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  1. Workbench HD is for JTV's with Flash v2.00 or higher. Workbench is for Flash v1.90 or lower, and older Variax guitars (300, 500, 600, 700).
  2. https://line6.com/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0593d9cc37b/application/pdf/PODxt Manual - Version 3 - English ( Rev H ).pdf
  3. psarkissian

    POD HD 300 problem

    Failed amp chip, old solder points,... hardware related. Needs to be serviced by an authorized tech who knows the insides. Caps? More than likely not. Not if it's gating.
  4. psarkissian


    Register the guitar, then log a support ticket in your account.
  5. psarkissian

    Line6 VDI Cables not working

    Sounds like it's time for its 50,000 mile check-up and servicing.
  6. psarkissian

    Jtv vs Shuriken

    Those Artist models are for the Shuriken. Have to do some fancy Workbench work to get it to load into something else. Not certain that can be done.
  7. Do not use a One Spot. Not on the guitars. Use the specified supplies for the specified devices.
  8. psarkissian

    Jtv vs Shuriken

    The factory Model choices are different. The 59 has a set of models common to the JTV series, while the Shuriken has a mix of JTV models and Stevic McKay artist created models.
  9. VDI, batteries, XPS,... afraid those are the options. Anything else is risky to the instrument, and replacement processor boards are scarce.
  10. psarkissian

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    sparkyERTW,... know what you mean, part of the Csound email group, so I get a small taste of it.
  11. psarkissian

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    Compliance,... we have a couple of people here for that. A number of hoops to jump through regarding such things.
  12. psarkissian

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    Don't forget to read the notifications at the top of the window about 3rd party patches and such. Be aware of warranty implications, wouldn't want someone's warranty voided over this. Go in with eyes wide open. Be careful, would hate to see someone's gear crash because of a "used before defined" error. @sparkERTW,... yeah and watch out for those segmentation and parse faults too. Line 6 doesn't support modification to its gear that might affect the function of the product. Aside from that, luck and happy hunting.
  13. psarkissian


    Log a Support ticket in your Line 6 account. It will have to be done through them.
  14. psarkissian

    Helix HX - Power Supply Woes

    Check the Line 6 Knowledge Base on the subject of use of any Voodoo Labs products with our Line 6 products.
  15. psarkissian

    Firmware Helix

    Google Translate:: Hello everyone, a few days ago I bought the Helix and I want to download the Firmware but it does not let me tell me that microsof changed the download mode and that there are problems with Eggde explorer 11, I already deleted it but there is no way to download it, it could someone help me please Greetings to all.