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  1. Hi I just wanted to chime in to say I'm on a quest to power multiple pedals from the Firehawk too. This is what I've found: After buying a barrel plug adapter (2.1mm to 2.5mm because for some reason the Firehawk DC jack pin is a bit fatter than other pedals....) I split my Firehawk's PSU with a daisy-chain cable, but when I add even one small, low-draw pedal into the chain, I get horrible hum/digital whine. I've tried two separate daisy chain cables and different 9V power supplies and all I can figure is that maybe the Firehawk does actually draw the full 3000mA that its power supply apparently gives out and so adding more pedals/daisy chain cable is drawing too much current?? Did you have any luck with yours?
  2. I'm trying to power my Firehawk and another small stomp box off the same PSU. The Firehawk one says it is good for 3000mA, which in my experience (having powered multiple stomp boxes from a single 1000mA supply in the past) should be enough for the Firehawk and then some, but when I try to daisy-chain the power with a splitter cable I get horrible hum/digitial whine on my signal. One usual cause for this is drawing too much power from one PSU by connecting multiple pedals, but like I say I've had several pedals happily powered from one 1000mA supply in the past, so my question is, how much power does the Firehawk actually draw, and is my over-drawing of current the reason behind this hum/whine, or it is something else (like a ground loop issue or my splitter cable needing to be grounded better or something)?? I'd love to know because I'd rather not have to take up TWO spots on my power strip just to power my Firehawk and a tuner pedal or something....
  3. Yep same here, have just updated to iOS 13. Wondering if it would be any better connecting to my iPad via USB but I don't think Firehawk syncs over USB, only audio (hopefully back and forth so you can hear the backing track from the iPad as well as recording your guitar.....). Hope someone from Line 6 can chime in/release a fix.
  4. Sick of my AMPLIFi FX100 losing Bluetooth connection and thinking of upgrading to a Firehawk but wondering whether they still have the same connection issues as the FX100 line or whether things are more stable? I just want to be able to turn it on and have it connect and sync up to my device instantly without always failing to connect or getting stuck ‘downloading presets from device’ or ‘syncing’ or ‘no device connected’ etc..... Is the Firehawk that much better than the FX100? I would be considering a Helix instead but iOS control is really important to me and the Helix doesn’t have that.
  5. Just replying to say I’m a long time M13 user who doesn’t play live or even have an amp anymore and so I’m considering swapping mine for a Firehawk....! So if you’d be interested in a trade let me know!
  6. Every time I try to do something on the Amplifi Remote app on my iPhone (6s) it tells me the following message: https://imgur.com/taZ3QWO "Please try again later. Your presets are currently downloading from your Amplifi FX100." Anyone know why this is happening? FX100 is updated to latest firmware and I'm on iOS 12.1.2.
  7. My old iPad (2!) really isn't up to handling modern apps like Amplfi's remote, let alone playing backing tracks from youtube etc. to play along to. I mean, it does ok, but it's so slow to respond and always loses connection with my FX100 etc... I have a Macbook Pro that I wondered about emulating the iOS app on (seeing as Line 6 won't ever be likely to bring out a Mac/Windows editor app for the Amplifi series that's now pushing 4+ years old...) and wondered whether anyone else had ever tried this and how to get it working if so? I know Macs can emulate iOS environments for developing/testing iPhone/iPad apps etc so hoping I might be able to use the Amplifi FX100 Remote app as if it's on an iOS device....??
  8. Hmm that's annoying..... Hopefully they'll make it compatible with 9 again? It definitely should be because it runs fine on my iPad 2...... (well not 'fine' but I assume all my disconnections to the pedal are because of bad Bluetooth or something hardware-related....)
  9. So I got it working on my iOS 9.3.5, but I can't tell if it was due to the jailbreak or not... Basically, when I went to the app store and clicked on the Amplifi Remote app, it told me it was incompatible with iOS 9 but offered me to download an older version of the app, but I can't remember whether this is something the App Store has started allowing or whether it was because I have that jailbreak tweak installed that lets you downgrade to previous app versions (it's called "App Admin IIRC"...) so your mileage may vary.... But I'm kinda thinking about trying the Amplifi Remote app on my other iPad which is on iOS 10 because the Bluetooth connection to the FX100 is terrible currently; it keeps disconnecting while I'm trying to stream music or load cloud presets, and even when it shows me 'matching tones' for songs I play, it says '6 tones found' or whatever and loads the first one but none of the tones actually show up. It's as if the list is blank but there's meant to be 6 suggested tones there.... So it's clear there's a bug somewhere, I'm just not sure if it's with my iPad or iOS 9 or the app.... <_<
  10. Thanks for this info! I can downgrade apps so maybe I'll try 2.60.1...
  11. Haha thanks; yeah the little iPad 2 is still kicking! But good to know an earlier version ran it on iOS 9; I'm jailbroken so I can load a downgraded version of the app but still frustrating that Line 6 won't let us run the latest version on 9.3.5, especially seeing as it's not really doing much 'work', just remotely controlling the floor unit.....
  12. Just picked up an Amplifi FX100 and trying to run the remote app (the whole reason I bought it) on my iPad 2, which is running the maximum iOS of 9.3.5, but the installer tells me it needs iOS 10?? It's just a simple interface, right? So how come it won't run on a slightly older OS from like only 2 years ago?? Am I missing something? I'll be kind of peeved if I've bought this Amplifi FX100 to use with my iPad only to find it can't run the remote software....?? Would an older version of the software work??
  13. Mine came with a small allen key that can be used to loosen/tighten the bolt in the side of the pedal. You should be able to loosen it up a bit.
  14. This is a shame, for a MIDI-controllable device. It would be super awesome to even be able to control the parameters via MIDI from an iPad or similar. I use my M13 as an outboard FX processor in my studio and it'd be great to be able to access all the parameters from an iPad/program FX envelopes from a DAW..... Any chance this functionality can be added thru an update? Or unlikely??
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