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  1. Yeah, but factor in Android versions and iOS versions and the factor that not everyone gets a free tablet... :) I mean, why have the hassle, why subject loyal clients to that? And have the company itself dealing with multiple complaints... Most people, having a choice to go either tablet/phone and PC probably wouldn't even say a thing. "Oh my tablet's acting up, no problem I just go the PC". But if the tablet is not working and there's no other way... Guess what? Complaints, disatisfaction... Why have it? Just make a small PC/Mac application and everyone's happy. Just my two cents.
  2. Thanks for answerinf rsm0. Well, I mean, regarding MIDI I wouldn't even ask for "advanced" control, just minimal stuff like the abcd stomps sending a midi on/off. Nothing advanced about it but sure would make the FX100 more useful...right? Regarding the clean tones, have not yet gotten the time to go to the store and in truth kinda having cold feet about this purchase. The Helix is galaxies away from my purse and the Firehawk, well, worlds away right now, hence I was thinking with the little money I've got right now, if I really do need this. So, was about to pull the plug on it when today I decided to try the POD Farm software. I heard somewhere the FX100 is based on this. Can anyone kindly confirm? Because, I gave a try to the Blackface Lux amp the demo has and I was very pleased with the results. Did a comparison with the tones I got from tweedling with Amplitube for a while and with a condenser recording of my little combo and it came out on top. Finally some usable clean tones. And in just a few moments of turning the amp knobs, just like a real amp. I still prefer a real Twin, but for recording purposes it is quite good. Can anyone confirm the FX100 and the POD Farm are alike? If so, I think my interest is renewed.
  3. Well, I guess you might be right. Ironically, my aim was to give the most info so people reading would have no need to fish for details and avoid the long list of "what kind of music do you play?" "Do you need this/that?" and similar. Hope someone else chimes in. If not, well, you get all the thanks :)
  4. Oh sorry. I saw Line6 Expert there just thought you were part of a forum support team. Sure, you're not obliged to anything. Again, if I came on too strong... To tell you the truth I was thinking that kind of "have no time for it" was pretty strange from a forum rep but now I get it. No harm done. Thanks again answering. Friends? :)
  5. Well, if a PC app is not in the works this is basically a paperweight waiting to happen. As iOS and Android get updates upon updates, what happens when line6 does not support iOS anymore? Either you are stuck with your phone/tablet on older OS and that involves not being able to update other apps and security risks as OS updates also involve security patching. What then? Either one buys an iPAD or iPhone exclusively to use this equipment, and then the cost goes up significantly or if you use your iOS devices for something else and have to update then goodbye AMPLIFi app. This does not seem a n inteligent route. It's great to have Android and iOS integration but restrinting the unit to that is basically a shot in the foot.
  6. P.S. Thanks for you hard work researching. Hope you didn't feel I was undervaluing it. I was expecting more people to answer, that would even the load so to speak. Anyway, what I want to say is thanks for taking the time.
  7. Thanks for answering. In point 1, you missed part of it. I'd like to know if this isn't some unit that's gonna get push to end the end of line when developing drivers, firmware, etc. Because if you research the net thoroughly like I did, nobody's talking about this unit and it's what, 2 years since it came out? I mean, almost zero posts anywhere else but here. In youtube there's not a great deal of videos and most of them are just marketting blurb from Sweetwater, Anderton's and the like. User reviews, far and few. Add to that the fact I'm seeing these units pop up often in second hand sites like gumtree, well, it raises a red flag. I hope you can understand... Like I said I've been burned with the Presonus thing. I value my money, it was hard earned and I will not be able to spend this amount for quite a while, so I'm sorry if I come on a little strong but I can't be stuck with some end of line, discontinued, faulty product again. I'm just taking the time to make sure of that. Still, good to know that current releases are stable. Regarding point 4, I do understand there's always a lag when changing presets but like I said saw on youtube a user review stating that it was really bad, but because he didn't present any hard evidence, I thought I might as well just ask. I was hoping a lot more people would respond so I could get a feel of the unit but it seems around here things are quiet. Don't know if that's a good sign. Anyway, tomorrow I'm test driving the unit at a local store. I'll be able to see how it does with an amp and headphones, although it won't say much about the quality of clean tones through USB direct recording. I'm almost sold on the unit really. I like the app a lot although as I said it could be better, but I' say it's like 90% there. Can't find fault with the amps and FX choice wise, but as I said above there's not much unbiased info around about it. You guys at Line6 should do a lengthy youtube video showing off the amps and FX through USB direct. Just a suggestion. I am just worried You guys discontinue this soon and I'll be stuck with it. I'd like to see some stuff introduced in the future like stompbox mode, reduced MIDI capabilities or even a Windows App. Getting this unit to work with Android and iOS was a good move, no doubt, but reducing it to those two OS is not smart, turns this good move into a bad one. If my phone/tablet breaks how can I enjoy the whole functionality the unit has to offer?! That defeats the whole thing right? I really don't need a timetable or anything but I'd like to be reassured this is not another PRESONUS driver a year kinda thing, while users are hung out to dry. As I said I'm almost sold on it. Sorry if I came on to strong.
