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  1. Thanks All. And sorry for sounding like a cheapskate :)
  2. Sorry this is a dumb question, but I want to send midi cc messages from my hx effects to an app on an ipad mini. Do I NEED the expensive camera connect thing or would a cheaper usb to lightning connector do the job? I tried connecting both devices to a usb hub and don't seem to be receiving and midi at the ipad. (my hx effects talks fine to my PC so is set up ok.)
  3. Is there any chance of implementing a two (or three) channel looper? I'm talking about two or three loops that could be recorded to and then turned on and off independently. Obviously max loop times would go down if more channels were enabled.
  4. Does this thread get read by the moderators? If so can I suggest an idea for the hx effects (and probably other units) The full issue is below HX Effects - Snapshot name in scribble strip question - Helix - Line 6 Community Basically I'm asking can the current snapshot number be shown on an IA button configured to increment the snapshot number (in a similar way that it is displayed in the preset name scribble strip when in preset select mode)
  5. Sorry to bump this: So I noticed that when I hit the mode button and go to the preset select screen, the current snapshot number is displayed along side the preset name. This may have been there all along. That's useful but I'd love to see the same information on the IA button I have assigned to increment the snapshot. Is there a way to raise this with line 6 as a request for implementation? (I also have another suggestion re the looper I'd like to raise but that might be trickier)
  6. hey thanks for the input. yeah I named the snapshots. What I should have mentioned a bit more specifically is the scribble strip I want to show the snapshot name on is one of my footswitches in stomp box mode (is that the correct term?) In my preset, I have FS2 set up to increment the snapshot number. What I'd really like is for it to tell me the current snapshot name. The default setting shows 'snapshot^' I just can't think of a way of having the snapshot name appear somewhere when I drop into stomp mode.
  7. Hi All, Im using a HX effects as the controller for my electric rig and also now as the backbone of my acoustic rig. I got some 3 sigma IRs loaded in and they sound awesome! My question is: I have a preset where basically I have a different IR loaded in each of the 4 snapshots. In the controller window I use one of the footswitches to cycle to the next snapshot. Is there a way to have the snapshot name appear in that scribble strip. At the moment is just says 'SNAPSHOT^' so I have no idea which snapshot I am on. I'd rather not use snapshot mode if I can get away with it as I like to have the access to my preset banks. TIA Tim
  8. One additional question if I may. Can the unit be programmed using hx-edit or is HX edit more of a back up type system. I have about 40 songs I'd like to set up and doing it in a pc editor would break my back a lot less than doing it on the pedal itself :)
  9. Thank you so much. I think I am sold That is annoying about the toggling cc's but I think I can live with it. So I think what I want to do is have three of the footswitches send cc to a common cc number but have them send different values. so FS 1 sends #1 to cc27, FS2 sends #2 to cc27 etc. From what you are saying because they are specific non toggling values, they wont be sent (which would be idea) if they are sent its a pain but not a show stopper.
  10. Hi all, Am very very tempted to push the button on an HX effects but wanted to check one thing about its midi capabilities if I can. So I will be using the HX effects mainly for jamming away from home and its perfect for what I need. I am hoping that I can kill two birds with one stone though and use it to replace my current (custom built and very clumsy to use) footswitch in my home studio. To do that ideally I need to use the presets and midi capabilities of the HX effects to control other gear. So here's the question: I think I understand from the manual that by going into command center I can set up the HX effects to send midi PC/CC messages out to my other gear. So what I'd like to do is have a number of presets in the HX effects that effectively represent the different songs I play. So when I change preset in the hx stomp I can send out PC/CC commands to configure my other gear. So far so good I think. When I select a preset on the HX effects I think I could then have it drop back into stomp mode so I have access to all 6 foot switches to do stuff during the song right? My query is basically this: is the 'stomp' mode that I drop back to configured per preset or is it just a single instance of a stomp mode. So if I select preset 2 does it give me 6 different footswitches to those I'd have if I select preset 1 on the HX effects? I'm guessing this is a dumb question because I think the answer has to be yes. Importantly if the answer to the above is yes, then will the titles on the footswitch scribble strips and the effects that they affect in the HX effects AND the midi commands I assign to footswitches be saved pre preset? OR are the midi commands assigned to footswitches global assignments that stay the same across different presets? So what I want is to be able to send different CC messages from footswitch 1 in different presets in the HX effects if that makes sense? Hope that makes sense Peace Tim
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