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    POD HD Pro Edit on Windows XP?

    I'm wondering if the HD Pro X Edit software will install on Windows XP? If anyone has any info please post. I know when I selected XP in the text box a message said nothing available at this time.
  2. The compressors in the HD series don't seem to do anything. I'm not using high-gain amps. I'm using things like the Park 75 and the Plexi because the JCM-800 don't seem to have a very good sound. But I'd like to punch up the tone considerably. I'm already using two overdrive pedals in my chain, but I'd like more punch but which knob on the compressor really does it?
  3. Custom Tone keeps logging me out. I have to sign in and sign in and sign in. When I click the next page arrow or I type in the search box something like JCM 800 I automatically get logged out and I can't download patches. Something is buggy.
  4. I recently purchased the HD Model Pack and I have not received a download link from Line 6. Also when I look into my account the purchase order is listed but it says no downloadable products. I purchased this Model Pack yesterday.
  5. 357mag

    When will I be able to download my HD Models?

    Okay I will give it a go. Hope it works. I bought my HD Pro X used so I have not registered it with a serial number because I bought it used.
  6. 357mag

    How do I get rid of EXP-1?

    How do I get to the Parameter Cascading Menu? Okay I found it and got it solved. Thank You Very Much.
  7. 357mag

    How do I get rid of EXP-1?

    I've downloaded some patches and when I look at my dials on HD Pro X Edit for example for the values in Prescence or Volume or Bass etc. instead of saying 12 or 38 in other words numbers, it says EXP-1. How do I get rid of that and go back to numbers? I've already gone into controllers and set everything to None.
  8. 357mag

    Why does this happen and how to fix it?

    No. I tried that. No difference.
  9. I downloaded a Malmsteen preset from Custom Tone and modified it a bit but when I tried to save it I got an error message saying invalid data and HD Pro X Edit had to close. When I reloaded HD Pro X Edit I noticed that preset 1A under Best of HD said New Tone (Reset). Why does this happen? I was working in User 1 preset bank when I was modifiying the preset so why a factory preset under Best of HD gets wiped out I don't understand. And I can't seem to get that preset put back to where it was. And i reinstalled the flash memory too. But it still says New Tone (Reset). How should I proceed?
  10. Don't know what's going on but I unplugged my headphones and plugged in a new pair of Audio Technica phones and all of a sudden my XT has gone into some kind of Live mode. And it sounds bad. I saw something flash on the LED saying that it was going into some kind of Live mode. I have not been able to get it back into normal headphone mode. I have headphones plugged in but the sound is obviously not right yet. What's the deal?
  11. It's OK now. Seems that this XT model has got some strange ways about her.
  12. I have made a preset for myself I call YJM Tone. It's saved in my XT memory. It's in there. But when I open Gearbox instead of the program showing my YJM Tone preset in the window, Gearbox always shows the same American Punk preset instead. I don't understand why it does this. Any clues?
  13. It's OK now. The fellow I bought it from gave me a bad USB cable. I replaced it with one of my own and now it works great.
  14. I just picked up a nice POD xt Pro and I installed the drivers for it. Plus I installed Gearbox too. So I turn on the POD and then double-click the Gearbox icon on my desktop and Gearbox says: No Hardware Found No Compatible Line 6 USB Devices have been detected Great. So when I click the OK button and dismiss this screen and I look in the lower right corner of the Gearbox interface I see a flashing USB cable icon and this means the status of my connection is obviously not right. I don't get what's goin' on here. I installed the correct drivers and Gearbox but I'm getting this error message. What is the fix here? I'm on Windows 8.1.
  15. 357mag

    The HD Pro or the Boss GT-001?

    I'm curious if anyone here has any first hand experience with one of these Boss emulators? I would like to try that GT-001 or whatever the model number is. I like the small footprint and the fact that it doesn't have an expression pedal which I don't need. The interface looks fairly pleasing and the price is only $299.00. Was wondering which company has the edge in terms of amp modeling and sounds?
  16. The Classic Distortion is definitely usable but I don't know what the purpose of the filter control is. I'm suspecting that is what is contributing to that really snarling, nasal tone that just screeches. But is there a way I can use the pedal but really tone down that screech?
  17. On some of the presets I've downloaded whoever set them up made them to use the expression pedal. I'm using a rack POD HD Pro X so I don't have a pedal. If you look at my screenshot you will see on the volume it says EXP-2 and on the drive it reads EXP-1. How do I get rid of the EXP? I'd like mine to simply read Drive and Volume.
  18. 357mag

    How do I get rid of this expression pedal stuff?

    But how do I shut these things off? I put the cursor on the amp and hit the Move button so I'm now into that menu. And it says double-click to assign controller. But how to I tell it None? As in no assignments at all? What button do I hit? Alla condo delete?
  19. Thanks. I downloaded that video. That actually gives me some useful info.
  20. I don't use nor want an expression pedal. To me the filter control sounds like lollipop. Anyway, I would be willing to try and get a grasp on the equalizers if someone made a page that was really a clearcut explanation of how to set it up. I'm not talking about Bobo's page either. Most people who explain things do a very poor job. They always make assumptions assuming that the recipient knows what they're talking about. It's been my experience that you should never make assumptions period. Most of the time the listener has no clue as to the jargon that you are using. This is a very common mistake regardless of what field we're talking about. A video is the best way to go. That way you can clearly see how to go about doing something. It's much more helpful than reading words on a page which tend to be unclear.
  21. I usually don't use the EQ because they're too hard to set up trying to understand those percentages. I mostly used Marshalls and Parks.
  22. I'm doing some monkeying around with trying to use two amps. I have a Park 75 and a Plexi 100 Normal. When I solo the Park it sounds fine. Strong, lots of gain and sounds like it should. But when I solo the Plexi it sounds weak and pale. Very tinny. Like there is no power going through. I should be able to solo either one and hear how good each one sounds on its own. I've enclosed a screenshot. Not sure of where I'm going wrong:
  23. I think I'm okay. My gain was too low. And I gotta move the knobs around. I've always noticed even going back to the X3 models that you can't just download and install a preset. There is something about moving the knobs to reset the unit so you get more gain and punch.
  24. The problem I have with them is they are very dark. And I'm currently using a Les Paul. So how can I brighten up the speaker some? I love the sweetness they have. They sound sweeter than any other speaker. I try to avoid the equalizers in this unit because they are simply too hard to understand and configure. And the Q Filter at the front of the signal chain idea is not a good one either because that queer device is so strange it makes your guitar sound like a thousand bees that have nasal allergies.
  25. 357mag

    I found my Rhoads tone!

    What was preventing me from finding a Randy Rhoads tone was the fact that I was using a Duncan Custom in the bridge. No not work. Wrong pickup. So I decided to order the Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniversary model and put it in the bridge of my Les Paul. Excellent tone. Now I have the PAF Pro in the neck and the 36th Anniversary in the bridge. I'm using a preset downloaded from Custom Tone that uses both the Park 75 and a Marshall JCM 800. Works beautifully! High gain pickups = this way lies mud.