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  1. Thank you all for taking the trouble and answering. According to them, I need to put the presets in order. The trouble is, I’m lazy and that’s why I asked if there was no way to save directly. All right, I’ll start and discard my unused presets.
  2. I've used up the factory presets. I know there are few people like me. But it is. I also use more guitars and more amps because I am involved in several projects. And I use a different kind of setting for each of these. Sure, some of the saved presets are less good, but I only find out if I’ve already compared it to the new one and then dare to delete it.
  3. But it's already sold out. The problem is that I'm sorry to save it to the LT, because I don't know by heart which disposable preset, so I'd save it to the machine first. Then later, if I found a place, I'd save it there.
  4. If I edit the preset on my computer using HX edit, I can save the edited preset directly to my computer. So I don’t want the Helix LT to take up space, I would save it to the computer. Thanks for the help in advance too.
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    Volume pedal

  6. ezut

    Volume pedal

    Hi there. There is a problem that when changing presets, the new preset always comes in at full volume. This is not always good. On my old POD HD300 pedal, this did not work. It brought the volume level to the same position as the pedal was when switching. Is there a global setting for Helix to switch like this?
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    Thanks.That was helpful to me.
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    Thanks. If I understand correctly, is low impedance recommended for sc pickup and higher for humbucker?
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    Then why the rest? I do not understand.I thought there is some recipe for what to use for sc pickup or humbucker.
  11. ezut


    Does anyone know a good recipe for when to set the "In-Z" parameter on the input?
  12. ezut

    Thank you Line6

    Thank you Line6, from a grateful customer
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    I use the looper and want to change presets. It can be solved?
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