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  1. Is there a list somewhere of all the tones so far created? That would be really useful. Graham
  2. Is it possible to send music from an iPAD to the FX100 by bluetooth and then on to play through the amp? Or do I need to connect to a separate hi-fi system via the Main Outs with the Amp Out going to the Effects return on the amp. Or is it best to get a bluetooth dongle for the hi-fi and send direct from the iPAD? I am rather new to bluetooth so not sure what options there are to be able to play along with songs on the iPAD. Is there a Line 6 video which helps with all this? Thanks for your help. Graham
  3. Please could you explain what streaming audio means and BT stream. I am not familiar with these terms. Thanks Graham
  4. Yes, my amp (a Yamaha DG80-112) does have an effects loop. But how do I cable it up. I was looking at 4 cable wiring and there is no send and return on the FX100. Please advise. Thanks for your invaluable help. Regards Graham
  5. My current amps are modelling amps and I don't think they are ideal to get a clean sound out of. I assume it would be best to use the FX100 to create the tone and then amplify it through a clean amp so the sound doesn't change. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced power amp which will complement the FX100. Thanks a bunch. Graham
  6. I just wondered if anyone has used an Android device with the FX100 yet and whether everything is working as expected. If so please specify the Android device used. Thanks Graham
  7. Has anyone used the FX100 with the new i PAD Air 2?
  8. If Android devices are to be supported soon, and it would be nice to know when v.2.0 will appear - my purchase of an AMPLIFi depends on it, does anyone know whether a link to i tunes on my main computer will be easy to achieve. I am worried that this connectivity may still present a problem. Thanks Graham
  9. Can anyone in the UK recommend the cheapest way to get full functionality from the AMPLIFi unit, i.e. the cheapest iOS device or do Line 6 have something, e.g. floor POD. Just trying to keep overall expense down. Thanks.
  10. Is it then possible to download tones from the Line 6 Cloud to an Android device, store them there and then stream them to the AMPLIFi as required?
  11. Why does the AMPLIFi 75/ AMPLIFi 150 Pilots Guide state under Features, "Bluetooth streaming audio device (compatible with Android, iOS and Mac or PC)" That is misleading and against Trade Descriptions.
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