug my guitar into Hi-Z. I can hear the un-effected guitar come through but no signal to Native. The only way I can get signal is using HX Edit routing through MIDI and then to Native, as shown in a Chad Boston YT tutorial, but Native is supposed to be able to be used as an audio plug in, correct? No need for HX Edit. My drivers / Firmware are all up to date on everything Helix. I'm so confused. Also... when I try to record with my Helix LT connected via XLR, there's crazy latency even though my buffer size is low. Any suggestions??
  8. Hello! I am approching my first guitar lesson via skype and looking for help, as I am strugglying with my audio. I have connected my Helix via USB to an iMac on which I am running Skype. I also have headphones and mic connected to the mac via USB. I would like to have as: Input: both the mic (connected via USB) and the Helix (connected via USB), so that my teacher will be able to listen to my voice and my Helix-processed guitar Output: I need to hear in my headphones (connected via USB) both the voice of the teacher and my Helix-processed guitar. I tried to configure the mac using the multiple audio sources, but I did not even get to hearing both inputs (on skype the listener can only hear the mic or Helix, depending on which one I configure as first in the mac "audio devices" menu). Do you have any tips for me please?
  9. I have a post up already about transferring SysEx files to/from my M13 but this is specifically about getting a CLEAN dump from the M13. I now know for sure that when I have a good, clean 16 messages of 157 bytes each, that I can successfully load that scene onto the M13. However, if I then do a dump of that same scene back to either my PC or MacBook Pro, that extra bytes are added the files gets corrupted. How can I ensure that when I transfer SysEx MIDI files as a manual dump that it is CLEAN? Has anybody had this same issue?
  10. Hi, just switched to a Macbook m1 Pro. HX Edit HX Stomp all fine. Issue I, I cannot change the sample rate. Is fixed in Audio Devices. All my cubase projects are pitched up now (nice speed boost for metal, though :-) ) I have installed Line 6 Helix Driver 1.5.0.dmg. But no change here. What do I missing. Thanks, Marco
  11. Finally installed gearbox on High Sierra... And it's working 100% Here's what I did. Download Gearbox 3.72 DMG Double click on the DMG package VIEW PACKAGE CONTENTS by: Right clicking on the Package Icon Left clicking 'View Package Contents' Double Click on Contents Double Click on Packages FOR EACH PACKAGE: Right Click the package and Select open. This will run the installer for the individual package Some packages may not install properly, but don't worry... NOW CHECK THAT EACH PACKAGE INSTALLED CORRECTLY For each Package: Right Click and view package contents (see above) Navigate to the folder /Content/Resources/english.lprog/ Double click on the file the ends with .info This should open as a text file. In the text file will be information about where the contents of the package were supposed to be installed. Make a note of the location Navigate to the folder /Content/Resources/ and double click on the .gz file Copy the extracted file Navigate to the target location you made a note of above If the file isn't there, paste it to that location Reboot the machine Open Monkey, and get and the latest driver. After you install the latest driver, make sure Monkey can see your POD. Open System Preferences: Under Security and Privacy General tab, if there is an exception for the line 6 package, click to allow it Make sure the Line 6 Audio Midi Tab is also there Now you should be good to go... The biggest problem I had initially was Gearbox saying that the driver for the X3 was incompatible or something like that... It turns out that the Gearbox uses 2 drivers... The first is the MIDI driver, which its happy to use the latest and greatest downloaded via Monkey. The second is the Audio Driver... The Audio driver was one of the things that didn't install properly when I installed each package... Someone else may want to make a more concise set of instructions... I spent a while messing with this... The really neat thing though are the .info files because they tell you what is supposed to be installed and where. Oh and if you can't see the Library folder(s) you may need to right click in finder and tell it to let you see it... Or you might have to do something at the Command Prompt... I am pretty sure I enables all of that on my MAC way back, and I can't remember exactly how you do it.
  12. from the download menu - if you select HX Edit to download and windows 10 you get the MAC version. .DMG file. Not windows. I downloaded the windows 7 version to get an EXE file. Please fix Line 6.
  13. Q: I am receiving a java error when I try to run Line 6 Edit 3.0 or Workbench 1.5 on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7/8? A: Line 6 Edit and Workbench require Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5 to operate correctly, and will experience a "Java Error" if JRE 5 is not detected on the computer. You can manually download and install JRE 5 from the following location on the Oracle website: JRE 5.0 Update 22 Download Page . Please note: This workaround pertains to 32 bit Windows OS installations only and will not work with 64 bit Windows OS installations. The Mac legacy installers are found at
  14. Hello All, I'm new to Helix and I've spent a little time playing with the Helix (with firmware 3.11) as a USB audio interface attached to my Mac M1 mini (running macOS Big Sur 11.4). All is well when I stick to a sample rate of 48000kHz but I would like to able to change the sample rate, so I tried to install the Line 6 Helix Driver (1.1.0.) for Mac, which says it should allow sample rates of 44.1kHz, and 96kHz. However, although the driver seems to install ok (the .kext file appears in the /LIbrary/Extensions folder), the Helix Audio device does not allow me to change the sample rate. Has anyone else encountered this problem and has found a way around it? Maybe I'm best to just record from the analog outs to my Mac via my existing interface. Thanks for any help, Dave
  15. Hi all, First question posed to the Line 6 forums. Apologies if this topic has come up before but couldn't find it on here. I've recently bought a new iMac and wanted to install my Line 6 UX2. It was previously installed on my old computer (now dead). This iMac doesn't have a CD drive so I downloaded Pod Farm from the software section of this site. When it comes to installing said software and choosing where you want it to be installed it says that 'POD Farm can't be installed on this disk', despite this being a new machine and the HD having over 3TB of free space. And there is nowhere else you can select for the software to be installed. Has anybody encountered this before? And if so is there a solution? Many Thanks Mark
