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  1. rwinking

    Switching channels on an external amp

    The amp I am wanting to switch is a modified Randall RM50. I am not sure if it uses shorting or not. Pretty much any on/off FS works I think. The stock pedal has two switches and goes out into two 1/4 “ jacks. One is for a boost and the other is for the channel switching. I kind of think it must be just on/off shorting?
  2. rwinking

    How to save presets??

    I think you missed the question. I know how to import and export, but I am having the same issue. I save a preset and then I go back to it and it is not saved. I went to page 16 in the manual and that tells me how to import/export. So how do I save a preset in order to import or export it? I feel jtsuth's frustration....
  3. rwinking

    Switching channels on an external amp

    Does none now any ultra simple step by step videos or anything to help me switch channels on an amp using my Helix rack? I want to be able to hit a FS on my Rack controller and switch between two different channels on my amp. I am not using any amp models. It seems like it would. Be a simple deal as the rack even has an external FS jack. pardon my ignorance, but all of the videos I have seen are a little more complex than I want to go. Something like: a) run a cable from amp to Helix FS jack b) go to.....etc. Thanks in advance.
  4. rwinking

    Helix vs Digitech GSP1101 volume

    I have a Helix rack and am suing it exclusively for FX. Up until I got it, I had been using the GSP1101. There is a big volume difference between the two. Say I am running the master on my amp at 12:00 and then using 4CM, I have to run the Helix around 1:00 to get any gig volume. On the GSP I only have to run it around 10:00 to get the same volume. Is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong?
  5. rwinking

    How do you carry your Helix Rack?

    I carry mine in a standard rack. For the foot controller I use a 49 key synth case which also has enough room for the volume pedal. I did have to make a little space for it with some foam. THe case has a pocket for cables too. I can see the tuner on either the floor unit or the rack. I like the rack tuner with the new strobe feature which is huge.
  6. Thanks Data Commando. I figured it out last night before I read this and what you said makes sense. Phil's error was in saying that the only thing you need to download is HXEdit, which would be true only if you have downloaded the new updater and then understood some other things about how this functions. It is really simple. If anyone needs a simplified method of doing this PM me. I know as a guitarist who has done a fair share of teaching, I understand what Phil was doing. When I taught beginners (which I won't do anymore....) I somehow would assume that they had certain knowledge of guitar that I thought we all know. It was hard for me to simplify things for students that didn't understand things that were simple to me but complex for them, given their very limited knowledge of the guitar. I am really new to the Helix, after spending years perfecting my knowledge of Digitech stuff.
  7. I downloaded both. So now, every time i click on either of the downloads it then wants to install them again. how do I just open either one? Is there any way someone could do a step by step way to do this. The one that is posted leaves a little to be desired for a newcomer. It kind of says all I needed to do is download HX edit which I did. I read on and in another post there is the implication that I need to download the newest updater, which I did. Now what? Sorry to be such a pain, but there seems to be something missing?
  8. Phil, your instructions are still confusing to me who is a new comer to the Helix Rack. From your post it looks like all you have to do is download the new updater and that will do it. So I downloaded the new updater 2.70 and then I opened up my HX edit as you said. It still reads 2.60. You made it sound so simple but am I missing a step?
  9. rwinking

    Helix and outboard preamp

    I am using the Egnater MOD50 and Synergy 2 preamps in the loop of the helix rack and eventually into the power section of the Egnater. As each preamp has a volume and the Egnater has a master volume I was just curious how high to run the Helix master volume or the ramifications of running it full on or 50%.
  10. rwinking

    Helix and outboard preamp

  11. rwinking

    Helix and outboard preamp

    Where are people setting the master volume on the Helix when using an outboard pre amp and why?
  12. rwinking

    Leslie FX

    I see what I was doing.....I was looking in the legacy models and there is no ramp. I went to the stereo models and there it was. Have you tried using a pedal to vary the speed? Is that possible? that would be kind of cool. I have not had a chance to try it yet but it looked possible to set the slow speed and the high speed at the same speed and then maybe use the pedal on the high speed to vary it. @phil_m
  13. rwinking

    Leslie FX

    Thanks Phil! That pretty much puts me in heaven! So I am assuming then that "ramp" means ramping it up slowly, medium or fast? I can't wait to get home to try it! rick
  14. rwinking

    Leslie FX

    IS there any way to control the speed of the Leslie effect on the Helix? It is basically off(slow)/on(fast.) It would be cool if there were a way to have it gradually move from slow to fast like a real leslie or even better to have the EXP Pedal be able to do a variable speed on it. However, I have not been able to figure it out. I had a Digitech GSP 1101 that does this but I am not sure if either the Helix can't or if I have not been able to find out how. thanks