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  1. ezut

    Performer tones

    Thanks. I'll try this.
  2. ezut

    Performer tones

    I don’t know why you don’t understand that all my places in Helix are full. And I have a lot of work in the tones in it. And I would just exchange one or one, which I like again. That's why I dared to ask. But I’m already sorry, slowly it really takes more time. I thought I was getting a meaningful answer to my question, but just the education goes, and they looked at me stupid. Anyway, let's leave it all. Forget my question. I'm sorry I robbed someone of your time.
  3. ezut

    Performer tones

    Maybe someone wouldn’t put them on Customtone. I'd be grateful for.
  4. ezut

    Performer tones

    Yes, I was interested.
  5. ezut

    Performer tones

    I didn’t want to do advertising, but I see I have to describe it because a lot of people don’t really understand what and why I asked. A company called Choptones makes very good usable tones for different effects (though not for free) I was thinking that they might be new or not as good as the old ones. I think it’s not a subjective opinion that what’s basically put into a factory tone is zero. I didn't buy the Helix for a long time because of this. And when I bought it, I spent a lot of hours programming.
  6. ezut

    Performer tones

    I asked with no offensive intent. For me, my LT is full of my own tones and it takes a long time to untie them. I would only do it if it was worth it. If it is worth the same as the old factories, it will be unnecessary work and a waste of time. If they might be like what they sell in the market, it’s different. I'm happy with the 3.0 update and thanks to Lin 6.
  7. ezut

    Performer tones

    I would like to inquire from someone who has updated to performer tones. Is it worth it? How good are they?
  8. Thank you all for taking the trouble and answering. According to them, I need to put the presets in order. The trouble is, I’m lazy and that’s why I asked if there was no way to save directly. All right, I’ll start and discard my unused presets.
  9. I've used up the factory presets. I know there are few people like me. But it is. I also use more guitars and more amps because I am involved in several projects. And I use a different kind of setting for each of these. Sure, some of the saved presets are less good, but I only find out if I’ve already compared it to the new one and then dare to delete it.
  10. But it's already sold out. The problem is that I'm sorry to save it to the LT, because I don't know by heart which disposable preset, so I'd save it to the machine first. Then later, if I found a place, I'd save it there.
  11. If I edit the preset on my computer using HX edit, I can save the edited preset directly to my computer. So I don’t want the Helix LT to take up space, I would save it to the computer. Thanks for the help in advance too.
  12. ezut

    Volume pedal

  13. ezut

    Volume pedal

    Hi there. There is a problem that when changing presets, the new preset always comes in at full volume. This is not always good. On my old POD HD300 pedal, this did not work. It brought the volume level to the same position as the pedal was when switching. Is there a global setting for Helix to switch like this?
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