  16. Hi! My KB37 doesn't work anymore since update to Mojave... anyone an idea to get this fixed?
  17. HELLO LINE 6 BUDDIES! I'm two-track recording an acoustic guitar with my POD HD500X as the audio interface. I have a RODE NT1A condenser mic plugged into a mixer with phantom power. This mixer is then connected to the POD's 'Guitar In' input via guitar lead, and there is also an acoustic guitar connected to the 'AUX' input for a direct signal. This is all running through Logic Pro X on my Macbook Pro (Early 2015) with 16GB RAM. I have used this setup before and it has all worked fine, except today I am hearing intermittent static coming from both inputs at seemingly random intervals. It sounds like a short burst of a bitcrusher-like sound, and then goes back to normal after less than a second. It can't be any problem with the mic/mixer because I am getting the problem on AUX (direct input) as well as the Guitar In (mic) input. I have tried different USB cables, and have tried different power outlets. I have also tried a different audio interface (that can unfortunately only handle one input) that didn't seem to have the same problem, leading me to think that it also isn't an issue with Logic Pro X... SO... Has this happened to anyone before, and can anyone think of any reason this might be happening? Yeah, I've turned it off and on again ;)
  18. Hey guys. I've had my Pod Farm UX2 for about five years at this point and I've recently switched over from my Windows laptop to a new MacBook Pro with OSX Catalina. I was able to download the Pod Farm 2 program and I installed the Line 6 Audio-Midi Driver 7.6.8 via the Website (as Line6 Monkey doesn't work on Catalina), but neither the license manager nor the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices in System Preferences are recognizing anything and the UX2 is blinking red. What should I do?
  19. If you've installed a Line 6 driver and the device will not subsequently connect, it is possible that the driver is disabled by the system. How to check if the software is disabled by the system: • Click on the Apple symbol in top-left corner of the screen and go to "About this Mac -> Overview ->System Information -> Disabled Software”. • If there is disabled software, it will be presented with a 10-digit software ID and a file descriptor, similar to "VCN535JA6Y - com.line6.driver.xtaudio" • Take a screen shot or write down the ID (in this example it’s VCN535JA6Y – yours might be different). How to enable software that is disabled by the system: • Uninstall the drivers: • Reboot to recovery, holding down Command-R while restarting. • From Menu -> Utilities, open Terminal and type the following (replacing the system ID with yours): “spctl kext-consent disable” “spctl kext-consent add VCN535JA6Y" (replace the VCN535JA6Y with yours if different) “spctl kext-consent enable" • Reinstall the driver. • Open System Preferences -> Line6 Audio-Midi devices and plug the device into the Mac. The device should appear in a few seconds.
  20. Logic Pro X 10.5 - Helix Native Issues Since upgrading to the newest version of Logic Pro X 10.5, my Helix Native plugin is running horribly slow. I have tried all of my other guitar plugins and they are working perfectly. After lots of testing, it has come down to only Helix Native that is having issues. When changing/dragging blocks, adding new amps/effects, or simply trying to select patches, there is always a delay. Almost as if when you (for instance) try to move a block in the signal chain, it takes a second to realize what you are doing and delays your command. Very annoying and makes it difficult to work quickly. Any clues? Is there a way to uninstall Helix Native and re-install easily on a Mac? It seems that the upgrade to Logic 10.5 has done the damage, but again, only with Helix Native. I am running OS Mojave 10.14.6 and the most current version of Helix Native.
  21. Long story short, I've installed the drivers over and over, and I still get the "No Devices Detected". (Mac OS Mojave) I'm not sure if it's because the drivers aren't installing (yes, they're checked off on the system preferences) or what is going on. But this is just really infuriating. Please help?
  22. My old iPad (2!) really isn't up to handling modern apps like Amplfi's remote, let alone playing backing tracks from youtube etc. to play along to. I mean, it does ok, but it's so slow to respond and always loses connection with my FX100 etc... I have a Macbook Pro that I wondered about emulating the iOS app on (seeing as Line 6 won't ever be likely to bring out a Mac/Windows editor app for the Amplifi series that's now pushing 4+ years old...) and wondered whether anyone else had ever tried this and how to get it working if so? I know Macs can emulate iOS environments for developing/testing iPhone/iPad apps etc so hoping I might be able to use the Amplifi FX100 Remote app as if it's on an iOS device....??
  23. Pod Farm 2.56 wont install on High Sierra. "This software requires Mac OS X 10.5 or above" is the message i am getting when i come select where to install the software. Worked perfectly before i formatted my macbook which was running Yosemite. Anybody else getting this problem?
  24. The title said it all, i tried to change the sample rate via audio-midi setup, the audio settings and through multiple DAWs (in Ableton the 44,1khz setting is greyed out, in pro tools im not able to open the projects which are in 44,1 and in logic pro x it works to change the sample rate but i would prefer not using logic). So only 48000 Hz works on my Amplifi TT. This is really annoying do anyone know how to change this? Thanks for your help!
  25. With all the warnings around the Helix 2.8x updates, I wanted to make sure I have the right thing. I downloaded the HX Edit 2.82 for Mac from , I checked the MD5sum and it does match cb992f884c2cf0c94ea07712a3e3b93e, but when it installs, it says it is 2.81 during the installation process and from the About menu option. I think this is the right version and it just didn't get updated correctly, but I'd like it if someone else could confirm, before I update my firmware and have a mismatch.
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