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  1. ezut

    Thank you Line6

    Thank you Line6, from a grateful customer
  2. ezut


  3. ezut


    I use the looper and want to change presets. It can be solved?
  4. ezut

    Helix FRFR options

    I'd appreciate it if you sent me. My email: ezut66@gmail.com
  5. $ 150 would be the acoustic amplifier. But, okay, I won't try it. I'll collect for ALTO.
  6. So is frfr even better to double it?
  7. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Thanks I didn't know that.
  8. Now I have the opportunity to buy a Laney 80W acoustic guitar amplifier for a good price on the Helix LT. Has anyone used one like this? Will it be good together or forget?
  9. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Thanks. Then that could be the problem. Although the AT - M50 is a studio headphone, its impedance is not low. I'm still thinking that the input that has an impedance adjustment option there should be fine for me. Right now it's automatic. Isn't there a recipe for the impedance of a Les Paul guitar pickup set there?
  10. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Yeah, and I noticed it with headphones. So there is nothing else in the chain except the guitar Helix LT and the headphones. I also tried to replace the headphones. By the way, I noticed AKG headphones, but then I tried the Audiotechnika M50 as well.
  11. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Such a strange buzzing sound is not like when an amplifier distorts. So an unpleasant voice.
  12. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Hello! I have a little problem. I hear a faint digital distortion even in some clear tones. I'm using it with a Gibson Les Paul. I trust that only the input or output level is not properly set. I tried to change the input impedance but the situation did not change. Could someone help me? Has anyone had a similar comment?
  13. ezut

    Preset mode

    23/5000 They succeeded. This helped. It is possible to do a Global Reset without erasing user presets by holding down FS 5&6 while powering up your Helix. Thank you.
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