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  1. DunedinDragon

    DXR12 issues??? Or operator error?

    As an owner of 5 DXR12's I guess I qualify as something of an expert on them. In terms of the "treble-y" sound, what setting and inputs were you using with your phone and with the Helix? You didn't mention what settings you were using on the DSP contouring options. If you have the speaker sitting on a stand or not in a floor wedge position and have selected the "monitor" D-contour selection, that's going to cut the bass quite a bit which is fine if it's on the floor in a floor wedge situation due to bass biasing buildup, but not so fine if standing upright. What I would do to check this speaker is to select the OFF position on the D-Contour selection and turn the HPF (High Pass Filter) off as well and check the speaker on a table top or stand off the floor. The last time I bought two used DXR12's this is the setting I used and simply plugged in a decent stage mic in the #1 input set to MIC level and made sure my voice sounded normal. To check music I would connect the DXR channel 1 set to LINE level to the L/Mono 1/4" out on the Helix and connect the Helix to your PC via a USB cable and play music from the PC. If wanting to play music from your phone I'd use an adapter to connect it to the RCA plugs on channel 3. If you're standing too close to the DXR the horn can be unpleasant and accentuate high frequencies to you ear. Back away from the speaker at least 5 feet to get a decent feel for the sound. As far as hum, it's natural to get hum if your using a multi prong AC outlet and have your speaker turned on but your Helix turned off. This is due to grounding differences and goes away as soon as you turn on your Helix. I personally have my stage DXR and Helix in the same multi output AC outlet and turn both on at the same time from the power button on the outlet. In this type of configuration the DXR should be completely silent unless there's some issue with dirty power or bad AC wiring. If you have your contour switches set as I specified above the DXR will tend to have more bass as it's assuming it's not working in conjunction with a sub-woofer and will take over some of those duties. In terms of high end, as long as you have some distance between you and the speaker you should get pretty decent flat response. A flat response however may sound like too much treble if you're used to running your Helix through a standard guitar cabinet. I normally adjust my presets at the very end of the signal chain with a parametric EQ using a high cut between 7 khz up to 10 khz depending on the guitar, amp, cabinets/IRs, and mic usage. Hope some of that helps....
  2. DunedinDragon

    USB Audio question

    Are your speakers connected directly to the Helix or are they on the PC? If you want zero latency you want the USB connection to only receive the stream and use the Helix to play back the stream and play your guitar through speakers attached to the Helix.
  3. DunedinDragon

    What's next?

    Other than Helix Native on a PC, there's nothing announced and likely won't be until it's released or within a week or two of being released. That's just the way Line 6 (as well as most gear manufacturers) do things. No one wants to give away their competitive advantage to their competitors ahead of time.
  4. DunedinDragon

    Good monitors to use with helix lt?

    I expect you can see there's a theme developing here regarding the importance of decent quality speakers for use with your Helix LT. There's a reason for that. I'm sure you've watched some great demos of the LT and have some level of expectation about getting the same quality level of capabilities. But you can be assured in every case you've heard that those sounds were produced on some fairly decent quality, most likely powered speaker systems. Most likely some form of full range and flat response powered speaker system because that's the only real way you can take full advantage of ALL of the capabilities in the LT to the greatest extent possible, and those types of highly engineered systems won't come cheap. I'm sorry if this comes as a complete surprise to you, but it's not a secret about any of these type of modeling systems regardless of manufacturer. Many of us spent almost as much on our speaker systems as we spent on the Helix itself. That's how important this is. I might suggest making do with your headphones (if they're quality studio headphones) until you get the lay of the land when it comes to what type of speaker will best fit your situation and put together the funds to get something that will allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities you just paid for.
  5. DunedinDragon

    Try this patch to compare

    I think it would help to know what kind of setup you're using as that's the most likely culprit in all of this.
  6. DunedinDragon

    Headphone amp broken? Digital clipping in headphones!

