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  1. Thanks again chaps for your input. Now when I've got time........updating Native !!
  2. Hi datacommando and rickstudioc SORTED !! I have a laptop which hasn't even been turned on for about a year, and so does not have the latest Kasperski protection software on it (nor any windows or other updates). Used this laptop and tried again to update my Helix using the method explained in the 3.70 update Release Notes. Hope it hasn't been bombarded with viruses whilst it was on!! It worked with no problem. Helix updated. looks like there's either a hardware issue with the Desktop, or the latest Kasperski software is stopping it - my bet is the latter - even though I actually paused it and went through the whole update process again ( ie Kasperski turned off). Thank you both very much for your help. Much appreciated. BTW, do you know if there are any differently named pre sets in 3.70 (FACTORY 1) than there were in 3.60 ? Believe it or not, I hardly use the Helix (I know!) and I had no presets that I had made on it to save. So....I thought that I would restore the 3.60 presets onto my now 3.70 Helix to review later - as detailed in steps 4 and 5 on the release notes. I followed the notes, but I thought there was a little ambiguity in the way it was worded. Anyway, in HX Edit with the Helix connected to the laptop, I had USER 1 selected and then clicked File/Restore from Backup, selecting FACTORY 1 from the Back Up files. When it had finished, USER 1 had no presets in it, so I was worried that I had overwritten 3.70 FACTORY 1 with my back up file taken from 3.60. I turned off the Helix and back on again and on the screen, it went through the "rebuilding presets" thing again but in less time than when I finally got the update originally done. So, I think it has rebuilt the 3.70 FACTORY 1 presets. If there are any different preset names in 3.70 in FACTORY 1, I can check. I did think I could maybe just go through the whole process of installing 3.70 again which would make sure, but HX Edit won't allow it (presumably because it can tell the 3.70 update has been carried out). Sorry about the length of this, and for taking your time when it looks like my desktop was the issue. I would add SOLVED to the title if I knew how! BTW datacommando, we're not that far apart geographically speaking. Thanks again chaps
  3. UPDATE: Yep, did all this. plus tried a different USB socket on the PC. No change in result.
  4. Hi ricstudioc and datacommando Did as suggested above but still no joy. I loaded the file from L6 and carried out th procedure. The screenshot is when I had clicked to update, so all looked good at that point. However, I had to go out after about 45 minutes of clicking to update, and because the marker showing the progress had not even started I left it all to run. When I checked back after about 5 hours, nothing had changed. The Helix was set as I had left it with a bank of updates showing and the tap tempo flashing (as would be in normal use). I noticed that the page on the PC screen (as the screenshot) showed the "Firmware Version 3.60" but assumed that it showed the current firmware and was updating to 3.70. I'm pretty baffled. I closed the updater that was supposedly running and turned off the Helix. I will delete all the files for this on my PC, reload them from L6, update L6 Updater and try again. I'll report back in case any of this helps anyone. Cheers.
  5. Hi datacommando Many thanks for your help. Very much appreciated. I'll try this in the morning after a nights sleep (I'm in the UK) and my head stops spinning :-)
  6. FURTHER UPDATE: 4 hours after starting this update with no success, and with HX Edit still showing a spinning cursor and the Helix Floor still showing a blank screen apart from the small message top left of the screen "Update message server Started", I decided to turn off HX Edit and then turn off the Helix (fingers crossed). As HX Edit wouldn't turn off by using either "close" or clicking the shutdown cross symbol (because a window opened that said "Devices currently updating...wait until update completed etc..etc") I used Task Manager to turn off HX Edit. This successfully turned off HX Edit. Then I switched off the Helix, waited a minute and then turned it back on. PHEW, the Helix booted up and the preset buttons all worked. Looks like I am back at the position I was before trying to update to 3.70, ie I have a Helix running 3.60.0. do I update to 3.70 successfully ??
  7. Hi Ricstudioc Thanks for your advice. I have the up to date Line6 updater (Ver 1.28 as it is today). If I try to update using this, when I load it, there is no device to update (I guess that's because the Helix is still in kind of update mode), so can't get any further. At present, the Helix is still turned on and showing the "Update message server Started" message, and HX Edit is still unmoved from where it was at the start of this issue nearly 4 hours ago now. Still not sure how to close it all and start again from a factory set up. don't want to "brick" it of course. Not sure what will happen if I just turn the Helix off whilst in this situation.
  8. UPDATE: I have checked the settings in the Kasperski suite and in Security/Intrusion Prevention/Manage Applications, Helix hardware editor version 3.70 is actually listed as trusted and allowed, so maybe the Kasperski protection software isn't the issue ??
