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Found 69 results

  1. lukeap69

    Amplifi FX100 Mains Out Connections

    Hi I did some search for a simple question but did not get a clear answer to what I want to do. I have an Amplifi FX100 on the way and I am planning to connect it to my home stereo system. My home stereo system has a pair of XLR as input (left/right). I know that I will need a pair of 1/4" to XLR cables and my question is, do the 1/4" connectors need to be TRS or TS or any will work? Thanks in advanced for your responses. Arnold
  2. Word of advice for every one consider buying AMPLIFi products. Seems like the support for none Apple users is quite limited. I bought FX100 as it was advertised as compatible also with Android. When I got my unit I found out it was shipped with firmware older than v2.0 so it was not possible to use it with my Android phone. I downloaded the AMPLIFi Utility software and latest drivers form the Line 6 web site and try to update the unit. This was unsuccessful, the update failed almost immediately. I search the support and forum form the Line 6 and found out that others had same problems. There was also advises how to use the USBupdater.exe what I tried and get the same file format error. I was using Windows 7 64 bit desktop PC. Finally I was able to update the unit with a Windows 8 64 bit laptop what I was able to borrow. Well, now I noticed that there was new firmware 2.50.2 available. There was now also newer util Line 6 Updater and drivers available. Downloaded them and tried the update with catastrophic consequences. As before the update failed as before but now the FX100 won't start at all it just goes to the flashing preset pedals recovery mode. This once again seems to be the case with some other users also! I somehow believed that these issues would have been resolved already with the new software. Now I have Windows 10 64 bit OS with desktop PC. I tried almost everything. I disconnected my USB keyboard and mouse, the only USB device connected was the FX100. I used my PC remotely with linux laptop to do the update. This way the update run approx. 25% until failing. I have 2 USB 2.0 ports on front and 4 USB 2.0 ports on the back of the PC. With desktop PC's it is quite common that you have several USB ports. And it actually means that there is internal USB hub in your PC. And it does seem like the Line 6 update utils just cannot handle this kind of situation. With the laptop that I was able to do the update previously had only 2 USB ports on different size. I guess that in this case there was no internal USB hub as it would in case of several USB ports. It seems like the updater utils are just really really really poorly made software. This problem has been around for years and still this is not fixed. I have to say I am really disappointed with the Line 6 and this AMPLIFi product line. Don't have experience using them with Apple devices, but is seems like those are better supported. Unless you are Apple user or if you do not have Windows laptop with just single USB ports I would advise you to stay away from this AMPLIFi products they only cause you headache and misery. I rest my case.
  3. Hi, just wanted to report a potential issue that I'm still surprised it hasn't been solved yet ! First of all, I love my Line6 FX100... it's a really GREAT product. BUT : Saving Tones into FAVORITES seems to be easy (and ONLY available?) when you're searching for matching tones from a song you are trying to stream online. However, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to select a tone ( already in "MyTones" list), from "MyTones" list in order to add a tone into FAVORITES. This is kinda weird and highly frustrating when you want to take your time, evaluate, tweak and create your "Dream Tone List" for live gigs ! I wasn't able to find a way to do it, except removing everything from "MyTones" list, and start the whole Online Search process again to add tones directly to FAVORITES. It Would take a long long time... But I hope I'm wrong... PLEASE DO HELP if you have a solution/answer to this. PLEASE guys from LINE 6 reply... do you have any patch/tweak/update that could solve this issue ASAP ? Many thanks for your HELP. Rgds. Fred
  4. So I recently bought a FX100. When connecting with my phone (iPhone 6), it says that it has connected. But then when I try to alter any settings it just doesn't work. There is no response, while it says that it's connected. I tried updating, but the updating via mac doesn't work. The device shows up but doesn't install. Does anyone know what to do?
  5. This topic is for AMPLIFi TT/FX100 users to provide suggestions and notes on things they would like to see improved with this effects unit and related tools. *****This is not a thread for complaining; provide your feedback with respect and clarity.
  6. Hi Guys, I just bought the AMPLIFi FX100, which is great. But I cannot find an option to set the tuner to 435 hertz. Lucky for me I play in a band where we all tune to 435 hertz. How can I set the tuner to check on 435 hertz? Thanks in advance!
  7. I keep getting an error message when trying to save a newly created tone using FX100 and ipad. I'm logged in. Any suggestions?
  8. surfercook

