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  1. Yes, I've installed a pick guard and the "poker chip" for the pickup toggle on both my JTV-59 and 59P so that they look more like a Gibson Les Paul. It does make a big difference on their appearance. I picked them up from Stewmac.com.
  2. OK, I went ahead and opened up my JTV-89F and took a closer look. The volume is a 3 gang pot, with a A500K, and (2) B10K pots. The Tone is a 2 gang pot, with a A500K, and a B10K pot. So I would expect that the A (audio) gangs are for the magnetics and the B (log) are for the Variax (10K is a typical value for expression pedals). So yes, they are "special" because it is not common to have mixed values in a multi-gang pot, much less the custom PC board that is used to connect to them and the interface cables. But no, in that, they are pots, and pots are pots.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the response. Looking forward to getting another Helix, or perhaps, it's successor?
  4. Thanks for your kind reply. When this signal is sent via the VDI, are the 2 signals mixed together in mono (ie- blended), or are they sent separately so that they can be processed individually in the Helix? I actually just bought a Helix off of Reverb, but I had to return it because I couldn't get it to connect to my computer and I didn't get a chance to check this feature before returning it.
  5. "I wonder if it would be possible to get some lubricating tuner cleaner down the shaft to loosen it up." I have tried that, of course. Still pretty stiff, to the point where if I roll it on the edge of my palm, like I normally do, I can't turn it from 0 to 10 unless I put a fair amount of force against it. Interesting that your volume is fine but you have the issue with your tone. Perhaps it's possible I just got an extra tight one and maybe looser ones exist at Line 6 in @psarkissian secret stash? "Have at it then..." Well, I will as soon as I can get a reply from someone that can tell me the value, which was my original request.
  6. I understand what you are trying to say, but a pot is a pot. Unless it is actually a digital encoder, which I doubt, then it is a potentiometer with a certain value and a certain taper. I'm just asking what that value is, and if it is a log or audio taper (I'm assuming log). I think it's probably a dual gang, so confirmation of that would be helpful. All the "special" stuff would be happening in the Variax circuitry, and I can't believe that the pot itself has any bearing on that beyond those values/characteristics I've mentioned..
  7. I do some volume swells using the volume pot on my guitar and on the JTV-89F I just got, the pot is pretty tight. Is there an easy way to loosen it up? Or, is it possible to swap it out for another pot (what are the values)? I took a peek at it and I can see that it appears to be a dual gang pot.... at least I think it is.
  8. Do the JTV's normally send both the modelled guitar signal and the mag signal simultaneously through the VDI AES/BUI?
  9. "I've tried both USB ports on the front of my computer as well as ports on the rear of my computer." No USB hubs involved.
  10. For those wondering, the Helix came on 3.11 and I just downloaded the Line 6 Updater and HX Edit software, so everything is on the latest versions. I started going through all of the USB cables I have in my house (all 3 footers). After about the 6th or 7th one, I finally found one that worked, at least for a little while. But then it too lost the connection. So it could be the cable, could be a driver/com conflict (unlikely), or could be a messed up USB jack on the Helix. Not sure....
  11. So, I bought this Helix since I have 2 JTV-59's and a JTV-89F, but I can not get it to connect to my Windows 10 machine that has my DAW on it. Sometimes Windows will beep when I plug in the USB, but most of the time it won't. When I launch HX Edit, it will try to connect, and it even seem like it has connected, but then it'll drop it with an error message that usually says, "Failed to get favorite names. Service is not online. [ code -8207]" Down below it says, "Connection Interrupted". If I hit Reconnect, it just comes back after a few seconds and says, "No device connected". I've tried 3 different USB cables, I've tried both USB ports on the front of my computer as well as ports on the rear of my computer. I've uninstalled the software and drivers and reinstalled them several times. I've looked at the driver properties and there are no conflicts, though a couple have events that say that the "manifest was not migrated". This computer has zero problems with any other hardware I've ever connected to it, USB or otherwise. I'm a software engineer and have done desktop support professionally in my early years, and built I don't know how many computers. I've updated Windows to the latest and same with my motherboard drivers. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this. I plugged this in on Saturday and put in a support ticket the same day, but I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm on the East Coast and have tried to call in, but the support time ending at noon PST makes it difficult for me to catch support because I have to work. I'm hoping I get a call back tomorrow or am able to get through to support to get this resolved, otherwise I'm afraid it is going back and I'll be selling the JTV's. Any help/advice is appreciated.
  12. Considering CD's are only 16 bit @ 44.1khz, I'm not overly concerned about the sampling rate. The samples I've heard sound pretty amazing, especially the nylon string guitars. Besides, 96khz creates HUGE file folders!!!! Especially if I decide to record each string raw to it's own track for re guitar modelling later, as you can do with the GP-10!!! FWIW, I'm just excited that I'll be able to play my Gibson guitars and use the modelling from the GP-10!!!!
  13. Or, buy a Boss GP-10 and a Roland GK-3 and then you are no longer tied to a single guitar for modelled guitar sounds.
  14. Although a Sustainiac driver CAN act as an active pickup when not being used as the Sustainiac driver, I was talking about using the Sustainiac as a "sustain driver", where it electromechanically causes the strings to vibrate to produce indefinite sustain and/or feedback.
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