  9. Hi All I have searched this forum but haven't found anything that looks like this issue. Long time owner of Helix (Floor and Native) and HD500X and have carried out quite a few updates to the firmware (and many non Line 6 products) over the years, with few if any issues. I have been trying to update my Helix Floor from 3.60.0 to the latest 3.70 firmware. Everything went according to plan until I got to the last hurdle where the process just seemed to hang. I updated Helix Edit with no problem. I had agreed to the end user license for 3.70, which produced the following on my computer screen: "Helix Edit will now update your device firmware to the latest version. This process may take a few minutes" I clicked on the "Update" button and got the following: Computer screen - had "Initializing firmware installation" with a spinning cursor (see screenshot) Helix screen - was blank except for a small font message in the top left saying "Update message server Started" Nearly 3 hours later, nothing has changed from these messages. I guess that the process has stalled. The only thing that has changed on my PC is that I have very recently started a new contract with Kasperski using their Premium protection suite. I have been a long time Kasperski user with no issues, but maybe this new version is causing a blocking of something ?? Haven't seen any messages etc from Kasperski though. So, two questions please: 1. Does anyone know where I have gone wrong and could suggest a possible fix ? 2. I would try the process again but with Kaspersky disabled. How would I get back to a situation where I can get the Helix back to the state it was in before I started the update ? I guess it might be around resetting to factory update using the 9 & 10 buttons, but I'm not sure if I can just turn off the Helix in this seemingly stalled state. Currently, the Helix strips all show the name of the presets that it was set to when I turned it on to start the update and the tap tempo button is flashing as it would. When I sort this have Native to update !! Computer: Windows 10 i7 chip Lots of RAM Using USB socket at back of PC - ie direct into the PC, no hubs or the like. No other issues experienced with other programmes, including updating some files on Native Instruments stuff. Thank you in advance if you can help.
  10. Hi. I'm on Windows 10. I posted the above problem recently and have solved it, but couldn't find a way to add "SOLVED" to my original title, so hopefully this may help others. Thanks to the people who replied to my original post (link below): Cannot Open Native after update to 3.50 Error 8207 and 8201 - Helix Native - Line 6 Community I had this problem quite a while ago as well and the suggested solution of uninstall and reinstall did not work. The solution back then was to deauthorise and reauthorise the computer. This also solved the issue recently for another poster in the link above. However, this time deauthorise/reauthorise did not solve the issue. This time, the solution was indeed to uninstall and reinstall Native. BUT, I did so unticking the AAX files during the reinstall. I understand that these are only needed if the DAW is pro Tools (I use Cubase) and I forgot this when I did the update. So it seems there are two possible solutions to this problem: 1. Uninstall and reinstall Native. The line 6 ticket gave instructions (see below). I did not have any of my own presets to save so the process was simple. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. I could not get points 2 and 3 to work as I got "couldn't locate the files". As all seemed to work OK, I didn't carry out points 6 and 7. 2. Deauthorise and reauthorise the computer. Self explanitory really. Carry out via your Line 6 account. Very simple and quick. Hope this helps someone else who may be scratching their head and rubbing their chin frustratingly. Line 6 instructions for uninstall/reinstall (thanks to L6 for their prompt reply to my ticket): please try the following: 1. uninstall Helix Native via its uninstaller: Program Files (x86)\ Line6\ Helix Native\ Uninstall.exe 2. press Windows + R and type %appdata% This will open the Roaming-folder of Windows. 3. open Line6/ Helix Native and delete all files in this folder, you can keep the folder preset/IR library (if you want to keep your presets). 4. reinstall and activate Helix Native: 5. check the following knowledge base articles: Helix Native/HX Edit Crash or Blank Screen: HELIX Native troubleshooting: Helix Native and a Network Connection: 6. disable antivirus software, pop-up blocker, and firewall for testing (disable Windows Defender). 7. check your internet connection (restarting app and/or relogging into the server is suggested).
  11. Hi Brian Thank you for the note. I actually have had this very same problem quite a while ago as well and was advised by Line 6 to basically uninstall and reinstall Native which did not rectify the issue. Someone else on the forum had also had the same issue and rectified it by the same you have found to work. I tried that and it did work for me too. The current issue seemed to be exactly the same and so I tried the deauthorise and reorthorise thing, but this time it did not work. Logging a ticket with Line 6 gave me the uninstall/reinstall solution, which I did try, but this time, and I think THIS MIGHT BE THE KEY, unticked the AAX files (these are required for Pro Tools only I believe). After carrying out the reinstall, I loaded a new project into Cubase, and all was good !! Glad you got up and running again.
  12. Hi Gryphon Thank you for the reply. Whilst I'm no expert on music software, I understand that the Cubase I'm using to load this (12 Pro) doesn't use VST2 files, so I don't think I loaded a VST 2 version(didn't even know we could tbh!) As you suggest, I think a ticket is the way forward. Actually from memory, I think I had the same situation the previous time I updated the Helix Native and I think the problem was around having so many various Line 6 products registered in the past - I have been a long time Line 6 user. I will post any solution back here. Thanks again :-)
  13. Hi Datacomando Thank you for your reply. Tried this. Didn't help I'm afraid. Looking like a ticket.
  14. Apologies. My system might be of some help. Windows 10. i7 chip. Plenty of RAM Programmes on M2 Files on regular large hard drives.
  15. BTW, I had just updated my HELIX Floor with no problems.
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