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  1. Honestly the disàppoinment you felt on axe 2 I get on hd500. It was advértised that you can create a chain as your heart desires. But I run out of dsp very quick, and to get a good sound you needed at least 2 eq in a 8 effects chain. As for the jcm 800, personal taste I agree with the op. The jam 800 of xt and x3 was really great sounding, as well as the modern high gain. I can not replicate these sounds on any other unit.
  2. I think it is possible if you synchronice the tempo with the song played.
  3. Hello it's not alive!! I uploaded a new one with ir and new amps inside. Check this instead https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k4d9xc5jjdvq2b6/AADTNr48c9RZ_x6X9JaOMX5Oa?dl=0
  4. After updating to 3.1 does the Octoverb become weaker? Or is my mind?
  5. I guess it's the new parameteic equipment that everybody asked to be displayed. Just kidding, support ticket is the best you can do
  6. Try this https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0
  7. typo! fs1 https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/standard-strat/fs-1
  8. upload it here , i have helix floor and native and i will help you
  9. Same here. And this is the end of helix for me. First helix scribble strips dead. Second phantom power no working. 3rd big rotation knob no rotating and now headphone knob broke. I love it but all the craps, made me hate it. I will sent it for repair and try to find a sucker to sell it.
  10. At the output, (end of chain, last thong u see on screen) change the pan of left right to right left?
  11. Soupro... after 3 years i found out that by lowering the bias on supro, it goes crunchy to jimmy page tone asap . Give it a shot.
  12. You can, BUT the acoustic models will not sound so good ( if you care about them)
  13. I think this makes them out of phase. Sound goes more back, weaker and wablier.
  14. Open a support ticket, line 6 has great service!!
  15. Double take is my go to for every patch i am doing. Usually goes like this: amp sent to dual path, one path is double track, dry 0 wet 100, hard pan 100%
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