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  1. bluusman9

    Save Your Vetta!

    Hi Will, It's been a while since I responded to your post. Thanks for your effort and advice again. I'll let you know how things work out soon, but right now it's quite a hectic period due to family circumstances (My Mom is 92 :) and needs extra care) and work. I repair saxophones for a living and right now the workload is high and I haven't had time to to get "into the Vetta" seriously. Anyway, I'll get back to you soon as tried-out your tips. All the best, Ron.
  2. bluusman9

    Save Your Vetta!

    Hey Will, Thanks for your reply. The good news is, my firmware version is 2.50 already :) The bad news is, I already ordered a Line 6 4x12 cab last week (the original, with the old logo) and it arrived today from Germany. And just now, I read your post... (LOL) Thinking it would be a good match for the Vetta... Ok, it was a bargain and for the time being I give it a try. I can resell it or something and you can be sure, I'm on the hunt for the options you mentioned. I'll shop around a bit, carrying my Vetta around some shops here in Holland, while seeing the faces of all the "tube snobs" over there ;-) You see, I noticed (and it makes me smile a bit) that most of my "tube worshipping friends" show some disapproval when I tell them about my most recent purchase. The resistance against- and prejudice about line 6 gear in general , seems high and without a solid reason most of the time. To provoke them a bit more, I usually tell them that tube technology is ancient history anyway, which from a pure technical point of view, is correct. Of course I'm not really serious about that and there are a few tube amps on my "favorite list" and I love their sound. I would go for either an old Highwatt or a Two Rock these days if I could afford it. As you probably guess, I'm not a "high gain" guy. I tend to look for clean headroom (Hendrix, SRV, Mayer-ish sounds) in an amp and that's what my DT25 lacks especially on higher volumes. I'm just curious, what will happen if hook up this 412, although it's not the ultimate cab. Last time I hooked the Vetta up to my 112 cab (G12-H90 speaker) it already sounded good to my ears. In a few minutes I had a usable sound, that I never achieved that quick with my DT25 amp. I haven't hooked up the 412 yet, because first, I want to get some good cab cables tomorrow. I think coming weekend I'll start "hunting cabs". I keep you on the level about my adventures ok. Ron.
  3. bluusman9

    Vetta users

    @DickFoster Hi , I'm trying to hook up to the Vetta II FB group. my request keeps "pending" for days now. Can you hook me up or something? I'm really interested in becoming a member. I tried to contact the admin (Nixx) but no success so far :) Thanks in advance, Ron Pluijm (Netherlands)
  4. bluusman9

    Save Your Vetta!

    Hi Will, Thanks so much, for your swift response from sunny California. It takes away a lot of strezzz :) I own some more Line 6 gear. Variax JTV's and some DT25 Amp's, which are incomparable to this beast. Just today, I found an original 412 Line6 cab for sale. Is that a wise buy, or should I go for 2x 212 cabs or something else, like you mentioned, Marshall for example. Right now I'm gathering as much info about the Vetta HD as I can possibly get. I tried to get hooked up to a Vetta FB group. My "membership request" is now "pending" for 4 days or so :) but I'm convinced it all will work out fine in the end. Anyway, I hooked up my Vetta to a small 112 DT cab, at very low volume, for the time being, just to see what it sounds like and find my way trough the menu's. I must say, it is beyond my expectations... even at very low volume. What a nice peace of gear... It's a shame Line 6 stopped producing it IMHO. I consider it a very high end product and easy to use. When treated with care, it might last a lifetime I recon. The former owner told me that he thought, it was an upgraded version (2.50) I wonder, how to find out about that. Should I hook it up to a laptop and run "Monkey" or another program, or something? Or are there easier ways? I'll keep you posted about the progress. Thanks again for your help! All the best, Ron.
  5. Does anyone know why it takes so long so be added to the FB group. My request is pending for more than 4 days now....
  6. bluusman9

    Save Your Vetta!

    Hi XONE, Thanks for your post! Last week I bought a Vetta HD head. I just could not resist. It was a bargain and I have good memories of that amp in the past. I friend of mine had one and made it sound "killer". He used to be a Line6 sales guy in 2004 or so, and by that time it was the flagship. After reading your post I've got some questions. 1. Do you need to re-flash or download new firmware after replacing the battery? So far my Vetta seems to work fine, but I read some "horror stories" on fora about this issue :) I just want to keep mine in shape and I have a technical background, so I'm used to handle electronics, soldering etc. 2. Do you have to take some precautions concerning static electricity ( since we are dealing with an microchip environment ) Thanks in advance for your reply. All the best from the Netherlands! Ron.
  7. I own two DT 25 amps. One has some issue with the EL 84 's (red plating) but can be fixed by my authorized Line 6 service point here in the Netherlands. The story above, scared me aswel and I started some searching on the web and stumbled on another story that I would like to share with you all (link below) I surely hope Line 6 will take action to correct their errors and live up to their quality claims. Here is the link:
  8. Dear Psarkissian, Could you help me out with a problem I'm having with my DT25. I had it serviced here in the Netherlands (at Hanex, an authorized Line 6 repair centre) because one of the EL84's was "red plating", after I played the amp for about 20 minutes at a moderate output level. Suddenly a "hum" occurred which I took as a signal, to switch the amp back in standby mode certainly after I noticed the "red plating" tube... So I took it to the repair centre. They have changed the EL84 tubes (matched pair...) and re-biased the amp. Yesterday I got the amp back from them and tried it out.... After about 20 minutes of playing it.... Same problem occurs. :( Loud hum, one "red plating" brand new EL 84. Could you give me some advise please, to handle this issue? I bought this amp (sec hand) from a friend, who has used it for years, without any problem. I don't want to spend a fortune on it. What is wisdom in this case. They charged me about $170,-- for this fix. I bought the set(amp + cabinet) for about $400,-- Anyway, I will contact them about it tomorrow. As a youngster I used to build and fix amps myself, but after your post I decided to take the "official road". :) Thanks in advance for your reply! Yours sincerely, Ron Pluijm. (Netherlands)
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