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  1. Hey, did you ever get a copy of the factory bundle? I'm a mac user and can't use line 6 monkey
  2. Problem solved: for some reason Global EQ was on!
  3. just tried with Logic - def a difference to my ears, but not as notable as with quick time. Sounds awesome coming out of logic dry. Sounds decent live, but not the same. Can anyone else hear the difference between recorded and live? or am i going nuts!
  4. may be that is it. I'm sure the same happened with logic though, although can't be 100% sure. It must be something to do with the settings on Helix or Powercab - perhaps on play back it is applying some gadget i'm not aware of ....or it could be that i'm hearing the acoustics of the guitar when playing live.
  5. Anyone know why i'm having this problem, there is def a big difference to my ears. I really like using the helix/variax or just helix for recording - but for live i've never been impressed. Frustrating as the recording tone is fantastic
  6. @phil_m yes recording into quick time via helix USB - play back sounds much nicer, than "live" Hmm...not sure what is going on.
  7. could be that, re the variax - will try . That said - recorded play back sounds better on the helix with or without variax - compared to non recorded playing, coming straight out the speaker - maybe it is just me! - subjective and all
  8. Anyone else notice a significant difference between the following: - Recorded Helix playback - ie guitar track recorded by helix, into software and then played back - And live playing ie just playing into helix (not recording), sound coming out of speaker Both of the above use the same amplification (powercab set to FRFR) I noticed scenario one sounds much better! Sidenote: when i use my variax I always prefer the recorded playback to the sound I get when playing live. Anyone else experienced anything similar. It is frustrating as the tone I want is provided via the recorded playback - not so keen the live sound i'm getting. If any of the above makes sense i'd appreciate some help. Thanks, Dave
  9. I think powercab and mac (OSX) are a bit buggy - i've started getting glitches with Powercab when I use with Logic pro! driving me nuts...anyone else used Logic Pro with Powercab?
  10. Powercab problem! I had a gig last night and prior to doing the gig I connected my PC+ to Logic Pro - for some reason every time I connect to logic pro on Powercab edit the preset volume is automatically lowered to -60db and the high frequency trim is automatically turned off. When I try and change the preset volume on PC edit it won't let me change the level - ie the level control 'snaps back' to -60 db. Any advice? has anyone else experience problems with connecting to logic pro?
  11. I am currently running my Helix through a Tanglewood T6 acoustic amp - via the FX return. A few questions: - Does an acoustic amp such as this one provide the same quality as a decent FRFR speaker? - or am I compromising on sound in using a Acoustic Amp - If I do opt to continue using the acoustic amp, should I use the line or instrument output going to my Fx return on the acoustic amp? Also opinions on whether I should invest in a FRFR speaker or does my acoustic amp do pretty much the same thing? It sounds good, but perhaps not quite as good as through my monitors - but difficult to tell! Thanks, Dave
  12. I didn’t touch the global string volumes, I changed the preset volumes for each preset. Also the only way to do it is by ear in my view. I would play around with each of the models one at a time, do a couple a day.
  13. Cheers guys for all the great comments/pointers - very helpful. I've actually got used to the speaker sound now, I think my headphones really emphasise the high frequencies and as they are much closer to my ear there is more 'sound definition' - but monitors are all good now. I also connected them via the XLR output, nit sure if it made much difference but I am happy with the sound. Anyone played blues gigs using a Helix? I'm thinking of giving it a go in the blues band I'm in. Cheers
  14. thanks for this. Recorded music sounds pretty flat but ok to my ears. I am only using one of the monitors (L), as the R speaker has a problem with the tweeter - the tweeter is pushed in as I accidentally melted it with my lamp! Do you think the fact I am only using one of the speakers would dull the sound? All my patches are mono so I thought would be ok. Yes there is a HF level adjust. I am also using the 1/4 inch jack rather than the XLR input.
  15. thanks for this. They are KRK's KNS 6400 - I think they are meant to be monitoring headphones, but everything does sound amazing through them. I am sure the amp modelling looses its clarity through the monitors and sounds dull to start off with. Same with my JTV variax guitar, sounds great through the headphones, dull /lacking clarity/definition through the monitors - very annoying as both the Helix and the variax sound great through headphones. Could the monitors just be rubbish and dull sounding to start off with? If I got an FRFR speaker would this sound more like my headphones?
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