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Found 57 results

  1. Hi, I just bought a Spider V 60, and really like it. I was disappointed to find the PC Remote app doesn't have any of the tone sharing features the iPad app has though. Is this something that's in development, or does Line 6 perhaps have some kind of exclusivity deal with Apple? I'm perplexed as to why it's available in one, but not the other. I'd much rather use my desktop mouse with one hand over picking up an iPad and swiping around with both hands.
  2. Hi everybody....To keep the forum less cluttered, I will be posting all of my 'Artist' and 'General Multi-Purpose' preset announcements and demos in this thread. It will make it easier for anyone that is following this thread to keep updated. Thanks, Moke
  3. BloodShot13

    Please help

    I've got a Line 6 Spider V 240HC with the matching 412 cab, and an FBV Express MKII foot controller. Im trying to figure out how to save certain amps to certain Letter Pedals. Like save cowboys from hell to a (or whichever) and save something clean, like acoustic rhythm, to another letter pedal, like b (or whichever) to where when im playing a show, i dont have to go back to my amp and switch from heavy to clean, especially when its quick changes in songs that cant be dragged out. Help is very much appreciated.
  4. Giorgos02

    Periphery - Helix Tones

    Greetings everyone and Happy Holidays! Today I released a bunch of Periphery Tones on my website and I'm also running a Holiday offer for these! https://www.sbsoundlab.com/shop?filter_artist=periphery&filter_tone-type=bundle Here are some samples for my tones: https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/the-bad-thing-helix-recording-mp3 https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/pale-aura-helix-recording-mp3 https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/summer-jam-helix-mp3 https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/periphery-marigold-helix And here are some reviews from my customers: https://www.sbsoundlab.com/reviews/ I would be glad if you could check them out! I worked very hard for these! Kind regards, George -SB Soundlab
  5. mesteptoe

    Available tones for download

    Is there a list somewhere of all the tones so far created? That would be really useful. Graham
  6. Hi, just wanted to report a potential issue that I'm still surprised it hasn't been solved yet ! First of all, I love my Line6 FX100... it's a really GREAT product. BUT : Saving Tones into FAVORITES seems to be easy (and ONLY available?) when you're searching for matching tones from a song you are trying to stream online. However, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to select a tone ( already in "MyTones" list), from "MyTones" list in order to add a tone into FAVORITES. This is kinda weird and highly frustrating when you want to take your time, evaluate, tweak and create your "Dream Tone List" for live gigs ! I wasn't able to find a way to do it, except removing everything from "MyTones" list, and start the whole Online Search process again to add tones directly to FAVORITES. It Would take a long long time... But I hope I'm wrong... PLEASE DO HELP if you have a solution/answer to this. PLEASE guys from LINE 6 reply... do you have any patch/tweak/update that could solve this issue ASAP ? Many thanks for your HELP. Rgds. Fred
  7. Johnson1274

    Great 2x12 Cab for Pod Hd500x

    Hi guys and gals! I have a Pod hd500x and I'm looking to lighten up my live gear. Before I was using an engl powerball and engl 4x12 and had the pod as effects, but the music that we play requires me to switch a bunch and with channel selecting on the amp and effect switching on the pod it got really crazy sometimes. So now I'm using the pod as pretty much my main tone (amp sim, cab sim, effects, etc.). I've since gotten rid of the engl as it was redundant to have the head, and the cab is a pain to lug around. So my question is does anyone have some recommendations for cabinets? If possible I wanna have a 2x12 with some power. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, I have a question, how do you add tones to your favorite tone list? I just can't. Thank you.
  9. I need help with the following: - The ‘my tones’ section of the remote app is duplicating tones every time it thinks it can’t connect to the cloud. Very annoying. Any way to stop that ? - There doesn’t seem to be a way to collect tones into a playlist. ‘My tones’ is everything you want to upload to your cloud, favorites only work for matched music and there are only 12 empty slots for user tones on the device. - Likewise for snapshots, they don’t seem to be supported, so if you want on a song to jump 1 set of fx config to another (say several on/offs and parameter changes in one go) you either ‘riverdance’ over the pedals or copy an identical tone with the diff settings. Thanks, Fabio
  10. Giorgos02

    Periphery - Pod HD Tones

    Greetings everyone and Happy Holidays! Today I released a bunch of Periphery Tones on my website and I'm also running a Holiday offer for these! https://www.sbsoundlab.com/shop?filter_artist=periphery&filter_tone-type=bundle Here are some samples for my tones: https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/the-bad-thing-recording-pod-hd-mp3 https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/pale-aura-pod-hd-recording-mp3 https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/summer-jam-pod-hd-mp3 https://audiomack.com/song/sb-soundlab/periphery-marigold-pod-hd And here are some reviews from my customers: https://www.sbsoundlab.com/reviews/ I would be glad if you could check them out! I worked very hard for these! Kind regards, George -SB Soundlab
  11. jrcousins

