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  1. Log a Support Ticket. Both the 500 and the XT Live will need to be checked out.
  2. Old Workbench and HD products are not compatible. You should used the VDI-to-USB interface accessories device.
  3. Was looking at your serial number,... log a support ticket. There may be something under lying that, it should be checked out so that it won't become a future glitch.
  4. 16k Ohms will be a very dark tone colored EQ. Going higher than 10k Ohm will have a darker tone, 12k gets to be much (ask Richie Castellano about that one). 16k Ohm is way too dark of a tone for most. It's all about impedance matching. Impedance is a function of frequency, it's how filters and EQ works. telengard,... I hope the SD tech is reminded that these are not passive circuit guitars. Can't treat these electronics the same way, or modify them the same way.
  5. Whoever their supplier for parts are probably supply more than one company, then assembled here in the US by Graphtech. Our 89F guitar bridge is assemble for us by them, for specifically for the 89F. I chat about this each year at their trade show booth, with the guy who assembles our 89F bridges. I'm not certain if they supply us the saddles or if we use the same source they do.
  6. Grejam53,... it will need to be serviced at an authorized service center in your area. This is not something that can be solved by a user. The authorized service tech can contact us through the service tech system. Log a Support ticket in your account. Stigney Audio Repair Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 8400 Eastwood Rd. Mounds View, Minnesota, 55112 763-786-3156 rstigney@hotmail.com Good Guys Inc. ,The Servicing: Electronics,Guitars 1111 Grand Ave. St. Paul, Minnesota, 55105 651-292-9165 goodguy@goodguysproaudio.com Your issue will require parts not available to end users, only authorized technician. I already checked with Full Compass, for those who might chime-in on this.
  7. Early ones didn't. Check the notes in the Downloads page, there was supposed to be a firmware update to allow that. The last Flash updates, I see it shows preset switching capabilities, but nothing about using the HD500 as an interface for doing updates. So I would say no, not the HD500. The update capability came out at the same time the HD500X, so they didn't add that update interface ability to the HD500 features.
  8. HD500X for a JTV/Standard/Shuriken with v2.00 or higher. XT Live, X3 Live for anything earlier than that. POD Beans won't connect to Variax at all using the VDI cable.
  9. It's a 500 electric, the pick-guard is the giveaway.
  10. Best way, better data flow, less chance of interruption. Newer floor effects are not backwards compatible with earlier Variax and Workbench. A JTV with firmware v2.00 or higher should connect to Monkey and Workbench HD thru floor effects units. Though more direct thru an interface goes more smoothly. Unplug any USB hubs when doing this. Check the OS compatibility on the Downloads page on the Forum.
  11. Need an interface. Going direct with an Interface device is best.
  12. Interface is the best way. More direct. And don't have any USB hubs plugged in when doing updates thru Monkey or using Workbench HD.
  13. Single channel balanced, pin-3 is the ground/return according to AES/EBU standard AES-14, which is what we use at Line 6.
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