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  1. I have the JT Variax and it does eveything I need except stay in tune after soloing. Are there any specific locking tuners I should get that fit this guitar? Anything else I should consider?
  2. aed1421

    Can't Delete Block

    I am trying to edit one of my patches and I have a block I can't delete or replace with something else. I can add to the block but I can't delete it completely and add the new effect. When I try to delete it the scribble script goes blank but the effect is still there and I can turn it on and off.
  3. New to Variax and Workbench. I've had a Helix for years. I can only get my Variax to connect to Workbench if I have the 1/4 inch jack inserted and the VDI hooked to the computer. Is that normal? Can I connect my Variax to my Helix and then the Helix to Workbench?
  4. aed1421

    US Princess

    It was 12 string with the mix full, acoustic sim with Jumbo and bass 0, US Princess amp/cab and a spring reverb. Since the video I switched the amp for just a simple EQ and that’s pretty good too. Make sure you use a bright pickup setting too. Middle single coil if you have one, but it works well with my Les Paul too on middle setting with both pickups coil tapped.
  5. aed1421

    US Princess

    Can someone tell me wich preset is the US Princess? I have updated both the Helix and Helix edit to 3.11 but I can't seem to find it. Trying to get a good acoustic and 12 string acoustic sound.
  6. File size for the pictures are too big.
  7. How do I post a picture here?
  8. No mix control. Blackstar HT Club 40.
  9. I set up the Helix using the 4 cable method. This is the order of effects/signal flow. EQ-Compressor-Gain (Dist. Pedal)-Noise Gate-Wah-Volume pedal. The next block is the FX loop. After that I have Chorus-Flanger-Phaser- Delay-Reverb. When I am on the gain channel on my amp and I engage the effects it sounds like I have the direct "clean" sound combined with the gain channel and the sound is much weaker than when I just plug right into the amp. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? Dry/Wet type of thing on the effects?
  10. Okay. Thanks for all the input.
  11. Front of house will be fed by the XLR out on the Helix. The 2 powered wedges and the Blackstar are for personal monitoring (we can't use our in ears for this show).
  12. I just really need to use the Blackstar as a monitor. It will not go to front of house and my main monitoring system is actually 2 powered wedges. What about headphone out?
  13. Yes, I am using full amp and cab models and it makes sense that the signal is too hot. That is kinda what it sounds like. I will try the effects loop and see if that cleans things up a bit.
  14. When I hook up my Helix to the front of my Blackstar HT Club 40 it sounds like there is digital distortion or something happening. I have the 1/4 outs set to instrument and amp is on the clean channel. All patches sound this way. Patches from Helix to the board (XLR-Mic) sound fine. Anybody?
  15. Is there a way to increase the size of the scribble strips? I don't need the 01A and the name. Just the name.
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