    No Bluetooth on fx100

    Purchased a used FX100 at substantial savings and this is my third day w/the unit. Day one- Download and install both Line6 Updater and usb driver- check Update to ver 2.50.2. -check Update again in update mode- check Factory reset and pedal calibration- check Test Bluetooth connectivity, positive response w/both Galaxy7 and Galaxy tablet(SM-T230NU)- Check Test all factory presets- check Test all functions including pedal, tuner, audio playback, editing, saving, and sharing patches to cloud- check Day Two- Jam for a few hours and have fun playing w/different settings- check Connect unit to Windows10 PC and test connectivity to DAW(REAPER) w/positive response- check Day Three- Fire unit up and try to connect Bluetooth first to tablet and then to phone- FAIL Test Bluetooth functionality w/both devices on BT speaker w/positive response- Check Go to forum and post troubles- check I'm at my wits end. Tried clearing all devices and restarting all components. Failed like 6 times. Please, I need a solution, good people of the Line6 community. Thanx edit hours later- This is the RECing I did using the fx100. But the only patch off the unit is the rhythm guitar(2D: Wind Cries Mary). The bass sounded horrible patching through an empty user bank so I had to connect my UX2 interface and used a Guitar Rig5 patch. The lead is run through a blank patch in the 100 and into GR5. I couldn't find a decent sounding preset for the lead. Woulda been nice to configure one of my own. I used a clean vibrato for the lead. "Beach Party" http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13539765
  9. Heirlooms904

    FX100 starting volume.

