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  1. If you highlight the IR Block, in the edit pane you'll see IR Select. That allows you to substitute ant of the 128 IRs you can store in the Helix without removing and replacing the block itself. You should probably review the Impulse Responses section of the manual.
  2. And now that I've had my coffee, I also notice that you're using the SPDIF connectors. If you use the cabs/IRs in the Helix, you'll still need to split the signal chain, but instead of sending to XLR, send to the digital out. If you decide to use IRs in the DAW, no need to split the chain, just use MULTI out and select the SPDIF Inputs in your DAW. You probably figured that out already, but just thought I'd mention it to avoid confusion.
  3. If you want to send a stereo signal to the DAW, either use the DUAL CAB or an IR Loader in the DAW as mentioned in my first reply We're all hoping for a stereo IR Block in a future update....
  4. OOPS! Sorry! I forgot you're using a Scarlett as interface. Just send your 1/4" Outs to the amp and the XLRs to the Scarlett as in the amended preset attached. bobdobbs.hlx
  5. Oh, I left out - on Helix itself, take a split at the end of the signal chain and place your IRs there, then take the Output of that split set to a USB other than 1/2 as your recording source.
  6. There are a number of IR Loaders out there. You put it on your track and audition IRs until you find one that matches (more likely comes close) to your cabinet sound. Some suggestions: Two Notes Wall of Sound (WOS) Lancaster Pulse STL NadIR 3Sigma Impulsive Redwirez MixIR3 There's many others.
  7. It's only a bug if it affects everybody, and that is not the case. Try a factory reset.
  8. Only on your system. No such problems on mine, using Reaper, Ableton and Cakewalk. Time to do some more troubleshooting.
  9. A pure MIDI pedal like that with dedicated (non-programmable) footswitches should not have that affect. With MIDI over USB and MIDI Thru enabled, install a MIDI Monitor on your computer and watch what happens when you turn ON the TX. It should send nothing when first turned on except possibly the messages required for the default HXS MODE (CC#71 Value 0-6). When the switches are pressed it should send only the CC#s required for the designed functions (see page 60 of the HXS 3.0 manual). If that is the case, look elsewhere for the problem.
  10. It would be helpful to know what make/model the midi controller is?
  11. If you stare into the abyss......
  12. If you would provide a link to this preset, I would happily DL it to test.....
  13. Can't speak to MAC World, but not an issue in Windows, so......maybe try re-install?
  14. When you're playing, is the guitar in the same place relative to the computer as the HXS?
  15. Unless you've got a MAC and you've set up an aggregate device (I've read mixed reviews), the ASIO driver in Ableton on Windows set to the Scarlett will take the Inputs from the Scarlett, pass it to the DAW/amp sim, and send the output to the Scarlett Outputs. It doesn't even see the Helix unless Helix is selected as ASIO, in which case it doesn't see the Scarlett. Either or, but not both. Yes, there's ASIO4ALL. Good Luck. To use an amp sim with HXS and Scarlett you just put the HXS into Bypass Mode. That sends an unprocessed signal straight from the HXS Input to the Outputs and on to the Scarlett and the amp sim. Turn the knob (switch?) on the Scarlett to Playback so you don't hear the direct signal from the HXS. Or, instead of Bypass Mode you can create a simple HXS preset w/o amp/cab, just FX, to go in front of the amp sim. Best of both worlds.
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