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Community Answers

  1. Use the Line 6 supplies only with Line 6 product. Anything else and it blows something. It won't be supported. You would be on the hook for repair costs.
  2. Service center would charge you if it is out of warranty, or a modification. Mods and custom work are something authorized service centers may, or may not do. Check with the service center. You'd have to flip the wiring om the piezos, as each string piezo has to go to the correct input. Contrary to popular belief, the processor knows which string is which. String piezo has to go to the input associated for that string,... or it will sound really weird.
  3. From the KB,... We encourage you to contact our Support Staff if you run into any trouble.
  4. 1- If the Hip Shots fit, then okay. The height of the string slot on the tuning post must be lower than the string nut slot. And the post holes and mounting screw holes should line up. Best to go to a guitar or music instrument store and match it up there rather than buying online. 2- Don't drop string tuning beyond a whole step. There has to be a minimum amount of string tension and pressure on the piezo to transfer enough mechanical energy to the piezo for it to sound the note.
  5. Changing strings once in a blue Moon on any guitar helps.
  6. For older Variax +9V, for JTV +7.4, and have to be very stable and not too high of a current draw. Caveat,.... everything here on this topic is an at your own risk, since modification like this are not supported by Line 6. So if something goes wrong with this and it comes to my repair bench, 50/50 chance I'd have to send it back untouched. As much as I would enjoy the challenge, they pay me to work on Line 6 gear and not a third party who supplies a modification. Just so you are all aware. That being said, best of luck.
  7. Batteries get ship in small groups at a time for safety reasons, being Li-Ion. They are making their way through, wish I had an estimated time of delivery to distribution points for you. I repair product, seems half of my career has been about trying to get parts.
  8. ... for the authorized service center in your area.
  9. "AI modeling built into guitar firmware could be cool... ", the training algorithm is about 120 line of code in C-language, but would require some serious memory space on the circuit board for the data accumulation and buffering. Interesting idea, lots of computer calculating overhead. Ironically, I have a 700 Acoustic on my bench now for some lutherie adjustments.
  10. "I've finally Bought in June 23 a Variax Standard on eBay, from Japan. " --- In the words of Monty Python, "He's not dead yet." If or when it happens, there will be official notice. Until then, it's just the same rumors I've been hearing since year 3 of the JTV release 12 years ago.
  11. "Is it possible to get just the dome?" --- Log a support ticket in your account with Line 6 Support, they will contact me to check my stash of parts.
  12. "Some of my fastest, most fluid playing has been with the JTV." --- Same here.
  13. Contact the authorized service center in your area. Something that old may have some intermittent solder point or loose retainer nut causing an intermittent ground point.
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