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  1. spider jam is also really old (spider III generation tech, released with the spider IV generation amps) and cannot use the spider edit software at all. i do believe that the spider jam being built around a looper will use the express in jam control mode to do the same as ABCD on the full shortboard. (NO BANK CONTROL ON EXPRESS AKA NO E BUTTON) also no reason to worry about MKII versions of the express or shortboard as the jam will not utilize the USB...
  2. you need variax workbench software, not workbench HD, that is incompatible.
  3. No, But the floyd rose version was always a limited run. the variax standard and shuriken models are the new ones... i wouldn't be surprised to learn all the JTV models are going to get harder to find.
  4. Hi,


    Are you a member of the Vetta Facebook group? If so can you add me? I have a request pending.


    I have a problem with my Vetta combo amp. Only showing 8 bars on the display at the moment.




    1. TheRealZap


      I am a member, but am not an admin, sorry i am unable to help. 

  5. I could have sworn someone necroposted a thread from 1997... nope!
  6. Gearbox is still the editor... pod farm is just a plugin available for use. you cant use pod farm for what you used gearbox for.
  7. you probably need updated drivers for your usb or chipset... i have used an app like slim drivers (google it) to find and update the drivers in the past and it's always helped.
  8. only alternative to the USB Variax interface is a XT Live, or X3 Live (or pro) pod. trying anything else will likely damage the variax. i don't believe that the older models came with the interface... it was a 100$ addon.... the James tyler variaxes (59,69,89) did come with it.
  9. you need gearbox: https://line6.com/software/ make sure you tell it you have windows 7 (the last officially supported operating system) works fine in windows 10.
  10. jitter... you basically have something else on your machine interrupting the usb stream. you might try removing other usb devices... or updating the chipset drivers for your system ive found a utility like slim drivers (google it) can help find and update these unknown corners of your operating system.
  11. The correct power supply is very important the output is AC not DC like most aftermarket power supplies that could damage the guitar. What you need is a Line6 px2 power supply.
  12. the FBV control only changes what it controls on your computer... pod farm etc.... the express pedals cannot bank, or loop (i have not verified on spider V, but could not on previous spiders) you need the shortboard MKII or FBV3 you can likely find the shortboard used for about the price of the express.... but yes.... there is a reason it costs more than the express.. and you've found a couple of them.
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