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  1. I'm really desperate for two Legacy models to be included in a future Helix update: 1. The Sub Dub Bass model: This is the best Bass model you ever made, and was the basis of my tone in my Bass POD XT Pro. Great model for a super modern Bass tone 2. The Hi-Talk pedal model. The particular algorithm of this pedal is excellent. I used this effect a lot in my Vetta HD, and I miss it a lot, It's part of the signature sound of my band's biggest song. Really need this. Thanks for all your awesome hard work!
  2. XONE

    Save Your Vetta!

    No problem, Ron. You got the Line 6 Cab. You can definitely play around and find some options that will sound good. Try this for a nice Mid-Gain, Blended 2 Amp Tone: Amp 1: Line 6 Boutique #1 (Dumble) (Brit V30 cab sim) Gain: 12 o'clock Bass: 9 o'clock Mid: 12 o'clock Treb: 3 o'clock Pres: FULL Vol: 2 0'clock Amp 2: Connor 50 (Cornford 50) (4x12 Hiway cab sim) Gain: 12 o'clock Bass: 9 o'clock Mid: 9 o'clock Treb: 2 o'clock Pres: FULL Vol: FULL Master Vol: OFF Bring up your Master volume and see how it fits your rig, then tweak the parameters to fill out with your rig. You're going to have a lot of fun finding awesome tones in your new Vetta HD! Here's a link to the first in a series of posts I put up about "Tweaking Awesome Tones from your Line 6 Vetta!" Let me know how it goes for you, Will
  3. XONE

    Save Your Vetta!

    Hi Ron, I really suggest that you do NOT get the Line 6 Cab. I have a Vetta Combo, as well as the HD, and the Combo's Celestion C90 speakers (same in the 4x12 cab) are an early attempt at FRFR, and they do not sound good. Using a different, well-built 4x12 cab: Marshall, Diezel, Engl, Mesa, Orange, etc... will work excellently with the Vetta HD. I would also suggest something other than Celestion V30s, but rather 75s (G12T75) or even 100s (G12K100) speakers will give you the thump and the clarity you need to sound rich and full with the Vetta. To see which version Vetta Firmware you are running, Press the System Setup button, and scroll with the Knob to the 4th Page. It will tell you what version software you are running. If it's not Ver 2.50, then go the the Vetta Group at Reddit, and you can download the Ver 2.50 Firmware. You'll need a M-Audio Midisport Uno to connect to the amp ($50 on Amazon) and download Midi-Ox to load the firmware into the amp. Then you are finished, and off and playing! Will
  4. I wish Line 6 would bring back the Bass Model "Sub Dub" for those folks who used it in the Bass Pod. That model is the best Bass model they ever made! Plus, a model of the "Mezzabarba Trinity" guitar amp would be nice too...
  5. XONE

    Save Your Vetta!

    Hi Ron, Hello to you in the beautiful NL from Southern California! That's so cool that you got a Vetta HD, and are getting it up to spec! I've received a lot of compliments on my Vetta HD tones for the last 18 years, including this last summer. It will sound awesome for you! 1. No, I did not have to re-flash the firmware. Everything has worked perfect since the battery change. 2. I never had any problems with static electricity replacing the battery in the Vetta HD and Vetta Combo. I wore latex gloves while I worked on the Vettas. Here's a tip for the Vetta HD: Run it without Cab Sims through your aftermarket cab. I've run mine through a Marshall 1960A 4x12 the whole time, and it sounds HUGE. Let us know how the battery change goes. All the best, Will
  6. XONE

    Save Your Vetta!

    Save Your Vetta!! If you still use your Line 6 Vetta Combo or Vetta HD, at some point you will have to replace the internal CR2430 lithium battery. The battery doesn't last forever, so it's an eventual issue that you'll have to address. Guess what? It isn't as hard as you think it is. Really! I've replaced the internal lithium batteries in both my Vetta HD and Vetta Combo recently, and the amps are performing excellently, and I use them regularly for gigs and rehearsal! I posted a step by step guide with pics at my website which explains exactly what I did.CLICK HERE I hope this helps a lot of Vetta Owners!! I love my Line 6 Vetta!
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