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  1. wisinskt

    Mac/Windows Application for Control

    Is this forum monitored by Line6 people? Also, the app needs to go to sleep when the iPad does. Seems like this drains my battery quickly.
  2. wisinskt

    Mac/Windows Application for Control

    Anything. Not sure this would be that big of a deal for Line6 since they already have the HD500 editor. Is this falling on deaf ears?
  3. It would certainly be nice (if not required) to have an Edit program for the PC/Mac users. I'm going from an HD500 to this and it's just difficult to use the tablet all of the time to edit. Also, since the thing is paired to my tablet all of the time it sucks the battery dry.
  4. wisinskt

    Lagging when changing presets

    Any answer to this? It's pretty annoying.