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  1. rd2rk

    HX Stomp

    FWIW - I searched for wah in Helix. There were 1700 results. Searching for Looper turned up 1267 results. Not all of those are directly related to the Stomp, but I'm pretty sure that both the 1 button looper and the wahs are identical between platforms. Just sayin'......
  2. rd2rk

    HX Stomp

    I'm thinking that nobody talks about the wah because, well, it's a wah. It goes "wah wah wah". Some of the models are adjustable for frequency range. Not everybody likes all of them. Some of them sound great. Someone in a recent thread asked how to use an external expression pedal to both operate it and toggle it. @phil_m explained it. Not much more to say about it. Unless you have an actual question? I'm thinking that nobody talks about the looper because it does what it's supposed to do - it records, it overdubs, it loops. You might have to read the manual to get it to work. I never used it until I read your post. I read the manual. I recorded a loop. I overdubbed it. Started it. Stopped it. Erased it. 5 minutes to learn how to use it and test it. It works, as advertised. Did you have an actual question about it that wasn't answered by reading the manual and following the directions? Lots of people here more than happy to help out with actual questions........
  3. rd2rk

    Helix MIDI preset changes V2.81

    I also recorded and played back MIDI PC changes using only the Helix (no FCB). Again, no problems encountered.
  4. rd2rk

    Helix MIDI preset changes V2.81

    OK, so forget LIVE. I switched over to Reaper and recorded a series of Preset changes from the FCB and played them back to the Helix, no problem, presets changed as expected. Your problem is somewhere in your system configuration, Helix v2.81 works fine with recorded MIDI.
  5. rd2rk

    Helix MIDI preset changes V2.81

    Using MIDIOX, I routed my FCB1010/UNO via USB through my laptop and back out to a Helix Floor. No problems encountered. Both devices are using MIDI Channel 1 MIDI THRU is OFF MIDI OVER USB is ON MIDI PC RECEIVE is set to USB MIDI PC SEND is set to USB I then routed it in Ableton Live. Again, no problem. I don't really know how to record the MIDI events from the FCB and play the back to the Helix, but I'm going to find out how just out of curiosity. Meantime, check your settings. EDIT: I left out MID PC SEND set to USB - required when recording midi FROM the Helix!
  6. rd2rk

    Helix Hx unusual use - amp advice

    It depends what kind of sound you're going for. A Strat into an acoustic amp won't sound like a Triple Rec, but it's 60 watts, that's plenty of power, and it has an FX Loop, Yes? Make sure the Output Level Setting in Global Settings matches the AER Input level - Inst or Line. Connect the HXFX in 4cm* and stack some OD/Distortions in front of the FX Loop Block. For Clean sounds and shaping the Distorted sounds there's all sorts of compressors and EQs. For busking you might need a pretty potent battery. Maybe someone else will chime in with what works? If not, try the Digital and Modeling forum over on The Gear Page. *4cm - 4 cable method: Guitar to HXFX In - OD/Dist/Comp/EQ Blocks - HXFX Send/Return Block - HX FX Send - Amp In - Amp FX Send - HXFX Return - Delay/Reverb/Comp/EQ Blocks - HX Out - Amp FX Return
  7. rd2rk

    HX Stomp controlling GM Deluxe 40

    Probably not, but ya never know!
  8. rd2rk

    HX Stomp controlling GM Deluxe 40

    Not easily. Since the Stomp does not have Command Center, the only MIDI it can send is the default Program Change (PC) #. For example, Stomp preset 01A corresponds to PC#001. 01B = PC#002. So, you would need for the Amp Presets to directly correspond to the Stomp Presets. Simple scenario. Let's say you had a desired configuration for each of the four H&K channels, saved as Presets. You would need to copy each channel's Preset to multiple Preset locations that correspond to the Stomp configurations you want to use with those channels. If you want to use the CLEAN Channel settings with Stomp presets 01A, 01B and 01C then you would copy the H&K CLEAN channel Preset to H&K Preset locations 001,002 and 003 (assuming that the H&K numbers it's Presets 001-128 vs 000-127. This is not clear from a quick look at the manual, but I may have missed it). Since the Stomp can't send CC#s (Command Center required), that's about all you can do. You won't be able to switch channels via Snapshot.
  9. I'd just add that if there's any reason to be listening to the DAW output (synths, drum programs, clips), you'll have the Mix control on the iD4 turned more towards the middle than full left, so be sure that the MONITOR button on the DAW Helix track is OFF, else you'll get an echo effect due to the slight latency from the DAW vs the direct monitoring from the Stomp.
  10. rd2rk

    HX Stomp Midi CC Auto Engage Wah?!

    Been wondering how to do that! Thanks!
  11. There's so many ways to do this. In my "Studio" (the living room) I use the 18i20 as ASIO Sound card (incidentally, better latency than the Helix). I run the SPDIF from Helix Floor to the 18i20 for a digital connection to the DAW. I also use a G10 with the 1/4" out to the Helix Guitar IN, and the XLR out to a channel on the 18i20. This has the advantage that if I WANT to use a VST with a minimal preset (say, Helix ODs to S-Gear) and/or record a clean track for re-amping with Native or another VST, I can, with no cable swapping ever. Meanwhile, I've got the Floor running 4cm to my tube amp with a separate XLR with Cab going to an FRFR112. BIG, FULL sound at 60-80db. The other inputs on the 18i20 get used for eDrums, Analog Synth and Vocals. The many outs on the 18i20 allow for 5 independent monitor mixes (in addition to my Studio Monitors), so I can rehearse a whole band (sans vocalist) nearly silently in my apartment! For audible playback I can route bass to the FRFR112, synths and eDRums to the Studio Monitors, and Guitar (via SPDIF OUT on the 18i20 to the Helix SPDIF In) back to the tube amp. If I want to. It's kind of overkill for playback. The laptop sound card provides streaming ability for YT, Spotify, etc.. I run the laptop sound card out to the 18i20, and that allows me to record my playing over the many backing tracks that are on the laptop. NOTE: this creates a noisy USB ground loop that I remedy with a Hum Destroyer between the laptop Out and the 18i20. I use my Stomp in my "office" (the dining room). The Stomp is the ASIO sound card. The office laptop sound card comes out to the Stomp's FX loop return with Return Type set to Aux In. With the Output block set to -120db (OFF), I record Guitar (L Input) on USB 5 or Bass (R Input) on 6, and record separate Streaming on USB 7+8 from the laptop. So, really, there aren't a whole lot of "limitations" between the two devices, just different ways of configuring and using them.
  12. Attached screenshots of Reaper IO with Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as soundcard, and with Helix as soundcard. Helix has only it's 8 USB inputs available, Focusrite has 18 USB inputs available. Are we talking about the same thing?
  13. Clarification - Helix USB can be used with HX Edit REGARDLESS of whether Helix is the sound card. Helix USB can only be used to record directly to DAW when Helix IS the sound card. L6 did a good job keeping the two functions separate.
  14. Another strong NO to ASIO4ALL. While going digital seems a logical choice, I can't tell the difference between recording a digital signal from the Helix and recording the Helix through the analog inputs on my Scarlett. Not that I'm opposed to digital tech (obviously, I have a Helix) but most of the recorded music I like best was recorded with a tube amp through a microphone and onto tape, then gouged into vinyl, tracked by a needle whose vibrations were converted into the electrical signals that were reproduced by a paper cone speaker, so.....
  15. USB only works when the Stomp is set up as your sound card (interface). Floor and rack have digital connections which can be used with an external sound card that has compatible inputs. If you're using a MAC it's supposedly possible to set up an "aggregate device", allowing you to use both sound cards at once.