    Sharing Tones with Friends

    Hi! A friend just purchased an AMPLIFi and we want to share tones with one another. What's the best way to do this? - JC
  12. Hi Guys, there are some XT LIVE tones I really like, I've been using them for my live sound for a while, is there a way to import/transfer them to my new HD500X? Thanks!
  13. strue0220

    Beatles Tones

    I'm working on a "project" right now - all Beatles songs. It ain't easy. Their Harmonies are crazy - anyway. If anyone has created tones for the following songs and don't mind sharing - I would truly appreciate it! A Day in The Life Get Back Birthday This Boy Till There Was You I should Have Known Better Octopus's Garden The Night Before Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) I have found probably 15-20 great tones for other songs we're working on but not the ones above. Thank you!! Upstate NY!
  14. tourultimate

    what do you think of these helix tones?

    Recorded a bit and interested on opinions of these tones, all done with helix. Both of these are using the matchstick jump amp, both are using built-in cabs (blue+v30). this is tele + matchstick https://soundcloud.com/ryantolson/summa-vacay this is strat + matchstick (lead tone kicks in about 40 seconds) https://soundcloud.com/ryantolson/sunset welcome any and all comments / suggestions on the tones please
  15. TheBoyWithDog

    More Signal Paths in Upcoming Helix Update

    My experience with the Line 6 Helix has been overall positive, and I've thoroughly enjoyed being an owner. I still find new ways to implement it into my workflow as it truly is a versatile workhorse. But, not as much as it should be as, there are still areas i find it bizarrely incapable when it comes to signal routing. (Im going to keep these improvement pages simple so I'm starting with...) > Helix needs an option for splitting the left and right channels of a single stereo path into dual mono paths. i.e. For up to 8 mono paths, instead of a maximum of 4 stereo paths. > Stereo paths separated into mono paths will allow for each channel to be processed individually. > An added benefit to having separate channels processed individually would be, you wouldn't have to have one effect running into another, in series, and instead have multiple effects running in parallel for clearer and cleaner sounds that could then be blended together to taste. > Separated channels makes Helix more powerful when it comes to mono signals, as you can have a single inputs with up to four individually controlled parallel voices. > Alternatively, you could have 4 independent input/output channels versus the mandatory, original "one shared stereo channel for paired inputs and outputs(which often holds me back from implementing Helix's effect blocks when using it as an 8 in/ 8 out channel recording interface)" > There will be no waste of one of your 8 ins/ 8 outs, like before when using a stereo channel for mono. > As with any 8 channel mixer, the possibilities really do become endless. > You can help bring attention to this here ... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/902419 Every DAW I've worked out of has had this essential option and Line 6 Helix is lacking in power, flexibility and, ultimately, capability without it. I was surprised to find this option missing from this device and I'd be less surprised had i not been promised an 8 in/8 out multi effects device. Never have i requested 8 tracks from a DAW and been given four inseparable channels paired in stereo. Many users, especially bassists, will benefit from the ability to have separately controlled, independent parallel mono voices, as myself, and other studio workers i know, keep single sound sources in mono anyway and find no need for a stereo channel on a bass or guitar. Its cumbersome not to be able separate the channel into a separate voicing, and routings quickly get complicated and take unnecessary space when I routinely have to do so many workarounds to a simple issue. Having the channel separate, like on a mixer, is a simple solution to a simple problem, without a complicated workaround, that opens many more possibilities in signal processing. While I have the ability to route Helix's paired USB outputs into my DAW via separate mono input channels, as is customary with any digital audio workstation, i find it both perplexing and limiting as to why i can't process each signal separately within the Helix itself. If i could, then it would take so many other pieces of gear out of the equation and without this option i feel like I'm not being able to fully utilize the Helix's processing power. Stereo tracks being separated to mono would benefit not to fill each path with more effects, but to not be unnecessarily limited with how signals are routed. Picture four separate effects running in parallel blended together, instead of having them fed into each other, and imagine the difference in sound and possibilities that would make. Users, like myself, who appealed to the adverts of Helix being able to take the power of their studio sounds on the road, and vice versa, will appreciate this greatly. The Helix already has the design to accommodate four signals paths, the spillover for the next four paths just needs to be placed on a separate page as is typical with the effect parameters pages. The benefits are seemingly endless, only being limited by how creative you could be with it, instead of being stuck to the factory setting. Even single effect blocks running in parallel vs in series would be a large improvement versus having each effect fed into another. This will open a new world of infinite possibilities when it comes to Helix signal routing and how users will create patches. You can vote for this idea at... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/902419
  16. strunghigh


    is there a line 6 spider IV 15 setting for acdc song "Hell aint a bad place to be" or more tones
  17. hightower999

