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  1. 1) Use the specified tubes (valves), using the specified bias,... 2) There are a couple of items on the processor and amp board that can affect volume that way. The authorized Line 6 service center can reach out to me through our service center channel for that. 3) If the previous owner didn't use specified tubes, it can have a bad affect on the unit over time. 4) It can be the guitar input amp board. Also something for the service center to deal with. Do not attempt self repair on these, the shock hazard is too great. Leave it to the Line 6 authorized service in your area.
  2. Right. That's what I get for wearing spectacles.
  3. They are different bridges, and not interchangeable.
  4. Do not mix and match between the DT50 and DT25.
  5. It's a slide switch, page-4, item #15 in the manual diagram.
  6. Log a Support ticket in your account. Could be,... -Computer OS. -Something is up with the main board. -Something is up with the jack plate. -Using the guitar to computer interface device, not made for Variax/computer connecting. Surprised that your serial number would have that problem, it's a more recent build 2017 vintage.
  7. Looking over your info and your Support ticket, and no service history here, it's probably long past time for your 50,000 mile check-up. A Support person will let you know the options available to you regarding servicing.
  8. Slemmons Music Services Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 3003 Commerce St. Dallas, Texas, 75226 214-747-1090 service@slemmons.com Freeman-Tuell Servicing: Electronics 7911 Ferguson Rd. Dallas, Texas, 75228 214-324-1132 freemantuell@yahoo.com Audio Electronics Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 10870 Plano Rd Suite C Dallas, Texas, 75238 214-349-5000 AED@audioelectronics.com
  9. Where about in North Texas? Have three in the Dallas area and two in the Fort Worth area.
  10. https://line6.com/find/service_center/
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