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  1. I don't use TAP, so I had to test this, and can confirm what @silverheadsaid. OTOH, I've had my Helix for six years, and some of the switches that I use regularly are starting to require a FIRM press, else they misfire as @PierMsaid. Might be time to get it serviced.
  2. I just wanted to add a note about the Powercabs. I have a PC212+. A GREAT concept which many (including me) say failed in execution. As long as I keep it in RAW Mode or Flat Mode for use with IRs, it's OK. The faux stereo is great for ambient weirdness! The Speaker emulations, not so much. I used to think they were OK, but the more I used them the more their nasally sound annoyed me. Never mind the problems with L6 Link (not an issue with the PC112+, I'm told...) I kept thinking they'd fix those with an update (big selling point), but 3 years later not only is there no update, but it appears as though there never will be. Can you say "Abandonware"? However, I REALLY like my Catalyst100. I'm SERIOUSLY considering selling the PC212+ and getting a second one for stereo. I'm GLAD I have all those extra FX Loops! "Who KNOWS what tomorrow may bring?"
  3. Every time it snows (does that a lot here in Denver) I wish I'd paid extra for the heated mirror option on my car. Unless it's the difference in paying the rent, get the Floor. One feature you didn't mention is the FX Loops - 4 mono/2 stereo vs 2 mono 1 stereo. Who knew that someday I'd want to use 4cm AND external stereo devices? OH DRAT! I bought the load box that doesn't have built-in IR capability! NO WORRIES! I can run the Line Out back to my Helix Floor on Return 4 for IRs AND have external stereo FX AND use 4cm! And then there's the users who decide that with all those stereo FX they NEED dual amps and dual 4cm... One of the features that LT owners most bemoan the lack of is the MIC input. They didn't THINK they needed it, but then... Little known use - connect the USB to your mobile device, set Re-amp source to 7=Guitar, 8=MIC, then record your band rehearsals. Don't even need any extra blocks/resources. How much did I save by not needing a dedicated recorder? And then there's the sturdier Expression Pedal. Others might come up with other advantages, some will cite work-arounds, some might say worry about that stuff later. (Go to Ideascale to VOTE for adding Performance view!) NO WAY I could afford to add heated mirrors to my car as an after-market option!
  4. There's no way to filter CCs at the HXFX end, BUT... Prophet 6 manual v1.0, page 12 - Globals - set Param Xmit to OFF. AFAICT that should block the P6 from SENDING CC#s, but still allow it to send PC#s. 5. Param Xmit: Off, CC, NR—Changes to the values of front panel controls are transmitted via MIDI as Continuous Controllers (CC) or Nonregistered Parameter Number (NR). Transmission of parameters can also be turned off. You could, for example, turn the filter cutoff frequence knob on the Prophet-6 and have it affect the cutoff frequency of another synthesizer. For a list of Prophet-6 CCs and NRPNs, see Appendix D. ----------------------------------------------------- If you're using Those to control something else in your MIDI Chain you may need to invest in something like a BOME Box to filter CCs on the HXFX MIDI Base Channel.
  5. Use a single FX Loop Block with the MIX set at 100% (default). If for some reason you choose to use separate SEND and RETURN Blocks, be sure to set the DRY THRU on the SEND Block to -120db (OFF). If you think that you're already doing this, attach a copy of your preset (NOT a screenshot!) so we can look at it.
  6. This is the latest word (posted on The Gear Page): Dec 12, 2022 There is an internal confluence page with specific things to be addressed and from what I understand, nearly all the feedback came from CS tickets, as well as this subforum. Not sure when we'll get to it (we have a LOT of irons in the fire right now), and legally I probably have to say "IF we get to it," but I've been assured that the right people are well informed and looking at things. Eric Klein, Chief Product Design Architect, Yamaha Guitar Group / Line 6 / Ampeg
  7. Global Settings>MIDI>MIDI PC Send = ON This sends the default MIDI PC# on Preset Change. Bank Change CC#32 Value 0-7 (Bank 1-8) + Preset# CC#32 Value 2 PC# 7 selects Bank 3 Preset #7. Manual Page 72 MIDI Bank/Program Changes.
  8. Not sure what's going on. Don't know what DAW that is, but I use Reaper. I paste the backing track in a Reaper track and set Track Monitor to AUTO. I take the WET track from USB 1/2 and the DRY track from USB 5/6 with Track Monitor OFF on both tracks. When I start recording, the backing track plays back through USB 1/2, which hits the HXS Main Outs. I'm playing through those same Main Outs. The MIX LEVEL is controlled at the DAW. To set the levels I play the track while I play guitar and set the Backing Track Level in the DAW. When I get the levels right (what I'm HEARING), then I record. The signals are actually mixed at the HXS Out. The final monitoring level is the level of the HXS Main Level Knob (the MIX from the DAW) and the level of the playback system (studio monitors). IOW, I'm not listening to the Guitar through the DAW, I'm monitoring it DIRECT while I RECORD to the DAW. Latency is compensated in the DAW (automatically in most DAWS), so that when I play back the final recording everything is in sync.
  9. No, you just need to learn the WHY of those levels: https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/ideal-level-record-tracks-daw/#:~:text=For dynamic tracks%2C the recommended,during mixing%2C and so on. The short story: HEADROOM for mixing/post processing.
  10. What you're describing (8 presets visible) works on Helix Floor. When set to 8 stomp switches, in Stomp mode when you hit Bank<> you get 8 presets. In Preset Mode the Bank<> display only 4 presets. Since the LT doesn't have the 10 stomp setting, AFAICT (I have Floor, not LT) you're stuck with 4 presets, accessible via the Bank<> switches in Preset mode, top or bottom depending on whether the Globals are set to Snap/Stomp or Stomp/Snap.
  11. I think that's the way it is on the LT. Are you still on v3.11, or is this (and your "bug") still happening on v3.50?
  12. Your alternative solution is the way to go AFAICT. Seems cumbersome and a waste of the Path splits, but it is what it is. It's weird that on the HXStomp you can set the HP to monitor the SENDS, but you can't do than on the full-fat Helix models.
  13. IIRC, the HXFX has two FX Loops. Put it in the second FX Loop.
  14. With IK's impending release of the ToneX pedal, I decided to see if we really need to spend $500 on another pedal. Many of us already have an iPad and ToneX, so why not? I now have Helix pre and post Fx and MIDI working with ToneX in AUM on my iPad Air. Full integration accomplished! It'll take some work to make it practical to use, and I still have to manually load the ToneX models/presets, but first attempts have resulted in the ability to use a single toggling CC to simultaneously lower GAIN and raise VOLUME and vice versa. That means that I can create a preset for each (manually selected) ToneX model/preset and control up to 8 parameter settings using snapshots. Now that I know that I can do this with Helix, I know that I can also use the FCB/UNO2 to do the MIDI part. But that requires programming, and I won't start on that until I've got it all working from Helix. Eventually I'll create a How-To guide, but that's a ways down the road. Meanwhile, I'll keep working on the Helix integration as time allows. Life, and all that good stuff...
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