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  1. psarkissian

    Onboard Tuner

    Harmonic at fret five,... it may be the tuner won't track that high of a pitch. Never tried tuning anything other than open strings on those myself. Not really meant for use beyond being like the mini head-stock tuners. We use a Peterson precision tuner here for intonating with.
  2. psarkissian

    newbie help please

    If it's a 300 Electric, the owner's manual will specify,... https://line6.com/legacy/variax300 If it's a 300 Acoustic, the owner's manual will specify,... https://line6.com/legacy/variaxacoustic300steel Those will have information on connecting for playing or interfacing with Monkey or Workbench. The Sonic Port Series or POD Studio Series (thru Gear Box or POD Farm apps) of interfaces will work just fine. Check product notes for OS compatibility. Been using POD Studio interfaces with my 300 Electric and JTV guitars with my Mac laptops for sometime now, works fine.
  3. Don't know, never seen one.
  4. " probably as many requests for a bouzouki model, as for wind chimes or a duck call. "--- Surprisingly enough,... nylon classical/Spanish guitar, bouzouki, balalaika and mandolin come up rather more often than I would have expected here and in Idea Scale, as obscure as they are. Mandola, shamisen and were part of the old Variax Acoustic guitars back in the day. I guess there is a resurgent interest in some of those more esoteric instruments again,... what was old may be becoming new again. Hmmmm,....
  5. Don't use CAT6, it's the wrong data rate frequency band. Use the VDI Ethercon, better ground insulated CAT5, and is the correct data rate frequency band.
  6. psarkissian

    Acoustic Standard vs. Acoustic JTV-59

    Yes, there's that, something other than current firmware. Same Models, with different adjustments and tweaks over time.
  7. Not so much the pots as it is the rest of the "active circuitry". These are not guitars with passive electronics, and so need to be treated differently. Third party pick-ups,... check the specs to be certain the DC/bulk resistance is between 6k and 8k Ohms. Be aware that modifications to the functionality of the guitar may void any warranty, so such modifications are at the customer's own risk.
  8. Submit it to Idea Scale,... - bouzouki - mandolin - balalaika - nylon classical/Spanish guitar ... just some of the submissions to Idea Scale. A number of those get submitted to, and considered by Line 6 people. They do see that more directly. It's how the Helix series of products was created,... a result of Idea Scale.
  9. psarkissian

    Varian 300 vs Workbench

    The picture shows Workbench HD, it's not compatible with Variax 300, it only works with the original Workbench. Log a Support ticket.
  10. psarkissian


    " Lol...that's everything I just said, essentially verbatim...bug fixes and support for new OS...4 1/2 years worth. We're going in circles here, and I have no intention of getting into a philosophical debate over the definition of "significant". "--- Just wondering, wanted to be sure we were on the same page. Keep up the good work.
  11. psarkissian


    Significant,... not sure. But last year's v2.22 added Shuriken and some added support to already existing firmware (which would include minor bug fixes). And seldom, do I ever see a list of each and every minor bug fix. And in some cases, it's an update to be compatible with recent computer OS'.
  12. psarkissian


    Platform may be 8-years old, but the last general firmware update was 2017, and a Shuriken update in 2018. And there's Workbench HD for those who want to tweak and adjust further.
  13. psarkissian


    Don't know what's in the works. Don't listen to rumors or assumptions. If there's something, there will be "official" notice, or something will show up in the Line 6 Monkey,... if and when the time comes. Even I won't know until then. And I'm the guy that services JTV, Standard and Shurikens.
  14. psarkissian

    Intonation on JTV69

    If it comes up flat, it could be a couple of things with the rest of the set-up. It's a balance of tensions. Once that's done, intonation can get dialed in closer. I'm used to it because I've done hundreds of these 69's. Never got into the tremolo thing, yet I own three and prefer the floating two-post. The only tremolo bridges I own.
  15. psarkissian

    Acoustic Standard vs. Acoustic JTV-59

    Same piezos but in different saddles, same Model patches.