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  1. I recently purchased a pc+, after installing the pc edit software and changing a few things my mouse died...after recharging it, my PC+ won't "boot up". It is stuck on the Line 6 logo...PC edit doesn't recognize the PC...please help! Thank you, Mike Just a further update...I have been advised by the response to my service ticket, to re-flash the firmware via updater. Unfortunately the updater won't recognize the PC+ either, I assume due to the fact that the PC+ hasn't completed loading its drivers and its "boot up" process. Still stuck on the line 6 logo. I'll update as information becomes available. I'll continue to document this in hopes that it might help someone else who encounters a similar problem.
  2. I realize now that I should have mentioned that I paid $1500 for the Helix floor from GC. I was able to get 10% off for my military service, plus a few more dollars due to my 30 plus year relationship with their store. When I was younger I always purchased extended warranties. But it seems, as everyone agrees, that the cost of the warranties has escalated to an absurd percentage to the purchase price. Plus with all the warranties I purchased, I can't remember once using one of them. Im am leaning toward canceling the extended warranty and being refunded the $250. Even though you could say that with the discounted price plus cost of the warranty is just slightly over the retail price, I'd rather be content with paying $1500 for it.
  3. I just purchased a Helix floor a few weeks ago from guitar center. Additionally I paid $250 for a 3 year warranty, including the one year, (now 2), from line 6. I haven't had the chance to do a side by side comparision of the warranties. The manager at guitar center said I had a few weeks yet to decide if I want to cancel the extended warranty I purchased and be refunded the $250. He told me that the major difference between the two warranties is that GC will cover accidental damage of any kind, where the line 6 will only cover manufacturers defects. Im sure there is someone here that can set me straight...any bad experiences with either? If it were you, what would you do? Thanks as always for your help.
  4. Hello all, I'm 59 and been playing most of my life. My playing now is reserved for my church, which after going through disco, hair metal, punk, prog rock, etc. I guess is a appropriate next step...lol. I just purchased a Helix a week ago after spending much time on various websites learning about it. My question is as follows; The acoustics in my church are such that my 15 watt Blues Jr is barely even working, I even baffle it in hopes of warming the tubes more with greater volume. Now ridding myself of my pedalboard, and understanding that running the Helix output direct to an active PA speaker will enable more accurate amp and speaker modeling. In addition I would love not to have to hump a heavy tube amp when a much lighter speaker would be a better option. The best choices that I have come up with is either investing in an active PA speaker or secondly (which I am leaning toward), is buying a Fishman Loudbox mini, and running the Helix signal thru it. It would also serve as a dedicated amp for my acoustic. I play both electric 335 and acoustic L-00, and have never been satisfied with the acoustic sound thru the fender, which is to be expected. Has anyone experimented with using a Helix floor thru a Loudbox mini for both acoustic and distortion? Is a small active monitor a better choice? Thanks for your help. Im looking forward to using this site as a reference for my continued learning. Mike
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