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  1. Contact E&M Electronics in Milton Keynes near Bletchley, as they are an authorized service center in the UK. E & M Electronics Unit 28, 56 Goulds Close Bletchley Milton Keynes, MK1 1EQ +441908375699 line6@eandm.co Also there is Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Contact Mark, he used to be a top tech at Line 6 Rugby back when we has a location there. Mark used to be my opposite number there, a top tech and a good mate. https://www.facebook.com/MarkWrightMusicdotcom/about_contact_and_basic_info +44 7738 054642 Mobile admin@markwrightmusic.com http://www.markwrightmusic.com/ Website One of them should be able to assist you.
  2. Windows 10 or Mas OS beyond 10.8 won't recognize original Workbench. And Workbench HD won't recognize any guitar before JTV v2.00 program. You would need a machine with an earlier operating system. There is no portability between the two guitar Model formats.
  3. :) And I love hanging about in the UK when I can. One of my fave places.
  4. Being a recently acquired, second hand guitar that does not function, you might want to take that up with whom ever you got the guitar from. Also get with Mark Wright Music in North Hampton to see what can be done.
  5. " Can I get Repair Manual and Circuit Diagrams for my Variax 700 Acoustic so my tech guy can try to fix it? " --- We don't publish service info. Too much intellectual property and proprietary stuff. And we can't vouch for the tech skills of the general public. " Line 6 support provided zero help when I asked them with a support ticket request. " --- Being a 14+ year old product, more than likely not supported for the most part. Some get extra units from eBay like sources and use those for spare parts. Best bet would be E&M electronics near Bletchley, or my mate Mark Wright Music in Northampton. Mark was a top tech at these guitars, back when we had location in Rugby.
  6. The switch on the DT main board would be done at the shop.
  7. Lost it,... wow. Never heard of that happening with them. How odd. Howick Electronics 175 Cook St Howick Auckland, 64 9 537 2592 roger@allegromusicstudio.co.nz What about Howick? "... recognising the amp as being a combo, not a head......and sounding completely different " --- there's a switch on the program board for that. Must have been switched incorrectly. Yes, it would sound different. " Why is it looking so simple for the DT25 (based on the info i found on the forum) and impossible to do with the DT50??? "--- The thing with the differences is the size and the overall lay out,... and especially the voltage shock hazard. Those 200V capacitors really hurt when you get zapped by them, even with the power off. One slip,.... BTW, say hello to the Kea down there. Cool birds.
  8. 15 year old product, recently acquired second hand. Components of the time were good. Contact E&M Electronics in Milton Keynes near Bletchley, or Mark Wright Music in North Hampton, see if they can be of assistance. Mark used to be a tech at Line 6 Rugby, when we had a location there. He still services Line 6 gear.
  9. See my response on your other post.
  10. There aren't any on the DT50 that are easily accessible to to the user. Due to the high voltage shock hazard, it is something that should be left to an authorized service tech who knows the insides of these amps. Due to certain proprietary considerations, there is no published service information on our products. Service centers,... there are two in Auckland, on the north island. The only options, darn. Maybe arrange to take the amp chassis in and they can run tests using a dummy load. They would have access to service info and me, through our normal service channels. I deal with and assist,... Music Link New Zealand Servicing: Electronics,Guitars Warehouse 5-174 Marua Road Ellerslie 5, Aukland, 0064 9 5792220 rogerajeffery@lycos.com ... from time to time when they want to consult me about something.
  11. No problem. It's one mod that would be expensive and very time consuming. And maybe impossible.
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