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  1. VDI gives a more snug fit when playing, cuts down on any loosie-goosie that can lead to intermittence and the host of problems that can result from that.
  2. I'm here. " I'm almost positive that it's possible to replace just the piezo inserts on the Graph Tech Floyd " --- No, you can't. The piezo and saddle are one assembly and cannot be broken down into smaller components. Also, the piezos are made slightly different, so they are grouped in pairs,... outer, inner and middle. The connectors are coded for specific connection to specific signal lines, or it will not sound correct. As for availability in your area, log a support ticket in your account and the regional Yamaha Support may be able to answer that.
  3. It's a toggle on, toggle off. There on the model area.
  4. Keep checking the web site for any that might show up,... https://shop.line6.com/hardware/guitars/ As far as what might be available in Spain, keep checking with the stores and music instrument retailers in your area.
  5. 1) Do you have the Shuriken Bundle? 2) The Firehawk FX have default presets that come with each effect. In the app under "V" for Variax, there should be a setting to turn that off, so that the Variax Models function independently from the Firehawk.
  6. What is the Flash version in it? For an early serial number Shuriken, be certain you have Flash v2.23 program and the Shuriken Preset Bundle.
  7. Just read it. Sehr gut mein freund. Also mention that it's for the two bridge intonation screws and not the six piezo intonation screws.
  8. I await its arrival. A couple of reasons for that, either the battery box is sending a false low battery signal to the processor board even though the LED's say it's near full, or a glitch with the 3-Way toggle switch. I will look into it further when arrives.
  9. If all else fails, contact Mark Wright at Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Used to be my opposite number at Line 6 Rugby, when we had a location there.
  10. Just viewed the ticket,... Variax 700 Electric uses original Workbench. Variax 700 Electric won't work with Workbench HD, they are not compatible. Workbench HD is for JTV, Standard and Shuriken guitar, and not for original Variax. Don't plug in the XPS into the set-up. What is your computer OS?
  11. "... send me a pair of fitting screws by airmail even if you and charge me for that? " --- You would have to log a support ticket that. If they are okay with that , then I'm okay with that. Our Support partners in Germany would be a more direct source for that hardware. Log a Support ticket, they can take care of it, they are closer to you.
  12. Why is the XPS supply plugged in? BTW, just a reminder, this is a topic section for the Standard, not for old Variaxes. No problem, I see this all the time.
  13. With those chords, must be A major. Don't know of any documents besides the Pilot's Guide and Advance Guide in the Manuals section online. https://line6.com/support/manuals/spiderjam
  14. Vic20-lan's idea sometimes works, try that. Workbench HD won't work with old Variax. You will need to run original Workbench on a computer using Windows 7 or 8. Anything after that like Windows 10 and it won't see it.
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