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  1. So...I've just made a coffee and re plugged the Helix back into the MRCC and the delays now sync up. I spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to figure this out, has anyone else had this happen?
  2. FW 3.15. I've set up an amp with simple delay in mono. I'm sending midi clock from a sequencer to the Helix Rack and a Roland TR8s. In global prefs it's set to receive midi clock from the right inputs. When I start the sequencer the TR8s kicks off perfectly in time as does all my other gear receiving clock, the Helix however is acting weird. The footswitch flashes blue and says 'Ext' while the sequencer is playing but reverts to the global tempo setting when I stop. The flashing blue ring is obviously well out of time, it's as if the Helix has received a start message but no tempo info (I'm guessing that bit), I set the simple delay to 1/1 and I expect to hear what I play repeated once per bar but it's simply out of time. It used to work perfectly and I'm almost certain it worked just fine after 3.15. I have bypassed the MRCC patchbay and connected the sequencer directly to the Helix but the behaviour still manifests. Obviously I have done something really dumb here so I was hoping some ultra geek can point to some button that needs to be pressed or whatever. Thanks.
  3. It does thanks, I was hoping that I could get the loop to play once only without overdub being engaged. I'm trying to sync the looper to a sequencer by using CC commands.
  4. When I press 'play' after after recording the 1st layer it works perfectly, so I'm assuming there is a 'stop recording then play back' command implicit in this footswitch. When I press 'play once' instead, the 'stop recording' command appears to be missing. I was hoping that the loop would play once without overdub being engaged.
  5. That's right. Page 13 of the manual says to press play/stop to end recording and immediately start play back, in this situation overdub is out, nothing I play is layered. If I press play once to end the recording overdub is in, what I play is layered despite it saying 'overdub out' on the Helix Control.
  6. I'm using the 6 switch looper, I hit record and strum in some chords, then I hit play and the loop repeats endlessly and I can swap between overdub out/in with the record button and it all makes sense. However, if I hit record followed by 'play once' anything I play after pressing 'play once' is overdubbed despite 'overdub out' being displayed. Is this expected behaviour?
  7. Hi there. It seems that I mistook MMC for MTC, didn't realise that until this. I'm sure I saw sysex in midi monitor as I sent a start command: http://www.showcuesystems.com/scs10help/topics/scs-options-mid-mmc.htm Maybe there is some sort of MMC to MTC convertor box...
  8. Hi All. I have a Genoqs Octopus HW sequencer which has been slaved off Cubase, Live and a TR8s among other things, I see it sending out start and stop messages in master mode in midi monitor so I assumed that I could use Helix 2.92 foot control buttons to send out Start/ Stop commands and control it but all I see are sysex commands. I tried sending Helix to Live, making sure the Helix was a sync source in the prefs but still no joy, what have I misunderstood here? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for that, I swear that is the first thing I tried but it seemed like the ping and the pong went down both branches, I just assumed I had done something stupid. Oh well...
  10. Hi All. Just can't figure this out. I have a ping pong delay and I want to apply different effects to the left and right repeats, say chorus to the ping and reverb to the pong, can someone point out just how easy it is and I'll get back to it. Thanks.
  11. Hi All. I've got the Helix rack and control pedal and I see in the manual that it will switch amp channels, I also have a Bastl Midilooper: https://bastl-instruments.com/instruments/midilooper The manual contains this paragraph: 'TIP: YOU CAN CONNECT ANY SUSTAIN TYPE PEDAL TO CONTROL THE RECORD BUTTON, CLEAR BUTTON OR THE VOICE SELECTION. YOU MIGHT NEED TO USE AN ADAPTER TO MAKE IT 3.5MM ( ⅛”) INSTEAD OF THE MORE STANDARD 6.3MM (¼”).THE INPUTS RESPOND TO A CONTACT BETWEEN THE TIP AND THE SLEEVE. YOU CAN ALSO BUILD YOUR OWN PEDAL BY PUTTING ANY BUTTON CONTACT BETWEEN THE TIP AND THE SLEEVE OF THE JACK CONNECTOR. IT ONLY DETECTS TIP-SLEEVE CONTACT.' So I was hoping to connect the midilooper to the ext amp socket on the back of the Helix and then assign a foot switch on the pedal to trigger the midi looper, is this realistic? I realise it's out of the scope of this forum but I am not getting the midi looper to do anything, it works from the front panel but I have connected various mini jack leads, dual mono, stereo etc to this socket, plugged them into foot switches, changed polarities, shorted them, all to no avail. When it comes to talk of rings, tips, sleeves, soldering etc, I haven't got a clue. Could one of you electrical braniacs suggest a course of action? Thanks.
  12. Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I'm on Mountain Lion and I'll be on it for a while longer, as for the question 'why?' I'd be happy to explain at risk of boring you to death so this forum is hardly the place for such an off topic discussion. So, the question remains, does anyone have experience of running the latest firmware/editor on Mountain Lion. A supplemental question might be regarding the latest that will run on Mountain Lion. Thanks.
  13. Hi there. Is there anyone running the latest 2.82 firmware on Mountain Lion (10.8.3)? Thanks.
  14. Hi there. 2 questions really. 1. How do I back up Helix 2.53? I have no file>create backup or whatever it is I've seen mentioned. Are these bundle things backups of all set lists or something? Or is just export setlist and it will import right back in if there is a problem? Nothing in the manual for mine. 2. If I update the Helix rack and the Helix 2.21 software that I have to the most modern, will it still be compatible with OS 10.8.3 on the Mac? Thanks.
  15. I posted above just after I bought the Helix mentioning how harsh and brittle the distortions are. I didn't use it for months after I bought it. For anyone who thinks the same, try using the hi cut on the Cabinet emulators, just roll it off and the harshness will go, I'm really starting to like the unit now.
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