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  1. MartinDorr

    How do I know if I am clipping

    Worthwhile as a quick check when you are in doubt and have no baseline from other tones or no DAW. Be aware though that changing your input pad is like changing your amp model drive dial, which may have an audible impact on your tone, especially if it is on the verge of breaking up. Thus you may think of hearing the onset of clipping, but It’s just amp distortion.
  2. Title says it all. Searching for past discussions did not find anything ...
  3. MartinDorr

    DT25 Head Voicing Switch does what it wants

    Check how old your tubes are and and consider replacing. They may no longer work reliably in all modes and it appears as if the mode switch is broken.
  4. MartinDorr

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    I suspect that any real tone changes would be due to the post-amp modeling chain. I have never come across a situation where a change in Channel Volume seem to have impacted the dynamic response of an amp when there was no post processing.
  5. MartinDorr

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    I am curious what the Channel Volume values were before and after your adjustments. The Channel Volume knob is neither linear nor exponential, but seems to have a few regions were its effect is fairly fine grain to pretty corse when you make a 0.1 change. Maybe there is even more going on ...
  6. MartinDorr

    Levels. Sitting around -12db max

    Forgot to comment on the Channel volume. Do not use some target Channel Volume level as a guideline. Its only purpose is to keep the amp output level at your target peak and/or RMS level. First of all it will need to be dialed in primarily based on your amp model choice and the selected Drive setting combined with amp input signal level. Obviously the other amp dial settings matter too, but usually to a lesser degree. Use your Master to fine tune your volume to the environment.
  7. MartinDorr

    Levels. Sitting around -12db max

    I used play through an HD500 for a few years and found that it introduced soft compression when sound levels peaked higher than -9 dBFS, possibly even a bit earlier. The Helix does not seem to do that. From what I can tell (and when I measured) Helix stays clean (undistorted by levels) up to or very close to the clipping level. So you have a bit more freedom depending on what you play for. For studio/recording or working with a sound guy a peak target of -12 to -9 dBFS I have seen recommended several times. You want the mixing engineer have plenty of headroom to work with. For live in a small venue when playing with others that produce fat sounds (high RMS levels) you can consider pushing the peaks of clean sounds a bit higher so they have a chance of standing their ground. RMS levels of a good mix should be about 9-12 dB less than peaks if I remember right.
  8. MartinDorr

    Fender Clean?

    Would you mind sharing a few of you tone stack settings combined with your guitar type, pickup, tone and volume settings you use with them? I never had the opportunity to get my own experience on a Deluxe and struggle to get really different cleans on Fenders (from creamy mellow over full bodied to bushy eyed bright or funky).
  9. MartinDorr

    Getting those Amps with Effects just right.

    Not tried, but can’t you just run 2 chained Amp models with the first one being a preamp only, followed by the rewerb / tremolo block(s) and follow that with an Amp and a low preamp gain and the power amp level you want. A bit clumsy, but shouldn’t that get you what you are looking for?
  10. MartinDorr

    Kinky Boost always on?

    For the few amps I actually tried this, a clean gain stage (not a boost pedal) in front of the amp is no different than adjusting the amps Drive dial - and this is true no matter whether the amp is still in the clean range or pushed into distortion. From that experience my conclusion was that a boost pedal in front of the amp (or any block) in a way is an alternative to higher Drive settings and just adds pedal-specific ‘spice’ to the tone.
  11. MartinDorr

    When can we expect the 2.7 update?????

    Back to the ground ... I suspect we will get expanded MIDI and other control functions (e.g., generalizing the multi-button looper to control an external looper (and not record a loop at all), or control lights, ...) or something similar to reach more Pro users. Making a single button looper available was just the first step into that direction. Maybe a signal level indicator (effect?) place-able in the path Probably also a small (1-3) number of Amp and effect models. ... and fixes. Polyphonic effects seems like a NAAM ticket / teaser item, thus maybe in 2.8 in Jan/Feb 2019 time frame
  12. MartinDorr

    Helix DI clipping, no input gain control?

    I could be all wrong (I am not using the DI signal), but I thought there is no impact from any models on this path. It’s just the input signal as Helix sees it, and thus only the input pad has an effect. Given that, I would be suspect of a USB driver or a DAW input signal attenuation function
  13. MartinDorr

    Helix Factory Preset Bundle

    That's a very informative site to know about! Thanks