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  1. Dear Psarkissian, Could you help me out with a problem I'm having with my DT25. I had it serviced here in the Netherlands (at Hanex, an authorized Line 6 repair centre) because one of the EL84's was "red plating", after I played the amp for about 20 minutes at a moderate output level. Suddenly a "hum" occurred which I took as a signal, to switch the amp back in standby mode certainly after I noticed the "red plating" tube... So I took it to the repair centre. They have changed the EL84 tubes (matched pair...) and re-biased the amp. Yesterday I got the amp back from them and tried it out.... After about 20 minutes of playing it.... Same problem occurs. :( Loud hum, one "red plating" brand new EL 84. Could you give me some advise please, to handle this issue? I bought this amp (sec hand) from a friend, who has used it for years, without any problem. I don't want to spend a fortune on it. What is wisdom in this case. They charged me about $170,-- for this fix. I bought the set(amp + cabinet) for about $400,-- Anyway, I will contact them about it tomorrow. As a youngster I used to build and fix amps myself, but after your post I decided to take the "official road". :) Thanks in advance for your reply! Yours sincerely, Ron Pluijm. (Netherlands)
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