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Community Answers

  1. That's a setlist. Be sure you're exporting a PRESET file. The file extension should be .HLX.
  2. ATTACH THE PRESET so we can test it.
  3. rd2rk

    Helix and DI

    Easiest way is to use Helix as your AI (ASIO) in your DAW. In Global Settings>Ins/Outs you'll see Re-Amp Src (USB 7) and Re-amp Src (USB 8). IIRC, by default they're set to GUITAR (7) and MIC (8). Set them accordingly. You can now record the unprocessed (DI) signals using those USB channels. If you normally use an external Sound Card (AI), just change it in your DAW's Preferences when you want to record a DI.
  4. I gave it a shot, but I really suck at tone matching, especially metal because while I enjoy playing heavy sounding presets, I'm really not into metal. I get something good sounding and get lost jamming, then an hour later compare it to the base tone and it's not even close. I stopped using GR5 years ago because while it has some fun and unique FX, the amp modeling just doesn't do it for me. I get what I like out of Helix easily. It's interesting though that of the two presets you called out, one is super simple, the other is incredibly complicated, and they both have a certain something that I just can't figure out on Helix. Anyhow, Good Luck, and if you ever do find a match, please come back to one of these threads and post the preset. If somebody figures it out I'd love to see how!
  5. What you need is a "reactive load" attenuator that goes between the JCM's Speaker Out and converts the signal to LINE level for return to the HXS. Not all attenuators allow the amp to be used without a physical speaker load. The Fryette PS2 allows this in "Silent Mode". See page 9 of the Fryette PS2 manual. Power_Station2_Manual.indd (fryette.com) No, I've never used one of these. I bought a pair of Waza Air headphones for silent practice.
  6. I'd say to start with your go-to preset, record a DI track, duplicate the DI track and use Native to re-amp DI tracks until you find the combination that floats your boat. You can always double-triple-quadruple-track once you've found presets that you like, but use the DI tracks and Native to find those sounds vs playing the parts over and over till you hate them.
  7. You need a HOST for that. I THINK it can be set up to work with iPhone/iPad. The connectors you'd need (camera kit) would depend on the model iThingy you have. I'm also pretty sure that you'd need the configuration SW and a compatible computer to run it on to configure the switches for the proper MIDI commands.
  8. Demo preset attached. Note that this is NOT the way I'd do it, as it does not optimize use of either the gear or the DSP, but you asked for minimum cabling so here ya go! The comp and eq are just there as placeholders, they're not essential. For the Helix amp I used the "Mandarin Rocker" simply for comparison purposes. FS3 switches from Helix amp to the Orange on Return R by bypassing one or the other. You'll need to use the cable from the OD pedal (not guitar to OD) when you switch amps. EDIT: set Return R to LINE in Global Settings>Ins/Outs Mikey.hlx
  9. That would require a hardware change so, until there's a v2 of the Catalyst I don't think it'll happen and when/if it does, it'll probably be on the 100/200 models. For now, MIDI is the way to go, but not so easy for you I'm afraid. The Cat60 does not support MIDI except over USB, so you'd need a HOST device (I think there's a way to do it with iPhone/iPad) as well as the MIDI switcher.
  10. When you switch from A to B what you're actually doing is switching PRESETS. "A" unloads from memory and then "B" loads. A radical shift in amp types and/or gain settings will cause a loud noise like a "pop" if there are notes ringing during the switch. This is true throughout the entire Helix family. With the full-fat Helix units you can split the Path and put a Clean amp on one and a Hi-Gain amp on the other. With the split block set to A/B you can use a FS or Snapshot to re-route the signal from A to B and that eliminates the "pop". If doing that sort of tone shift is important to your playing you may want to consider adding something like an HX Stomp or, if you can afford it, a used LT will further add an expression pedal.. Yes, I know, two to four times the price of the amp, but also an exponential increase in the amp's capabilities. Just something to consider. Or you could go "old school" and put a gain pedal of some sort up front... DS-1 and Distortion+ types can be had NEW for <$75 and USED for pennies.
  11. No. A "loadbox" takes it's input signal from an amplifier's "SPEAKER OUT", splits it, attenuates it (or not) and passes that SPEAKER LEVEL signal to a speaker cab The other part of the split is converted to LINE LEVEL, an IR is applied (or not) and that signal can then be sent to a FOH Mixer or Audio Interface for processing in a DAW. If you were to send a SPEAKER LEVEL signal to your Stomp, all of the magic smoke would escape. There could be shrapnel. Before I suggest a solution, let me be sure that I understand what you want to do. You want to be able to have your OD Pedal in front of the Stomp, feeding a Stomp amp/preamp and/or FX, out through an FX Loop which has external pedals in it (Chorus > Reverb > Delay > Looper), returning to the Stomp for final processing before being sent to the Katana FX Loop Return (Power Amp input) via the Stomp's L/Mono Output. You would like to insert the Orange Preamp before the Stomp's amp/preamp(with bypass switch when using the Orange?)/FX/FX Loop, but don't require the OD pedal to feed the Orange. Your guitar would be plugged into EITHER the Stomp or the Orange. You would NOT be using the Katana's preamp or FX. Does that sound right?
  12. What device are you using? Attach a sample preset and I'll test it.
  13. You won't blow anything up, but how you do it depends on how EXACTLY you currently have everything wired and what EXACTLY you want to accomplish. Describe the configuration in detail and define your big-picture goals (not just "get the Orange into the Katana"). For instance: "I want to have everything set up so I don't have to rewire anything to go from using Stomp as 4cm FX processor to pedalboard (Stereo? Mono?) into Stomp amps into Katana power amp to Orange into Stomp into Katana - all just by switching presets!" - IOW - the "All I want is EVERYTHING!" configuration - AKA I shoulda bought the full fat Helix. Maybe list your needs in order of importance?
  14. I'm not finding those presets. In the category Guitar Amps>Hot Solo+ I find "Thrash Solo+". Is that the one? I can't find "Big Monster" anywhere.
  15. I did the same as @datacommando, and fully agree with his conclusions.
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