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  1. Hi. I'm on Windows 10. I posted the above problem recently and have solved it, but couldn't find a way to add "SOLVED" to my original title, so hopefully this may help others. Thanks to the people who replied to my original post (link below): Cannot Open Native after update to 3.50 Error 8207 and 8201 - Helix Native - Line 6 Community I had this problem quite a while ago as well and the suggested solution of uninstall and reinstall did not work. The solution back then was to deauthorise and reauthorise the computer. This also solved the issue recently for another poster in the link above. However, this time deauthorise/reauthorise did not solve the issue. This time, the solution was indeed to uninstall and reinstall Native. BUT, I did so unticking the AAX files during the reinstall. I understand that these are only needed if the DAW is pro Tools (I use Cubase) and I forgot this when I did the update. So it seems there are two possible solutions to this problem: 1. Uninstall and reinstall Native. The line 6 ticket gave instructions (see below). I did not have any of my own presets to save so the process was simple. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. I could not get points 2 and 3 to work as I got "couldn't locate the files". As all seemed to work OK, I didn't carry out points 6 and 7. 2. Deauthorise and reauthorise the computer. Self explanitory really. Carry out via your Line 6 account. Very simple and quick. Hope this helps someone else who may be scratching their head and rubbing their chin frustratingly. Line 6 instructions for uninstall/reinstall (thanks to L6 for their prompt reply to my ticket): please try the following: 1. uninstall Helix Native via its uninstaller: Program Files (x86)\ Line6\ Helix Native\ Uninstall.exe 2. press Windows + R and type %appdata% This will open the Roaming-folder of Windows. 3. open Line6/ Helix Native and delete all files in this folder, you can keep the folder preset/IR library (if you want to keep your presets). 4. reinstall and activate Helix Native: 5. check the following knowledge base articles: Helix Native/HX Edit Crash or Blank Screen: HELIX Native troubleshooting: Helix Native and a Network Connection: 6. disable antivirus software, pop-up blocker, and firewall for testing (disable Windows Defender). 7. check your internet connection (restarting app and/or relogging into the server is suggested).
  2. Hi Brian Thank you for the note. I actually have had this very same problem quite a while ago as well and was advised by Line 6 to basically uninstall and reinstall Native which did not rectify the issue. Someone else on the forum had also had the same issue and rectified it by the same you have found to work. I tried that and it did work for me too. The current issue seemed to be exactly the same and so I tried the deauthorise and reorthorise thing, but this time it did not work. Logging a ticket with Line 6 gave me the uninstall/reinstall solution, which I did try, but this time, and I think THIS MIGHT BE THE KEY, unticked the AAX files (these are required for Pro Tools only I believe). After carrying out the reinstall, I loaded a new project into Cubase, and all was good !! Glad you got up and running again.
  3. Hi Gryphon Thank you for the reply. Whilst I'm no expert on music software, I understand that the Cubase I'm using to load this (12 Pro) doesn't use VST2 files, so I don't think I loaded a VST 2 version(didn't even know we could tbh!) As you suggest, I think a ticket is the way forward. Actually from memory, I think I had the same situation the previous time I updated the Helix Native and I think the problem was around having so many various Line 6 products registered in the past - I have been a long time Line 6 user. I will post any solution back here. Thanks again :-)
  4. Hi Datacomando Thank you for your reply. Tried this. Didn't help I'm afraid. Looking like a ticket.
  5. Apologies. My system might be of some help. Windows 10. i7 chip. Plenty of RAM Programmes on M2 Files on regular large hard drives.
  6. BTW, I had just updated my HELIX Floor with no problems.
  7. I'm guessing this isn't an unusual situation. I recently updated my Native to 3.50. During the installation process, I got an error message that read "Error opening this file for writing" followed by what I assume was a font type. The only way forward was to select "ignore" from the options of "abort", "try again" or "ignore". When pressing ignore the same error appeared but with different font types. A typical example is: "Error opening this file for writing C:/Program Data/Line6/HelixNative/res/fonts/Roboto-Regular.ttf" This happened approximately 25-30 times after pressing ignore, but with a different font type. Then, a similar error message appeared: "Error opening this file.....etc C:/ProgramData/Line6/Helixcore/HelixCoreWin_64.dll" After pressing ignore again, it seemed that Helix Native has installed. However, after loading my DAW (Cubase Pro 12) and trying to load Native, I got the following: see screenshot. At the moment then, I can't use Helix Native. As far asI know I had no problems before updating to 3.50. Does anyone have any help to offer please ?
  8. Hi Elrenato. Glad you got it sorted. Thanks for the information.
  9. Hi Psarkissian/elrenato Psarkissian Thanks for that. Northampton isn't far from Milton Keynes, so same issue really. elrenato Thanks for this. I have seen valve sets for sale, but as Psarkissian has kindly explained to the forum several times, the amp still needs setting up after new valves (note the comment from Psarkissian re ONLY using the specific brand of valves) by the experts - these are not like "normal" valve amps. As I said, because they are so fussy, I've given up on mine. Just not worth the expense and bother. I'm wondering what to do with the lovely looking brick I have !! It even still has the cardboard cheat sheet on top of it. I don't gig and have Helix and Native as well as my Blackstar Stage 60 (yes, it is a bit loud for the studio !!) so not relying on the DT25. It did sound good though while it worked. Let the forum know how you get on with yours - I bet you aren't the only one who will have this problem.
  10. Hi Elrenato. I got no further with mine. Have given up on it. I’m not prepared to “take into an authorised Line 6 centre” every time it needs new valves or a looking at. As far as I know there’s only one in the UK which is Milton Keynes, which is a long way from me. The thing is too fussy. I have better things to do with my time. Mine still sits looking brand new but dead. Would not have bought it if I had known about this. Pity L6 don’t tell us about it’s peculiar requirements up front. Good luck with yours.
  11. Sorry, didn't mention that I have tried via the license manager but with the same end result.
  12. This is what the page in my account "Authorized Devices" looks like. Never known why the POD Live is "pending" It's been like that since I tried to deauthorize it years ago. I haven't used the UX2 for ages either. Just keep it authorized in case I have a problem with my current audio interface.
  13. Hi All I have reinstalled Windows 10 on my PC (again !!) due to issues I was having with it. Clean reinstall. Of course, this means having to reinstall all my recording software (which takes a very long time). I have reinstalled Helix Native. Upon using Cubase and trying to use Native as a plug in for an audio track, I now get an alert stating: "your account has reached the limit of computer authorizations for Helix Native. Sign into you Line 6 account to manage your authorizations" I have used L 6 products for many years and have had several computers over that time. I have also had to re install windows 10 several times due to problems. When Windows 10 is installed, usually get a new ID for the computer which is set by Windows. There are 11 devices listed on my account, three of which are L6 devices; the rest being previous computers or the present computer past ID's. I have deauthorized all the past computers and the previous ID's of the current computer, but I cannot find a way to authorize my current computer ID. How do I authorize this computer ? Until I can authorize the new ID I can't use Native. Many thanks.
  14. Hi Gtrman 100 Thanks for the note. Yes, already did this - did just about everything imaginable really !! Nothing moved the brick :-(
  15. Hi Luke


