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  1. I was wondering if anyone here has tried running their guitar into a preamp pedal first and then go from that into the input on the POD? I was thinking of trying it to see if I could a little beefier and thicker tone with my Dimarzio Area 67 which I have in the neck.
  2. Perhaps I could run my guitar through my preamp pedal first, then into the POD?
  3. Well I am able to load the presets now so that is good. But the problem I'm having now is that everything sounds too clean. I'm not getting a lot of distortion out of the amps. Of course I'm using the Duncan YJM Fury pickups and those are not hot pickups. I will probably put in my full size humbucker. It's a Duncan Custom and hopefully that will beef things up.
  4. Wait...I think I got it working now. It appears that you have to open up the patch in the main GearBox window, not the Hardware Memory Window which is how I was doing.
  5. I just tried using drivers version and and I still can't open up the patch I made last night. This is extremely weird.
  6. Okay I think I have a problem. Last night I opened up GearBox and I made my own tone and saved it in a folder. Now today I tried to load that exact same tone and I still got an error message saying unrecognized file type. I installed the drivers and GearBox separately. I'm using GearBox 3.72 and drivers version What should I do?
  7. It does not appear that there are any X3 patches on Custom Tone. I don't recall having this problem when I had an X3 many years ago.
  8. I did select X3 as the basis for my search and I got a bunch of .l6t files but apparently can't open them up. I wish there was a fix.
  9. Gearbox will not open these .l6t files I downloaded. Can I convert them to the X3 format somehow? What is the proper file extension for the X3?
  10. I know on the Eleven Rack supposedly you can use stomp boxes with it since it's got send and return jacks. I was wondering if you can use an external stomp box (I'm thinking my YJM308) with the X3 Bean?
  11. I had to have my truss rod tweaked as this neck which is on my Classic Vibe is very temperamental. It moves and moves and I encounter lots of fret buzz. But now the whirring noises in the 2204 are gone. I ordered a custom made neck from Warmoth. Looking forward to it. Thanks So Much for your help.
  12. My strings are not very old. However I am experiencing some buzz at the moment. Winter and Strats don't make a good combination. My neck moves every now and then and I bring it back to my guitar technician and he fixes it quite nicely. He did a fret level when I got it also and he did a really good job I'm sure the frets are okay.
  13. Your suggestions have helped me with getting the Park brighter. Thank You. However when I used the 2204 and I play some notes on say the 12th fret B string or 15th fret B string and bend those notes up I still hear those strange whirring noises in the background, and I have shut the Hum value all the way off. Perhaps this is a bug in this amp model. Kind of a shame as the amp sounds better than the JCM-800.
  14. I like the sound of the Park 75. It has a sweet tone and it nails the Malmsteen sound, but the amp is incredibly dark sounding. I've got the output on the Parametric EQ already high and it still sounds dark. And there are unwanted artifacts present in the 2204. I noticed when I bend a string I hear a whirling noise in the background. Like a wirr...wirr...wirr type of noise. If you can suggest how to brighten up the Park please give me some suggestions. I have both a Parametric at the end of the chain and a Graphic at the beginning.
  15. I'm wondering if the HD Pro X Edit software will install on Windows XP? If anyone has any info please post. I know when I selected XP in the text box a message said nothing available at this time.
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