    So when I initially turn on my fx100 the master volume (red ring) is at a little below 25%, but the guitar volume (white ring) is incredibly loud at 75%+. The volume stays the same when I cycle between banks a-d, unless I manually lower it through the volume knob. Is there a way to lower and save the overall guitar volume so that it's not loud AF when I initially turn it on? As a reference I'm running it like this Guitar -> guitar in -> Amp out to Orange Micro dark fx return -> Bugera cab
  10. Hi new user here. Ok, so I'm thinking of getting a FX100. I have not yet listened to the unit but will soon. I want a unit that get me playing the quickest, set it and forget it style. I demoed some amp sims, BIAS and Amplitube but was not happy with the results. Ok results, but not great. And lots, too much I'd say, fiddling to get usable clean sounds. I'm after quality clean sounds but also ability to dial a good amount of FX since I'm into Americana, Post-Rock and old Shoegaze stuff (MBV, Ride, etc) altough, as I said, clean sounds (Fender Twin, Roland Chorus) are the most important. Right now I've got two gibson 335 style guitars, so we are talking humbuckers here if it has any bearing. I already looked into youtube, line 6 documentation and forum talk so here's some thoughts and questions: 1. Drivers and firmware. Recently I got left holding a paperweight (PRESONUS VSL44) after Presonus craped on the VSL line. It's basically dead, and never reached anywhere near what was promised. Like there were 3 drivers released in 4 years or so, and trust me it wasn't because all was great. Safe to say, Presonus never again. So, I'd hate to be buying into another unit that's dead but doesn't know it yet. I looked in the download section here and was not reassured... It may have been a rocky start. Was it? How Line6 track record on this? 2. How's the direct recording USB functioning? I'll be using the unit mainly for recording at home with headphones because of neighbours and crappy walls. Whenever I can I have an old CUSTOM SOUND Cub15 combo that I can use but most times I have time to do anything at home, it'll have to be headphones/ USB direct. How's everyone doing with the drivers? 3. Clean sounds. Can anyone post some cleans from the FX100 different amps so I get an idea? Guitar only please. USB direct would be great. 4. Saw a review from a guy in youtube that said there was a lag changing presets. Is this a "live with it" thing? Anyone experience it? 5. From what I gather, no MIDI and no Stompbox mode. MIDI well, not ok... but ok. Live with it, probably right? Stompbox mode I mean, glaring omission no? I see that up on ideascale there's some 40 votes so maybe a thing in future firmware? 6. Manual at line didn't get me very excited. If not, a bit suspicious about where this unit's going... About 10 years ago I had a PodXT and remember the manual was very nice and detailed. Not a no no for me, but since everything is now .pdf and all, well, probably take some 10 min doing a better job no? Just saying... 7. The iOS / Android / Bluetooth thing. On the fence. I think it's a good move, but if Line6 is not on its best it can really turn nightmarish. Android is what it is, and iOS with all the Apple updates... We'll see. The app itself I've already installed it in my iPad and iPhone to get myself aquainted and it's not bad. I see some room for improvement especially in the tone search which I think it's the worst part of the app. Not very well done. Signal chain diagram is very clean and easy, that's a good job right there. I'll do a detailed post about the app with all suggestions when can. 8. What do you like about the unit the most? What do you dislike the most? Are you happy with this purchase? I see people here and other places saying this is a toy and other garbage but really couldn't care less. That's not what I'm after. Facts please, people. :) 9. Ability to have various delays and reverbs and chorus is awesome. Was looking for something that could do that and I'm pretty happy with the FX100 way of doing things. Also, the range of FX and amps I think is pretty good. Remember, I have not yet listened to the unit but I have great expectations. For now that's it. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you
  11. Hi guys Yesterday my amplifi fx100 works fine but today not. The switch buttons not work, always stay in the first bank. In the master volume (red leds) not works all leds. The white leds works fine. I try to make a hardware reset but not not works. Help me please!!!
  12. Hello, So far I love my FX100 but has anyone had instability issues when recording via USB? Everything works great from 1/4 left/right out to my MAUDIO Audio Interface into Logic Pro X. If I try the same with the USB connector after about 10 to 60 minutes I start having severe latency issues. My notes come out anywhere from 1 sec to 5 seconds later before the unit becomes pretty much unresponsive. Firmware is up to date and was reset to factory defaults as well. Any help is appreciate although I don't mind using the 1/4 outputs. I may contact support next, I'm still under warranty. Thanks!
  13. kewlmart

