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  1. I've noticed that most seem to agree about the necessity to roll off the highs and lows to better simulate an analog frequency range. There are so many places within the signal chain, plus the Global EQ and also the PC+ has both high and low cuts adjustable thru HX edit. Some videos I have watched even recommend the addition of a high and low cut toward the end of your signal chain, either in the form of a dedicated EQ block or within the parametric EQ. My question; it would seem that excluding it from your signal chain would use less DSP, but is there a recommended location where there cuts are best made? I assume the Global EQ would be the easiest. If I understand it correctly, if I were to use the PC+ for the cuts, they would not exist in the signal from the Helix direct out to the FOH. I would have to send the PC+ output to the FOH. Plus there is also a low cut switch on the back of the PC+. Where is the best place to perform the cuts globally? Thanks as always.
  2. Thank you, I don't know how I missed it....any ideas on changing the preset LED color?
  3. Sorry but I can find where to change the LED color for presets and snapshots. Thanks...
  4. It seems that a number of changes I would like to make to my presets require the addition of an expression pedals. I already have one by Mission Engineering. Before I consider buying additional pedals, I was wondering how others set up their pedalboard with more exp pedals. Is there some type of unit that contains 3-4 pedals or do you just buy single pedals and mount them to your board? I would love to see pics of pedalboards that have the added exp pedals. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  5. I understand...thank you
  6. I was able to locate where to change the assignment for the big knob on the Helix. By using the knob as you described, are you just decreasing the input signal to the PC+'s, not really decreasing their volume? It also has a dramatic effect on the tone when adjusting from room practice level, to full blown stage volume. I could see where it might not matter, but I have put so much effort into trying to get the best possible tone from the Helix regardless of volume, I'll stick with adjusting the volumes individually for now. Thanks anyway...
  7. That sounds like a great solution. I already have both pc's connected via the L6. Can you explain how you reassign the big knob? Thanks a lot.
  8. I have seen in a previous post a similar question, but I didn't see a definitive answer. I recently got a great deal on a used second PC+. I made sure all software and global setting were identical. My problem is that with the amps 15ft or so apart, I have to walk back and forth trying to match the volumes. Each volume knob is too coarse of an adjustment to accurately set by themselves. Is it possible without the addition of a FS, instead, reassigning the Helix master volume knob to equally control the volume for both PC+s? Thanks
  9. Has anyone found/installed a pick guard similar to a LP on a JTM-59? My main guitar is a 335 and I tend to "plant" my little finger on the pick guard when I do flat picking. I just ordered the Variax and I am hoping to lessen the learning curve with a new guitar. Thanks
  10. Just wondering...what type of repairs do you find most common to cross your bench? Do you repair the electronics or luthier service to the guitars?
  11. What locking tuners would you recommend to replace stock JTV-59 tuners?
  12. I just purchased the JTV-59 Tobacco sunburst from Sweetwater scratch & dent sale, about $1100 including tax, plus free shipping and 0% interest for 24 months. I needed a dedicated E flat guitar and this is an obvious solution. It was either this or a used US Strat. Are there any tips or suggestions that I should do when setting up my presets for the Variax? Does the string gage and type still have an effect on the tone when using the modeling? Thanks again for all of your input!
  13. Just a quick question, I live in Conesus about 20 minutes south of Rochester, I would love to come out and see you play, and hear what the Variax sounds like live. It sure looks like you have a great setup! Mike
  14. I'm still convinced that if I keep practicing, my name will become synonyms with SRV, Clapton and Gary Moore! Problem is I'm 61 and just need another 20 years or so...no problem. I'll headline at MSG with you!
  15. Buy the way, these look great! And that arch top, WOW! Thats a beautiful instrument!
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