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  1. psarkissian

    Spider IV 75 problem

    Black box display,... has to go to a Line 6 authorized service center. It is not a self repair thing.
  2. psarkissian

    What JTV model is this?

    Body, neck, jack plate, battery and battery box is a JTV-69. No program board or UI electronics. Pick-guard assembly, electronics and pick-up are not stock. Very customized. Very early serial number, definitely the Korean version. No service record. If it needs servicing it will have to go to a custom shop, we would not service that. If the new owner wants to make it factory and legit again, they can contact Line 6 Support, and after evaluation,... maybe I can bring it back to factory again. It would be a semi custom out of warranty job to make it factory again. I've done those before.
  3. " Assuming you are referring to Helix, controllable input impedance is only available on the 1/4" guitar input, it has no effect on VDI input. "--- Correct. That and the slight variations in 1/4" guitar cable impedance between manufacturers, and the tone color may have a slight shift compared to the VDI line. After all, impedance is a function of frequency, it's how filters work.
  4. psarkissian

    Variax Guitars are no longer available in Germany

    Shipping issues were dealt with. Flow should be back to normal soon. Forget the rumors from those who don't know, it's just chasing a mirage. Want information, go to the source.
  5. psarkissian

    JT Variax not connecting

    Problem at this time is with Catalina. It's being looked into. Check with Support to see where that's at.
  6. Short answer is impedance. VDI impedance is stable between cables. 1/4" cables vary from company to company, so there may be a slight variation in tone color and frequency response.
  7. psarkissian

    Update Monkey to 64 bit

    It is being looked into. I don't know what the results are. Contact Support for details.
  8. psarkissian

    Spider Valve Valve HD 100 MKII

    https://line6.com/legacy/svhd100 Check the online manuals, check the Model selections.
  9. psarkissian

    Spider Valve Mk2

    Other amp tones into SV MkII? Or SV MkII into some other amp? Either way, I would think not, our patches would not be compatible in some other company's product, and vice versa. Check the OS compatibility on the Downloads list, your computer may have too new of an OS.
  10. psarkissian

    JT Variax not connecting

    What cruisinon2 said,... and fully charged battery in the guitar. Disconnect any USB hubs, go direct with the interface device.
  11. psarkissian

    Is variax dead?

    No problem, thought it might be a simple typo. It happens. ;)
  12. psarkissian

    Is variax dead?

    We have added some other body colors with the Standard and Shuriken. And have switched to ebony fret boards on the guitars in general.
  13. psarkissian

    dt50 bias probe points

    Please leave it to an authorized professional.
  14. X3 Live will have a problem with Workbench HD, so best use the Interface Device kit and go direct to the computer using that. And of course, make certain there are no USB hubs connected while doing that.
  15. psarkissian

    Is variax dead?

    89 is not made anymore, but the 89F is still in production.