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  1. @n9nu was it easy to replace? I have 2 DT-50 112's.
  2. I have a Dr. Z Airbrake. Haven't used it for years. Reason being I never had service required issues with my DT amps until after I used it and have had no issues since I stopped using it. I have 2 DT50 amps since 2010 and 2012 (as I seem to recall). I'm probably being superstitious but I adapted and with the replacement of the HD500 with the Helix Floor..... very good times and manageable sound control for all environments. YMMV.
  3. Wow! First time I heard someone prefer the legacy combo over the Helix. I also have had better (or easier) results with some full amp models. To answer one of your question: Yeah you can manually set your DT settings and they will save when you hit save on your helix. (Minus MASTER VOL and REVERB of course) It took my hours to get sounds I liked on the DT/HD setup. With the HELIX I find it so easy. I'm really surprised (and sympathetic) that you aren't getting the results you want. What style(s) are you playing? Just curious. Where do you keep the master volume on the Helix? I sincerely hope everything works out for you.
  4. That would be cool to have a DT subgroup of amp models. Not that there’s a huge group of us.
  5. I find the controls pretty straight forward. ...and the results undeniable. Its a a definite upgrade. YMMV
  6. They did for me....twice. It took over 3 months each time. I have 2 so as these fail I will be moving on at this point...but I will miss them when that day comes.
  7. You'll likely be thrilled with Helix with DT. I base that on the fact that I've never met or chatted with anyone who was disappointed. It's great! By great I mean WAY BETTER. If you have a helix try it and if the controls from the Helix don't work you will know...it needs to be updated. I do not know if your audiobox will work but it can't hurt to try. ...but check this out: https://www.google.com/search?q=m+audio+uno+midi+used&ie=&oe= $15 bucks(!) and you won't need midi cables which will cost you nearly that much anyway.
  8. HD series with L6 link? You don't have to use the effects. HD300's are starting @ $150 used doing a quick search. https://www.google.com/search?q=hd300+l6&ie=&oe= A midi Floorboard(?) starts @ the same price point: https://www.sweetwater.com/c513--Foot__and__Pedalboard_MIDI_Controllers
  9. 1. Did you try re-installing the M Audio driver? https://m-audio.com/support/download/drivers/midisport-windows-driver-v6.1.2 2. try a different computer? At that point I would take it in to a service center.
  10. I guess you tried this - From the manual: DT Amplifier Factory Reset As mentioned in the above sections, when customizing any settings via MIDI, your changes remain “saved” internally on the DT amplifier. This includes changes made to the preamp and power amp per Voicing switch value, Reverb and more. To return all settings back their factory default state, you’ll need to perform a “Reset” of the DT amp. To perform the Reset, start with the DT amplifier powered “Off,” then simultaneously hold the Voicing toggle switch DOWN and the Pentode/Triode toggle switch UP while powering the amp “On.” Continue to hold these toggle switches in this position until you see the Voicing “I” indicator light up (this takes about 15 seconds). The DT factory default settings are then fully restored and your DT amp is ready to play. https://line6.com/media/dt50/DT_MIDIGuide_v2_0_RevA_English.pdf
  11. It's about time! Although it appears we are a dying breed with Helix functionality we have much to explore, celebrate and share. I look forward to participating and learning from your group.
  12. I should’ve traded up to that helix years ago. If you are using your DT 50/25 in conjunction with the HD 500 X, You will only gain. You lose nothing. That’s the bottom line. The answer to all of the questions is a resounding “yes you can!”. The learning curve for the helix is a couple of hours coming from the HD 500 series. Its only a win situation and as I said somewhere here in the last 2 months as a new helix owner...I haven’t seen anyone sell their helix and go back to an HD series. The tone behind my words is joyous rapture. Upgrade folks!… And let’s start sharing presets! The XLR out to front of the house is great too in my opinion. No complaints there either.
  13. It’s so ridiculously good! I was able to get this functionality two months ago when I first got the helix thanks to another member who taught me basic MIDI. All the musicians in my town were hounding me to play through my rig. I finally had to put the Kabash on it LOL Dialing in sounds was never this easy with the HD 500. Truly a dream rig. Although I have the added stress of wondering if my amps Will have the dreaded power transformer failure… For the third time. ....but for the last year of steady use of my DTs...so far so good. Congrats.
  14. PDKTDK


    @psarkissian are there any warning signs on these amps when it is nearing time to change the tubes?
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