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  1. rd2rk

    HD500X to Helix Floor

    Better. I've had mine since 2016. I use it a LOT. OK, try it this way. You already have the HD500X. DL the Helix 3.0 manual. Is there anything the HD500X does that the Helix doesn't? Answer: No. Is there anything the Helix does that the HD500X doesn't do? LOTS! Is L6 releasing regular improvement updates to the HD500X? No. Will they ever? Not likely. Will they continue to release improvement updates for Helix for the foreseeable future? Yes. Search the TGP Digital and modeling forum Helix thread for posts by @Digital Igloo and @benadrian for hints about their plans. Bottom line for minimum use scenario (plug in and play): It sounds better, it's easier to use and it's all around more powerful. There's NOTHING about the HD500X that would justify keeping it, other than you already own it, you're totally happy with it and you can't afford a Helix.
  2. rd2rk

    HD500X to Helix Floor

    Yes. I wasn't happy with the HD500X for many reasons, mostly sound. Yes. Everything. Do it!
  3. A pair of studio monitors are two amps. If you're not getting a hum from them (mine don't hum), then there ya go! If you're getting a hum at the gig, it's probably the house's 100 yo electrical system or the Bud Lite sign. :-)
  4. rd2rk


    Yes. I tested it before posting.
  5. rd2rk


    I also have the 18i20, and use it with S/PDIF when I'm playing through my Studio Monitors (vs PC212). I record with Scarlett as interface. Helix and Scarlett need to be at the same sample rate. Global Settings>Ins/Outs>Digital Output needs to be set to S/PDIF. Scarlett mixer needs to have the Input of the Output you're monitoring on set with S/PDIF enabled. Scarlett Clock Source needs to be set to Internal. That's probably the problem. You also need a proper digital cable, audio RCA won't get it. Here's a screenshot:
  6. rd2rk


    Just posted new files. Check out the added Looper functions.
  7. rd2rk


    I'm about to post a new improved version (128 presets + more stuff), so you might want to try the DL again later. Of course, if you've modded it to your own needs already, you might already be good. I'm having a ball with this chip!
  8. rd2rk

    levels (yes again)

    The curse of "the unfamiliar sound guy who sucks". The way I see it, if the venue hires the sound guy, the club should have it's own PA. If the venue's PA and/or sound guy sucks, you either suck it up or don't play there again. If the venue requires you to let their guy use your system, you either suck it up, or don't play there again. If YOU'RE paying the sound guy, he does what you tell him to do. Period. If he doesn't do what you tell him to do, and you hire him again, it's on you. There's no amount of presets on your Helix or your XR18 that will cure the curse of "the unfamiliar sound guy who sucks".
  9. I could't find a manual for it. If you know how to program it, and it can send Toggling CCs, you should be good.
  10. rd2rk


    Just got my UNO2 chip for my FCB1010. Here's my first configuration. I've tested it on my Floor and my HXS. Obviously it's best suited for a Rack, if you can't afford the Floor Controller. It has 19 Banks of 5 Presets on the lower row (FS 1-5). The upper row selects Setlists 1-4 on FS 6-9. FS 10 switches the FS functions to 5 Stomps (FS 1-5) and 4 Snapshots (FS 6-9). FS 10 switches back to Preset Mode. If you have an FCB1010 with the UNO2 chip, you know what to do with the file. Hope somebody with a Rack and an FCB1010/UNO2 tries it! I also have one configured for an AXE FX II/III if anybody wants it. EDIT: I've moved these files to here: https://fcb1010.groups.io/g/uno After you sign up, the files can be found in FILES/EJ's UNO2 Along with Helix and AXE FX there's files and instructions for Amplitube 4/5, Guitar Rig 4/5 and TH3/THU. I've left just the Helix file and instructions here. Hope this helps somebody. If you do try them or have comments, I'd LOVE to hear from you! EDIT: Latest greatest posted 2/21/21! 128 Presets and Looper! Helix.txt Instructions for Helix UNO2.txt
  11. rd2rk

    levels (yes again)

    I mean to level the Helix Presets within the Helix, so that the output level is the same for all of the presets. I'm not really familiar with the XR18. If it has Input level meters you could use those, combined with a db meter (on your phone?) and your ears. Then you'd only have to set the Trim once, and FOH only has to adjust the Channel Volume as necessary for the song/room. Keep in mind that if you're using a clean boost for solos (I use a FS with MIN=0/MAX= +4db), you'd want to set the trim with the boost ON.
  12. rd2rk

    levels (yes again)

    Lots of differing opinions on this. My 2 cents: Do your preset leveling on the Helix. Get your gain staging right so that you're not overloading anything in the signal chain. Be aware that Clean tones have more dynamic content than overdriven (compressed) tones, and will likely sound louder.. Then send a Unity signal (big knob disabled on those outs) to the XR18, and use the XR18 Channel Trim to get the strongest signal possible without hitting the red. The XR18 Channel Volume is then your final Output Volume Control, and should be set and forget if the Helix Presets have been properly leveled.
  13. FWIW - I've used the Microsoft AV and CCleaner for years without problems, but everybody's systems and surfing habits differ, so YMMV.
  14. rd2rk

    Powercab HF Trim

    You've set your default PC Preset to FRFR, same as the Factory FLAT STEREO. Set it to LF Flat, the same as the NEW PRESET default, and it'll all work as expected in all Helix Modes/Voicings. The ONLY time I can duplicate ANY of these problems is when the PC Preset is on anything other than LF Flat, and I try to change the Modes/Voicings from Helix. NO problems with HF Trim settings when changing the Modes/Voicings from Helix when the PC Preset is set to the LF Flat voicing. NO problems when using Helix Presets that use different Modes/Voicings when the PC Preset is set to LF Flat. My test PANAMA preset with the Exp Pedal set to CC#5 for quick testing proves it EVERY time! I duplicated that preset 5 times with different Snapshots set to different Modes/Voicings as defaults, no matter what Mode/Voicings are sent, no matter how many times I switch the Helix Presets, or switch the Snapshots within them, the HF Trim ONLY affects those Modes/Voicings that it's SUPPOSED to affect, turning it OFF/ON as expected for the Mode/Voicing, AS LONG AS THE PC PRESET IS SET TO LF FLAT! I don't know WHY it works that way, maybe it shouldn't, but it is what it is. There MAY be faulty PC212s out there, but mine is not one of them, and it's hard to believe (though not impossible) that you got two bad ones in a row. I'll certainly try your step by step instructions to try to duplicate the problem, in case I'm just not getting it, but I'm 99.999% sure it'll all come back to setting the PC Preset to LF Flat, or NOT changing the Modes/Voicings from Helix when using a PC Preset set to other than LF Flat.
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