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  1. Originally, I created one preset for a specific venue, and had my Helix set to 8 SS's. I then went through each SS CC loading the different pedal presets, thinking I could just randomly select between SS's. After reading your response, I now realize that the easier way to approach this would be to change the SS's to presets, and change the FS layout. I tend not to change my tone mid song so latency isn't a problem, I'll just create a specific preset for that situation if the need arises. Do I have this correct now? You're a lifesaver...thanks again.
  2. I have a few other midi questions I would appreciate your input on. If I have pedal "A" and pedal "B" in series in that order in the midi loop, can I have pedal A assigned to channel 3 and pedal B on channel 2? Or do they have to be sequentially in the correct order? Do the instant commands in command center have to be in the correct order? If I have a IC to load a pedal preset from bank 0, and I change the preset to a selection in bank 1, the pedal manual says to send a CC to select the other bank, does this IC have to be inserted before the IC for the preset in that bank? When changing back to a snapshot using bank 0 from there, do I have to insert a IC for bank 0 again in all the snapshots using presets in bank 0? If I have a snapshot containing a CC to bypass a pedal, do I have to insert a CC for every other snapshot to engage the pedal, before I IC a preset for the pedal? Thank you so much for your help, I'm having a few intermittent problems when going back and forth between snapshots. The answers to my questions will let me know if I've located the problem. Mike
  3. I was interested in combing the various snapshots, only to find/develop some new sounds. Once I discovered what reverb sounds good with what delay, I would then just make a new preset/snapshot via command center with that combination. I guess I went about this wrong... oh well...I've gotten pretty good at programming Midi commands now...
  4. I'm in the process of setting up my new pedalboard which I use the Helix as a midi controller for 2 pedals, Timeline and Big sky. I went through all the factory presets, selected my favorites, then assigned each to a snapshot within presets,(Reverb1,2... / Delay 1,2...). I did this so I could easily switch to various effects while experimenting with different sounds. My question...Is it possible to have access to a snapshot within a different preset than you are in? I would basically like to have the ability to select any combination of snapshots, from different presets? (reverb/delay). Or...did I go about this wrong? Thanks as always, Mike
  5. Thanks again for your help... I was trying to do it in HX edit, much easier using the foot switches !
  6. I just might be having a mental lapse, but how do you change the order of the snapshots within a preset? Thanks as always...
  7. That solves my immediate need, the alternate tunings as you described so well, I will try at a later time, when/if I have the time. Never having tried the alternate tunings with the Helix, it sounds a lot more complicated, than using the custom tunings via the Variax, although it would be a great deal simpler once incorporated. For the custom tunings in Helix, it is still necessary to connect the Variax via cat5?
  8. I thought of that, in fact I just purchased a WIDI jack, (bluetooth MIDI controller) for the HELIX so I can use Forscore in my iPad via the WIDI jack, to automatically change to the appropriate snapshot and tuning when I select a song on Forscore. My only obstacle is that I just finished building a new pedalboard centered around the Helix. To make everything fit, I had to build a riser for a few pedals, which blocks the top of the Helix, I installed remote 1/4" stereo input jacks for the output. I'm pretty sure that to send MIDI to and from the Variax, that the cat5 cable has to be used, which as I said is not accessible at this time. I have to look into a remote surface mount for the cat5 also the XLR/AES outputs, (I run 2 PC+'s in stereo). It seems that just as soon as I get everything all set...I have to change things for one reason or another, never changes!
  9. Hello, I've been screwing around with the virtual capo for over an hour now, and I've gotten absolutely no where. I'm confident I have been following the instructions properly, I just can't get any repeatability, I've managed to get 1 capo set, every other attempt has select strings not in tune. Repeated attempts have gotten the same results but no common string(s) out of tune, it appears random. I'm getting close to putting this back in the closet...it shouldn't be this hard! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello to all... I've been an avid line 6 user for a number of years now, helix floor, wireless and JTV-59. I purchased the Variax to help maintain my sanity during the pandemic, and it worked great! With no performances going on, it helped maintaining my love for playing. As things returned to normal, (somewhat), it's been sitting in the case for the last year or so. Now I've been involved with a group which as of our last performance 2 days ago, required 2 guitars, 1 tuned to open D, various capo positions etc... thats too much for me! I decided that it's time to put the Variax to work! I plan to use the virtual capo in place of most of the presets after the full step down. My question: For those that change any of the presets to custom, how have you found the best means to label the knob? I'm kind of hoping that I don't resort to blue painters tape with writing. I think that would look pretty tacky! But tacky is better than selecting the wrong position! Thanks as always for your help, Mike
  11. I forgot that our soundboards XLR inputs are all being used for mics, thats why I use the 1/4" stereo inputs. I'll give the HF a try first.
