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  1. Actually there was one more thing I wanted to add to the conversation. Now that I have a good understanding of MIDI programming, I also have a JTV-59. I try to think of all the possibilities of different combinations of "what controls what?". My head starts to spin! It's like , I can control any parameter with any number of different knobs, switches, etc. I can control the page turn on Forscore via JTM, then Forscore would control the preset/snapshot which would then control the JTM settings! Thats just one!!!! Any suggestions on do's or don'ts when trying to find the most efficient way of incorporating everything? Thanks again.
  2. Hello to all, I'm sorry if this has been covered already, I searched the archives and haven't found anything.. I have recently made a new pedalboard including the Helix and several pedals controlled via MIDI. Also I abandoned paper sheet music and purchased a new iPad 12.9 and a page turner. I have been using Forscore app for the music. I have seen several devices on Youtube for controlling the Helix wirelessly. I was wondering if the people that use the iPad as I am looking to do, have any comments or suggestions, good or bad, about letting Forscore control your snapshots. I have heard of peoples complaints that if they page in the wrong direction that it can be frustrating as their presets have changed as well. One last question, can the wireless midi controller be placed in series within my MIDI loop? Thanks as always Mike
  3. I realize that, my reference to the "MIDI driver" was based on whatever they would choose to call the file that could contain all pertinent information you would download from their website. Why not be as simple as once you identify the new peripheral , it would show up in the list of effects to choose from, and adjust it as you would with any other device in your signal chain. Once the Helix recognizes the device, in already know if it's controlled via midi or in an effects loop. Swing for the bleachers!
  4. My initial thought was implementing something similar to the way we used to have to add printers, modems etc to our computers years ago. Why not in the Helix, have under the "Midi" menu an option to add a device, then, ( since we are connected to the computer via HXedit,) visit the devices website to download the correct, Midi driver, commands. A thumbnail view. Thanks again for understanding Mike
  5. I'll try one more time... My issue is with MIDI protocol and hardware interface, not the "tweaking"!! Realistically, what guitar player has ever used an effect without painstakingly changing every knob and button on it to hear the effect on his tone? If thats not clear enough, I give up!
  6. I think you're right! I don't want to belabor the point, I appreciate your input as always. Maybe someone who understands what I'm asking, can state it more clearly than I can.
  7. Thank you...that's the technical leap that I was wondering about. Not specifically MIDI 2.0, I have no knowledge of that, but a seamless transfer of data regarding function, compatibility, setup, perimeters, etc. But by the sound of it, it's a ways away. Thanks Mike
  8. It seems to me I recall hearing those points made in the 80's when synth players claimed the same! Just prior to EVH!!
  9. yeah, you have "state of the art "digital sampling, transferred via a protocol that rivals Morse code!
  10. Im focusing on the hardware setup, not software. I guess I'm not making my point well enough...If you have to "hardwire" voice activation to every switch and outlet to make it work...yes., the software is impressive, but at the expense, time wise of the work involved?
  11. respectfully, if I have to go into sub-menus, change perimeters, assign values..blah, blah, blah... it's to my point. I expect people who revel in this technology to embrace it, and defend it. How can you compare other stringed instruments or woodwinds to guitar signal processing and amplification? Apples and oranges.. we are not discussing the instrument itself, but the peripherals, which none of them share. Mike
  12. I didn't use my age to handicap myself, if I would have said I was 16, how much value would you place on my life, music experience.
