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    DT-50 112 combo turned itself off

    @psarkissian can you review this when you get a second and tell me your thought. It’s pretty odd.

    DT-50 112 combo turned itself off

    Mine's been working fine ever since. I was hoping the ever-present guru would give me some feedback. Thanks again.

    DT-50 112 combo turned itself off

    So what was the outcome?

    DT-50 112 combo turned itself off

    Oddly, I used it twice since without any issue. Thanks for your time by the way.
  5. This weekend I was playing with HD500x hooked up via L6 using class a/b III setting in the standard prescribed way (pre-amp from HD/full power). Was running the amp at just over 12:00 and the DT master at about 11:00. About 3 hours in the amp appeared to lose all evidence of power (lights, sound, etc) although power button was engaged on. I restarted and everything was well. I typically put amp in standby and turn master down to zero during breaks. Just seeking feedback as there does not appear to be threads with this same issue. Just when I was starting to get secure using this twice line6 repaired amp. UGH
  6. Mine has been to line6 twice and they covered it. I actually bought a backup one (both DT50) after the first incident. I've recently started gigging again and am scared to death it will fail me. Keep in mind these amp have not had even 20 hours of use. I wish they'd take them back and give me a solid state speaker replacement with L6 link. They're both like new... because I am afraid to use them.

    Can you pan the looper?

    If the looper were in fact stereo it would be a non-issue as to how/what I'm inputting is panned, but being stereo would obviously require more dsp and memory/storage. If the looper block were movable within chains versus pre and post there would be options with the mixer or inserting pan blocks... If there simply existed a pan option (which is feasible with little to no overhead) that would've been great... So, I get it and thank you. Sadly, the HD500 is beyond future development I fear along with my two (frequently in repair) DT50's... The Helix has certainly shown us that the Dream Rig and L6 Link tech are pretty much abandoned. The answer to the question in any perceived configuration with the HD500 is a resounding: No.

    Can you pan the looper?

    ...and there is no way to pan it I presume?

    Can you pan the looper?

    Hey Phil, I can't comprehend how this could possibly work. The loop block will only work before or after the signal chains and not within either. Putting a pan block before (when it is on the end) or after (when it is at the beginning) does the obvious which is kills one side of input. The looper block whether on the front or the back is getting proper stereo as proven by my output. I don't think the looper is stereo... and apparently you deleted your comment so... I do appreciate your effort.
  10. PDKTDK

    Can you pan the looper?

    I've created a preset with an electric and acoustic guitar utilizing the aux in for the acoustic.. I set up two paths left for electric and right for acoustic running both XLR's to FOH... and it works fantastic! That is, until I run the looper. It comes out both channels and no apparent options to pan it. Any hope here? Thanks! Edit/Update: No. Not at all. Never.
  11. PDKTDK

    Power Supply problem or HD500 problem?

    Thanks peeps! I can't wait for shipping. GC has it in stock for $28 USD. Much appreciation for this always supportive community.
  12. I played it today at my gig as I normally do. Came home and plugged it in and the screen lit up for a second and went dead. I tried different outlets. It did the same thing one more time. Now it appears to just be dead I did notice the green light is not illuminating on the power supply. Does the power supply only light up when connected to a working HD500 or is it always lit when plugged into power? This would make the solution obvious... as well as less costly. Thanks.
  13. PDKTDK

    Low volume on XLR out

    If I'm running a mono chain to FOH, using just left XLR should be fine right? I confirmed in my Bose LI Model II mixer that they channels are identical. I don't think they would have to overpush their board/ampliofication to get acceptable levels. There was no sound quality difference.
  14. PDKTDK

    Power Transformer Dt-50

    My transformer blew in early March. I took it in. Then got the tech 059 bulletin email and that was done while it was there. Got it back about 2 weeks ago. In class A pentode mode there is a rattling sound coming from the speaker when I resonate notes. Took it back. Hopefully will get it back in 3 months or so. I bought a 2nd DT50 at the time it blew. So... I will wait and see. Good news is the amp was 2 months out of warranty and Line6 honored all repairs.