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  1. Will see if I can, it's a bit of a journey to the Live 6 authorised unfortunately. Will see if I can find anyone nearer to me.
  2. Now, I know this has been covered many times before, but I'm still not entirely enamoured with some of the sounds on my Variax standard! I can live with the 6 string acoustics, but the 12 strings just don't really cut it for me.. On a full strum it's ok, but when I pick individual notes it just sounds like a keyboard imitating a guitar to me. The same is true to a lesser degree with the 6 strings. I've turned the E, A and D string down on workbench and adjusted the tuning as the higher strings being slightly out of tune was even worse IMHO.. Soundclip attached, is this similar to what other users hear? 12 string.m4a
  3. I'm in a quandary, not sure whether to buy a Powercab, or a headrush or similar. I currently have a Behringer Eurolive b108, which is fine as a monitor for my Helix, but sounds really bad with crunch, especially on the lower strings. I'm pretty certain that both Headrush and PC will sound much better than the £130 Behringer, but is there much difference between the two? Also, if I go for PC+ and like the speaker simulations would I essentially have to have duplicate patches for gigs when I'm going straight to PA? IE as the PC+ plus without any helix cabs..?
  4. I must confess I tried again recently with a bit of eq and a low cut to sort out the boominess and it was passable. I will try the recording test I think.
  5. The Yamaha are a lot more cash than the Headrush and the Alto, which is going to influence my decision at the moment. I think all the above will be an improvement on my Behringer, thank you everyone! will look for a deal and see what I can get. It looks like the Alto is the headrest more or less, but around £70 cheaper..!
  6. Sascha, thank you for an incredibly comprehensive reply! I'm not concerned at all about the lack of volume, the issue I have with my behringer is that I just feel that there's a bit of clarity missing. The speaker was around £120 to be fair, so maybe that's to be expected! I think I will see if I can try out the Alto or Headrush, and see if it's an improvement. When I trialled the LT in the shop they set me up with a Power cab (of course!) which sounded amazing on the Line 6 presets, I'm hoping with my own presets which I'm really happy with and a better speaker it'll all fall into place. Nice tip about the global eq too, I'll try that out.
  7. I'm currently using a Behringer eurolive b110d with my LT. It's fine, but I'm pretty sure there are better options! Any recommendations for alternatives? I can't afford a powercab at present unfortunately, does anyone use headrush monitors (or other.) on here?
  8. I've got a behringer powered speaker and a Yamaha PA, have tried both but I'm not entirely satisfied. Reducing the E and A and D string signal on workbench to around 80 / 60 % has helped, but it's something about the attack and lack of sustain. Essentially if I closed my eyes I would hear it's nowhere near an acoustic sound! I half wonder if I have a dud as so many others seem be satisfied..! I have a Helix LT also, thinking of just setting up a patch for the acoustic sound with some EQ etc etc..
  9. 10's. sounded the same after a set up too. I haven't updated the firmware for a while, maybe I'll give that a whirl.
  10. I've had my standard for a year and a half. I get it out and A/B it against my Tele or an actual acoustic and I can't get to grips with it. It's not just it doesn't sound as good, it's that my tele is much, much better and the acoustic models don't come anywhere close to my relatively cheap acoustic! I've been told to reduce the piezo pick up outputs and this has helped especially with the lower strings. However the acoustic models are fairly unusable to my ears. Any help appreciated!
  11. Yeah, I have a FRFR speaker and have been using that for most of my edits, have got decent headphones too for initial sketches when I can't make noise! I like the idea of snapshots, and could see myself using it later, but turning blocks on and off is working for me at present. With the amount of blocks you can have in a preset the LT is definitely enough for me too. Just getting my head around IR's, I didn't really use cab settings on my XTL so dipping my toe in. I have downloaded a few free ones (Gods cab, Red wire, Allure) but there are so many it's hard to know where to start! I've always found Line 6 gains and OD's a bit too close somehow, and they did tame them a bit? Will keep tinkering. I have a recording on Sunday so will be test driving properly then!
  12. That's fine, I'm more concerned about when it's in. Time to buy I think..
  13. That's what I was thinking! Been to enough gigs where you can't park nearby and I think one less trip would be nice!
  14. Yes, the flight case was built for my XTL, but it means two trips into a venue which when parking is a problem is a pain. I like the idea of the backpack to make get ins quicker..
  15. andymguitar

    Helix backpack

    Just bought an LT. I have a flight case that it will first in, but am tempted by the backpack. Any pros / cons to it? I would worry a little about stuff in the pockets weighing down on it, and also if it stays upright when put down?
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