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  1. I picked up a couple and thet work great....simple and cheap. THey are so inexpensive I now have a spare for my spare.
  2. That helped with the Stomp XL. However as I am starting to gig soon, it was time to bring out the Helix Rack. I noticed that the FX loop is flashing red in it. I switched the loop to line level and it still flashes red. I have been using the Helix for a few years and it had never done that. I updated it a couple of months back and have not used it since the update but now I notice it. Did something change?
  3. rwinking

    Wah tone

    Thanks everybody. I got it now. rick
  4. rwinking

    Wah tone

    I thought of one possibility....when I assign a block to wah I think there is a low/high range. Maybe if I find that place and assign it to both low and high? Since you are a Zappa fan, there is a tone I was curious about.....the solo in Blessed Relief has this kind of cocked wah tone but also a normal tone mixed in. It is hard to describe unless you know the tone. He used it on a few of those Hot Rats to Grand Wazoo era tunes....well before he hired Steve Vai. Anyway, that might be for another thread? Thanks. Just your answer may have moved me into how to think about this. When you plug an Xpression pedal into the right jack it automatically defaults to wah/volume pedal. At least I think it does or I may have set mine up that way a long time back. Definitely let me know what you find on your LT! rick
  5. This thread goes back to 2018 and I was wondering if anyone had tried this inexpensive power supply and how it works. robberns, if you are still around, could you tell me if there have been any issues in you using it all of these years?
  6. rwinking

    Wah tone

    I was listening to Frank Zappa and he had this cool thing where he would use a wah, but not move it. He could find that perfect frequency and then play on it forever. My question is about this kind of thing. Is there a way to find that perfect frequency that you like and then just save it so that when you turn on a wah footswitch it just turns that frequency on? Not really using an expression pedal, but just that frequency at the push of a button? I know it must be possible with all the Helix can do. I just am at a loss as to how to pull it off. Thanks a lot. rick
  7. Cool! Thanks a bunch! rick
  8. I don't really use a pedal board. What I was wondering about is if the HX Stomp and HX FX power supplies were interchangeable....like can I use one for the other in a pinch or could there be damage? Or is there something on the market that would work for both like a little power supply?
  9. Are the power supplies for the HX Effects and the HX Stomp interchangable? IF not are there cheaper alternatives for spares than using the L6 products which seem crazy expensive for what they are.
  10. I am using the Stomp XL in 4CM and when I am using a higher gain channel on my preamp, I notice the FX loop block flashes red. I hear some clipping some times so I guess I am asking if this is normal or what can I do about it? It would seem that I am overdriving it somewhere. As I am using a guitar, everything is set to instrument level. I have pulled the loop levels down, both send and receive, and that doesn't really do much except pull the volume down. Ideas, Anyone?
  11. I got the CEBA buttons and they are great! The touch capacitants on the top is perfect and the buttons stay put with the magnets. I put them on my HX FX and now may have to buy some more for my Stomp XL. They are not cheap though if you lawn on outfitting more than one Helix model.
  12. rwinking

    Missing reverbs

    I just got my Stomp XL today and was playing with it for a while and set up a nice preset that included the Glitzy Reverb. After a bit, I decided to hook it up to my Mac and update to 3.10 which I did. I noticed that when I went to my patch on HX Edit there was a little question mark on my reverb block. I clicked on it and it said that the reverb was not available on my version. I then looked at all of the verbs and all that I could access were the Legacy verbs.....the mono and stereo were not listed. I unplugged it and went back to just the unit. I went to my preset and the Glitzy verb was there. My question is why is it on the unit but not in HX edit? Befuddled in Bozeman
  13. I snet my refurb back and they informed me that they were going to get me a new one. I hope I will get the G10T II as they said that they were expecting a shipment in a few weeks and would I please be patient. If that is the case. the G10T II is supposed to have longer battery life. I have a G75 with two transmitters for live playing and I just thought it would be nice to have the G10 in the studio minus the two hour battery life, of course. I am really loyal to Line 6 so I hope this works out for me. Did I get you right in that if I had two transmitters, I couldn't charge one while playing with the other? That would be handy but in my studio, one with four hours will probably be plenty. Changing back to a cable is not all that inconvenient here but live would be a bigger issue.
  14. So after a few years of these buttons being available, is there any consensus as to which work the best as far as the touch capacitance, looks, comfort level, etc.? I know that the Barefoot Buttons cost a couple of dollars more and the screws are on the side for the touch thing with the CEBA having the metal on top. Also the CEBA is held on magnetically?
  15. I had a 25% off coupon from buying my HX FX and then they had a refurb one here at the Line 6 shop. I would assume if it is a refurb the dangerous defect has been corrected. I am pretty sure the charging issue will still be there so I am probably just going to have to return it as soon as it gets here.
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