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  1. Hi, I'm pretty new user of FX100 and I've problem with noticeable lag (delay) when I'm quickly changing my saved presets by A-D buttons - Bluetooth is switched off, software 2.0. Is there any solution for that? its realy annoying!
  2. No, so probably that could be the reason :/ ... can I flash my FX100 to 2.0 with out iOS device ?
  3. Hi, Repairing doesn't helped, I've done it 2 times and nothing changed, I see: 'Reconecting and reading the preset from Unknown' and then 'AMPLIFi Remote has lost its connection to the AMPLIFi'. and its appears all over again... I dont know if that matters but I see FX100 on my Galaxy as 'AMPLIFi_9d' ... any further sugestions ?
  4. Hi All, I've a problem with connection between my Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4.2) and FX 100. There is information on my phone 'AMPLIFi Remote has lost its connection to the AMPLIFi'. I've done Factory Reset on FX 100 (without calibration) and reboot S4, but the problem still appears.now On my friends IPad there was no problem with connection but I don't have any iOS device... any sugestions ???
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