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  1. arislaf

    Stop the hair!

    Τhis reminds me a Chinese woman's <<cat>> back from 2005... it was quite hairy, and round... Guess i should thank you for the time travel mate!!! on the point, try the metal amps from here and see if it helps https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4r7gucctc4ydkye/AACzuVidRrsSbORyqG72fpwSa?dl=0
  2. arislaf

    Stop the hair!

    Indeed, to my ears also i listen 2 bass guitars with just different sized strings. Nothing guitar like to the not so hairy sound. But to each his own.
  3. arislaf

    3rd party amp packs

    Bought some, tried them, never used them again.
  4. Try reflashing your firmware. Sine it is new, if this won't help, sent it back for a new.
  5. arislaf

    Shuriken Acoustic + Strato + Metal Tone

    I think that you desperately try to make us watch your videos.
  6. arislaf

    Surfin’ with Helix

    Easy. Reverb spring 69 before a fender twin reverb or deluxe on clean , ans opto tremolo adter the amp.
  7. arislaf

    Blown Away

    yep, it records real time.Just download the drivers, connect the usb, set it as your sound card and ready to go.
  8. arislaf

    It arrived!!

    Welcome mate!
  9. arislaf

    It arrived!!

    Welcome to the club mate! You did the right choice! grab a headstart here, after getting the latest update https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4r7gucctc4ydkye/AACzuVidRrsSbORyqG72fpwSa?dl=0
  10. arislaf

    Artist Created Patches

    Good thing they are free on boss, the sound..... bad... But no, on helix it is payable the premium patches. Check this guy https://glenndelaune.com/patch downloads.htm
  11. arislaf

    Ideal strings for Variax Standard?

    elixir nanoweb 10s
  12. arislaf

    Helix presets ready to mix

    You have to sign up to become visible and download able. Welcome mate, cheers1
  13. arislaf

    Helix presets ready to mix

    Hallo all! Just made all the guitar amps of helix ready for mix, dual tracked, equalized, etc. Just upload these to your helix and enjoy! P.s. All amps have different sound, some are for busy mix, other are overwhelming, other underwhelming. Depends on the mix. Meaning, that your favorite amp may not sound what you like. Instead, I made all amps with different flavors. Close your eyes, and try the amp by each own. You will not believe that the amp x works better than your favorite amp on the mix. Also, please try and give a comment. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4r7gucctc4ydkye/AACzuVidRrsSbORyqG72fpwSa?dl=0 p.s.2 for the jtv users, i used the bundle to make these sounds, https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=24065.0
  14. arislaf

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    Seriously what you get out of here? All your posts are garbage. No long d!ck, or your wife cheated you, or you don't have one at all? This is forum to discuss, not your psychiatry to solve your psychological disorders. Seems like the moderators sleep though, since this topic still exist.
  15. arislaf

    This whole separate preamp and power amp thing.

    Totally agree. Even power amps separated would give as some crazy combinations.