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  1. MartinDorr

    Fender Clean?

    Would you mind sharing a few of you tone stack settings combined with your guitar type, pickup, tone and volume settings you use with them? I never had the opportunity to get my own experience on a Deluxe and struggle to get really different cleans on Fenders (from creamy mellow over full bodied to bushy eyed bright or funky).
  2. MartinDorr

    Getting those Amps with Effects just right.

    Not tried, but can’t you just run 2 chained Amp models with the first one being a preamp only, followed by the rewerb / tremolo block(s) and follow that with an Amp and a low preamp gain and the power amp level you want. A bit clumsy, but shouldn’t that get you what you are looking for?
  3. MartinDorr

    Kinky Boost always on?

    For the few amps I actually tried this, a clean gain stage (not a boost pedal) in front of the amp is no different than adjusting the amps Drive dial - and this is true no matter whether the amp is still in the clean range or pushed into distortion. From that experience my conclusion was that a boost pedal in front of the amp (or any block) in a way is an alternative to higher Drive settings and just adds pedal-specific ‘spice’ to the tone.
  4. MartinDorr

    When can we expect the 2.7 update?????

    Back to the ground ... I suspect we will get expanded MIDI and other control functions (e.g., generalizing the multi-button looper to control an external looper (and not record a loop at all), or control lights, ...) or something similar to reach more Pro users. Making a single button looper available was just the first step into that direction. Maybe a signal level indicator (effect?) place-able in the path Probably also a small (1-3) number of Amp and effect models. ... and fixes. Polyphonic effects seems like a NAAM ticket / teaser item, thus maybe in 2.8 in Jan/Feb 2019 time frame
  5. MartinDorr

    Helix DI clipping, no input gain control?

    I could be all wrong (I am not using the DI signal), but I thought there is no impact from any models on this path. It’s just the input signal as Helix sees it, and thus only the input pad has an effect. Given that, I would be suspect of a USB driver or a DAW input signal attenuation function
  6. MartinDorr

    Helix Factory Preset Bundle

    That's a very informative site to know about! Thanks
  7. In a non-live-performance use case, it helps me to play the first measure(s) twice and hit the start button on the second round to avoid unintended loud or soft entrance volume or other startup anomalies. Also agree on what was said above about continue playing while hitting the stop button. The rest is just getting used to the timing / foot action delay anticipation by practicing. When you stop thinking about how to get it right, you’ve mastered the technique ;-)
  8. Hi,

    I vaguely remembered a post from youasking for ideas on how to expand Helix's control capabilities.

    I just stumbled over something that may fall into that category, but as it abstracts the looper functionality it is bit hard to describe in ideascale.

    At it's core, my idea is to expand the looper mode to become a more general control mode, where all footswitches can be assigned MIDI control messages and the current looping function and looper output are simply the default option. So for example, if I can turn the loop recording and playback off, I get a MIDI control board I could use to control an external looper, a lighting system, or a DAW.

    Just let me know if you want to see a more detailed description about this and some ideas on how this could be further extended.

    By the way, you guys doing an excellent job with the Helix product line,


    1. Digital_Igloo


      Oh, we're ALL over this. In fact, the whole reason I work at Line 6 is because I pitched this very concept. It's just taken me 8 years to worm my way into a position where cool things like this could take place.


      But... what if you didn't need a DAW at all? Or know how MIDI works? Or DMX? What if Helix just listened to your music and did everything for you?

    2. MartinDorr


      Exciting to hear - do you need a prototype tester ;-)

      I'd guess this is NOT showing up in the next release cycle (a minor one - if I read the tea leaves right).

      Thanks for feedback,


  9. MartinDorr

    Do you think there will be a Firmware update before NAMM

    The promised channels missing from the amp models released in 2.5 + ? Cali Texas Ch2, based on* the drive channel of the MESA/Boogie® Lonestar [Ch1 coming later this spring] Placater Dirty, based on* the BE/HBE channel of the Friedman BE-100 [Clean channel coming later this spring] DI called it a minor update in an interview ...
  10. MartinDorr

    Do you think there will be a Firmware update before NAMM

    History says that a release of a new version comes about every 4 months (not counting quick releases for bugs that slipped in). That would put 2.6 roughly into late May / early June, followed by 2.7 in Sept/Oct and a 2.8 for NAMM But Line 6 made a point last year to delay releasing an update when they ran into unforeseen problems (wise choice) - so maybe we will just get a second FW release (2.6) this year ...
  11. MartinDorr

    Suggestion for Line 6

    I understand what you are trying to achieve, but an up to date ;) , locked post with the latest tool versions in the subject line would serve the same purpose w/o putting any limits on the version numbering scheme Line 6 chooses. Personally, I find outdated info in locked post and how many we now have more annoying and I think confusing for anyone new to these forums. But I just heard back that the 'latest editor info' was updated.
  12. MartinDorr

    Suggestion for Line 6

    I don’t see any value to that approach as long as we know what the versions are and what’s the latest version and what changed between versions. Requiring that sub product elements have the same version number just limits when a sub product element can be updated or makes version updates for elements that did not change meaningless.
  13. Thanks for responses. No surprise in the delay parameter settings. Will check out the Vintage Digital delay to see whether it changes things to the better. Also thought that my choice of reverb (Plate) may not be the best choice to get a better sounding slap back. What do you guys use as reverb settings with your tones using slap back delay?
  14. Looking for recommendations on model and settings for a slapback delay block. Tried a few and are doing OK, but there might be a few good options I may have missed ... Thanks
  15. MartinDorr

    Polyphonic pitch shifting rumour or truth?

    That they hired more experts for their development team is good news no matter what they use them for. At a minimum it probably means L6 is making good money with what they put out - and that there will be more to come ...