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  1. aed1421

    Market Place

    Found it. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for eveyones help with this. Still can't get channels to change on the amp. I will seek out someone localy.
  3. Sorry. Here it is. dsl40cr control.hlx
  4. aed1421

    Market Place

    I just bought some presets from the Line 6 Marketplace but there is no download info. I recieved 2 no reply emails one that has the invoice. I Have v. 3.15 for Edit and the Floor . I went to my account and there is nothing to download. It just says that I purchased it.
  5. Sorry this is so late. I just got off the road gigging. I can't seem to get this to change any channels on the amp. I have the amp in MIDI waiting mode with a midi cable attached to both the Helix and the Amp. The 2 button switch is not hooked up. I can see the dsl40cr control on the top row and can see Clean (1) Cruch (2) OD1 (3) and OD2 (4) on the bottom. None of the snapshots change the amp channel.
  6. I've updated to 3.15 on both the Floor and Edit. I copied dsl40cr control to the Floor (thank you tmingle). In HX Edit I can see everything and I can see dsl40cr control on the Floor but no sound comes out (changed the ouput to multi) and I can't see the snapshots or anything on the footswithes. I initialized the DLS 40 to recieve midi commands and loop on/off is blinking. I restarted everything and still nothing. Thoughts?
  7. Thank you. I can see it there.
  8. I can't seem to a recent thread that I started about MIDI switching using a Marshall DSL40. I've restarted my computer multiple times with no luck. Can someone from Admin assist?
  9. Sorry to be such a nube. My options in the Command Center under Instant 1 are: MIDI CC MIDI Ch CC# Value Waiit Time. Not sure what to put for each one of these. Also, I tried to download the patch but this is what Helix says.
  10. Hello, would there be anybody on this forum that could help with detailed instructions on how to set up midi switching between my Helix Floor and a Marshal DSL40C. I would like to be able to use all 4 modes on the amp in conjunction with the Helix Floor without using the Marshall footswitch. Thanks in advance.
  11. aed1421

    Tube Amp

    I can only access the 2 channels via the helix ext amp setting and not the 2 modes in each channel on the DSL40. I think I can access all 4 via midi but that is another cable to hook up on the road. The Classic Gain and Ultra Gain have a lot of tone difference. I would prefer to use the 2 modes in Classic gain and switch just between those and use the internal effects/drives in Helix.
  12. aed1421

    Tube Amp

    This helps. I would prefer plug and play as apposed to the 4CM.
  13. aed1421

    Tube Amp

    The people that have hired me want me to use a tube amp on an upcoming tour. I think the Helix does everything I need and more but I am not paying myself. Having said that I need a nice small tube combo that works well with Helix. 4CM + Ext Amp switching will likely be used.
  14. I haven’t read through the DSL40 manual yet but just want to know if anyone has experience this. I have Helix set up via the 4CM with Ext Amp switching. When I plug in to the FS on the back of the amp and connect to the EXT AMP jack on Helix I lose the effects loop (Loop on/off). ROD CLN PED.hlx
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