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  1. I tried replacing the fuse, the one at the power cable input. But as soon as I would power the amp up it would blow the fuse. And I did get the exact fuse suggested by Line 6 Tech support. The amp was not under warranty, so I had to purchase a replacement power transformer from a supplier online. I can't remember where but if you do a quick google search you should be able to find the exact mode, think is was about $120. I replaced the PT myself. Wasn't very hard only a few wires and took about 30 minutes. I used the speaker in the DT50 as the cab. So my setup was an external head on top of my DT50 combo with the speaker cable running from the speaker inside the DT50 to the external head.. At the time being short on funds and all it allowed me to carry two amps with out the extra speakers. So if the external head gave me problems all I had to do is swap the power and speaker cable from the external head back to the DT50 amp.
  2. Hey Todd, Update. I ended up selling the amp. I replaced the power transformer and about two weeks later at a gig right in the middle of a song it just stopped working. Had power and lights but no volume. After the power amp went out the first time I started carrying a second amp with me so I was able to continue the gig. Next day at home I powered it up and the SOB worked like a charm. I did use it as a cab for a short time, which I have to say sucked. For about a month and half I lugged around this heavy lollipop DT50 and a PRS head. I ran the head to the DT speaker. It was nice for a bit, having two amps without having to carry two combos. But after about 5 gigs I gave up, sold the DT and got a 2 12 cab. So now I'm in the middle of moving away from Line6 all together for live shows.
  3. I believe they the original stock. I've never replaced them. Put a new Power Transformer in it last night. Figures crossed. Cannot find any reviews from users who have replaced the PT. But if it blows again I will have to drop the amp.
  4. Hey Spaceatl, I did contact Line 6. S/N shows the amp was made after the the defected ones. I don't mind spending the $100 to get a replacement PT but my worry is how often is this going to happen. Once every few years will work but as a gigging musician I can't take an amp out that I don't trust. Just looking to get feed back from other who have replaced the PT and what their experiences were after the repair.
  5. Has anyone had good results after replacing the power transformer on their line6 dt50? Mine has blown after a few months in my possession, bought it second hand. I really like the amp but it needs to be reliable don't want to have to keep replacing the transformer every few months.
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