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  1. rd2rk

    Circular delays

    Is that what you're looking for? In the attached example I've set the delay time at the max of 4s to make the effect most apparent. Mix is at 100%. The sound goes L-C-R and repeats, all positions. Not sure what exactly you're after..... circular.hlx
  2. rd2rk

    NewB question

    To expand on what silverhead said. Whether you choose to use a preamp, a full amp, an amp+cab or an amp+IR, physically amplified through this or that FRFR or tube amp and 412, it's all just TONE. If it sounds GOOD to YOU then it IS good. And the ONLY way to find out how it sounds is to try it. Or, you could ask your question on every internet forum and try to sort through the 10,000 SUBJECTIVE OPINIONS which that path INVARIABLY elicits. IOW - buy it and try it! Get it from a store with a good return policy. Or buy it used. The only way you lose money on a Helix is to buy it NEW and sell it USED.
  3. If you can consistently reproduce that behavior you should open a support ticket. I turned mine on this morning and had NO sound. That hasn't happened in months. AARGH!
  4. Global Settings>Preferences>Preset Number EDIT: Sorry, I see what you mean. By the same token, it would be nice if the MIDI Mouse could display 000-127. Have you checked the manual? EDIT EDIT: The Stomp only goes 000-125 (42x3=126 to accommodate the hardware). Still, it would be nice if there was an industry standard for PC numbering, either 000-127 or 001-128.
  5. rd2rk

    Circular delays

    Yep, that works! If, of course, that's the effect he's after. But it sure sounds circular to me. I left the "time" at 1s and set Taps 1-2-3 at scales of 25-50-75, panned L-C-R, and Mix at 50%. By playing with Time and Feedback you can get some crazy stuff happening. I can only imagine what using all 6 Taps with assorted scale settings would sound like!
  6. rd2rk

    Circular delays

    Split Path 1 into A&B with separate Inputs and Outputs. Path 2 needn't be split unless you want to do something else with it's Path B. Set all Paths with identical blocks except for the delays and Pan accordingly. Limits the complexity of Path 1 due to the DSP requirements of two amps and cabs, but could get the result you're after.
  7. rd2rk

    Circular delays

    In Line6 land, a circular delay is when the next version is circling the airport, but not quite ready to land. I suspect that's not what you mean, so WTH is a circular delay? Something you need surround sound for?
  8. The MODE has nothing to do with it. If a device sends PC, CC and Toggling CC then it will control the Stomp, including changing the MODE. The Blackstar site seems to be down, so I can't look at the manual, but I'd be very surprised if it didn't do all of the above. To see what CAN be controlled by MIDI on the Stomp, refer to the MIDI section of the Stomp manual.
  9. The older interfaces just had a knob that worked as a "mix" of direct to processed signal. My 18i20 has neither mix nor button, just input and headphone levels. Glad you got it sorted.
  10. Where are the Send and Return Blocks? If you have an Amp and IR on Path A, and another amp and IR on Path B, plus an EQ and a Compressor, you're already using 6 blocks out of 6. If you use A+C on both paths (no IRs, merge panned hard L/R), then put a Stereo FX Loop L/R Block after the Merge, followed by stereo eq and comp, you get true stereo from the amps. To make this happen with the Timeline in the loop you need a proper Insert cable (1/4" TRS to Dual 1/4" Mono) in the send, and you need to use both the Ins on the Strymon with 1/4" TS cables from the Strymon Outs to the Returns. Obviously, this scheme uses the Strymon as two MONO delays, but it's true stereo in the end. Example preset attached. EDIT: Sorry, think I sent the wrong version. This one should be right. test loop.hlx
  11. You didn't specify which Scarlett you're using, but usually there's a big knob on the front which needs to be set full clockwise to get the pure processed signal. However, this should work the same way with all VSTs, so can't say why it's not the same with S-Gear without more info on your system and settings.
  12. Sounds like you have a defective unit. Either return it for a replacement or open a support ticket. If it's under warranty I'm sure that Line6 will replace it or fix it for you.
  13. And in the end..... All you need is...... A Tube Screamer and a Deluxe Reverb. Rock On!
  14. If you plug in with headphones, is it stereo?
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