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  1. The Line 6 VDI cable that has protective housing on both ends of the cable is what I am using. From Variax right to Helix. It gets a lot of use so maybe it just time for a new cable.
  2. I'm finding it harder and harder to connect my ethercon cable to my JTV. There seems to be a lot of resistance and I feel like I am forcing it in. Is there a certain kind of lubricant I can use to help with this?
  3. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    I honestly didn't (and dont') know for sure what it was. The engineer (who has worked with some big names) said it was input distortion so that is why I posted that. I was just searching to see if anyone else was experining the same thing. All I know is it sounds bad and none of the indicators (either input or output) show any red and nowhere in the signal chain is there any "red". Yes, all my patches used to have the Tube Driver but I will be eliminating that to help with this problem. Sorry for all the confustion and I appreciate all the advice.
  4. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    The culprit is The Tube Driver. If that is off the nasty digital distortion is gone.
  5. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    There sould be an Andy Timmons IR in the chain.
  6. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    Turning off the Deluxe Comp helped.
  7. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    No pedals. Helix only direct to FOH. I use ethecon to connect the Variax and Sennheiser EW100-G4 wireless for my other guitars (or just a cable). I don't see any red and it looks good. Just sounds bad. I keep looking at the signal chain.
  8. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    I thought that helped but it is still there. The engineer said it was input distotion. I hear it but I don't see anything clipping. Not sure exactly what he meant. He is a pretty experienced engineer so I just took his word for it. We layed down the tracks but he indicated my parts would have to be redone. Would an audio clip help?
  9. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    XXXX-X497.XML Yep. It is now on and that helped. Not sure why I thought Global meant it was on. Thank you.
  10. aed1421

    Input Distortion

    I need help elimitating input distortion on the Helix. It happens on all my guitars and on almost all patches. Was in the studio last week and it was the first thing the engineer said. Guitars: PRS CE (85/15 pickups), Fender Strat Ultra (Shawbucker), Gibson HP LP, Fender Tele Ultra (stock pickups). Variax Input Gate:0n Threshold:-74 Decay:500ms Guitar in-Z Auto Guitar Pad: Global PROMISES.hlx
  11. Using Helix Floor. I get the sum of both channels out of the 1/4 (L/mono) just fine. However, it does not sound great. The slight delay between the 2 stereo signals sums up to sound like I its in a tin can with a lot of reverb. The stereo XLR (L/R) sounds great in headphones or reference monitors but not the 1/4 summed mono send to the 4x12 cab. I've tried FRFR speakers too with the same result. Having written this I realize I have not tried the R-1/4 out yet.
  12. I have a stereo patch that is XLR out L/R to house. Is there a way to send just one of the sides (L or R) to the 1/4 inch out for stage monitoring (4x12 cab powered by clean poweramp) and send the stereo mix to house? When I send the current stereo mix out of the 1/4 out to the 4x12 cab is sounds like I am in a tin can through those speakers.
  13. Can't open a ticket becuase the drop down box does not have the JTV59 as an option and using "other" choice and then entering the serial number doesn't work either.
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