  13. Hello to all, I've been resisting the temptation to write this, but my first attempt to connect external pedals via midi, prompted this post. Yeah, I know, for all you savy tech guys it's elementary. Im 61 and spent the last year and a half, (covid), setting aside my amps, and learning most of the Helix's functions, except of course the Midi thing! Now my rant... why is the technology of guitar players lagging so far behind most every other instrument? When was the last time a keyboard player had to deal with a Moog monophonic synth with tons of patch cables? Look at the technology at some new keyboards.. awesome. But here were are, programming our equipment like it's a Realistic TRS-80, or and IBM XT back in the 80's? I do appreciate the Helix for what it is... but compared to almost every single thing we come in contact with on a daily basis, the technology we are using, should go the way of rotary dial phones! I have seen posts where, after a software update, users are doing verbal cartwheels in praise of a mediocre addition. I appreciate this site and Line 6 for it's customer support, this forum is a real jewel, and I thank you all for your assistance. I'll figure out midi, ( I never used the command center either, so it's another bump in the road), but here we are in the days of asking "Alexa" and turning our lights on with a verbal command, but my beloved guitar rig comparatively is in the dark... Mike
  14. I think I may have had unrealistic/wrong expectations of what I could accomplish. I thought that through midi I would have access to the pedal in the same fashion I would as if I were selecting a reverb pedal from the helix. I didn't realize that I had to select each individual parameter, and assign it to a f/s or expression pedal. Now I think when I try again, I'll get it... eg. basically just assign a foot switch to control the saved presets on the Strymon, right? Or, until I familiarize myself with the pedals perimeters , set a f/s to "type" and manually set the pedal until I have achieved some favorite reverbs? I guess I have it now, or at least a better understand of what I can expect. Thank you so much! Mike
  15. Thanks for the response. Yeah I know the clock it ticking, and I'm a few minutes away from pulling the plug on it until the weekend. Basically I chose the big sky over the smaller version due to it's midi capability. I have the midi in/out cables hooked up correctly. I just want to be able to add the pedal to my signal chain, and control the perimeters via helix. Mike
  16. Helo to all, I'm sorry for asking such a basic question for you MIDI experts. My first attempt at linking my new Strymon Big Sky pedal to my Helix has so far, been a few hours of cursing at everything, including my cats! I've watched videos which tirelessly explore every detail... I just want the ^($@": thing working!!! sorry... maybe too much caffeine too! Is there a quick tutorial available? Any suggestions on the easiest quickest route to success? I appreciate your help, I have a gig in 6 hours and would love to use it! Mike
  17. Thanks for the advice, everything you said made a lot of sense. Mike
  18. Hello to all, I am in the process of laying out a new pedalboard, which will feature the Helix, 2 expression pedals, wireless receiver and additional tuner. Can you post a picture of your pedalboard which includes the Helix. I'm interested in seeing what additional pedals/effects you have with it, and the layout. It seems every time I get used to a certain pedalboard setup, I have to change things around depending on venue and wether or not I use an amp or go to FOH mixer. My new board is 18 x 36" so plenty of room. I would love not to have to do this again. Thanks for any help, Mike
  19. Thanks so much for you comments. My acoustic rig is as simple as I could make it. My two acoustic guitars are Taylor 914CE, and a Guild F-512E 12 string. On occasion I use a '57 Gibson ES-125T. My signal chain is simple, Peterson tuner, I use the built in effects with the foot switch from the Fishman performer, reverb and a little chorus when needed, and then thru a Fishman Platinum Pro EQ. Also have a looper and line 6 wireless. Thats it! I use the boost on the EQ set to 3db when finger or flat picking, off for strumming. My distorted rig seems like its always a work in progress, always tweaking, but this acoustic setup is rock solid! Beautiful tone and clarity every time...
  20. I appreciate your input. If you think this guy sounds good, quacking piezo, you should hear the pure beauty of a fine acoustic! It seems so many guitarists toil over every aspect of their electric "sound", but are satisfied with any resemblance of an acoustic sound. I was like minded for years until I had the resources and time to devote to achieving a tone worthy of accompanying a grand piano, violin, cello and choir. I love distortion and effects, but the purity of fine instruments and proper amplification cannot be overlooked. If you think a Ovation round back sounds cool, eg... we are on different pages.
  21. Hello to all, Due to a recent change to a venue I frequent, I will no longer be using an amp. They are doing sound system updates, which after completion will now have a "front of house" board and monitors. I exclusively use my acoustic guitars there, which consists of a Fishman performer amp and a small pedalboard. I use the onboard effects in the amp, so I will need to add a few pedals to my board and use the DI from my preamp out. I know I could use the DI out of the amp but would rather not hump the gear if I don't have to, (bad back!).. Basically my board is full, so instead, I'm interested in using my Helix, and for this venue, abandon my present setup altogether. At home I have my Fishman amp sandwiched between 2 PC+'s, for the ideal situation for an A/B comparison, and adjustments. Now my question...Honestly, I understand the differences between the various amp models, but I don't understand what properties make an acoustic amp sound the best. I'm looking for some help in identifying the best or several amp models that would best mimic the Fishman, or an acoustic amp so I can have a starting point for my patch. I have stayed away from Ir's so far, and would like to keep it that way. Thanks as always... Mike
  22. I've noticed that most seem to agree about the necessity to roll off the highs and lows to better simulate an analog frequency range. There are so many places within the signal chain, plus the Global EQ and also the PC+ has both high and low cuts adjustable thru HX edit. Some videos I have watched even recommend the addition of a high and low cut toward the end of your signal chain, either in the form of a dedicated EQ block or within the parametric EQ. My question; it would seem that excluding it from your signal chain would use less DSP, but is there a recommended location where there cuts are best made? I assume the Global EQ would be the easiest. If I understand it correctly, if I were to use the PC+ for the cuts, they would not exist in the signal from the Helix direct out to the FOH. I would have to send the PC+ output to the FOH. Plus there is also a low cut switch on the back of the PC+. Where is the best place to perform the cuts globally? Thanks as always.
  23. Thank you, I don't know how I missed it....any ideas on changing the preset LED color?
  24. Sorry but I can find where to change the LED color for presets and snapshots. Thanks...
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