    Spider V App & tone searching

    Hi all, Just a quick one. In the Spider 5 app, when searching the cloud for tones, all I ever get is exactly 30 results, whatever I search for. It's the same on every demo I've seen of it. Is there a way to search for more, or have Line 6 capped the search number for some reason? Seems a bit daft if so! Cheers
  18. I've had my HELIX Rack and Foot Controller for a couple of weeks now. I have it worked into my pedal board, and it's replaced everything that was once on the floor with the Helix Controller and "2" Morley M2 Expression Pedals. Today I was trying to finalize my Patch Setups and found a couple that I wanted to Download and Import in the Line6 Tone section. Import went just fone on all 4 of them. I saved them - and exported a full Bundle before I started to tweak things. When I step on the MODE button on the Foot Controller to swap it over to the STOMP BOX mode - all of the STOMP BOX's are BLANK. On screen on the HELIX Editor - it shows 7 Stomp Boxes - I moved to a Factory Patch - clicked MODE and all of the Stomp boxes are there, as they appear in the Helix Editor. Why can't I see them in the ones that I imported?? My HELIX Rack and Foot Controller are at Firmware 2.12, as is my Helix Editor - I'm on a MAC with macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Any help that you could offer would be much appreciated !!
  19. rasklyrabbit

    spider jam CUSTOM tones

    My big Question is .... Did the CUSTOM TONES site stop posting Downloads in the page. Spider Jam only. So the bigger question do i have a account? YES.... what is going on? Do i need to have a older computer? Has this been discontinue services.? Has anyone else had or having this problem?
  20. Just got a new Amplifi 75. All seems to be working well. Bluetooth connectivity is great (I'm using the remote on both a Kindle Fire HD & a Samsung Galaxy S5). I've got the latest firmware update, as that was done just after unboxing. When i look for the 25 banks of presets, only the four in bank 1 appear. Nothing else loads, and i'm not able to load my own into bank 25. It just tells me there was an error in downloading, no matter what preset in what bank i try loading. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
  21. aaronbrito

    Metal/ High Gain tones for the Helix

    Hi There , I'd like to open up this thread as a repository for great metal tones to use with the Helix. I would also like some important criteria to be indicated when sharing presets. 1. Mix ready or stage ready 2. Suggested Pickup configuration 3. Sub-Genre (Progressive/ Death/ Djent etc.) 4. Suggested IRs (possibly direct share if free) 5. General tips/ improvements 6. Link to tone/ preset (possibly direct share if free) 7. Sound Sample if possible. There are of course in no particular order. Please upvote the tones you like as well.
  22. talonmm

    Best Tones Available

    Honestly, I had not used my Amplfi at all for over a year. I had basically given up and thought it was useless. Then I just got the FBV shortboard MKII and was amazed how well the products worked together. So now I am searching the Amplifi site for the best tones, and just like the amp, there's a lot of challenges to work out such as the poor search capabilites and rating system. So would the amplfi users here, kindly recomend the best of the best tones? I have a lot of organizing to do now that I can easily access 100 tones so I will be organizing and sharing what I feel are the best of the best in the coming weeks. So please let me know what best of the best and special tones are out there on the line 6 site and I will do the same. To start off, here are some I find quite good: 1) Satch Concert Tones (best) Compressed 2) Thick - killer delay and thick, distorted tone 3) Iron Maiden somehwre back in time (for those of us old enough to remember the amazing Galien Krugger 250 ML, this is the sound!!!) 4) Red House - very nice for the blues 5) 58 Bass Man Tweed Stormy Monday - classic amp sound Please let me know other great tones, Thanks!
  23. Can you upload helix patches into a mobile pod ? That would be nice
  24. warb

    AMPLIFi Tone Button

    I am a noob with these amps. Without the ipad and without a pedal pressing the tone button gives me ABCD from bank one. Is that all I can access without extra equipment? i.e I cannot access bank 25 with downloaded tones? I can edit the tones in bank 1 , but not replace them? If I edit the tones in bank 1 until they sound horrible , how do I recover the original sounds (factory reset?) Thanks.
  25. RSpringer

    Categorizing Tones in Helix

    Hey fellow musicians, Factory presets has Folder 1-3 and a Template folder, but there is no foreseeable logic to how they are arranged. I’m currently moving factory tones into the following renamed folders based on my opinions: ACOUSTIC/CLEANS CRUNCH METAL BLUES/ACID After moving factory tones, I’ll create a folder for GO-TO, and maybe another under EXPERIMENTAL. What are some efficient ways of organizing your tones/patches? Thank you in advance Rick