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  1. rd2rk

    Line 6 Official Teaser - Helix Smart Watch

    Maybe you should post that on Ideascale? I'd vote it up!
  2. rd2rk

    Line 6 Official Teaser - Helix Smart Watch

    Any word on when the Helix Watch Control and Expression Pedal Implant will be ready?
  3. rd2rk

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    It was fun - but it's time for Star Wars to end......... To avoid temptation, Unfollowing.........
  4. rd2rk

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    Another interesting (dumb?) observation - has anyone noticed that in all the hoorah about Steel Panther's sexist presentation, no one has ventured any opinion on Lexxi Foxx? Not my type, but s/he is kinda cute...but is s/he PC? Are there no LGBTQ musicians in the audience? Not that I mean to stir the pot or anything.....
  5. rd2rk

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    The "slippery slope" concept is certainly valid, and something that all thinking people need to be vigilant of, both in our own beliefs and in society. It is also inherent in the acceptance of the idea of the gray scale. In my opinion, Trump's "grabbing" statement, while typical of "locker room" banter, is certainly way over on the dark side. I'm under no delusion that Steel Panther's stirring of the pot stems from high moral motivations. They're capitalist artists in it for a buck and their hedonistic perceptions of "good times". But whether or not an artist is consciously striving to influence society in a positive way or just making a buck doesn't change the fact that it DOES stimulate dialog through art. For better or worse is up to the participants in that dialog, and history will be the judge. Has anybody else noticed that there doesn't seem to be many women on this forum? There are quite a few over on Gearpage, but the moderators seem to have shut down the discussions before they got involved. Was that the result of a chauvinistic conspiracy? My tin foil hat is vibrating......:)
  6. rd2rk

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    In my first post I pointed out that this discussion was maybe not appropriate to this forum. The fact that the moderator has not shut it down is a tribute to how civil we've all been. With that in mind I'll add: The world is not black and white. As much as some people insist that it is, there are many shades of gray. It's not implausible that there exists some degree of racism hard wired into our genetic coding. How we handle that is what matters. Boys and girls making naughty jokes about each other's genitalia is entirely different than misogyny. Comedians making jokes about racial stereotypes can be considered "edgy", but is entirely different from a bunch of dirtbags viciously asserting their imagined racial superiority. There is also a difference between criticizing someone's righteous indignation over overt racism or misogyny and kidding someone over being a snowflake. Where one falls in any of those spectrums (spectra?) depends in part on one's own life experiences. Sometimes "stirring the pot" is essential to stimulating dialog and getting people to examine their core beliefs. That has, historically, been one of the functions of art, and especially of comedy. Whether critics are being "righteously indignant" or being "snowflakes" is part of that dialog.
  7. rd2rk

    helix usb

  8. rd2rk

    helix usb

    Glad you figured it. I live in Colorado, but much of my family lives in and around Hart. TURN IT UP!
  9. rd2rk

    MIDI Change Program

    Set Ableton to send CC#69 with a value of 0-7.
  10. rd2rk

    helix usb

    What are you using for an Audio Interface? Helix or_______________________________? A picture of your Sound Control Panel (from Control Panel, like the one I sent) or Settings/Sound (like j_hotch sent) might be helpful.
  11. rd2rk

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    What's really hysterical about this is the amount of discussion it's generated! Over on Gearpage, two or three threads have started and been shut down by the moderators. One was a poll, where the winner was "not buying, but not offended either. Different strokes...". Not everyone gets the humor, some people want everyone to know how PC they are, others how little they care about being PC. Meanwhile, a band I'd never heard of (and who some say are pretty good, if you like comedy and 80s hair metal), got a TON of free publicity. It'll be interesting to see if they actually sell a bunch of pedals. They probably will, if for no other reason than as collectibles. My bet is that it's nothing but another TS with funny paint. I'm on my way over to YouTube to find out if they're any good, should be good for a laugh at least..... EDIT: OK, so, the show I watched was from their current "Lower the Bar" tour. I won't try to describe it, I couldn't do it justice. Just a couple of comments: 1) It's no wonder that the critics are NOT AMUSED! 2) They're both fine musicians and excellent performers. Their audience (boys AND girls) loved every minute, and both they and the band were fully engaged with each other the whole time. And when I say "fully engaged", that's exactly what I mean. 3) I laughed my a$$ off, and was not offended. It's comedy. For $200 I won't be buying one of their pedals, but I hope they sell LOTS!
  12. rd2rk

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    I mean, who WOULDN'T be offended by people who get offended by products created specifically to be offensive to people who are easily (even RIGHTEOUSLY) offended by people who make a living from being offensive? I think I'm offended by that....
  13. rd2rk

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    Whenever I meet someone who enjoys getting angry and tilting at tiny windmills, I always suggest that they listen to any album By Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, or read any of Kinky's novels. A lifetime supply of political incorrectness on every page and something for everyone to be offended by in every verse!
  14. rd2rk

    helix usb

    Are you using Helix as your interface? If so, I think that's how it works. If you're using another device as your interface, then your sound control panel should look like this: