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  1. Hi Joerg, I think you'd get along great with our marketing manager in Europe. He's also German and full of sarcasm. ;-) As for future updates, I can't make any promises. As for Helix, of course it's a totally different beast than previous POD products, as such is not compatible with POD presets and comes in at a higher price point. POD is still a totally viable option, so if it works for you, that's great to hear. Just wanted to make you aware of the options that are available in today's market, as well as some insight into the solution that I and many others use. I'm out of the country right now for a family emergency, so please excuse my brevity. Hope you continue to enjoy your Line 6 products. Have a great day! Thanks, Andrew
  2. Update for those who haven’t seen it: Workbench HD v2.15 now: “Enables Alt Tuning Preset Manager "Position" column to dynamically update in order to match connected guitar's tuning knob silkscreen.” You’re welcome. ;-)
  3. Just to help clarify for anyone else who happens to come across this thread, the release notes for Workbench HD v2.15 read: “Enables Alt Tuning Preset Manager "Position" column to dynamically update in order to match connected guitar's tuning knob silkscreen.”
  4. No sarcasm intended, sorry if you felt that way. By the way, I’m the Product Manager for Variax Guitars here at Line 6, so I’m happy to clarify as much as I can for you. True, once a custom tuning is saved over a default tuning, then the silkscreen is essentially no more than a location name. Prior to this update, users of JTV-89 and Shuriken series Variax guitars had an additional level of confusion as the alt tuning preset manager window displayed the silkscreen in the POSITION column for the JTV-59/69 and Variax Standard only. To alleviate at least that layer of complexity, I asked the team to implement the feature in v2.15 where the POSITION column of the alt tuning preset manager matches the silk screen on the currently connected guitar. Of course the tuning saved in each location does show in Workbench HD, but there is no highlighting or anything to indicate which position you currently have selected (hence the only solution is to look down at the knob). Without a display of some sort on the guitar, there’s no way to show the user which tuning is saved to which slot. Personally, this is why I don’t even bother saving tunings to the guitar and simply save my alternate tunings on a per preset and even per snapshot basis inside Helix. That way, any Variax HD guitar I connect to my Helix gets the correct tuning applied, regardless of what is saved on the guitar.
  5. It doesn’t promise to show what is currently selected, it was updated to reflect what is printed on the silkscreen of the knob of the connected guitar. JTV-89/89F and Shuriken users will appreciate this. JTV-59 and 69 users won’t see a difference, as the silkscreen on the knob always matched what was shown in Workbench HD. If you want to know what Alt Tuning slot is currently selected, simply look down at the knob.
  6. I don't know what Rocksmith has to do with Variax. Nowhere in our literature does it promise the behavior you're describing. The Alternate Tuning capabilities of Variax are in semitone increments and are relative to the physical pitch of the strings themselves. The current Variax technology does not contain any automatic tuning capability or ability to change your tuning reference.
  7. "How can I change the POSITION names in the Columns to match the Shuriken? It looks from the title of the box that these labels apply to the James [Tyler] Variax." – You can't. It's static text in the software. The right column under Guitar Alt Tuning Presets, labeled "PRESET NAME," are dynamic and can be overwritten (except for Standard). When loaded with factory default tunings, this column will match the silkscreen on the knob. So you can refer to the attached screenshot or make your own for reference. "Using v 2.13 of Workbench HD." – Workbench HD v2.14 is the latest and the title of the left side of the Manage Tuning Presets window was changed to read "Guitar Alt Tuning Presets" "Would it be easier for someone to just send me a JTV Alt Tuning Preset knob rather than wait for the app to be reprogrammed?" – Yes, if you want. That's up to you. I cannot make any guarantee that the software can or will be updated to reflect the knob for each guitar type, but I will investigate the possibility. The POSITION column also never matched the JTV-89/89F for the past ~6 years. In that time, I have not seen this brought up as an issue before. In summary, the tunings on the left side of that window are what are stored on the guitar. The right side are what are stored on your computer. The left side is in order of what's on the knob after the "Model" label on the knob. Standard cannot be overwritten. Every other slot can be overwritten, regardless of what the silkscreen says. I suppose you could find a good adhesive label and print your own and stick it on the knob. Personally, I prefer to use Helix to control the preset selection and tunings of my Variax guitars. Starting with Helix v2.60, Variax HD preset names appear in Helix however they are saved in Workbench HD for ease of use. I find that other than building custom models in Workbench HD, selecting presets and creating alt tunings from the Helix input block is much easier and faster without having to worry about what silkscreen is on the knob. Thanks, Andrew Bonica Product Owner – Variax
  8. All Onyx guitars that were planned have been produced. Last I heard, which was about a week ago, there were only a dozen or so remaining in the sales channel. Get one while (if) you still can. Also, there is no “regular schedule” of limited editions (hence, limited). We’ve done them for various reasons (Anniversary, color contest, etc.). Additionally, as part of a publicly traded company, we cannot discuss our product roadmap.
  9. Glad you got it sorted out. Let us know how the replacement goes. As for the manual, for now just ignore the onboard tuning reset (p.14 last paragraph).
  10. Yes, Sweetwater has fantastic customer service. Also, you are always welcome to contact our customer service department, they're a great group of guys as well. As for the manual, I am in the process of making an update because the on-board factory tuning reset feature was removed (the "plug in while holding down the model knob" part), if you want to reset the tunings, you have to load them from Workbench HD. If you don't get an exchange from Sweetwater for some reason (if it's new, I wouldn't see why not), then contact our customer service and we'll sort you out. https://line6.com/support/tickets/
  11. While Workbench HD is a nice visual method of creating an alternate tuning, if you're still looking to create one from the guitar itself, check out this video on our channel. I'll try and clarify some of the particulars: First, it's easier to think of the "Model" knob as Banks of presets and the 5-way selector as one of the five presets in that bank. If you want to save a tuning with the preset (aka "Model") then the Tuning knob should be set to "Model." If you want to save the tuning over one of the 10 custom alternate tunings, then you would turn the Tuning Knob to that location. If you're already on the location you want to save when you start the process, for example you want to overwrite "Baritone" and start with the knob on "Baritone," then you simply roll off Baritone to an adjacent location and then back to Baritone to let the system know that is where you want to save. Note that the Standard tuning location cannot be overwritten. To reiterate, the "Model" tuning location is unique to each Model preset (For example, Lester-1 is the Lester model bank with the 5-way in position 1.) I hope this helps.
  12. Correct, this is true for the tunings saved with the model in the following preset banks: User I, II, III, IV, and Shuriken. However, the alternate tunings saved on the tuning knob are relative to standard EADGBE physical tuning.
  13. All guitars with Variax HD firmware use the same models, so they'll work with any guitar running Variax HD (2.0 and higher) firmware. The stock tuning presets that come preloaded in Shuriken are only preloaded in the Shuriken, but are easy to custom make using Workbench HD for any of the other SKUs.
  14. Thanks, Doc. Yes, we Product Managers check IdealScale much more often than the community forums (at least for ideas, and some check here more than others) but yes, IdeaScale is the official route for such requests. In fact, there is already an idea on this topic, which people can vote on here: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Shuriken-Variax-25-5-Scale-length-with-Floyd-Rose-trem/905983-23508
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