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    Helix Firmware 2.80

    I understand the Helix does not select DT settings according to the Helix amp model. I've been using midi controls with Helix for a little while now. The way I read the Helix's DT settings you posted it said something along the lines of Channel A (Helix) and Channel B (DT). So I thought channel A might be delegated to preamp disabled by default and B as DT fully engaged. I understood we have to set the parameters to taste. Will channel B offer equal functionality as channel A with regards to Helix usability(?) is ultimately what I'm wondering. Seems likely.

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Touche'! Thanks DI. Based on your description of the DT controls in Helix: Can we can presume the DT's channel A by default will have the its pre-amp disabled? Can we also presume we will have full pre and post preamp effects for channel B while utilizing the amp's internal preamp and power amp (ala 4cm)? These are exciting times for Line 6 veteran Helix users.

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Controllers and snapshots or controllers &/or snapshots? ...and thank you.

    Snapshots= instant ???

    That was the purpose....no?

    Volume Loss Tone Suck When Engaging Delay Effect

    I must be missing something here. In what actual or modeled delay does the mix control the amount of repeats?

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    I also don't hook the Helix up to computer FIRST at home until after I have it plugged into the amp and both are on. the first 2 times I used it I had the Helix opened in the editing program and there was no sound when I then connected it to the DT. I've only had the Helix for a few weeks..... AND I LOVE IT! Now I'm stalking this place looking forward to 2.80 update and ditching my midi cables.

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    On the front of the amp I toggled to channel B then back to channel A and I heard sound.

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    I had that problem a few times and toggled the channel switch and it was resolved.

    Am I the only DT/Helix user checking daily....

    The only midi commands I set are for setting the amp model and then disabling the preamp. I pretty much use the same power amp setting to keep volume consistency. Just those two parameters have made an enviable rig. So many usable amp sounds on the helix with the DT power amp pushing it. Really excited to be able to ditch the midi cable and get expanded capabilities. The rest is icing but then again I haven’t researched the other pending functionality to any depth. I only read the 1st 5 pages at the TGP thread. Exciting times for Helix users and doubly so for DT enthusiasts. Cheers!
  10. PDKTDK

    WTF USB stomp

    I used my HD 500 for months without the cap and it worked fine. It was only one day when I was setting up for live when I touched the power supply accidentally to the exposed USB and fried it. They really should make caps you can stick in there.
  11. PDKTDK

    Am I the only DT/Helix user checking daily....

    I guess I am the only DT/Helix user.
  12. PDKTDK

    Am I the only DT/Helix user checking daily....

    My google search for a TGP thread for those afflicted as I turned up nothing of significance.
  13. PDKTDK

    Am I the only DT/Helix user checking daily....

    I'd love a link there.
  14. ...for the new update? I finally pulled the trigger last month when a friend of mine had a brand new Helix Floor and took my offer of $800. I had great results with the HD500x/DT combo since 2010, but the learning curve was quite steep and drawn out. It's so easy to get great sound with the Helix/DT and a little midi knowledge. Anyway....am I the only one?
  15. PDKTDK

    Delaune vs Fremen vs MBritt patches - a review

    Enjoyed this thread very much. I wish there were more DT/Helix users who put stuff out or shared. I get great results but....I feel so alone!