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  1. " No support, no referrals to service centers, no parts. " --- Have you reached out to Customer Support? I don't see a Support ticket in your account. There is an authorized service center finder for locating service centers in your area,... https://line6.com/find/service_center/ And certain repairs can still be done at Line 6 itself, depending on what it needs and parts availability. " I need several parts to even take on a gig now. " --- Have you tried Full Compass? There may be a few parts still available.
  2. No, won't fit easily onto a JTV or Standard bridge. To go left handed, rewire the piezos in reverse to the PCBA, and reverse the string nut. For the 69, reverse the locking stems on the tuners as well.
  3. Double check the back label regarding power requirements, that it matches your region's AC mains.
  4. Sounding more and more like a main board or jack assembly issue. Register your guitar in your Line 6 account, then log a Support ticket, it may need servicing.
  5. Cat5/5e cable? And not that 100 Base-T Cat6, Cat7 stuff?
  6. No. Just the original Australian customized Shurikens designed by Stevic McKay. More particulars on the FAQ. https://www.shurikenguitars.com/faq The control knob scheme suggests these are non Variax versions. The photo is Stevic's prototype with JTV-89 electronics it, built with exotic tone woods by an Aussie guitar maker. This became the template for the production model, with Stevic's artist model patches and Alt Tunes.
  7. 700 electric is pre HD so that would be a problem. And unplug any USB hubs when updating or using Workbench. And remember, Workbench HD doesn't work with original Variax like the 700.
  8. Did you update the Helix while the 89 was still plugged in with the VDI cable? If so, connect the 89 to the computer using the Line 6 Variax interface device and cable, bring up Workbench and save any patches you want to keep, then re-Flash the Firmware.
  9. Yorkville in Pickering. We taught one of their guys about our gear. Good tech showed the rest of the techs. He's since been promoted and still there, last I saw.
  10. Maybe have the set-up checked, by an authorized L6 service center that knows how a deal with a guitar with active electronics.
  11. The piezos are nice and sensitive, chosen for their frequency response and mechanical-to-electrical transfer characteristics. Also using string gauge sets like 10's and 11's helps. 9's tend to be too light for good acoustical transfer.
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