    FX100 direct to cab

    Hi all, can i plug my FX100 directly into a cab? right now i've got it plug on into the preamp of my Peavey Bandit 65 and it sounds great, but the Peavey is getting old. Could i just buy a Cabinet and plug the Fx100 straight into it? Guitar > FX100 > Cabinet Thank You
  14. I'm trying to download the amplify utility for the first time but I keep running into " server or directory not found. Is it down today? Or has it been moved? Is there somewhere else to download it?
  15. Hi, I've got a problem with my new FX100. From the "Phones" output, only the guitar sound comes out, not the bluetooth/streaming music from my tablet (Ipad) ou smartphone (Android). Did I miss something to have both on my headphone ? Thanks for your help
  16. Can the AMPLIFi FX100 or Table Top be used for Live Permormance? If so, which is better? Here’s the quick answer: yes it can and the Table Top is the best option, but both have their caveats. If you’re interested in knowing what those are, read on. First of all, just so we’re all on the same page, I did own the FX100 for a short time and later returned it and held out for the TT. So, I have now owned and used both. Also, I primarily use the TT plugged into the effects loop of a Mesa Boogie Express amp and I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 NOTE tablet for the interface. I will also use the AMPLIFi plugged directly into a PA. This works extremely well for both the FX100 and the TT. So the answer is yes, the AMPLIFi FX100 and the TT can be used very effectively in a live setting, however, the use of the App and the Bluetooth connection is almost completely out of the question, in my oppinion. Well, it’s not that you can’t use it, but there’s so much risk you will be adding to your performance. It may not prove practical. One screw up could mean not being asked back to that venue. I just don’t feel it’s reliable enough to trust to a performance setting. Just me IMHO. But no worries, you’ll just have to save all your tones to the hardware. Easy! The connection with the app, being Bluetooth is sometime unreliable and it may work perfectly in your home or studio, but when on the road, that’s NOT the time to find out the walls of your next venue are made of non-insulated corrugated aluminum and wreak havoc on Bluetooth signals. There’s just too much that will and can go wrong in a live setting and the LAST thing you need to stress about is your Bluetooth connection. Also, the speed that tones can be selected via the App is very slow (on the order of 1 to 1.5 seconds). On the other hand, if your tones are all saved to the hardware, the delay is inconsequential. Ok, so now that’s out of the way, which is better for live performance, the FX100 or the Table Top? Ultimately, the answer is the Table Top, but hold that thought for one moment. Let’s first look at the FX100’s strengths and weaknesses. The FX100 is really not a true stomp box multi effects unit. It’s really just a box that stores preset tones that are ALL ON OR ALL OFF. This means, if you are in the middle of a song and it’s time for your solo, there’s no way to turn on your Tube Screamer or modulation or whatever you need for the solo. Not to worry, there’s a work around for that!! This essentially means that say, the first song in your set list might be saved on Bank 1, preset A. Then your solo settings would have to be stored onto Bank 1, preset B (identical to preset A with the addition of the Tube Screamer for instance). This method will work, but it will take a little more organization, note taking and planning on your part. But by all means doable. The FX100 will also give you access to all the Banks and all the presets just by using the AB or CD switches to move up and down within the Banks. That’s cool. The Table Top on the other hand will only give you access to one Bank and four presets (WITHOUT access to the app), but remember, we’re not going there. The tablet is at home and your phone it in your pocket!! In this case, the TT would be used identically as the FX100 would be described above. Bank 1, preset A and B would be for song number 1 in your set list. However, you're limited to only four different tones (again, hardware only, no app connected). This may be prefectly fine for your application. But the Table Top gets better.... Where things get really interesting is when you spend an additional $200.00 and also purchase the Line 6 MkII Shortboard (yes that sucks to have to spend more money, but read on...). The TT has the CAT 5 plug in to enable the use of this very good controller and when you marry the two together, you’ll end up with a very powerful tool that’s totally at home on stage. This essentially gives you a very similar level of functionality that the POD HD500x will give. Yes there are obvious differences such as the amp modeling and being that we left the tablet at home, you will not be doing any deep editing on stage, but really, who uses the HD500x on stage during a performance AND finds himself tweaking tones? The real advantage the TT has over the FX100 when used with a MkII Shortboard is that you have access to all the Banks and presets using your feet AND you have the ability to turn on and off any of the effects pre-programmed to the preset. Your initially saved preset should be how a song starts (no tube screamer for instance, unless the song starts with your solo). When it’s time for the screamer, just click it on with the Stomp switch and then off when you’re done tearing the aluminum sheets off the walls! Having said all this, the current going rate for new gear (the TT + MkII vs the HD500x) is a bit of a wash and it might be just a whole lot more practical to go with the HD500x, but the AMPLIFi series is unbelievably simple and intuitive even your drummer will be able to use it and dial in some pretty cool tones!! Ask him to dial in a great tone on an HD500x and you’ll see the smoke before long. I hope this long post helps you. Good luck!!
  17. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is a way to do USB recording without having the record stream have the music library track layered on top of the guitar? I like to have just the guitar recorded, but also be able to listen to the music library track I am playing at the same time through my headphones. Is there an easy way to achieve this that I am not considering? Also, does anyone have any tips for the easiest way to align multiple recordings, say for lead and rhythm guitar individual recordings. I have been using audacity but no matter how hard I try I always get that slight delay that produces an echo effect. Thank you.
  18. Purchased an amplifi FX100 today. After playing for a few minutes, it said on the app that it needed an update and it would take 30-45 minutes. I let it update but accidently hit the home screen button when it was almost over. I went back into the app and it said "update failed". I now have the 4 preset buttons flashing on my fx 100, and the app does not show the update anymore. I have tried to factory reset the fx100 (power off pedal, hold down volume knob & tap button then power back on while holding for some time). It did not work. I would hate to return this item but its not looking good so far. Any help please?
  19. I am a long time Rocksmith2014 user. I love that it has "Authentic Tones" as part of the software. It has a tone designer not unlike that of the FX100. In Rocksmith I play with the "Authentic Tone" or a "Custom Tone" with the backing of the original song. However, sometimes Rocksmith will mask your playing with an accompanying guitar so it can be difficult to distinguish what you are really playing from how "good" Rocksmith is making you sound. - Enter the FX100.... I was just given the FX100 as a gift and love that you can download tones for it but, I think it would be extremely cool to be able to convert my Rocksmith tones to AMPLIFI FX100 tones. I am wondering if anyone has done this or even attempted to do this? I know that the Rocksmith tones are available in an XML format I am wondering if the AMPLIFI tones are available in a similar XML format and can be compared with the Rocksmith ones. This would make conversion so much easier. If this is not possible it's going to be a laborious job to copy the tones from one system to the other. - Any input, help or just general interest in seeing this work is greatly appreciated.
  20. cebreez