    Tried to reply to your question on my post about DT 25 bricked twice now, but it doesn't seem to appear.

    Maybe the mods are still getting around to it.


    In summary - no.

    Never sorted.

    Didn't think it was worth the money to sort .

    I've abandoned it and learned in future only to buy a "normal" amp.


    1. Lukedog82


      Thanks for the reply. That's a real bummer. I loved this amp before this happened. Really hate that i attempted it and caused this issue. but it shouldn't be so difficult. definitely an issue that should be fixed by the company. i put in a support ticket with no response in 4 days. smh. one guy said he sent his in and they replaced a chip of some sort. but took him 4 months or something to get it back. with the cost of shipping, it's not very cost efficient for me to send this thing half way around the world. i'm on the east coast and my closest line 6 repair place isn't equipped to handle this type of repair. sucks. all i can do is keep trying and hope one day it will work like a few others have said. no real reason given, just that they kept trying and eventually it went through. again, thanks for the response.

    2. Joeleft


      Hi Luke


      It seems to be a common problem if you search various forums.

      Really not happy that this amp is so dependant on having such specialist maintenance.

      My nearest (and seemingly only official tech company in the UK) is about 200 miles away.

      Just not economically feasible to maintain it; not even considering the practicalities of transport.

      Never would have bought it if I had known.

      Mine has been used very lightly at home, so didn't think that valves (tubes?) would be an issue, although Parkissian told me that they need changing regularly regardless of use time, which IO must admit, I didn't know.

      Had it 4 years before the issue, and it worked perfectly before trying to update the software.

      Looks brand new !

      Why don't Line 6 tell you it requires such high level maintenance before you buy it ?

      Got loads of other Line 6 stuff and bought this amp to use with the HD500X, including the expensive special connecting lead.

      Have a Helix now though.

      We live and learn !!


      Hope you get yours sorted.

    3. Lukedog82


      i ordered the m audio uno midisport they recommend (only 32$ on ebay). I'll give it a shot and hope for the best. I've also upgraded to the headrush, which i'm very happy with. but looking around, i find myself wanting the sound my dt25 produced. so if and when i get this thing fixed, i plan to make my own dt25 IR's which i'm anxious to try. if i do, I'll shoot you a message to share it with you. you can throw it on your helix and you'll have that dt25 sound without the hassle lol. i really don't know how this will sound as of yet, but want to experiment when i get the chance. I love it's clean sound so if i can replicate it, it will be a nice addition. anyway, thanks for your help. and yeah, i changed the tubes too. they were only a year old.

      i will say, i can probably replicate it with the headrush already. it sounds amazing and i cant tell the difference on certain tones. but i just want to try, maybe even for fun i guess, to replicate the sound through the dt25 and try to use it to replicate that sound as if i'm plugged straight in clean. i just loved it. 

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