  12. I know it may seem like that now, but at the time, I did the best I could, in the small time window which I had to finish the pedalboard. I accomplished what I needed at that time, for my purposes, with the intentions of making all the connections available as/if needed...I guess I've come to that point now if I want to solve this latest hurdle... Thanks as always for your help, you've been a great resource! Mike
  13. Do to the configuration of my pedalboard, the XLR/AES are not accessible. I built a riser for a few pedals which blocks the top of the Helix. I added remote 1/4" input jacks for the outputs. Any other ideas?
  14. Hello to all, I need an audio output from the Helix to my personal monitor so I can increase my volume in the mix. Hmmm, go figure... a guitar player that doesn't think their loud enough!! I am currently using the 1/4" stereo outputs to the FOH. I was thinking of using the headphone output so I could easily adjust my volume from the Helix rather than the monitor. Or should I just use a "Y" connector to tap into the LH 1/4" output? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks as always, Mike
  15. Actually there was one more thing I wanted to add to the conversation. Now that I have a good understanding of MIDI programming, I also have a JTV-59. I try to think of all the possibilities of different combinations of "what controls what?". My head starts to spin! It's like , I can control any parameter with any number of different knobs, switches, etc. I can control the page turn on Forscore via JTM, then Forscore would control the preset/snapshot which would then control the JTM settings! Thats just one!!!! Any suggestions on do's or don'ts when trying to find the most efficient way of incorporating everything? Thanks again.
  16. Hello to all, I'm sorry if this has been covered already, I searched the archives and haven't found anything.. I have recently made a new pedalboard including the Helix and several pedals controlled via MIDI. Also I abandoned paper sheet music and purchased a new iPad 12.9 and a page turner. I have been using Forscore app for the music. I have seen several devices on Youtube for controlling the Helix wirelessly. I was wondering if the people that use the iPad as I am looking to do, have any comments or suggestions, good or bad, about letting Forscore control your snapshots. I have heard of peoples complaints that if they page in the wrong direction that it can be frustrating as their presets have changed as well. One last question, can the wireless midi controller be placed in series within my MIDI loop? Thanks as always Mike
  17. I realize that, my reference to the "MIDI driver" was based on whatever they would choose to call the file that could contain all pertinent information you would download from their website. Why not be as simple as once you identify the new peripheral , it would show up in the list of effects to choose from, and adjust it as you would with any other device in your signal chain. Once the Helix recognizes the device, in already know if it's controlled via midi or in an effects loop. Swing for the bleachers!
  18. My initial thought was implementing something similar to the way we used to have to add printers, modems etc to our computers years ago. Why not in the Helix, have under the "Midi" menu an option to add a device, then, ( since we are connected to the computer via HXedit,) visit the devices website to download the correct, Midi driver, commands. A thumbnail view. Thanks again for understanding Mike
  19. I'll try one more time... My issue is with MIDI protocol and hardware interface, not the "tweaking"!! Realistically, what guitar player has ever used an effect without painstakingly changing every knob and button on it to hear the effect on his tone? If thats not clear enough, I give up!
  20. I think you're right! I don't want to belabor the point, I appreciate your input as always. Maybe someone who understands what I'm asking, can state it more clearly than I can.
  21. Thank you...that's the technical leap that I was wondering about. Not specifically MIDI 2.0, I have no knowledge of that, but a seamless transfer of data regarding function, compatibility, setup, perimeters, etc. But by the sound of it, it's a ways away. Thanks Mike
  22. It seems to me I recall hearing those points made in the 80's when synth players claimed the same! Just prior to EVH!!
  23. yeah, you have "state of the art "digital sampling, transferred via a protocol that rivals Morse code!
  24. Im focusing on the hardware setup, not software. I guess I'm not making my point well enough...If you have to "hardwire" voice activation to every switch and outlet to make it work...yes., the software is impressive, but at the expense, time wise of the work involved?
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