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  1. I've had a helix floor for about 5 years now...I needed a smaller footprint pedalboard...and lighter. My helix board was over 70 lbs and way too much for live performances. Thanks as always for your help!
  2. I didn't include that I have the Specular Tempus in the FX loop. The problems that I have with the tuner are; I have been using Patterson tuners for a long time, their new mini tuner is great. I like using the "sweetened tunings" 6 string, 12 string and Mandolin. Line 6 tuner negatives...I don't like have to hold down the FS to activate/MUTE. I play in worship setting where silence between songs is vital, I can't maneuver between presets or change pedals, if in stomp box mode, without UNMUTING.
  3. I forgot to mention that I'm also comparing my preset volumes with and without the amp model engaged, even with the origin effects off.
  4. I've been trying to figure something out, with no success. So any help would be greatly appreciated. I've put together a small pedalboard featuring the HX stomp XL. My signal path prior to the XL is a tuner and the Origin Effects Revival Drive Compact , JHS compressor, Greer lightspeed. My question is....when I use a preset with the amp model turned off, (I use a PC+ for speaker modeling), and use the Revival Drive as the amp simulator, I am able to set all external pedals and modulation effects in my preset to unity gain. For an A/B comparison between the revival drive and a XL amp models, when I turn on any amp model, there is a noticeable reduction in volume, maybe 15db????my guess. The only way I can achieve the same volume from the HX amp model is to max out the master and channel volumes, and increase the gain...not what I'm after! I know the output signal from the revival drive is correct, judging by the LED on the PC+. I've tried adding 15db at the end of my preset signal chain, but the amp still has to be maxed out. I hope I explained it well enough for you to understand, thanks again for any help. Mike
  5. Thanks for the advice, but it still remains out after resetting the global settings and verifying that it is turned on in the preferences. I'll have to check if the warranty has expired. If it has, I'll just get used to it, for now.
  6. Still can't download pictures here! What a shame!
  7. Hello to all, After updating my software to 3.5 the LED for my Tap Tempo stopped working. Global settings are correct. The LED test screen also shows no sign of life. Is this just a fluke? Or has there been any other reports of this? Thanks as always, Mike Pictured is the latest version of my board!
  8. I have given up the HAM stuff years ago. After getting involved in contesting, etc. I think the hobby ran it's course. Callsign K2VZ. Just never got around to changing my email.
  9. Hello to all, I was just sitting outside on my deck, where I have 2 bluetooth enabled speakers. I had a thought, if I could send my audio out from the Helix floor via bluetooth to the speakers, I could have my pedalboard and everything inside the house and just jam away outside, wireless for the guitar of course. Is this possible? What would I need? Thanks as always, Mike
  10. OK I've tried every way I can think of to post a jpeg with a new thread. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Hello to all, I finally received the last piece to my new pedalboard today, a Boss OC-5 Octave pedal. It's been on backorder for over 4 months. I have it running thru my effects loop 2. I've never used one before, and have been going back and forth on where in my signal chain it should be. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks as always, Mike
  12. Hello to all, I recently completed a pedalboard which features the Helix as the centerpiece. My friend asked for my help in building a smaller pedalboard for him. I am unfamiliar with the other line 6 products. Is there a more compact option that can still act as a MIDI controller, Variax input and the AES output? If not, which one would have the closest inputs/outputs as the Helix floor? Thanks as always, Mike
  13. I actually did a A/B test with the Helix and my '89 JCM800 2210 stack, pictured. The results were actually closer than I would have thought. The sound was similar and distinct, but trying to use your ears to compare a 100 watt stack vs a Helix with 2 PC+'s was, as you can imagine, kind of apples and oranges. If you are a fan of the JCM800, I don't think you would be disappointed. 5ED4764B-F2C6-4D8D-8647-219BE7BE77AA.heic
  14. Originally, I created one preset for a specific venue, and had my Helix set to 8 SS's. I then went through each SS CC loading the different pedal presets, thinking I could just randomly select between SS's. After reading your response, I now realize that the easier way to approach this would be to change the SS's to presets, and change the FS layout. I tend not to change my tone mid song so latency isn't a problem, I'll just create a specific preset for that situation if the need arises. Do I have this correct now? You're a lifesaver...thanks again.
  15. I have a few other midi questions I would appreciate your input on. If I have pedal "A" and pedal "B" in series in that order in the midi loop, can I have pedal A assigned to channel 3 and pedal B on channel 2? Or do they have to be sequentially in the correct order? Do the instant commands in command center have to be in the correct order? If I have a IC to load a pedal preset from bank 0, and I change the preset to a selection in bank 1, the pedal manual says to send a CC to select the other bank, does this IC have to be inserted before the IC for the preset in that bank? When changing back to a snapshot using bank 0 from there, do I have to insert a IC for bank 0 again in all the snapshots using presets in bank 0? If I have a snapshot containing a CC to bypass a pedal, do I have to insert a CC for every other snapshot to engage the pedal, before I IC a preset for the pedal? Thank you so much for your help, I'm having a few intermittent problems when going back and forth between snapshots. The answers to my questions will let me know if I've located the problem. Mike
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