  8. Well, if you read it, points 6, 7 and 9 are mostly my thoughts on what I could find. The rest of them are easy to respond without requiring you to write some War and Peace on it no? I mean, that is if you want to... The lengthy might be what are your likes and dislikes about the FX100. But hey, lets go with 1 and 4.
  9. So, correct forum, 10 views and no replies?
  10. Hi new user here. Ok, so I'm thinking of getting a FX100. I have not yet listened to the unit but will soon. I want a unit that get me playing the quickest, set it and forget it style. I demoed some amp sims, BIAS and Amplitube but was not happy with the results. Ok results, but not great. And lots, too much I'd say, fiddling to get usable clean sounds. I'm after quality clean sounds but also ability to dial a good amount of FX since I'm into Americana, Post-Rock and old Shoegaze stuff (MBV, Ride, etc) altough, as I said, clean sounds (Fender Twin, Roland Chorus) are the most important. Right now I've got two gibson 335 style guitars, so we are talking humbuckers here if it has any bearing. I already looked into youtube, line 6 documentation and forum talk so here's some thoughts and questions: 1. Drivers and firmware. Recently I got left holding a paperweight (PRESONUS VSL44) after Presonus craped on the VSL line. It's basically dead, and never reached anywhere near what was promised. Like there were 3 drivers released in 4 years or so, and trust me it wasn't because all was great. Safe to say, Presonus never again. So, I'd hate to be buying into another unit that's dead but doesn't know it yet. I looked in the download section here and was not reassured... It may have been a rocky start. Was it? How Line6 track record on this? 2. How's the direct recording USB functioning? I'll be using the unit mainly for recording at home with headphones because of neighbours and crappy walls. Whenever I can I have an old CUSTOM SOUND Cub15 combo that I can use but most times I have time to do anything at home, it'll have to be headphones/ USB direct. How's everyone doing with the drivers? 3. Clean sounds. Can anyone post some cleans from the FX100 different amps so I get an idea? Guitar only please. USB direct would be great. 4. Saw a review from a guy in youtube that said there was a lag changing presets. Is this a "live with it" thing? Anyone experience it? 5. From what I gather, no MIDI and no Stompbox mode. MIDI well, not ok... but ok. Live with it, probably right? Stompbox mode I mean, glaring omission no? I see that up on ideascale there's some 40 votes so maybe a thing in future firmware? 6. Manual at line didn't get me very excited. If not, a bit suspicious about where this unit's going... About 10 years ago I had a PodXT and remember the manual was very nice and detailed. Not a no no for me, but since everything is now .pdf and all, well, probably take some 10 min doing a better job no? Just saying... 7. The iOS / Android / Bluetooth thing. On the fence. I think it's a good move, but if Line6 is not on its best it can really turn nightmarish. Android is what it is, and iOS with all the Apple updates... We'll see. The app itself I've already installed it in my iPad and iPhone to get myself aquainted and it's not bad. I see some room for improvement especially in the tone search which I think it's the worst part of the app. Not very well done. Signal chain diagram is very clean and easy, that's a good job right there. I'll do a detailed post about the app with all suggestions when can. 8. What do you like about the unit the most? What do you dislike the most? Are you happy with this purchase? I see people here and other places saying this is a toy and other garbage but really couldn't care less. That's not what I'm after. Facts please, people. :) 9. Ability to have various delays and reverbs and chorus is awesome. Was looking for something that could do that and I'm pretty happy with the FX100 way of doing things. Also, the range of FX and amps I think is pretty good. Remember, I have not yet listened to the unit but I have great expectations. For now that's it. Please share your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you
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