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  1. arislaf

    Any Way to Reverse Delay Panning?

    At the output, (end of chain, last thong u see on screen) change the pan of left right to right left?
  2. arislaf

    Helix Floor Zen - keep it simple (at first)

    Soupro... after 3 years i found out that by lowering the bias on supro, it goes crunchy to jimmy page tone asap . Give it a shot.
  3. You can, BUT the acoustic models will not sound so good ( if you care about them)
  4. I think this makes them out of phase. Sound goes more back, weaker and wablier.
  5. Open a support ticket, line 6 has great service!!
  6. arislaf

    Helix + Variax Double Track Sound

    Double take is my go to for every patch i am doing. Usually goes like this: amp sent to dual path, one path is double track, dry 0 wet 100, hard pan 100%
  7. arislaf

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I love to say its out, its out, and people start hating me in tgp... i believe that if it will be out, if i will be the first to say, they will not believe it anymore... muahahahah
  8. arislaf

    Am I the only one...... ?

    I dont bother anymore with amps. Helix is really awesome.
  9. arislaf

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Will have it on mind next time we buy alcohol!!!
  10. Currently status: sailing

    Most probably back at february 2020

  11. arislaf

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Thanks been looking for a reason to drink! Will carry on about sailing, was drinking with ukrainians, were looking for a reason to drink, (no more name days or birrhdays) and finally we drunk for the glass that is square bottom and not round....
  12. arislaf

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Lovely one with the retsina!!! Now absolutely seriously, one time that i was sailing, (i am seaman) i brought ouzo with me. I shared it with the crew (filipinos) and they put fanta orange juice. I was shocked, but they insist on me to try it, and honestly it is really a great combination. Now greeks want to kill me though !!
  13. arislaf

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    That is crime indeed!!! All people should know by now that wine is better with sprite or soda, not coke!!
  14. arislaf

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Nah, goats are not my style mate, they run to fast for me :) Could tell you my fantasies, and those things i already done, but they are not relevant to helix, p.m. me if you like.
  15. arislaf

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    In synopsis.. Helix : takes seconds to turn on is touch sensitive is black has many holes is economick Is not complaining If it could bring a beer, i would be the first man to marry it... Well done line 6.