    New amp and fx models?

    This may sound like a silly quiestion to the die hard Line 6'ers, but will any of the amp models or fx ever be updated in the Amplifi FX100? Or are they permanently implanted on a chip. Just wonder if I need to start thinking about upgrading to the Firehawk since it has the HD line of fx.
  21. Happy Thanksgiving and warm holiday wishes to all! Everyone please be safe and may you all be stuffed with Turkey. If not may someone find you wanting and promptly stuff you with turkey! Lol PEACE TO ALL!!!
  22. andy_t_walters

    what cable for the FX100 main outs?

    Hello everyone, I was thinking of using a Guitar Power Amp (Palmer Macht 402) with the Amplify FX100 for live use, and I figured the best way to do this would be to use the main outs to the channel A & B inputs of the amp. My question is, should I connect to these with instrument cable or with speaker cable? Many thanks for any advice.
  23. Hi, I just received my Amplifi FX100 and am anxious to play with it, but am experiencing a consistent problem with the syncing of my Android phone. I have searched all the forums and it sounds others have similar issues, but a lot of the other posts have different scenarios than mine. I have updated to the new firmware 2.50.2 and app on both my devices is 2.50.0. On my iPad I have no issues with connectivity or playing using the remote app. On my Android phone where my music library is, I have no Bluetooth connection issues. I can find the Amplifi fx100 fine and pair with no issues. When I open the remote app, it immediately disconnects from device and enters a state where it tries to reconnect to the Amplifi fx 100 and says "syncing" into infinity and never reconnects. Anyone else seeing this same situation? Is there a phone setting I am missing? Thanks,
  24. I have an FX100. I have a Mac OSX 10.9 something/Logic Pro Daw I have a PC Win8/Sonar Daw I have a IPAD 2 ver 7.04 I have the AMPLIFI IOS app. If I connect the FX100 as my usb recording device, how do I control the fx software/guitar sounds/ inside my DAW? Does it even process signal at all, or is it just an interface? Is there PC/OSX software to control the FX100 i.e. gearbox and podfarm vst plugins have controlled and accessed all my other Line 6 devices?
  25. This is my first real complaint with the Amplifi Fx100. I cannot seem to get an overdiriven or distorted tone to my liking. To me they just dont seem believable. I am playing through a Peavey Classic 30 and my analog Distortion and Overdrive sound fantastic but the tones Im getting from the Fx100 seem buzzy and thin. I will keep playing with the settings but any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure Im just doing something backwards and am not getting my gain and volume settings right. Anybody else have this problem?