    Mine has been in constant use for two years and other than one problem with the selector on the joystick and a mic preamp that was broken when it was delivered everything has worked fine and continues to do so. Granted I don't use my headphones on that unit all that often, but no other notable problems. You do realize the warranty was extended to 2 years. I opted for the annual extended warranty as well on my unit that just went over two years in February. Line 6 has been very quick to fix everything under warranty and I really depend on it every single week so the extended warranty is worth it for me.
  7. DunedinDragon

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    I have a link to a rehearsal video in my post above.
  8. DunedinDragon

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    I make extensive use of the Twin Harmony in a lot of different songs. I always place it after the amp and cab (IR) and have never had a problem even with higher gain signals. In fact in one of our songs I use it with a HiWatt that has a Teemah in front of the amp throughout the song. Then when I do the lead I kick in an additional 808 screamer and it sounds great. The link below goes to the band's facebook page where we have a video from a rehearsal with this song. I'm using the mono version of the harmonizer on and off constantly throughout the song including the lead. Assuming you have the key and scale set correctly and that's not the problem, here's the settings I use for this particular song on the Twin Harmony. Voice 1 scale: 3rd, voice 1 level: 8.8, Mix: 41%, Level: -1.0 db, voice 2 shift: 0, voice 2 level: 5.3 https://www.facebook.com/SalvationSaloonPosseBand/videos/1817996698523974/
  9. DunedinDragon

    USB Audio question

    Here's the things I would check. Check the Ins/Outs in the global settings and make sure the USB in 1/2 Destination and USB in 1/2 Trim settings are correct. Try using a different USB cable to make sure it's not the cable, make sure you're not using a USB hub, and try changing to a different USB port. If none of those things fix it, then I'd open a trouble ticket with Line 6.
  10. DunedinDragon

    USB Audio question

    If you've selected the Helix as the current audio device on your computer, it should just work. No special configuration required, assuming of course your headphones are plugged into the Helix.
  11. DunedinDragon

    Noob question - audio interface

    It's not really clear to me what you're asking here because it's not clear how you have things setup. Are you are using the Helix direct into your DAW via the USB and you're not using the PreSonus audio interface at all. Where are your headphones plugged in? The Helix or the computer? What I'm really confused about is when you say you don't want to hear the guitar when you're recording, only the source tracks from the computer. How are you listening to the guitar? Are these tracks you're listening to coming from pre-recorded tracks in the DAW or some other source such as a YouTube video or an MP3? Most often if people are using the Helix as the audio interface, it's the only audio interface to the computer. Therefore the speakers and headphones are connected to the Helix. If just practicing with an MP3 or video, that simply plays through the Helix on the speakers or headphones right alongside the guitar. If recording a guitar track on a DAW you typically listen to the previouslly recorded tracks on playback from the DAW (through the speakers or headphones on the Helix) while turning off the source playback on the track that's being recorded so you hear the originating guitar signal, not the recorded signal post processing That way you don't hear the latency involved in the processing of recording the guitar when playing it back.
  12. DunedinDragon

    Monitoring Helix LT via a FR monitor using which output?

    Another thing to consider in this configuration is to go into global setting ins/outs and change XLR Outputs to Mic, and the Volume Knob Controls setting to 1/4". What this will do is send a full mic level signal to the board that won't be affected by changes you may make to the Helix volume knob for your on stage monitor level. You'd still need to make sure all your presets and snapshots are all normalized to the same relative volume levels.
  13. DunedinDragon

    Helix mystery - Need your help, please!

    I would lay money down that he accidentally plugged his guitar into the Aux in rather than the Guitar input. It's happened to me before and a bunch of other folks and it sounds like the same result.
  14. DunedinDragon

    Joystick not working (pushing or selecting)

    No matter what there's a physical problem here in the unit. The software editor doesn't do anything more than send hardware commands to the Helix, so open a support ticket with Line 6.
  15. DunedinDragon

    Best speaker solution for Helix

    I too am a big believer in Yamaha DXR series. That's probably why I own 6 of them. One at home for dialing in tones, one at the rehearsal space used for live performances, and three for stage monitors. One is just sitting at home as a spare. Yamaha should be paying me for promoting them!!!! ;)