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  1. psarkissian


    Unplug the guitar. So long as it's plugged in the battery is engaged and will drain. A full battery will drain in 1 to 1-1/2 days if left plugged in. Débranchez la guitare. Tant qu'elle est branchée, la batterie est engagée et s'épuise. Une batterie complètement déchargée dans 1 à 1-1 / 2 jours si laissée branchée
  2. psarkissian

    Greenback in spider iv 30. Comments please

    Don't do that. Put it back to the way it was.
  3. Whether models or mags,.... TS and VDI,... TRS and VDI,... don't do that. 1/4" TRS OR VDI,.... not both together,... one OR the other, at any given time. Thank you.
  4. Right,... the XPS works fine. Just don't run simultaneously with the VDI,... the Variax circuits are not designed for that kind of current draw.
  5. psarkissian

    DT50 hums - components are missing

    R23-24 are not related to the hum. There is a bigger issue there if the hum is that bad. There are multiple issues there. It needs to be taken to a Line 6 authorized service center.
  6. Don't do that. Have had guitars come back with circuits that failed because of running it using both outputs. Trying to keep all your gear off of my repair bench. Please don't do that.
  7. Check with Support in the EU at YME in Germany, they should be able to get some.
  8. "... hope to get the L6 rubber caps, if still available "--- still can get. Contact Line 6 Customer Support, or check the Line 6 web store or Full Compass.
  9. TRS is required to correctly DC bias active circuitry. Been a de-facto standard since at least the early 1970's. Safety concerns are more due to use when using AC wall mains devices, to isolate circuits (like with early guitar synths of the 70's and 80's). Has little if anything to do with safety as suggested, it has to do with the function of the guitar. TRS works better, because that is how the circuitry works for guitars with active circuits and these early Variax guitars in particular. As for rechargeables,... do not use in early Variax guitars. Use Alkalines. When using VDI on early Variax, unplug the battery, do not run them together, a component on the program board can fail.
  10. psarkissian

    1st gen Variax sleep/standby mode?

    Depends on the Flash version.
  11. psarkissian

    250 neck thickness?

    Warble is typically a result of the distance between the pick-up and string not being adjusted correctly, and the magnetic field pulling on the strings. Yes, heavier stings help, 10's and 11's.
  12. It would take too long to explain. Certain chips of the day didn't like NiCd batteries and the like, when they go low, current tries to go around the other way in the circuit, damaging certain kinds of chips. Needed a specific circuit augment to counter that, not everyone used it back then. Learn about that building Linn LM1 drum computers back in 1980, they used NiCd to prop up memory chips when it was unplugged. Needed special regulating circuit for that.
  13. -Do not use rechargeables, no Ni-MH, NiCd or Li-Ion (etc),... use only alkalines,... it's a quirk of the electronic chips of that time, generally speaking. -Use a TRS cable at the guitar, Tip= signal, Ring= +Vdc, Sleeve= ground return.
  14. SchulzeJ,... yes, up to a point. It has to do with the frequency/bit rate of the application. Since this is such a topic here, I have chats about this every year at the trade show and through social media with my pal Steve Lampen of Belden Cable,... he writes books on this stuff, and confirms the info I bring here. Along with CAT6 and CAT7 performing poorly with our gear, because our gear runs outside the optimum frequency bandwidth of those cables. There are subtle differences between the three CAT's and that makes all the difference. CAT5, CAT5e are the ones to use with our gear.
  15. In Canada, Yorkville or Long and McQuade.