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Community Answers

  1. Check the model galley in the user manual,... not all string volumes are the same for the Artist models that Stevic McKay created. They are like that by design.
  2. There wasn't a transformer issue with the 25's, it's was with the fuse on a the transformer with the 50's. Fuse damage could damage transformer on the 50's.
  3. Hello.  I have a question about the Piezo's.  


    I just got a Shuriken a few weeks ago.  I'm having several issues with string volume.


    1)  The High E string is just lower in volume than all of the other strings.  I can fix this using the Workbench but I have to drop the other strings by 20 to 30% volume.  Is this normal?  Or do I need to try and clean the Piezo for this string?


    2)  Probably the most irritating issue; the Low E string is much louder than the other strings and the bass really rings out on this string.  It rings out bad on the 4th through 7th frets.  I can't explain this.  Not sure if it even could be a Piezo problem or if it is a set up problem.  Do you have any ideas on what I should do here.


    There is not an authorized service center anywhere close to me so if it needs to be serviced, I'll have to send it to Line 6 in California.

    1. psarkissian


      Different string volumes on Artist Models are like that by design. It's a Stevic McKay thing.


  4. https://shop-us.line6.com/hardware/parts-and-accessories/variax-modeling-guitar-lithium-ion-battery/
  5. No main boards. 50/50 that a Line 6 authorized tech can fix it. They would have to contact us thru our tech channel for more info on that and what's involved.
  6. 50/50 a Line 6 authorized tech can fix it. They would contact us thru our tech channel for more details.
  7. Sounds like it's fretting out, saddle may need a height adjust. Have the set-up checked by an authorized tech. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
  8. Still out of stock on a number of things. Logistics are doing catch-up. Issues with China, like CoVid still hitting factory worker, China USA politics, and the trickle down supply chain bottlenecks that go with it. Some product is in the pipeline. It's a trickle, but it's getting out there. Keep checking in on Full Compass and our Shop US site.
  9. Try the link now. https://shop-us.line6.com/hardware/parts-and-accessories/ https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VariaxPwrKit--line-6-variax-cabled-power-kit
  10. Idea Scale is the place to go for idea submissions,... https://line6.ideascale.com
  11. No threads of fried batteries,... but I've had four come across my bench. "... which does imply these batteries aren't safe for the Variax electronics. ", yes, very much so. Seen more of that across my bench than I should. Batteries are in the pipeline, don't have an ETA because it keeps shifting. CoVid infections at factories and logistics, and China politics aren't helping any. Waiting for the back orders to be filled in. Try to keep you all apprised as best I can.
  12. Been done, limited success,... Power needs to be stable when switching over. Orientation needs to be correct on both branches. Be aware, this would be an unsupported use of our product with an unknown un-endorsed switching device product.
  13. No schematics. Too much proprietary stuff in it.
  14. The 4 topologies are gain loops. Class-A and A/B are kinds of amplification circuit configurations. You can have an "A" configuration or "A" feeding into a "B" configuration. Tubes come in Triode (three element) or Pentode (five element). Switch allows the pentode to run in pentode mode or use only three elements and run it in triode mode. These modes give different amplifying characteristics. https://line6.com/legacy/dt25112 ... for owner's manuals.
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