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  1. psarkissian


    Take it to a Line 6 authorized service center. It's not a self repair problem. Which fuse is it?
  2. psarkissian

    Settling in with my Variax Std.

    The 10-gauge set is fine, it's factory, 11-gauge is fine as well. Have the set-up done by a proper guitar tech, preferably a Line 6 authorized one who has access to service info. They will be able to dial it in to where you want it, with limits.
  3. psarkissian

    Ideal strings for Variax Standard?

    10-gauge or 11-gauge sets.
  4. Stick to the color coding. Also check with the maker of the pick-up or any instructions that came with the pick-up.
  5. psarkissian

    Noise, distorted sound out of Variax Standard

    Re-Flash the firmware using the Line 6 Monkey.
  6. 8.9 k-Ohms should be okay, just a smidge darker warmer tone.
  7. psarkissian

    Can Spider Valve MK1 use POD XT Pro Live as FBV pedal?

    FBV port and Variax VDI connect are two different things. POD racks can be controlled by FBV boards, amps can be controlled by FBV boards. Do not plug a Varia into an FBV port.
  8. psarkissian

    Can Spider Valve MK1 use POD XT Pro Live as FBV pedal?

    No. Don't do that.
  9. psarkissian

    Spider v1 112 Tech manual.

    Schematics, tech manual,... not available to the public.
  10. Scratchy noise sounds like popcorn?
  11. " Who would have thought that the firmware would fix the MAG pickups?! "--- being the guy that works on these, I would. But that's only because I've seen this before a couple of times and know what to expect. These are a little different than the Variax of old, and that tech was probably my lab mate. :) Glad you didn't pull the pick guard, many do and regret getting in too deep, then it ends up on my bench. That occurs all too often. :( Glad I and my colleague in Support could help. Now make some music. :)
  12. " So if anyone else out there experiences this, you want to order the "PCB-A Main Guitar+G11," part #50-02-0320-2 from Full Compass. "--- that doesn't always work for all boards. The afore mentioned query list is a starting point for troubleshooting. And that part number only applies to JTV-69/69S, special order thru FC. Your older one may have a different firmware revision in it, so it will sound different than your later serial number guitar. Not advisable to do self repair, as these are not passive electronic guitars. There's more to these than meets the eye. Got to cuddle this cat under the chin a little differently.
  13. Are they the factory tubes? How old are the tubes, when were they changed out and biased last?
  14. psarkissian

    Anyone know how to open a G10 Transmitter?

    Do not open, it will void your warranty. Log a support ticket. These are not designed to be user serviceable. Don't open them´╗┐.
  15. psarkissian

    Boston Tone for HD500X

    :) ^ ^ Sorry, the emoji's stopped working on here for me.